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Ins and outs - Jenny Blanc
Ins & Outs of Barbados
2015 Edition
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Ins & Outs
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The Sea
10/23/14 12:42 PM
For Jenny Blanc, the sea
is an important source of
inspiration when designing
Caribbean interiors.
The Trends >
Marine blues and greens against a sand
background | Coral, shells and sealife in furniture
designs, fabric schemes, accessories, artwork
and coralstone bases. | Shells decorate mirror
frames and create attractive accessories and table
settings. | Traditional ‘pickled’ wood, often used
in Jenny Blanc’s furniture range made by local
artisans, is reminiscent of sun bleached driftwood.
< Bespoke glass art designed by Jenny Blanc &
inspired by waves
< Terrace overlooking the sea
144 Jenny Blanc
Embroidered fabrics, shell lamp and pickled wood drawer unit >
An Endless Sea ofPossibilities
You are never more than 12 miles away from the sea in Barbados. It influences the climate
and the way of life and leisure while attracting the many visitors which make it one of the
most popular destinations in the Caribbean. For the Jenny Blanc team, the sea is an endless
source of inspiration and design intelligence when creating homes for clients in Barbados
and the rest of the Caribbean.
Barbados is surrounded by coral reefs and the island itself is composed of fossilized coral
limestone. An important indigenous resource, the stone is white, light and porous, slow to
heat and quick to cool, making it a natural insulator against tropical weather. Many of the
oldest houses in Barbados are built of coralstone and newly built homes use coralstone dust
and white cement render on the interior and exterior faces of walls. It can also be carved, and
Jenny Blanc has designed beautiful architectural features, sconces, consoles and fabulous
bases for coffee and dining tables in this versatile material.
Jenny Blanc has been designing interiors in Barbados for over 12 years and has acquired handson, practical knowledge of the best furnishings for homes by the sea. Moisture, salt, heat, wet
bathing suits and suntan oil are all tough on furniture and fittings and the designers will only
specify those items they know will withstand these rigours and retain their quality. Fabrics and soft
furnishings chosen are practical and washable without compromising the look. Holiday homes
open out onto covered terraces and gazebos ideal for relaxing out of the fierce sun while taking
advantage of cooling sea breezes. The company offers a wide range of outdoor furniture suitable
for a tropical maritime climate, much of which can be viewed in their Barbados showroom.
Jenny Blanc has selected an outstanding product range which is available from both the
Barbados and London showrooms. Both practical and beautiful, these extend from matchless
fabrics and furniture, marine-grade stainless steel storm lanterns, exquisite marine-inspired
art and accessories adding those finishing touches, to soft, luxurious beach towels in tropical
colours and stylish tableware for outdoor dining.

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