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Table of Contents
12. Québec's Two-Spirited History
14. In the Land of Xavier Dolan
Montréal and Surrounding Areas
16. Montréal
26. OId Port
34. Downtown
48. The Village
74. The Plateau Mont-Royal
84. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
89. Longueuil & Montérégie (South Shore)
96. Eastern Townships
109. The Laurentians
124. Lanaudière
Ottawa, Gatineau et l’ouest du Québec
131. Ottawa & Gatineau
144. Outaouais, Abitibi & Témiscamingue
Québec et région, Est du Québec
153. Québec City National Capital Area
186. Côte-de-Beaupré & Portneuf
194. Chaudières-Appalaches
198. Charlevoix
207. Trois-Rivières & Mauricie
214. Centre-du-Québec
219. Saguenay
224. Lac-Saint-Jean
230. The North Shore
235.Lower St. Lawrence
246. The Gaspé
260. Acadia/Iles-de-la-Madeleine
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GQ l 11
is shown increasingly as a young open-minded nation, overflowing with talent.
It was for this reason that the director of 2010’s multi award-winning Heartbeats received the annual Prix de lutte contre l’homophobie from Québec’s Minister of Justice in 2011 to add to a host of international prizes.
“In my films and in my stories, I never feel the need to make political demands, or to second guess myself, because to a large extent things are taken for
granted. I know that this has been made possible by the men and women who
have fought for years—well before I was born, and as I was growing up—for their
rights, for freedom, and for progress,” Dolan declared in his acceptance speech,
recognizing the prolonged struggle which was fought over decades to build a
society in which equality for gays, lesbians and bisexuals was finally possible.
It is in this spirit that we invite you to discover Québec’s different regions, while
at the same time getting to know (or getting reacquainted with), the many artists
who have left their mark on our culture. Our artists have been trail-blazers in
standing up for our reality and our existence, all across Québec.
Xavier Dolan © Étienne Ljóni Poisson
Happy travels and bons voyages!
André Gagnon, publisher
In the Land of
Xavier Dolan
Québec’s openness to sexual diversity is a national trademark on the world
stage. In 1977, it was the first to legislate against discrimination on the basis of
sexual orientation, only a few years after the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1969. With unparalleled unanimity, the National Assembly instituted civil
unions for same sex couples in 2002, which included changes to family law.
Québec had gone as far as it could in regards to same-sex unions leading up
to the Canada-wide redefinition of marriage on the federal level in 2005. Then,
in 2009, Québec became one of very few countries on the planet to adopt a
national policy against homophobia.
All of which shows the extent of Québec’s openness to GLBT people, which
is reflected in the four corners of the country where the presence of GLBT life
and culture are felt. Much of the credit is due to the men and women who formed
contemporary Québec, and amongst them, you’ll find many of artists who have
given expression to its culture.
Québec in 2011 resembles largely the worldview of star director Xavier Dolan.
As in the 22 year-old director’s films, homosexuality is lived out more or less
undramatically, and as part of everyday life. With Dolan and others, Québec
12 l GQ
Les Amours imaginaires (2010)
GQ l 13
Two-spirited History
Homophobia came to Québec and to the larger part of North America the moment the first European colonizers set foot on the continent at the end of the 15th
century. As Christians, they were convinced that sex should only be between a
man and a woman, for reproductive purposes. As they repressed any homosexual behavior amongst themselves, so colonizers extended this repression to
the First Nations people, whose sexual mores were much more open.
For the majority of North American First Nations Peoples, sexuality was seen
as a gift from the gods, to be used with complete freedom. As such, they saw
nothing wrong with talking about sex in front of their children, or with children’s
sexual exploration, provided all parties were consenting. Nor was sexuality confined to adult marital relations, and as such, men could have several wives, or
could marry men who had taken on the role of a woman, i.e. the berdaches or
two-spirited ones.
The berdache phenomenon is a particular social tradition in which a man decides of his own free will to adopt the role of a woman. The inverse phenomenon
existed as well, but was not included in the same term, and is unfortunately less
well documented. Whether they were male-born or female-born, two-spirited
people were held in high esteem because they were seen as holding both femi14 l GQ
nine and masculine spirits, which made them spiritually more powerful. The use
of the term “two-spirited” is now extensively used amongst First Nations Peoples
since berdache was seen as having a European origin. Two-spirited people were
also discouraged from marrying so that they could devote their lives to shamanism. The annual celebration for the two-spirited shaman would involve having all
their partners dance for them.
The adoption of the opposite sex’s role came with a change in clothing from
the time of puberty. As such, there was no stigma against transvestitism, since it
was seen as a perfectly acceptable personal choice. The only restrictive criterion
in these societies was that a person had to choose a masculine or feminine identity and stick to it. Nonetheless, it meant that fundamentally one’s sex at birth did
not determine one’s future gender role.
Over time, and centuries of Judaeo-Christian repression, two-spirited people in the formal sense disappeared, but luckily the tradition has not been
forgotten. Hence, you have the title of the first gay magazine published in
Québec by the ADGQ, l’Association pour la défense des droits des gai-e-s du
Québe: Le Berdache was so named as a reminder that homophobia had not
always been the norm in this country, even long before the decriminalization
of homosexuality in 1969.
GQ l 15
Les belles-soeurs, musical comedy 2011
the world of Michel Tremblay
The novelist and playwright to most famously bring the soul of Montréal to
the stage and page is without question, the great Michel Tremblay. For the last
forty years, he has brought the language and spirit of working class Montréal
to literary heights, leaving an indelible mark on contemporary Québec culture.
Translated into countless foreign languages, Tremblay’s work has proven that
this so-called "patois" of Québec French has the power to make us laugh, cry,
and speak universal truths.
Woman Next Door is Pregnant) and continues with five other titles that remain
one of his greatest achievements. An openly gay writer, Tremblay depicts the
city’s homo world with similar prowess in his other 5-novel series Le Gai Savoir
(La Nuit des princes charmants, Quarante-quatre minutes, quarante-quatre secondes, Le Coeur découvert, Le Coeur éclaté, Hôtel Bristol New York, N.Y).
It may go without saying that Tremblay’s works have been translated into over
25 languages and are applauded on stages across the globe. His first major
success, Demain matin, Montréal, m’attend (1970) and the canonical Les Belles
Sœurs are among the 30 novels and as many plays (musical or otherwise) that
have made him a staple of international new theatre. Les Belles Sœurs was
recently adapted as a musical by celebrated director René-Richard Cyr.
Since the beginning of the 1970’s, this playwright laureate has written works
that feature gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transvestites in works like La nuit des
princes charmants (where a young man discovers his sexuality over one wintery
night in Montréal), and his theatrical drag laments Hosanna and La duchessse
de Langeais. His work has just as often been the basis for TV and film.
While his literary works have been rewarded with countless prizes throughout
his career, Michel Tremblay’s distinction by Québec’s then Minister of Justice,
Kathleen Weil, and the Fondation Émergence notably won him the Lutte contre
l’homophobie prize in 2010.
Throughout his oeuvre, Montréal is the symbolic character that emerges
first and foremost. Les chroniques du Plateau Mont-Royal is a six-novel series
that begins with the acclaimed La Grosse Femme à côté est enceinte (The Fat
As you traipse through Montréal’s downtown, along the Main, and on the
Plateau Mont-Royal and in the Village, you’ll be retracing the steps of many of
Tremblay’s characters.
16 l GQ
GQ l 17
here I come!
The past forty years have seen an amazing progression of Montréal’s
gay and lesbian community, from the closet to its current status as major
international gay hot-spot, from its early “outing” in the works of Michel
Tremblay, to the Gay Village which has become renowned the world over
as a major gay scene, to the huge circuit events like Black & Blue and
Divers/Cité, which have put Montréal on the map for some twenty years,
and, most recently, the 2006 World OutGames, which solidified Montréal’s
place on the short list of the world’s major gay destinations.
This tremendous openness to sexual diversity is something that is not
new to this urban centre, whose 3.5 million inhabitants share a history of
cultural diversity.
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GQ l 19
Pointe à Callières Museum© waynetaylor
Québec’s Metropolis
Founded in 1642 as a frontier post of New France, in the middle of
First Nations territory of the upper St. Lawrence valley, the young colony learned early on how to live in peace with its surrounding neighbours, signing the treaty known as the Great Peace of Montréal with
39 First Nations, in 1701. Conquered by British-American troops in
1760, during the Seven Years War, which pitted the great European
powers against each other, it has ever since been a place where different cultural and linguistic communities have mingled, in spite of
their apparent “solitudes”.
In the 20th century, waves of immigrants from the four corners of the
world started to shake up the old French-English, East-West division
of the city on boul. St-Laurent, adding a wide variety of cultures to
the mix. With its many major Jewish, Italian, Haitian, Latin-American
and Middle-Eastern communities, Montréal has become a multicultural metropolis. The world’s second largest French-speaking city after
Paris, Montréal is home to a variety of accents of the French-speaking
countries, spoken by its majority bilingual inhabitants, many of whom
are trilingual (Spanish, after English, is Montrealers’ 3 rd most commonly spoken language). The minority English-speaking community
20 l GQ
The Magic of Lanters at Jardin Botanique 20th’s anniversary
© Jardins Botanique
of Montréal is also very diverse in origins and accents and has colored
the Montréal fabric.This effervescent mélange is what gives Montréal
its European flair and North American reality. Differences of sexual
orientation aren’t seen as strange, but rather as just one more kind of
socio-cultural difference.
As Canada’s foremost francophone city, and a major university
hub, Montréal’s outstanding cultural scene and major festivals make
it a year-round tourist attraction. These outstanding festivals are an
awesome way to experience the heart and the
soul of Montréal.
For the gay and lesbian community in
Québec and other French-speaking Canadians, but also for many English Canadians,
Montréal is more and more the foremost centre of gay life not only in Québec, but also
in Canada. Like it was for the young girl in
Tremblay’s musical Demain matin, Montréal m’attend (“Tomorrow Morning, Montréal
Awaits Me”), so many young gays and lesbians leave their small towns to start new lives
in Montréal. In such a diverse community, no
one is ever really “foreign”: diversity, whether
sexual, ethnic, linguistic, or of cultural/national
origin, is the rule rather than the exception.
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GQ l 23
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GQ l 25
Old Montréal
Jean-Pierre Perusse © César Ochoa
Terrasses Bon-Secours © MTOQ So sexy & charming !
Gays and lesbians have had a presence in Montreal since colonial times. Even under French rule, there is archival evidence of people being
tried and punished for “buggery”, which was the term used at the time to
describe sex between men.
By the middle of the 19th century, the existence of gay meeting places
in the Old Port becomes more apparent, according to the Québec Gay
Archives. When the sun sets over the poplar-lined Champs de Mars, you
can almost imagine men leaning against them, waiting to see who’s up for
a roll in the hay. As a seaport, and then as party central during the American Prohibition years, Montreal was Canada’s biggest city; it became
known from early on as an open city, the centre of gay life in Quebec.
Not far from down town, with its extensive backdrop of colonial history, the
Old Port has become a favourite neighbourhood for Montreal’s gays and lesbians. According to a survey conducted ten years ago, the Old Port boasts
the second largest percentage of gay and bisexual-identified inhabitants in
Montreal... after the Village. One such inhabitant is Jean-Pierre Pérusse,
an actor and artistic director who has worked on many major events in the
gay community, from the Black & Blue to pride festivities.
26 l GQ
This heavily tourist-centred area is one of very few examples of pre20th century urban architecture in North America that is still relatively well
preserved. Everyone will enjoy the narrow cobblestone streets, steeped
in history, where it’s easy to see why scenes for films set in Europe can
easily be shot. For a deeper look at the city’s past, take a tour of the
Musée de la Pointe-à-Callière (archaeology and history) or the Château
de Ramezay.
For anyone wanting to experience the city’s tremenous historical range,
there is a large variety of accommodations in the neighbourhood: you
won’t want to miss the Maison Pierre-du-Calvet, built in 1770, which is still
in use as an inn and restaurant.
Galerie MX on rue Viger regularly shows new work by Zïlon, a fixture of
Montréal’s gay visual art scene.
For going out, there’s the UN, a club on rue Saint-Jacques that now
hosts the monthly Drama Queen nights. In summertime, the Old Port’s
Terrasses Bonsecours hosts Love Sundays with Angel Moraes, a coveted
place for gay partiers. From the Old Port, you can easily catch a ferry or
take the Concorde bridge to île Sainte-Hélène, where the Piknic Electronik’s outdoor techno and dance parties bring afternoon crowds to the
Place de l’Homme.
GQ l 27
Casa de Mateo
440, rue Saint-Francois-Xavier, Montréal, H2Y 2T3
Casa de Mateo, Inn and restaurant, welcomes you warmly in the old port. You
will find the tastiest Mexican food in a cozy atmosphere. The Mariacas all weekend adds a charming touch to the decor.
Hôtel Champ-De-Mars
756, rue Berri, Vieux-Montréal, H2Y 3E6
Located in the heart of Old Montreal and close to Jacques Cartier square,
Champ de Mars Hotel’s a charming building erected in 1898, ideal to relive the
New France in North America. Pretty and cozy rooms are waiting for you with
a great value for your money.
Hôtel Le Dauphin Montréal Centre-Ville
1025 De Bleury, Montréal, H2Z 1M7
Located near the entertainment district and two steps away from downtown
and Old Montréal, Le Dauphin allows you to explore by foot the attractions of
the metropolis. Enjoy high quality accommodation, a smoke-free environment
and an expanded continental breakfast included to start the day!
Le Saint-Sulpice, Hôtel boutique
414 Rue St-Sulpice, Montréal,Qc H2Y 2V5
Tucked beside the historic Notre Dame Basilica in the heart of Old Montréal,
the Saint Sulpice is a 4-star hotel where you’ll feel all the comforts of a private
residence. 108 rooms, many with fireplace, balcony, or patio with garden views.
28 l GQ
GQ l 29
Old Montréal
Belvü, Croisière- Boutique
154, rue St-Paul E. 2e étage, Montréal, Qc H2Y 1G6
Setting off from the scenic Quais du Vieux-Port, this catamaran-lounge offers
a boutique cruise experience in the heart of the city. For a relaxing party atmosphere and a change of scene, check out the Belvu!
112, rue Bernard Ouest, Montréal, H2T 2K1 211, Notre Dame Ouest, Montréal, H2Y 1T4
514.272.0777 [email protected]
Whether at their Mile End or Old Port location, you’ll enjoy the beautiful lighting,
mouth-watering food, and awesome music that make l’Assommoir the place to
be. Tapas, ceviches, tartars, and grilled meats are at the top of the menu, along
with over 250 cocktails from their fabulous drink menu.
Le Bateau Mouche. During the beautiful days of its exclusive summer itinerary, the Bateau-Mouche leads you, nose to the wind, at the discovery of the
Saint-Laurent! When evening comes, our boat of light and glass invites you to
a creative gourmet experience, featuring an assortment of regional products.
info: 514.849.9952
Restaurant Le Fibo
215, Notre Dame Ouest, Montréal, Qc H2Y 1T4
Chef-owner Sylvain Proulx has made Le Fibo a go-to location for exotic flavours and molecular cuisine. Affordable and served with a smile, this Old Port
eatery is a must for its scientifically-made appetizers, mains, specials, and
don’t forget to try the desserts!
Restaurant Solmar
111 St-Paul Est, Montréal, Qc H2Y 1G7.
Located in the heart of Old Montréal in a 200 year-old building, the Solmar was
the city’s first Portuguese restaurant (est. 1979). Enjoy the fish, sea food, and
excellent port menu in an elegant atmosphere.
30 l GQ
GQ l 31
Old Montréal
Interesting places & activities
Montréal Science Centre. Presents the exhibit Sex : A Tell-all Exhibition from
April 15th, 2010 to March 13th, 2011, addressing the theme of sexual orientation, and much more.
2, rue De la Commune Ouest, Montréal, H2Y 4B2
Info : 514.496.4724
Château Ramezay Museum. This museum’s exhibits allow you to relive history; explore daily life from the early 18th century to the present day.
280, rue Notre-Dame Est, Montréal, H2Y 1C5
Info : 514.861.3708
Old Montréal
Montreal’s home of electronic music! A chic and sexy dance club with an
underground vibe, Steve Bishop’s nightclub has become the new venue for
the monthly Drama Queen nights. For table reservations and bottle service:
[email protected]
390 Notre-Dame West Montréal ,QC
info : 514-849-1390 /
Palais des congrès de Montréal. Welcomes each year the Bal en Blanc during easter week and The Black & Blue during Thanksgiving weekend.
201, av. Viger Ouest, Montréal, H2Z 1X7
Info : 514.871.3170
Expéditions sur les rapides de Lachine Ltée. An outdoor adventure awaits
you in the middle of the Lachine Rapids and the St. Lawrence River! A refreshing excursion to take in the majestic rapids, the grandiose expanse of the river,
and the magnificent view of Montréal. If you like to live on the edge and want
to see Montréal from a new angle, come and see us!
info: 514.284.9607
47 de la Commune Ouest, H2Y 2C6
Amphibus Tour
It’s a tour bus that converts into a boat, offering exciting and one-of-a-kind
views and guided tours of earth and water on the St Lawrence. You’ll see more
of Old Montréal in one hour than you could see in a week on foot. Amphibus
tours is definitely a must!
info: 514.849.5181
32 l GQ
GQ l 33
Once Upon Time
in the West... End
When Michel Tremblay was writing and directing his first scenes featuring gay characters at the beginning of the 1970’s, Montréal’s gay life was
still concentrated in the west end of town. It’s fitting that Tremblay’s crossdressers would emerge from the post-war cabaret world on the Main. Only
after the Second World War did a gay scene truly come into its own in the
night clubs and bars on the western edge of downtown.
Although not openly gay establishments at the time, a few bars and
pubs became well known as gay meeting places, such at the Dominion
Tavern and the Peel Pub (at the time). After the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1969, the first gay bars appear on Stanley Street. This
would later be remembered as the belle époque of places like Limelight,
Le Jardin, Truxx, and Bud’s. As with straight bars, these bars were typically street level, and in high-traffic areas. As a result of the skyrocketing
rental costs and police repression which culminated in the months leading
up to the 1976 Olympics, gay nightlife found itself moving east to a corridor of Sainte-Catherine Street which had been nearly abandoned after
the massive expropriation and demolition which occurred in the 1960s in
order to construct the CBC tower and the Ville-Marie throughway.
The last ten years have seen a near-completion of this eastbound shift
of the gay nightlife scene, with only the Sauna 456 and Cabaret Cléopâtre, a classic performance venue for drag queens, which is currently under
threat of demolition.
34 l GQ
GQ l 35
With its renowned hotels, high-end restaurants and department stores,
major cultural institutions and museums, and of course the summer’s outdoor festivals, the downtown area continues to attract more than its share
of gay visitors. All the more so since the Black & Blue, which celebrates its
20th edition this year, and the queer film festival Image+Nation both take
place downtown.
At its core, Montréal’s downtown shows its true North American nature,
with a blend of French, British, and American influences. In the shadow of
the sky-scrapers on René-Lévesque Boulevard, Sainte-Catherine Street
has remained for over 100 years Montréal’s major commercial strip, where
you can shop (or window shop) at Simons, Ogilvy’s, or Holt Renfrew.
Following in the path of Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and
Keith Haring, Quebecois designer Denis Gagnon is getting the star treatment at the MBAM. Denis Gagnon Shows All is an exhibit celebrating 10
years of work, with set design by architect Gilles Saucier. As an added
bonus, it’s also free, Oct. 19th, 2010 to Feb. 13th, 2011.
Meanwhile, on your way back
to the Village, you’ll pass through
the newly christened Quartier des
spectacles (Entertainment District),
Montréal’s high culture quadrangle.
Most of the city’s major performance
venues can be found in and around
Place des Arts and the new Place
des Festivals. The summer offers
a non-stop train of major outdoor
festivals, starting with the Francofolies, continuing with the Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs, and rounding
off with the World Film Fest in early
September. It’s not unusual for an
outdoor show at these festivals to attract more than 100,000 spectators,
amazing events which are truly the
city’s pride and joy.
Between the Quartier des spectacles and the Village, the Quartier Latin
(Latin Quarter), long a centre for French language college studies and for
many years the city’s Red Light district, offers a transition between the
downtown and East End areas. Sky scrapers clear away to reveal the city
on a more human scale. The “other” Montréal emerges. Take a stroll down
rue Saint-Denis and have a seat on a café-terrasse to observe the urban
wildlife. Or head west a next block on Ontario Street and enjoy the best
burger in town at La Paryse.
36 l GQ
© Jerry Pigeon (Studio JPG)
Jean-Paul Gaultier,
an icon comes to Montréal
Keenly interested in all the world’s cultures and countercultures, JeanPaul Gaultier has picked up on the current trends and proclaimed the right
to be different, and in the process conceived a new kind of fashion in both
the way it is made and worn. Through twists, transformations, transgressions and reinterpretations, he not only erases the boundaries between
cultures but also the sexes, creating a new androgyny or playing with subverting hypersexualized fashion codes.
From Sidewalk to Catwalk: the Fashion World of Jean-Paul Gaultier features more than just fashion, at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts from June
17 – October 2: unlike the “Costume-Institute”-style Yves Saint-Laurent exhibit from 2008, this street-inspired couturier gets a multi-media treatment in
a show that is more than a retrospective, it’s a work of art in itself. Thirty
mannequins with animated faces provided by ingenious audiovisual projections are placed throughout the galleries, surprising visitors with their lifelike
presence. The magical exhibit features 120 ensembles, along with sketches,
videos, photography and music.
38 l GQ
Gaultier has a particular affection for the city now hosting his first retrospective. “Montréal was one of the first places to cover my first collection,
along with London and Japan,” said the couturier. The artist always felt more
at home here, he said at the press conference, pointing to how Québeckers
are more fun (than Parisians). The MMFA has published a major monograph on the occasion. Produced under the general editorship of Thierry‐
Maxime Loriot, this magnificent boxed art book includes over fifty interviews
with Gaultier’s muses and colleagues, as well as the artists he has created
costumes for: Pedro Almodóvar, Catherine Deneuve, Madonna, Helen Mirren, Martin Margiela, Pierre Cardin, Dita Von Teese, Marion Cotillard, Kylie
Minogue, Polly Mellen and Tom Ford, to name just a few.
The exhibit also led to a new parade in the downtown area called the Pinkarnaval, which opened the outdoor art events of the Just for Laughs Festival. Over 1,600 dancers rehearsed for an entire month to create the giant
outdoor celebration dedicated to the fashion world of Jean-Paul Gaultier.
GQ l 39
40 l GQ
GQ l 41
Accomodation & restaurants
Days Inn Montréal
215, boul. René Levesque Est, Montréal, H2X 1N7
An elegant and peaceful retreat in the heart of Montréal. Whether its for business or pleasure, everything there will make your stay in Montréal a memorable one.
Hôtel La Tour Centre Ville
400, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, Montréal, H2Z 1V5
Only minutes away from the downtown Montréal business district as well as many
cultural events and sports facilities, La Tour Centre-Ville allows you year-round easy
access to all your outings and meetings.
Hôtel Maritime
1155, rue Guy, Montréal, H3H 2K5
The Hotel Maritime Plaza offers elegantly appointed accommodations and gracious amenities at an outstanding value in the heart of downtown Montréal.
Hôtel particulier Le Saint Martin
980, boul. De Maisonneuve Ouest, H3A 1M5
Perfectly located in downtown Montréal’s new found thriving district. Towering over
Montréal’s famous Sainte-Catherine Street and Cours Mont-Royal, Le St-Martin Hotel Particulier Montréal is just a three-minute walk to the renowned Place Ville-Marie.
Hôtel W
902, rue du Square-Victoria, Montréal, H2Y 2J3
Home in the city’s historic Banque du Canada building transformed into a rich,
modern tapestry, W Montréal is close to picturesque Old Montréal and the
city’s world-class downtown.
Zero 1 Hotel
01 René-Lévesque Blvd. East, Montreal, QC. H2X 3Z5
514.871.9606 1.855.301.0001
At the heart of Montréal’s Quartier des spectacles district, in an inspiring, modern, urban environment, ZERO 1 reinvents with casual chic the concept of the
downtown hotel reflected in the design and comfort of its 164 rooms and suites.
Hôtel Le Prestige
12555, Sherbrooke Est Montréal, Qc H1B 1C8 Sans frais: 1-877-918-5500
Tél: 514.640-5500 [email protected]
Tucked beside Montréal’s easternmost Parc-Nature de la Pointe-aux-Prairies
and next to the Gold Club, this elegant and comfortable hotel has 72 rooms
and suites with a/c, free Wifi, continental breakfast incl. Gym and pool.
Voisinant le Parc-Nature de la Pointe-aux-Prairies, à proximité du Club de Golf
de l’Île de
42 l GQ
GQ l 43
Accomodation & restaurants
La Tour Belvédère
2175, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, H3H 1L5
Downtown apartment hotel with fully-equipped kitchen, Studio & One bedroom
suites with private balconies. Rooftop terrace with indoor pool, sauna, exercise room, High speed Internet , Indoor & outdoor parking . Daily, weekly and
monthly rates available.
Le Gourmet Burger
1433B, rue Bishop, Montréal, Qc H3G 2E4
The mission of Gourmet Burger is to create a perfect burger using the finest ingredients, on a freshly baked bun, using only the freshest vegetables, herbs, mouthwatering sauces. Char-grilled beef, bison, and chicken burgers are the centrepiece
for a meal we recommend you try with our sweet potato fries or a gourmet poutine.
Resto-Bar Terrasse Brasseur de Montréal
[Retour chariot]1485, Ottawa [Retour chariot]Montréal, Qc H3C 1S9 [Retour
chariot]Tél. : (514) 788-4505
[email protected]
Station Lucien L’Allier
This micro-brewery stands out for its delicious beer, affordable comfort food
menu, relaxed atmosphere and hip outdoor patio.
Restaurant Le Taj
2077 Stanley Street, Montreal, QC. H3A 1R7
For all those who have never tried indian cuisine and for its connoisseurs.
44 l GQ
GQ l 45
Interesting places & activities
Bell Centre. A sports and cultural complex that is also a place to do business,
not to mention the home of the NHL’s Canadiens hockey team.
1909, av. des Canadiens-de-Montréal, H3B 2S2
Info : 514.932.2582
The Canadian Centre for Architecture.
1920, rue Baile, Montréal, H3H 1P6
Info : 514.939.7000 /
Métropolis Live performance and music venue for concerts and events like
Black&Blue’s Military Ball.
59, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2X 1K5
Info : 514.844.3500
Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal. The place to be for lovers of
contemporary art and performance.
185, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, H2X 2J1
Info : 514.847.6226
Musée des Beaux-Arts The foremost art museum in Montreal, this year
showing The Fashion World of Jean-Paul Gaultier.
Du 17 juin au 2 octobre 2011
1380, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, H2G 1J5
Info : 514.285.2000
Place des Arts. A public institution serving the entire Québec population,
the Société Place des Arts is dedicated to making performing arts available to a wide audience.
175, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, H2X 1Z8
Info : 514.842.2112
Théâtre du Nouveau Monde. The 2010-2011 programme will feature performances (in French) of Michel Tremblay’s À toi pour toujours, ta Marie-Lou.
84, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, H2X 1Z6
Info: 514.866.8668
Cavalia inc.
5100, rue Hutchison, bureau 300, Montréal, Qc H2V 4A9
Cavalia is a fresh mix of equestrian and performing arts, multimedia and special effects. Often labelled an equestrian ballet, Cavalia is a spectacular and
moving tribute to the relationship between men and horses throughout history.
La Capoterie
2061, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, H2X 3K8
514.845.0027 télec. 514.845.4440
Perfect place for gifts, the sex-shop La Capoterie offers a wide selection of
condoms, including the best-selling Japanese condoms!
46 l GQ
GQ l 47
The Village
The Village
Nüvü Bistro-Expériences © Nuvu450
Week-end Twist ©Fondation BBCM
The Village that Never Sleeps
Montréal’s Gay Village is replete with stories like that of the young girl
in Michel Tremblay’s famous musical comedy Demain matin, Montréal
m’attend, where the character dreams of being "surrounded by furs and
fags." Although the fashions have changed, droves of young men and
women from smaller towns move to Montréal in order to openly live their
homosexuality, an influx that never ceases to invigorate gay city life,
and in turn, develop the Village itself.
Like many of the actual villages these young people come from, the
gay Village has a lot of the same friendly, welcoming vibe. While many
GLBT people eventually meet in bars or through the cultural scene, it’s
no surprise that their current stomping ground along Sainte-Catherine
East is where the Village sprouted up: the street has long been known
for its nightlife and cultural venues, and has been the location of various
media outlets since the early 1970s.
Today, the Village a vibrant urban attraction, particularly in the summer when the Sainte-Catherine street axis becomes a pedestrian street
to allow crowds to enjoy major GLBT events like Pride and Divers/cité,
as well as the FIMA and Fetish Weekend, which happens over Labour
Day weekend. All year round, the Village is home to a happening nightlife and a wide spectrum of atmosphere and locales.
48 l GQ
With its 25-some bars, pubs, dance and nightclubs, the Village is
Québec’s foremost gay nightlife mecca. Some of these establishments
are legendary institutions, like the Sky Complex, with its pub, nightclub,
and roof-top terrasse (with wading pool), has been a must for over 18
years. The complex is in the same building as the former Boîte En-Haut,
the first gay bar to open in the Village, which makes it the oldest continuously operated gay hang-out for over 35 years.
Parking and Unity II are the two nightclubs that have reigned in
popularity for over 10 years. Stereo, the afterhours famous for its awesome sound system, has been a temple of all-night dancing for a mixed
hetero, gay, and open-minded crowd for Montrealers and visitors from
across the world. Stereo regularly features celebrity DJs from the gay
circuit party scene.
The leather and denim crowd call l’Aigle Noir or the STUD their
second home, while girls who like girls flock to the Drugstore, a more
mixed venue. For a drink between friends in a more chill vibe, the Gotha Lounge on Amherst street has a loyal clientele.
GQ l 49
The Village
50 l GQ
The Village
GQ l 51
Mado Lamotte © camwil
The Village
The area also has plenty of places that keep up Montréal’s reputation
as an open-minded city, with its saunas, male strip bars, and of course,
cruising grounds. Dotted with dozens of hotels, B&Bs, inns, and restaurants, you can really take advantage of what it has to offer 24/7. With
almost 100 cafés and restaurants, visitors will have no trouble finding
the atmosphere that suits their taste. You can make a culinary world trip
in the area’s eateries, and as far as shopping is concerned, the Village
has the gay male basics totally covered.
A Window onto Gay Culture
52 l GQ
GQ l 53
The Village
The Village is also the place where much of gay visual art has
emerged in recent years, characterized by an emphasis on the male
body and homoeroticism. Zïlon is one of the city’s iconic urban artists,
whose mural art of androgynous faces done in graffiti style fill the empty
walls of the city. You could recently enjoy his work for a while longer on
a building façade at Sainte-Catherine and Montcalm.
54 l GQ
GQ l 55
The Village
Yvon Goulet is a fixture of
the village art scene, with his
striking paintings done on recycled political placards, featuring erotic and Village scenes. Besides his male nudes, painter Jean
Chainey depicts urban landscapes with architectural and surrealist elements. Joël Provost is a sculptor of the male form as well as a teacher
at La Loggia Art & Breakfast (co-owner of La Loggia Art & Breakfast),
welcomes you in his Atelier de sculpture du Village on De Maisonneuve
Amherst street’s Galerie Zéphyr and Galerie Dentaire often feature gay artists. For August’s festival season, Dentaire is home to exhibits by gay photographers Robert Laliberté and inkedKenny. Also
on Amherst street, the Écomusée du fier mondre presents Marc-André
Goulet’s exquisite photo exhibit Blanc de mémoire commemorates 30
years of HIV/AIDS struggles, to Sept 16, 2011.
56 l GQ
GQ l 57
The Village
History, Culture and Heritage on Amherst Street
If you want to explore the rich history and heritage of the Village’s
underground culture, you simple must explore Amherst street, the
North-South artery that connects the Village to Parc Lafontaine. Galleries, antique dealers, and aestheticians (that classic gay métier)
are clustered along a street that has become an artery for the neighbour’s quality of life. To discover the area’s industrial past and place
in 19th Canadian history, you can’t miss visiting the Écomusée du
fier monde, dedicated to this pivotal period in the city’s history. For
the pedestrianization of Sainte-Catherine Street, large panels showing the 250-year history of the area have been installed throughout
the Village.
Places of Interest
Vestiges of Montréal’s burlesque and nightlife heyday are to be
found along Sainte-Catherine Est, including the Théâtre National,
which was founded in 1900 and is still in use. Alys Robi, Rose Ouellette, and the stars of yesteryear have given way to indie bands and
music acts from around the world that stop here for Pop Montréal
and other events. Next door to the National is the even more historic Ouimétoscope, Montréal’s first cinema, which was in operation
until the 1980s. By the by, it was when the National was temporary
renamed the Cinéma du Village that the neighbourhood got its nick
name “the Village”, in imitation of New York’s West Village. Across
from the National, the Beaudry Métro station was the first public
building in the world to be branded with the colours of the rainbow
58 l GQ
The Village
flag. The station’s unusual inclined tunnel escalator ramp has been
featured in numerous photo shoots, films, and Michel Tremblay’s
Laura Cadieux.
Far more than a mere commercial strip, the Village is a district
where the gay and lesbian community shows its true colours. If
you want to see what living in the area is like, stroll along the adorable rue Sainte-Rose between de la Visitation and Papineau streets,
where horse-and-carriage-era town houses and gateways show off
some architectural charm. Take a detour to the Saint-Pierre-Apôtre
Church and adjacent conference centre, formerly the heart of what
was known as the Faubourg Québec. Take a walk down Dalcourt and
Lartigue alleys, or amble down Logan or Lafontaine streets, where
mansard roofs and heritage trees add a special antique look to the
charming street life.
Just south of the Village, along the St. Lawrence Seaway, you can
visit the Maison du Gouverneur, which was formerly the Pied-ducourant Jailhouse (est. 1836) where the rebels of Papineau’s Patriotes were hanged in 1837-38, and the gigantic Molson Brewery
(founded in 1786), all of which are testaments to the rich history of
the Faubourg Québec.
GQ l 59
The Village
Things to do & points of interest
Écomusée du fier monde.
2050, rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3L9
Info : 514.528.8444
Galerie Dentaire.
1239, rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3K9
Info : 514 523-5535
Galerie Zéphyr. An independent contemporary art gallery showing artists
from all over. Gay-themed exhibits often shown. In may and june, Zachari
Logan and Tatsu.
2112, rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3L8
Info : 514 529-9199
Usine C. Interdisciplinary performing arts space for original productions
by artists from all over the world. Will be one of the scene of Festival
1345, av. Lalonde, Montréal, H2L 4N6
Infos : 514 521-4198
1410 Beaudry
Montréal, Qc H2L 3E5
Tél.: 514.657.3535 [email protected]
Specialized in locally made art and design for men and women, this inspired boutique is the ideal place to find original, eco-friendly gifts, décor,
and fashion at an affordable price. A well-curated selection of well-known
and emerging artists and labels.
60 l GQ
GQ l 61
The Village
La Conciergerie
1019, rue Saint-Hubert, Montréal, H2L 3Y3
Near most major points of interest including Old Montréal and the Latin Quarter, from there you easily access the best restaurants, bars, boutiques and of
cours the eclectic nightlife.
Gîte B&B Absolument Montréal
1790, rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3L6
514.223.0017 1.866.360.1351
Generous gourmet breakfasts, a spa, and a garden are special features of
this Village B&B rated 4 suns. Only minutes away on foot from major tourist
Gîte B&B Aubergell
1641, rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3L4
Aubergell’s four rooms and one suite offer modern design and lots of features the
perfect space for a single traveler, a group of friends. Each room or suite features
a television, air conditioning, soundproof walls, and clean comfortable linens.
Hôtel Le Roberval
505, boul. René-Lévesque Est, Montréal, H2L 5B6
514.286.5215 1.877.552.2992
In the heart of the action, whether you’re travelling for business or leisure!
Rooms and studios furnished with fully equipped kitchenette allow to combine
the services of a hotel to the feeling of independence.
Hôtel Les Suites Labelle
1205, Labelle, Montréal, H2L 4C1
The hotel Les Suites Labelle has become a reference in affordable lodging,
ideally located in the heart of Montréal downtown’s cultural district, perfect for
leisure as well as business travellers.
Hôtel Sainte-Catherine
1674, Ste-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2J4
Hôtel Ste-Catherine welcomes you to our establishment where tranquility,
quality and comfort prevail. Located in the heart of downtown and near all
tourist attractions.
62 l GQ
GQ l 63
The Village
Gîte B&B Le Saint-Christophe Guest House
1597, rue Saint-Christophe, Montréal, H2L 3W7
You’ll be greeted with a smile at the Ste-Christophe Guest House. This charming historic house has been completely renovated to offer the luxury of modern
convenience with the warmth and charm of yesteryear.
Gîte B&B NuZone
1729, rue Saint-Hubert, Montréal, H2L 3Z1
A B&B for gay men, right in the centre of Montréal between the Village and the
Latin Quarter, and near to the Old Port. Their mission is to over a smoke-free,
naturist optional environment that’s peaceful, comfortable and down to earth.
Gîte B&B Turquoise
1579, rue Alexandre-Desève, Montréal, H2L 2V7
Complexe Bourbon
1578 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2H9
The Club Hotel is the place to be. For eating, drinking, going out, relaxing, everything is possible at the Club Hotel. The hotel, restaurants, bars, patios and
atmosphere await you for unforgettable moments.
Gîte B&B Le Cartier
1219, rue Cartier, Montréal,H2K 4C4
514.917.1829 1.877.524.0495
Only steps away from Papineau métro in the Gay Village and adjacent to
downtown, you'll feel right at home in this B&B. Tucked beside the JacquesCartier Bridge, it's the perfect place for a successful get-away.
64 l GQ
GQ l 65
The Village
Boulangerie La Mie Matinale
1371, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2H7
French bakery, pastry shop & café and a unique European atmosphere where
you are welcomed by the owners Régis & Didier. Homemade and daily fresh
pastries, breads and croissants. This café is a shrine to late gay icon and
French singer Dalida.
Coo Rouge
1844, rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3L6
If you are looking to savour a sumptuous bistro meal, go for brunch, or just
spend and evening amongst friends, in an atmosphere both hip and a bit romantic, Coo Rouge, in the heart of Montreal`s gay village, should be at the top
of your list.
Java U- Welcomes You In the heart of the Gay - Village !
1259 Saint-Catherine est / Metro Beaudry
Offer your self a Delightful – Breakfast , Mon To Fri, 6:30-am / 11:30 am &
Weekends- 6:30 am / 3:00 pm. Or Enjoy our gourmet sandwiches & Personalized Salad’s made Fresh & the way you want it ! Have A- fresh coffee or a Cool
beverage on two great terrasses . Java U is your gourmet cafeteria all year
long. Visit us to get a first hand Experience.
La Piazzetta
1101, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2G5
Square pizzas thin crust of the nice restaurant chain Piazzetta knew how to
make tip over the heart of the Quebeckers. Nice atmosphere and colored menu.
Le Planète Inc
1451, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2H9
Established in 1994, Le Planète is as aptly namedas ever. The dishes emerging from its kitchen are still bursting with culinary tastes inspired by the four
corners of the globe, reflecting Mother Earth’s most excellent bounty.
Restaurant L’Exception
1200, rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC, H2L 3Y7
[email protected]
Montreal is known for its tiny but fantastic eateries you wouldn’t find if you
weren’t looking for them, and this restaurant is no exception.
66 l GQ
GQ l 67
The Village
Barbier Mohawk
1305 av. Papineau, Montréal, H2K 4H3
Boutique Mobilier moderne 20e siècle
1023, rue Ontario Est, Montréal, H2L 1P8
This unique place is worth the detour to find a selection of the most beautiful
pieces of furniture from the 20e century designers.
Boutique OSEZ
1320 rue Wolfe, Montréal, H2L 3J3
[email protected]
In the heart of the gay Village, this men’s wear shop will delight you with its collection of trendy brands and clothes.
Rév. Johanne Bérubé
514.493.6596 418.875.1059
[email protected]
Working as a registered pastor for over 15 years with Québec’s Ministère de la
famille, Johanne Bérubé is certified to perform civil unions, weddings, engagements, baptisms and funerals. She’ll provide a legal ceremony tailored to your
needs (inter-denominational).
Masso 1452
Robert, a professional masseur, provides different types of massages to ease
body pains, stimulate bloodstream, etc.
68 l GQ
GQ l 69
The Village
Montréal Moderne
1851, rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3L4
Physotech Spa concept
1475, rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3L2
An urban spa recently refitted in new premises located in the middle of the Gay
Village. All the services for over 25 years!
Studio de coiffure Michel-Ange
1276 Ste Catherine E, Montréal, QC H2L 2H2
[email protected]
Lemon Cree
Studio Prestige
1331A Ste-Catherine 2e étage
514.567.9887 [email protected]
Ce centre de conditionnement physique met l’emphase sur le bien-être du
corps et de l’esprit grâce à une méthode s’inspirant du pilâtes et du cardio traditionnel. Les ateliers de remise en forme se font dans une ambiance amicale
et invitante pour tous.
The Village
Bar Aigle Noir 1315, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2H4 514.529.0040
Ouvert dès 8 h jusqu’à 3 h. Le bar cuir, fétichiste et rock de Montréal. Montreal’s leather, fetish and rock bar. Open from 8 am to 3 am. * Bar le
Cocktail 1669, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2J5 514.597.0814 Clubbar-lounge ouvert dès 8 h. Karaoké dimanche-mercredi dès 21 h. Soirée
personnificateur le jeudi, pianiste le vendredi, chanteuse et pianiste le samedi, pianiste le dimanche de 5 à 9. Tous les jours 5 à 9. Club-bar-lounge
open from 8 am. Several activities every day. * Bar Stock & Lounge
1171, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2G8 514.842.1336 Danseurs différents âges. Mixed aged dancers. * Bar Taboo 1950, boul. De
Maisonneuve Est, Montréal, H2K 2C8 514.597.0010 Jeunes danseurs
nus. Ouvert dès 19 h. Young nude dancers. Open from 7 pm. * Cabaret
Mado 1115, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2G6 514.525.7566
Spectacles drag. Drag shows. * Campus 1111, rue Sainte-Catherine Est,
Montréal, H2L 2G6 514.526.9867 Danseurs différents âges. Mixed aged
dancers. * Circus 439 St Andre, Montréal, H2L 3T4 514.844.3626 Afterhours, mixte. After hours, mixed crowd. * Citibar 1603, rue Ontario Est,
Montréal, H2L 1S6 514.525.4251 * Club Date 1218, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2G9 514.521.1242 Bar, karaoké. * Gotha 1641,
rue Amherst, Montréal, H2L 3L4 514.526.1270 Salon-bar-lounge. Loungebar. * La Relaxe 1309, rue Sainte-Catherine Est Montréal, 514.523.0578
Bar clientèle variée. Mixed crowd. * Le Drugstore 1366, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, H2L 2H6 514.524.1960 8 bars et boutiques. Clientèle
mixte. 8 bars and small shops. Mixed crowd. * Le Parking 1296, rue
Amherst, Montréal, , H2L 3K8 514.282.1199 Disco,
cuir, denim, clientèle variée. Leather, denim, mixed crowd. * SKY Pub &
Club 1474, rue Sainte-Catherine Est Montréal, , H2L 2J1 514.529.6969 * Stereo 858, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, , H2L 2E3 514.286.0325 After-hours,
hétéros et gais. After-hours, gay and straight crowd. * Stud 1812, rue
Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, , H2K 2H3 514.598.8243 www.studbar.
com Cruising bar 25 ans +, piste de danse, terrasse. Ouvert de 10 h à 3
h. Un bar d’hommes où les hommes aiment les hommes. Cruising bar 25
years old +, dance, terrace. Open 10 am to 3 am. * Taverne Normandie
1295, rue Amherst, Montréal, , H2L 3K9 514.522.2766 * Taverne Rocky
1673, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montréal, , H2L 2J5 514.521.7865 Clientèle mature.Mature men. * Tools Club 1592, rue Sainte-Catherine Est,
Montréal, , H2L 2J2 Disco et pop. Playroom. Disco and pop. * Unity 1400, rue Montcalm (angle Sainte-Catherine
E.), Montréal, 514.523.4429 Danse,
jeunes. Dance club, young crowd.
72 l GQ
GQ l 73
The Plateau Mont-Royal
The Plateau Mont-Royal
Architecture de Montréal © Commission canadienne du tourisme, Pierre St-Jacques
Terrasse de la rue Saint-Denis
© Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin
The Plateau Mont-Royal has changed significantly
since Michel Tremblay wrote his gritty Chroniques du
Plateau stories thirty years ago. This formerly work-class
area has become a very trendy neighbourhood, counting
amongst its inhabitants the largest concentration of artists in Canada.
Densely populated, but on a human scale, the Plateau
has many elements that are typical of early 20th-century
urban areas; it is known for its 3-story buildings, winding
74 l GQ
exterior staircases and heritage tree-lined streets. Situated
just north-east of the downtown core, at the foot of Mount
Royal, edged by Parc Lafontaine to the east, it is a very
urban area where you can do your shopping on foot and
enjoy innumerable little bars and cafés. Furthermore, it is
the gathering place for young people and intellectuals by
virtue of its being the location of the best life music shows,
theatres and performance venues.
GQ l 75
Escaliers extérieurs © Tourisme Montréal, Stéphan Poulin
The Plateau Mont-Royal
Where gays and lesbians meet
Before the gay community migrated to the Village and the
Plateau became the trendy place it is now, the lesbian community would rally in the many lesbian bars on rue Saint-Denis, to the extent that the ladies christened it rue “Sainte-Denise”! You could find feminist, gay, and lesbian bookstores,
as well as numerous establishments owned and operated
by lesbians. The expansion of the Village to include the area
just south of Parc Lafontaine meant that gays started to live
more and more on the Plateau as well, making this the place
where gays and lesbians rub elbows more than anywhere
else in the Montréal.
Statistically speaking, the Plateau is the borough where
the most gays and lesbians actually live. Unlike the Village,
the Plateau’s gays and lesbians are less flamboyant and
blend into their community more seamlessly. Aside from its
three saunas, the area has few avowed gay establishments,
even if that’s where the most compelling nightlife is located
outside the Village. You’ll find a number of bed & breakfasts,
cafés, restaurants, and boutiques that are gay-friendly and
often owned and operated by gays or lesbians. And if you
want to make sure you meet Plateau gays, go for a stroll on
the southeast corner of the Parc Lafontaine pond, the neighbourhood’s ultimate “gay beach”.
76 l GQ
GQ l 77
The Plateau Mont-Royal
Things to do & points of interest
The Plateau Mont-Royal
Gîte B&B au Piano Blanc
4440, rue Berri, Montréal, H2J 2R1
Guesthouse and B & B, in the heart of cultural district Plateau Mont Royal.
Discount for 10% for 7 days or more. Delicious breakfast.
Le Bathroom
4137 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, Qc H2W 2M7
This saline isolation bath experience provides a feeling of weightlessness for
the body and well-being for the mind. Located in the heart of the Plateau, try it
out alone, or as a couple.
David Rancourt, Jamie Wright et José Navas dans Anatomies de Navas, présenté à l’Agora de la
danse en 2007 © Valérie Simmons
Agora de la danse. A dance performance space that promotes contemporary dance from Montréal and allows artists from here and elsewhere to
engage in work under the best possible conditions.
840, rue Cherrier, Montréal, H2L 1H6
Info : 514.525.1500
Cinéma Parallèle. An independent cinema showing only “auteur” films of
the daring and avant-garde variety. Cinema in its purest form, with a focus
on new voices.
3536, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2X 2T6
Info : 514.847.2206
ESPACE GO. This theatre presents works that are concerned with social
transformation and the understanding of modern times.
4890, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, H2T 1R5
Info : 514.845.4890
Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui. This theatre is devoted exclusively to the creation, production and dissemination of Québécois & French Canadian dramatic works.
New winter season started with Michel Marc Bouchard’s new play Tom à la
Le Magnolia
1125, rue Rachel, Montréal, Québec, H2J 2J6
[email protected]
The Magnolia is a gorgeous victorian B&B facing Lafontaine Park, in Montreal’s
renowned Plateau Mont-Royal district.
Gîte B&B Shézelles
4272, rue Berri, Montréal, H2J 2P8
A magical setting with a charming atmosphere, this B&B has birchwood floors
and cedar walls throughout. Offering three large rooms and a splendid suite.
Gîte Ma’am Bolduc
4351, av. De Lorimier, Montréal, H2H 2B2
Inn and restaurant on the plateau with the best poutine in Montréal. Homemade hamburgers, an eclectic atmosphere, and outdoor patio in the summer
Théâtre de Quat’sous. Founded in 1955, the Quat’Sous’s mandate is to be
a contemporary francophone theatre with a global awareness and openness.
100, av. des Pins Est, Montréal, H2W 1N7
Info : 514.845.7277
Théâtre du Rideau Vert. The Théâtre du Rideau Vert is the premier professional francophone theatre in the country with a diverse programme. For
2010 2011 : TREIZE À TABLE from november 2 th to december 4 th 2010,
a play from Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon, MADAME LOUIS 14 from mars 29 th
to april 30 th 2011, A text from Lorraine Pintal.
4664, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, H2J 1T1
Info : 514.844.1793
78 l GQ
GQ l 79
The Plateau Mont-Royal
Artigiani Pizzeria
4657, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, H2J 2L5
[email protected]
Come taste the best oven-baked pizza in Montréal at this pizzeria and
gourmet food store. Artigiani is the perfect fusion of traditional Italian and
contemporary cuisine, a delicious blend of generations.
1576, ave. Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, H2L 1Z2
Sweet and savoury crêpes, paninis and salads: this is a little café with big
flavour. Delivery available.
La Croissanterie Figaro
5200, rue Hutchison, Outremont, H2V 4B3
This Outremont croissanterie is infused with the aroma of an out of the way
café from 1920s Paris. Come taste the fresh croissants, breakfasts, and table
d’hôte menu in the Figaro’s enchanting art-nouveau décor.
Le Piton de la Fournaise
835, ave. Duluth Est, Montréal, H2L 1B3
All the delights of the Île de la Réunion await you in a tropical ambiance.
Enjoy their mouth-watering menu of pork, fish, and sautés.
Le point G
1266, ave. Mont-Royal Est, Montréal h2J 1Y4
Waffles, ice cream and so much more await you at Le point G. Winner of the
Fourchette d’or (Golden Fork) for the best macaron in Montréal.
Plein Sud
222, ave, Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, H2T 1P3
All of the classic dishes from the South of France, served in a friendly and
cosy atmosphere. Table d’hôte (three-course) menu available every night.
Resto La Banquise
994, rue Rachel Est. Montréal, H2J 2J3
[email protected]
Since 1968, la Banquise has been the place for poutine in Montréal, with 25
different kinds of poutine and locally brewed beer on tap. With its adorable
outdoor patio, you’ll relish the food and atmosphere 24hrs/day!
80 l GQ
GQ l 81
The Plateau Mont-Royal
969, rue Rachel Est, Montréal, Qc H2J 2J4
Café Rico has been a fixture of the Plateau Mont-Royal for over 2 years, as
Québec’s first 100% fair trade, organic coffee roaster. Stop by to try one of
their diverse selection of freshly roasted beans, organic products in bulk, or
for lunch, check out the newly opened adjoining eatery Le Petit Rico.
112, rue Bernard Ouest, Montréal, H2T 2K1 / 211, Notre Dame Ouest, H2Y 1T4
Far from what Émile Zola imagined in his novel of the same name, l’Assomoir
is a trendy and welcoming bar with an urban vibe. The menu is a fresh and
effervescent selection of ceviches, steaks, tapas, fresh fish, and 250 cocktails.
Both Assomoir locations are well located in the Mile End and Old Port.
Les Deux Gamins
170, Prince Arthur Est, Montréal, H2X 3D7
An experience worthy of the streets of Paris. Classic cuisine made with local
ingredients in season, fresh from the market, complemented by an impressive
list of imported wines.
Restaurant Au Chaud Lapin
1279, av. Mont-Royal Est, Montréal, Québec, H2J 1Y4
For intimate gatherings, as well as festive or corporate, restaurant Au Chaud
Lapin, located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal goes off the beaten track.
Restaurant Buona Forchetta
2407 Mont-Royal Est , Montreal, QC H2H 1L2
This gourmet Italian resto on the plateau specializes in grilled meats and classic pastas served with a variety of delicious sauces, all cooked with 100%
cocoa butter (Mycryo). No frying, no cholesterol, just the pure flavour of the
ingredients cooked to perfection.
Restaurant Commensal
1720, rue Saint Denis, Montréal, Qc H2X 3K6
Smack-dab in the middle of the bustling Quartier Latin, this vegetarian resto is
the perfect place to meet friends or grab a healthy lunch on the go. Spread out
of 3 floors, you’re sure to enjoy the hidden-away “Plateau” feel as well as the
savoury vegetarian and vegan buffet fare with countless salads and hot dishes.
82 l GQ
GQ l 83
Hochelaga - Maisonneuve
HoMa! Oh my !
Hochelaga - Maisonneuve
Hairyfur Daycare
4255 A, Frontenac St., Montréal, Québec, H2H 2M4
An educative animal daycare with animal health technician on site who offer during the day a large playground and spacious lofts. Professional and
respectful guardians will fulfill your cat or dog needs with superior cares at low
prices. Hairfur Daycare will simplify your trip for a day, a week or even a month.
Parc olympique / Hochelaga-Maisonneuve © Régie des installations olympiques Located just east of the Village, the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (or “HoMa”)
neighbourhood is becoming more and more popular for the gay community.
A little further away from downtown, this “gaybourhood” resembles the
Plateau Mont-Royal, which was built in the same period, with the main
difference being that HoMa has stayed closer to its working class roots.
The Hochelaga neighbourhood, just east of the Village, is a formerly
working class and industrial zone that is undergoing constant metamorphosis.
The cute little shops that line Place Valois on Rue Ontario are but one sign
of change and renewal. Many gays have chosen to make their home on the
west end of Hochelaga, which is by walking distance from the Village.
Originally built as a kind of French-speaking Westmount east of what
was Montréal at the end of the 19th century, the Maisonneuve
neighbourhood has retained many lovely remnants of this bygone era
The grand neoclassical façades of the Morgan and Pie-IX avenues and
the utterly charming Marché Maisonneuve, the neighbourhood’s public
market, reveal the historic grandeur of the area. Lording over it all is the
ornate Château Dufresne on Sherbrooke Street, now an art museum.
The Maisonneuve neighbourhood was completely transformed by the
construction of the Olympic Stadium for the 1976 Games. Even now, over
30 years later, visitors to the area are still struck by the futuristic Stadium
and its sweeping diagonal tower or “mast”, which offers impeccable
views from the top. The Biodôme, Botanical Gardens, and the Parc
Maisonneuve, located just north of the Parc Olympique, are enjoyed by
thousands of visitors each year.
84 l GQ
GQ l 85
Hochelaga - Maisonneuve
Things to do & points of interest
Biodôme de Montréal
4777, av. Pierre-De Coubertin, H1V 3N7
An unique museum in the world where five ecosystems are recreated: Arctic,
the laurentienne forest , the marine St. Lawrence and the rain forest.
Château Dufresne
2929, av. Jeanne-d’Arc, H1W 3W2
By its collections and exhibitions, the Château Dufresne museum seeks, collects and interprets as well the working history as upper-class, the industrial
inheritance, visual and decorative arts of the beginning of the XXe century of
the district, Montreal and Canada.
Jardin botanique de Montréal
4101, rue Sherbrooke Est, H1X 2B2
With its collection of 22 000 species and cultivars of plants, its 10 greenhouses
of exhibition, its around thirty thematic gardens, iis research team and its programs of animation, the Jardin Botanique of Montreal is classified among the
most important and the most beautiful botanical gardens of the world.
Parc Olympique
4141, av. Pierre-De Coubertin, H1V
Conceived for the olympics of 1976, its construction includes the Tower, the
Stage (Stadium), the Sports center, the tourist Hall, the outside areas.
Hochelaga - Maisonneuve
Restaurant Le Valois
25, Place Simon Valois, Montréal, H1W 0A6
514.528.0202 téléc.:514.528.4366
Located in the heart of Montréal’s Hochelage-Maisonneuve district on the promenade Ontario, Le Valois offers a fresh take on the classic french brasserie.
You will be served in a warm atmosphere, a harmonious mix of Art Deco with
rich coloured wood and glass.
Restaurant Cabotins
4821, rue Sainte-Catherine est
With humour, this restaurant has been set in a former men’s clothing shop.
Both menu and décor have been adapted to the previous use of the space.
86 l GQ
GQ l 87
88 l GQ
GQ l 89
Longueuil & la Montérégie
© racineur
Located east of the St. Lawrence River, Montérégie spans an area from
the American border to the south to Lac Saint-Pierre in the north. With Longueuil and the South Shore suburbs as its major urban centres, Montérégie’s 1.4 million inhabitants make it the second most populous region in
Québec. It takes its name from the Monteregian Hills, which are all located
in this area, with the exception of their namesake, Mount Royal. Crisscrossed by a number of major waterways, namely the languid Richelieu
and the Yamaska River, the region contains some of Québec’s most stunning farmland, which is nestled around the cities and towns of Montérégie.
Longueuil is the main city of the Montérégie region east of the St. Lawrence
River, which separates it from Montréal. The city was founded over 350 years
ago by Charles LeMoyne, a wealthy French merchant from Montréal, whose
famous sons Pierre LeMoyne d’Iberville and Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville took an active part in French colonial expansion in North America, founding Louisiana and New Orleans,respectively.
Facing Montréal’s downtown across the water, the South Shore’s many suburbs have flourished over the last 50 years. Vieux-Longueuil, the city’s version
of Old Montréal, still offers a charming ambiance for pedestrians.
Getting there from the Village is a matter of walking or biking across the JacquesCartier Bridge. Moreover, many gays who favour the quiet suburbs to busy city life
have settled there over the years. With over 230 000 inhabitants, Longueuil has
not one but two saunas catering to a gay clientele coming from the whole region.
90 l GQ
Longueuil & la Montérégie
Mont Saint-Hilaire © -AX-
Outlying Areas of Montérégie
Away from Montréal’s suburbs and towns, the Richelieu Valley is one
of the oldest agricultural areas in Québec, and is really worth the detour.
Following the shores of the river, you walk in the footsteps of the famous
Patriots, who fought for Québec freedom and independence in the revolt
of 1837-38.
Halfway between Montréal and Sherbrooke, Granby is the second largest city in the region. A few kilometres from Granby, the naturist lodge,
Bain de Nature, has been welcoming the gay community for over 25 years,
a highly recommended place to stop to appreciate the calm of the countryside.
Ski Bromont is one of the most popular ski resorts for Montrealers, only
a few kms from Granby. Granby Zoo is the largest zoo in Québec. In this
region, which also benefits from a milder winter thanks to warm winds from
the Atlantic that freshen the Appalachians, we can also find most of the
vineyards of Québec, on the wine route. Epicurians will want to discover
these exotic Québec wines.
Largest cities: Longueuil (pop. 233 000), Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
(pop. 90 000), Brossard (pop. 76 000).
GQ l 91
Longueuil & la Montérégie
Longueuil & La Montérégie
Auberge Relais 4 Saisons Inn
579, rue Bord-de-l’eau Sud, Noyan, J0J 1B0
Hostel build in 1936 completely renovated while retaining its original character,
situated in the countryside on the banks of beautiful Lake Champlain (water
activities available). Accommodation services, catering, recreation, dance, and
marina packages are offered.
Chalets à / Globe-trotter marketing
1380, rue Dalaire, Saint-Hyacinthe, Qc J2S 9A2
514.954.8965 or 418.686.5465
Over 1,876 cottages for rent and 101 cottages for sale in Canada, the US and
Mexico! is the ultimate web resource to find the perfect
cottage to rent for your vacation anywhere in Québec. You can even contact
the owners directly with no middle man!
Auberge West Brome
128, route 139, West Brome, Qc J0E 2P0
1.888.902.7663 450.266.7552
Located only an hour from Montréal in the undulating hills of the Eastern Townships,
the Spa West Brome is a modern therapeutic spa that offers the allure of a country
inn with the added attraction of fine dining inspired by local and regional produce.
Manoir Lac St-François
1529, Route 132, Saint-Anicet, J0S 1M0
Atop a hill with romantic sunsets to dream about the sea. A chapel surrounded
by majestic windows, three banquet rooms, a spa, restaurant, a lounge and pub.
Au Coeur de mon Verger
551 Chemin Covey Hill, Havelock, Qc J0S 2C0
There is no better way to enjoy the natural beauty of the Montérégie by paying
a visit to Au Cœur de Mon Verger. Step, climb and zip line your way through
their Treego course for a fantastic and fun journey through the boreal forest from
above. Open end of June to end of October.
Motel Grande-Île
1215, boul. Mgr.-Langlois, Grande-Île, J6S 1C1
On Highway 20, exit 14 you will find a motel with various facilities available:
telephone, internet and well equipped guest rooms.
Gîte Le Point de Vue
135 ch. Bourget, Rigaud, Qc J0P 1P0
Tél. : 514 927-6468
Téléc. : 450 451-0244
[email protected]
Perched on the summit of Mont-Rigaud on the South Shore, surrounded by a
patch of green between earth and sky, this B&B's view will blow you away. With
superior comforts earning it a 4-sun rating, you'll love the generous breakfasts
and pastoral déco
92 l GQ
GQ l 93
Things to do & points of interest
Sauna 1286
1286, chemin Chambly, Longueuil, J4J 3W6
450.677.1286 /
Sauna 1286 welcomes you 24/24. Sauna, showers, tub, video rooms, lockers.
The ideal meeting place for men from all around
Sauna 3481
3481 Montée St-Hubert,St-Hubert
450) 462-3481
[email protected]
Sauna 3481 is the only sauna to offer a steam sauna (hammam) in excess of
all the others services offered.
Copains Gourmands Restaurant
352 rue Guillaume (angle St-Jean), Longueuil, Qc J4H 1S4
French cuisine, local produce, international inspirations and gourmet flair are
given special attention at chef Jean-François Hogue and partner Éric’s charming Old Longueuil eatery.
Domaine De Lavoie
100, rang de la Montagne,
Rougemont, Qc  J0L 1M0[Retour chariot]Tél : 450 469-389
[email protected]
This exceptional vineyard makes red & white wine as well as sparkling and ice
ciders. Come taste the flavours of Québec (and pick your own!) only 30 min
from Montréal.
Restaurant l'Incrédule
288, rue St-Charles Ouest
Vieux Longueuil, Qc J4H 1H3
Tel. : 450.674.0946
[email protected]
Located in the heart of Old Longueuil, l'Incrédule is a contemporary bistro that
combines sophistication and simplicity with a warm ambiance and attentive
service. The French bistro-inspired menu will keep you coming back for more.
94 l GQ
GQ l 95
C’est la chanson que je nous chante,
Serons-nous deux vieilles amantes ?
Resterons-nous tendres complices
De mes manies, de tes caprices
Dans le secret d’une maison,
Le château fort de nos saisons,
Où je fredonne un air ancien ?
Cet été je ferai un jardin
C’est la chanson que je nous chante,
Serons-nous deux vieilles amantes
Descendant lentement le temps,
Qui s’arrêtent de temps en temps ?
Tu cherches l’ombre, moi le soleil
Les gens diront “Voyez les vieilles
Qui sont ensemble depuis toujours
Et qui mourront le même jour”
L’été, quand il fait beau soleil,
Je vois souvent passer deux vieilles
Qui sont ensemble depuis toujours
Qui partiront, qui partiront,
Qui partiront le même jour.
Abbaye Saint-Benoît © Stéphane Lemire
L’été, quand il fait beau soleil,
Je vois souvent passer deux vieilles
Qui marchent en se tenant le bras,
Elles s’arrêtent à tous les dix pas
Quand j’entends leur éclat de rire
J’ai un peu moins peur de vieillir
In the garden of
Clémence DesRochers
In 1980, singer and songwriter Clémence Desrochers was the first
Québec musician to speak of lesbian love with her song Deux Vieilles
(‘’Two old women’’). The daughter of poet Alfred DesRochers, Clémence
DesRochers is a multidisciplinary artist, singer, actress, and comedian
whose charisma and humanity have long won over the Québec public.
From the age of 17, she was part of Paul Buissonneau’s La Roulotte,
before she became famous for a series of roles for Radio-Canada. In
1969, she staged the musical Les Girls, along with Paule Bayard, Louise
Latraverse, Diane Dufresne and Chantal Renaud. And she has been
since then always concerned with women issues in our society.
After being part of dozens of comedy, theatre, and films as actress
and director, after winning many awards showing appreciation from her
audience and peers, Clémence Desrochers was made a Knight of the
Ordre National du Québec in 2001. After retiring from the stage in 2008,
she received the Governor General's Award for performing arts in 2009,
and was decorated with the Order of Canada in 2010. Unsurprisingly,
her rare stage appearances from the last 3 years have sold out months
in advance.
96 l GQ
GQ l 97
Eastern Townships
The quaint university town of Sherbrooke, known as the “Queen” of
the Townships, has a strong New England Loyalist tradition (exiles from
the American Revolution) melded with Québec culture.
Eastern Townships
At over 150km from Montréal, Sherbrooke has been able to develop
its own lesbian and gay scene. The cute little OtreZone pub is a favourite
haunt of local gays and lesbians. In every corner of the Eastern Townships, Victorian manor houses have been converted into B&Bs and inns
that offer hospitality imbued with the history and culture of the country.
Mount Orford Park is a National Park perfectly suited for a long range of
outdoor activities all year round, only a few kilometres from Sherbrooke. With popular ski resorts and lakes ideal for water sports, it is known as cottage country for many Montrealers. You can enjoy the Véloroute des Cantons, a network of 11 scenic trails or the Route des Sommets, where you
can go horse-back riding in the forest from one of numerous stables. Kayaking is also a major attraction, taking advantage of the region’s countless
calm waterways. The Eastern Townships is an outdoor adventure paradise.
Lake Memphrémagog, lac Mégantic, lac Aylmer, lac Massawippi: all
summer long, kayaks, canoes, sailboats and water-skis criss-cross these
majestic lakes that even host swimming competitions and are among the
most popular spots of the region. Is there anything that says “vacation”
more than diving head first into the soft clean fresh water of a country lake?
For Gourmets
The Eastern Townships are also known for the wineries that bask in the
region’s milder climate, provided by the more temperate Atlantic winds as
they meet the Appalachian Mountains. Whether you’re exploring them on
by hike, bike, or car, the byways and high ways of the Townships guarantee some tasty discoveries. The Route des Vins (Winery Route) stretches
over 140 km, with pastoral roads, vineyards, country inns, cider orchards
and animal farms. The foodie tourist will find something to satisfy their
appetite and their curiosity.
When it comes to haute cuisine and excellent chefs, the Townships
have them in spades, whether it’s on land, rail, or boat! Looking for a taste
of something different? Enjoy the immersive experience of the Orford Express, a tourist train where the beauty of the scenery is matched only by
the flavours created exclusively by their master chef.
Largest cities: Sherbrooke, population 150,000; Granby, population 60,000 98 l GQ
GQ l 99
Eastern Townships
Auberge aux deux Pères
680, chemin Des Pères, Magog, J1X 0P9
819.769.3115 514.616.3114
Unequalled view looking onto Lake Memphémagog, welcoming staff, four
large rooms with private bathrooms, and a heated swimming pool.
Auberge Spa Le Madrigal
46, boul. de Bromont, Bromont, J2L 2K3
1.877.534.3588 450.534.3588
In a dynamic and picturesque environment. Picturesque and luxurious accommodations with spa, art gallery, meeting room and luxury suites.
Au chant du Coq
2387, chemin du Parc, Orford, J1X 7A2
Bed and Breakfast rated 4 stars by the CITQ for its superior comfort, superb
facilities and range of services.
Bain de Nature
127, rue Lussier, Saint-Alphonse de Granby, J0E 2A0
The luxury and comfort of Bain de Nature lie in its simplicity. Gourmet dinners
served in a familial atmosphere. On the terrace, enjoy a large whirlpool and
a deep tissue massage.
Au Manoir de la rue Merry
92, rue Merry Sud, Magog, Qc J1X 3L3
Charmante demeure ancestrale, vous reçoit dans le décor chaleureux de ses
meubles d’époque. Vos hôtes, Dominique et Yves, discrets et attentionnés,
auront plaisir à vous accueillir et prendre soin de vous. À deux pas du centre100 l GQ
GQ l 101
ville de Magog, du Lac Memphrémagog et de la Pointe Merry, venez vous
ressourcer et profiter des beautés des Cantons de l’Est au fil des saisons.
Gîte École Buissonnière
1685, Chemin Saint Armand, Saint Armand, JOJ 1T0
Overlooking the scenic Mont Pinnacle in Saint Armand, at the heart of the
wine district, this converted country school house has been magnificently restored as an historic bed & breakfast.
Hôtel Saint Martin Bromont
111 blvd. du Carrefour, Bromont, J2L 3L1
There’s no better place to enjoy the quaint landscape of Bromont than this
Hotel, which looks out over the outskirts of the town. A boutique hotel with
70 rooms and suites, you’ll love its unparalleled comforts, quietude, and the
distinguished interiors of the St-Martin Bromont.
102 l GQ
GQ l 103
Eastern Townships
Accomodation & services
Le Relais des Mésanges
148 route 112 Dudswell, J0B 1G0
1.819.884.1232 1.855.8841232
Three country houses and five chalets. Less than two hours drive from Montreal
and Quebec, with the Relais des Mésanges, taste the saving peace of the country !
Motel des Deux Lacs
2909, route 112, Shefford, J2M 1C6
[email protected]
8 rooms on the edge of an artificial and private lake. An amazing terrace to admire
the sunset. What else ?
Hôtel Saint Christophe
255, rue Denison Est, Granby, J2H 2R4
1.877.405.4782 450.405.4782
The St-Christopheis located in a magnificent setting, on the shores of a lake in
the eastern townships, a few minutes from the Bromont mountain resort and
with a direct access to the scenic Green Route bike trail. Royal decor with all
the modern equipments at their full disposal.
Restaurant Demers
936, Rue du conseil Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, J1G 1L7
The Demers family can host up to 300 guests in its welcoming restaurant, including 6 private dining rooms. Wood-fire roasted chicken and pizzas, seafood,
and table d’hôte offered at the best quality and prices.
Spa Algua-Sulis, Centre Beauté & Bistro
950, rue King Ouest, Sherbrooke, Qc J1H 1S3
In addition to its body treatments and tantalizing bistro menu, you’ll want to
sit back and enjoy the many amenities of the Spa Algua-Sulis: whirlpool thermotherapy, Nordic and thermal waterfalls, polar baths, a Finish sauna, and
outdoor relaxation areas with lakeside views.
Spa Le Montagnais
215, chemin de la Forêt enchantée, Val-Racine, Qc G0Y 1E0
Complete with hot and cold spas, sauna and steam-room, Spa Le Montagnais also
offers massage therapy as well as a wide range of spa treatments. At nearly 650 meters above sea level on Mont-Mégantic, it’s the perfect place to escape the city and
enjoy the picturesque Eastern Townships year-round.
104 l GQ
GQ l 105
Eastern Townships
La Maison de Ville - bed & bistro
353 Saint-Patrice O., Magog, Qc, J1X 1W7
Come experience the new flavours of this cosy Bed & Bistro. Its modern décor
and chic ambiance offer something comfortable and special in the heart of old
Magog. You’ll be charmed by the location and by your hosts, Simon Beaupré
and Martin Gagné.
Méchant Steak
111 Wellington Nord, Sherbrooke, Qc J1H 5B9
This unique steakhouse is the place where ambiance, creative cooking and
delicious regional ingredients like fine cheese, mushrooms, and locally raised
meat combine to make an unforgettable culinary experience.
Domaine Pinnacle inc.
150, Chemin Richford, Frelighsburg, Qc J0J 1C0
Domaine Pinnacle’s specialty is making the best ice cider in the world. Made
from apples grown on the hills of Mont Pinacle, this liqueur’s outstanding taste
has received worldwide acclaim. Stop in to try their crème de pommes and
other orchard-made delicacies.
106 l GQ
GQ l 107
108 l GQ
GQ l 109
The Laurentians
© Tourisme Laurentides
A natural destination
Located just north of Montréal, the Laurentians are by far the foremost destination for city-dwellers looking for the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.
You only have to try taking Highway 15 northof Montréal on a Friday or Sunday
to realize just how much they like it out there.
For many types of visitors, from day-trippers to explorers, the mountains and
foothills of the Laurentians, which rise abruptly from the plain of the St. Lawrence
Basin, are a major tourist attraction. With its ski hills, such as the internationally renowned Mont-Tremblant, its lively towns and villages like Saint-Sauveur,
Sainte-Adèle, or Val David, and its countless lakes, it’s an area that provides
year-round enjoyment with several gay-friendly or gay-oriented establishments
to choose from.
In the Lower Laurentians (Basses-Laurentides), many gays flock to Oka Beach,
a half-hour drive from Montréal just north of Laval, where naturists and nudists
enjoy the sandy shores. At the place where the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers
join to form the Lac des Deux-Montagnes,the water is known for its freshness
and quality. and the beach harbours a few marvels of its own. For outdoor dancing, there’s nothing like the Beach Club at Pointe-Calumet. For a more sophisticated occasion that requires architectural flair, or for a wedding, the Abbaye
d’Oka is a no longer a monastery and is open to the public.
In Saint-Hyppolite, near Saint-Jérôme, the Auberge du Lac du Pin Rouge is
inn that hosts a Sunday gay night.
110 l GQ
GQ l 111
With its backdrop of waterfalls that are typical of the Laurentians, a lot of
gay naturists prefer to strip down at the waterfalls of Saint-Marguerite-du-LacMasson, just between Saint-Jérome and Saint-Sauveur.
The adorable town of Saint-Saveur is a locale favoured by nature-lovers,
skiers, and gourmets. You’ll be charmed by the shops, restaurants and resort
ambiance. In summer, a gigantic waterpark attracts bathers of all ages, or for
something less crowded, try one of the many spas in the surrounding area.
In winter, the Mont Saint-Sauveur ski hill is one of Québec’s most popular ski
resorts. And it’s only one of 5 ski hills that in all total over 100 downhill trails.
From the end of July to early August, music, art, and dance enthusiasts convene in the town for the Festival des arts de Saint-Sauveur. The festival hosts
major headliners from the national and international dance and music scene.
Further north, the resort town of Mont-Tremblant has been the Laurentians’
premier tourist destination since the early days of the “P’tit train du nord.”
Nowadays, the railway has been turned into a bike path, for a sportier way to
explore the area. Since the city was revamped by the development company
Intrawest, and reconstructed to resemble a mountain ski town, all-season tourism has been booming. Vacationers from Canada, the US and all over the
world flock to Tremblant, which boasts a newly opened casino to add some
international glamour. A whole series of events and festivals punctuate the cultural year, from the Féérie des Glaces (Feb-March) to the Festi Jazz in August,
and the Rhythmes Tremblant which happen every weekend in July and August.
Major urban centres (aside from the Montréal suburbs on the Rivière des
Milles-Îles): Saint-Jérome (pop. 68,000). Saint-Sauveur (pop. 10,000), MontTremblant (pop. 9,000), Mont-Laurier (pop. 13,000)
112 l GQ
GQ l 113
The Laurentians
Accomodation & services
Auberge Rêve Blanc
707, chemin Ferme Rouge, Mont-Laurier, J9L 3G3
Auberge Saint-Donat
350, route 329, Saint-Donat, J0T 2C0
12 full equiped rooms and suite, offering charm, comfort and beauty are waiting
for you. A few minutes from Tremblant, Belinda and François are warmly waiting
for you. For those who want to get a unique, tastefull and extraordinary experience.
Auberge Onwego Inn
112, chemin Plouffe, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 1J8
This inn is a little piece of paradise where you can really get away from it all!
This cosy little place can accommodate up to 30 guests. Nestled on the untouched beaches of Lac Mercier, you’ll enjoy its sunset views. And it’s only 4km
from the resort town of Tremblant.
Aventure Quatre Saisons
13080, Route 117, Labelle, Qc J0T 1H0
Adventure awaits: canoeing, kayaking, group rafting and yurt tenting on the
shores of the Rivière Rouge in the Upper Laurentians. Enjoy the beaches of
fine white sand, the calm waters, the natural forest and the exotic flair of Mongolian yurts. A certified personal guide will accompany you for your stay.
Chalets Lac à la Truite
1961, chemin de la Montagne, Sainte-Agathe, J8C 2Z7
With our whole variety of full equiped chalets fronting the lakefront, we’re offering you the best of the Laurentians. Come and see by yourself how great it
is to relax and breathe Lac à la Truite’s fresh air (private beach, kayak, etc.) A
sensorial experience to share.
Condos Étoiles Laurentides
514, chemin du Mont Loup-Garou, Sainte-Adèle, J8B 3C8
A haven of peace par excellence, Condos Stars Laurentians offer quiet and romantic. Ideal for a getaway in the countryside, couples will discover relaxation
and comfort. Whirlpool, terrace, equipped kitchen, TV, bedding and towels, etc.
Corporation de l’Abbaye d’Oka
1600, chemin d’Oka, Oka, J0N 1E0
114 l GQ
GQ l 115
The Laurentians
Accomodation & services
[email protected]
Now open to the public, the Oka Abbey offers seven halls for rental, including
a church. Ideal for galas, balls, weddings or business meetings in a unique
atmosphere. Accomodation and catering facilities available on site.
Gîte B&B Le Roupillon
2316, Chemin du Village, Mont Tremblant, J8E 1E9
A charming nature is waiting for you at 5 min. from Tremblant (skiing, casino, etc.)
Full equipped and confortable rooms and condos (spa, terrace, massage, etc.)
Restaurant Les Artistes offers you a complete and fresh table every day.
72, Route 117, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 2X1
1 866.425.5662
[email protected]
Tours, chartering, aerians photographs and panoramics flyovers in helicopter of
the Laurentians, Tremblant, Gatineau, Ottawa, etc.. 12 months per year, comfortable, securitary and spectacular.
Hôtel du Lac
121, rue Cuttle, Ville de Mont-Tremblant (Québec) J8E 1B9
1.800.567.8341 1.819.425.2731
[email protected]
The supreme relaxation experience awaits you at Spa-sur-le-Lac, in the heart of
nature. Treat yourself to special moments at the peaceful oasis at Hotel du Lac.
Hostellerie du Lac Noir
2791, Chemin des Faucons, Nominingue, J0W 1R0
[email protected]
Discover a nature lover’s heaven: 8 rustic cabins to enjoy the peacefulness of
nature, tucked on the lakeshore in a beautiful 44 acre forest. Trails, mini farm
and 4 season activities. Well behaved pets welcome.
Les Copains D’Abord
804, rue de Saint-Jovite, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 3G3
This elegant bistro’s unique sensibility and relaxed atmosphere are its principal
charms. The attentive service ensures a memorable dining experience. All of
which made for a 2-star rating in the prestigious Guide DeBeur in 2010. Originality is on the menu at Les Copains d’Abord!
Kanata Tremblant
France Légaré (Directrice des Ventes)
1.877.734.3414 819.421.1152
116 l GQ
GQ l 117
The Laurentians
Accomodation & services
Located only 20 minutes from Mont Tremblant, the Kanata Tremblant Écovillage and log cabins is a spectacular refuge, set on 1300 acres of mountains
and forest. Have your own eco-friendly lake-side log cabin built with the best
materials available, for less than you think.
Ranch 4 Saisons
651, Rang 4, Saint Alphonse Rodriguez, Qc J0K 1W0
If you love the outdoors and riding, you’ll love riding vacation package Ranch 4
Saisons. Ranch 4 Saisons is located northeast of Montreal, in the Lanaudière
region where lakes and mountains meet. Take advantage of a number of package deals, and go from city-slicker to cowboy!
Relais St-Denis
61 St-Denis Avenue, Saint-Sauveur (Quebec) J0R 1R4
Exceptional location, luxuriously-appointed suites, 4-season spa and outdoor
swimming. In every suite: Living/dining area, fireplace, air-conditioning,TV, CD/
DVD player, double therapeutic bath Glass shower stall, Hi-speed Internet.
Résidences Mont-Tremblant
102 allée du Rabaska CP 2670, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 1B1
RABASKA, located right between the ski hill and the resort town of Tremblant,
and adjacent to the P’tit Train du Nord golf course, the Résidences Mont Tremblant are within hiking distance from the Rabaska River and the Spa Scandinave. With snow-shoes and cross-country skis are waiting at your front door,
this is an ideal get-away for any nature-lover.
118 l GQ
GQ l 119
The Laurentians
Accomodation & services
Royal Laurentien
2237, chemin Lac Nantel sud Saint-Faustin, Lac Carré, J0T 1J2
Located in St-Faustin-Lac Carré in the Laurentians, these luxurious chalets will
not leave anyone indifferent. Some of our chalets offer private outdoor Spas.
Sentier Plein Air La Détente
Rod Poirier & Sylvie Lefebvre, 3169, boul. Des Ruisseaux, Mont-Laurier, J9L 3G6
Tél. 819.623.6818
Is located in the heart of the Upper Laurentians, and boasts a host of outdoor
activities in all seasons. Whether it’s fishing, hunting or hiking, you have everything you’ll need for an unforgettable vacation! Make yourself at home in the
fully equipped chalet.
Parachutisme Adrénaline
881, Lamontagne
Saint-Jérôme, Qc J5L 1T8
Sans Frais : 1-877-727-2248
Tel. :450-438-0855
Come experience your first instructor-led tandem parachute glide only 30 min
from Montréal. There’ll be nothing on your mind but the fantastic scenery as
you descend to earth. Video and photo options available.
120 l GQ
GQ l 121
122 l GQ
GQ l 123
The Hills...
are alive with the sound of Céline
North-east of Montréal, stretching between the Laurentians and Mauricie, Lanaudière is another much-loved nature get-away for Montrealers.
While the southern part of the region is starting to look more and more suburban, with towns like Terrebonne, Mascouche and Repentigny building
up along the shores of the Thousand Island and St. Lawrence Rivers, the
back-country is still mostly farmland and untouched forest. Unlike the Laurentians, this region’s main geographical features are hills, not mountains.
Die-hard Céline Dion fans making a trip through this area won’t want
to miss the opportunity to check out the small town of Charlemagne, near
Repentigny, where the star was born and grew up. Everyone in town can
tell you where the family homestead is.
124 l GQ
GQ l 125
There are a number of gay-friendly inns and spas in the region which
offer a chance to relax, unwind, and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings but an hour away from Montréal.
Naturists are sure to enjoy the Domaine La Fierté in Saint-Julienne,
near Rawdon, which stakes its claim as the largest gay campground in all
of North America.
Largest cities : Terrebonne (pop. 102 000), Repentigny (pop. 79 000),
Mascouche (pop. 32 000).
126 l GQ
GQ l 127
Auberge Aux Quatre Matins
155, des Skieurs, Saint-Côme, QC J0K 2B0
450.883.1932 1.800.929.1932
[email protected]
Auberge Aux Quatre Matins is the place of choice where you can take time to
relax. We offer the charm of a rustic accommodation, a typical regional gastronomy, health center and a relaxing spa and many activities nearby for all
Auberge Montagne Coupée
1000, chemin de la Montagne Coupée, Route 131,Saint-Jean-de-Matha, J0K 2S0
Heaven of peace in pure natureIndulge yourself in a pleasantawakening of the
body and mind.The Inn welcomes you in its 47 cozy rooms and suites.
Chalets le Refuge du Cerf
39, Rang Procule, Notre Dame de la Paix, J0V 1P0
Le Refuge du Cerf is a cluster of 2 and 3-bedroom log cabins. With a fire place,
full kitchen (with microwave), TV, the Refuge’s idyllic surroundings attract wild
deer right at your door.
Pourvoirie Basilières
3328, Chemin Brassard RR 2, Saint-Zénon, J0K 3N0
A mere 1.5 hours from Montréal, this country get-away is the perfect place to
enjoy the natural beauty of Lanaudière.
Pourvoirie Trudeau
4551, chemin Brassard, Saint-Zénon, J0K 3N0
1.800.293.5432 450.884.5432
This country oasis stretches over 50 square km, including 36 chalets, 27 lakes
and over 116km of hiking trails. Open year round, there the chalets are the ideal
place to enjoy all four seasons.
128 l GQ
GQ l 129
130 l GQ
GQ l 131
Ottawa & Gatineau
Canal Rideau © Ottawa Tourism
Stradling the Ottawa River
The Ottawa River separates Québec from Ontario, as soon as one
passes the Vaudreuil peninsula west of Montréal. This natural border is
by no means a human border. Between Montréal and Ottawa, French
remains the dominant language on both sides of the river and exchanges
between residents on either side are frequent. Further west after Ottawa,
the Ottawa valley is mainly English-speaking on both sides of the river.
Exchanges are just as frequent up in the North West, in Témiscamingue
and in Abitibi, where the border again crosses land.
Although the majority of Canada`s Capital region is in Ontario, it is a
cross border area which includes the city of Gatineau on the Québec side.
This makes the Ottawa region the third pole of gay and lesbian life in
Economic growth over the past 40 years has drastically reshaped the
peaceful town of Ottawa. This growth began around the time when the
Omnibus bill was passed in 1969, decriminalizing homosexuality in Canada. A city where civil servants were previously forced to hide their sexual
orientation for fear of losing their jobs, in 2001, when the census included
same-sex couples for the first time, ironically, the Ottawa/Gatineau region
was found to have the highest percentage in the whole country.
In 1857, Queen Victoria chose Ottawa to be the capital of Canada,
later to become the place where great political decisions were made to
advance gay and lesbian rights and the legalisation of same-sex marriage
in 2005.
132 l GQ
GQ l 133
Ottawa & Gatineau
Casino © Ottawa Tourism
Beyond its administrative functions, the presence of the federal ministries helped to stimulate the creation of numerous research centers which
have contributed to the economic growth and diversification of the city.
Home of great cultural institutions such as the National Arts Center,
the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Civilization,
the capital region has become a major cultural centre in the country. Just
two hours from Montréal, Ottawa is not to be missed on a trip to Québec!
With a little less than half the population of the metropolitan area speaking English as their mother tongue and one third speaking French, it is
one of the most bilingual regions in Canada. No surprise then that Ottawa is officially a bilingual city although the French-speaking community
is mainly concentrated on the Québec side of the river and in the east
end of Ottawa on the Ontario side, from the banks of the Rideau Canal to
Orléans at the city limits.
A few decades ago, a more liberal set of laws regarding bars opening
hours resulted in many gay establishments choosing to set up shop on the
Québec side, but ever since the laws were changed to harmonise opening hours on both sides of the river, nightlife has been refocused on the
Ontario side. This has contributed to the rise of a ‘’Gayborhood’’ close by
Bank Street and Somerset in Ottawa’s Centretown.
Not quite a gay village yet, the area is still the epicentre of gay life. The
emergence of this area as a gay area still does not detract from the appeal of the Byward Market. Nowadays, the community still gathers around
these two areas.
134 l GQ
GQ l 135
Centretown, le gayborhood
Pride Week-end © Ottawa Tourism
Over the past 25 years, LGBT establishments have concentrated
themselves in Centretown, just south of Parliament Hill. After visiting Parliamentary Hill, the National Arts Centre or the Canadian Museum of Nature, you can easily stroll down to the gaybourhood next
door. The Centretown Pub has been an institution for over 25 years
now. It’s location on the elegant Somerset Street, right next to Bank
Street has shaped Ottawa’s gay geography. With a pub on the ground
floor, the Cellblock discothèque on the second floor and the Silhouette
piano-bar, it is the most popular gay complex in town.
Five minutes away from the Centretown Pub, you’ll find a range
of gay shops along Bank Street and its side streets: cafés, restaurants, bookshops, saunas, erotic shops for men and women and
community resources. Closer to Parliament on Sparks street, the
Edge Club has become another popular night spot. To have the full
gay Ottawa experience, you`ll want to stay at Inn on Somerset, an
elegant Victorian home just a stone`s throw from Centretown. 138 l GQ
GQ l 139
The Byward Market’s European flavor
Couple gai © Ottawa Tourism
Marché By © Ottawa Tourism
East from Parliamentary Hill, on the other side of the Rideau Canal,
the Byward market is the social hub of the Lower Town, the traditionally
French-speaking district in Ottawa.
A great place to get a taste of Ottawa, local farmers sells their products
on various fruit and vegetable stalls. Housing some of Ottawa`s finest
restaurants as well as cafés, delicatessens, bars and specialised boutique, the Byward market has a sort of European charm.
The market also has a fantastic nightlife. After visiting the National Gallery or catching a show at the National Arts Centre, it`s the place to be to
finish the night.
The LookOut on York Street is a well frequented gay and lesbian pub. On the ground floor, enjoy some Japanese cuisine at Kinki. Otherwise,
there is always a gay night going on in one of the various bars and clubs
in the area. For years now, Hump night on Wednesdays at Mercury
Lounge has been the place to be.
If you are a visual arts lover, take a walk at La Petite Mort Gallery on
Cumberland Street, where gay artists are often shown.
140 l GQ
GQ l 141
NGC-Event-Setup © Ottawa Tourism
On the other side of the
Ottawa River
On the other side of the Ottawa River, twin-city Gatineau is home to the
Canadian Museum of Civilizations. Around the federal buildings in downtown Gatineau, you will find a lot of fine restaurants and cafés. Walk
through Place Aubry and around Laval Street. There are several heritage
buildings in this beautiful square, including the magnificent Queen-Anne
style Aubry House, the former Chez Henri Hotel (the first building to be
designated as a historic monument by the new Ville de Gatineau) and the
Aux 4 Jeudis café (the old Laflèche grocery store). It is also one of the
rare pedestrian squares in Gatineau. Le Twist Café, on Montcalm Street
nearby has been a popular gay and lesbian hub for more than a decade.
The world-class Casino du Lac Leamy in Gatineau is also an attraction
if you feel like gambling. The complex includes a hotel and cabaret. For
almost a quarter century Gatineau has hosted a Hot Air Balloon festival
(Festival des montgolfières) that adorns the sky of the capital area with
balloons of all shapes and sizes.
142 l GQ
GQ l 143
Around the capital
Rivers, hills, and valleys
ManoirPapineauMontebello ©
Before Ottawa was chosen by Queen Victoria to the be the site of the newly
united Dominion of Canada in 1857, the Ottawa River valley and its tributaries was a mostly woodland region, a land of farmers and lumberjacks. Even
today, it only takes a half hour to get to the back woods from the downtown,
or to discover the picturesque villages founded in the 19th century by the
Québec population boom, and by British immigrants.
Between Montréal and Gatineau, on the Québec side of the river, a visit to
the charming village of Montebello is a definite must. As an old seigniorial
home for the Petite-Nation county, it was where patriot leader Louis-Joseph
Papineau built his mansion after returning from exile in 1846, after the Rebellion of 1837-38. He had already made the first sketches for it while in exile in France, inspired by the chateaux of the Loire valley. The construction
itself took three years, from 1847-1850, while the interior decoration was
completed gradually by 1859.
In the Gatineau River valley, which flows from the Upper Laurentians to the
Ottawa River, you have to visit the Parc national de la Gatineau that abuts
the city. Only a half hour from downtown, the Lac Meech waterfalls have
long been a gathering place for the area’s gays. Hop in for a refreshing dip!
The Gatineau valley has a host of picturesque villages, like Wakefield, on
the river’s western shore where it meets the La Pêche River. Wakefield has
gained a reputation as an artists' colony of sorts, with several bohemian
cafés, pubs and galleries. At the Moulin de Wakefield, you'll find seasonal
haute cuisine that has earned many fans.
West of Gatineau, the Pontiac region is one of the few regions of Québec
that remains English-speaking. In June, local artists gather at the studio
of out gay painter Marcio Melo for a studio tour of the area, which is an
excellent way to visit the region's artists in the natural environment that so
inspires them.
144 l GQ
GQ l 145
Accomodation, restaurants & bars
Auberge 31 milles
12, chemin de l’Auberge, Ste-Thérèse-de-la-Gatineau, Qc J0X 2X0
Located only 1.5 hours from Gatineau, the Auberge 31 Milles in Ste-Thérèse
offers a delicious and diverse menu at a great price, with 10 lake-view rooms
to escape to for the perfect get-away in the Gatineau region.
Auberge de Mon Petit Chum B&B
29 chemin Burnside, Wakefield, J0X 3G0
Come and relax at our charming Bed and Breakfast. Only 25 minutes from
downtown Ottawa, in the heart of Wakefield. Wake up to a gourmet breakfast!
Quietly nestled between cafes and boutiques along the Gatineau River. A walk
away from the old steam train and endless hiking trails to discover. Year round
activities for everyone to enjoy!
Auberge des Outaouais
1175, rue Jacques-Cartier, Gatineau, J8T 2W3
Enchanting decor, delicious cuisine and warm welcome, this is a place of rest
and relaxation for people who like to explore and experience.
Auberge du Draveur
85, rue Principale Nord (autoroute 105), Maniwaki, J9E 2B5
A varied menu restaurant, 49 comfortable rooms, 9 studios and 3 luxurious suites
with whirlpool. Conference rooms, outdoor spas and therapeutic services.
Auberge & Spa Le Moulin The Wakefield Mill
60 Mill Road,Wakefield, Quebec, J0X 3G0
888.567.1838 819.459.1838 [email protected]
Escape to the charm and serenity of the most beautiful Inn & Spa in Canada’s
National Capital Region.
Centretown Pub
340, rue Somerset Ouest, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0J9
Where you can relax, have a drink, shoot some pool, and watch the game and
news. You can make new friends and chill out with old friends. You can also
participate at the monthly pool tournaments.
Chalet-Condo Lac Cayamant
Julie Martel
Located in the idyllic Gatineau Valley town of Lac Cayamant, just 1.5 hours
from Ottawa-Gatineau on the majestic Lac Cayamant, these stunning
cottage-condos are the perfect place to get away from it all, any day or night
or the week.
146 l GQ
GQ l 147
Accomodation, restaurants & bars
Domaine Monté-Bello
696, rue Notre-Dame, Montebello, Québec, J0V 1L0
877.420.5096 819.423.5096 819.962.5096
Surrounded by nature and located in the picturesque village of Montebello,
Domaine Monte-Bello feature rooms and spacious condos, meeting rooms and
the possibility of cruising on the Ottawa River.
Le Twist café - restaurant – bar
88, rue Montcalm, Gatineau, (Hull), J8X 2L7
The appointment for people of all age in search of delicious dishes at reasonable prices, all in an atmosphere of cordial simplicity.
Ottawa Centre Bed & Breakfast
62, rue Stewart, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6J1
This outstanding B&B offers lavish breakfasts, free off-street parking, central
air conditioning, guest rooms on the second floor, in room bathrooms, wireless
internet, and light laundry upon request.
36, rue Laval, Gatineau, J8X3G7
The restaurant is a prime location for both tourists and local people seeking a
good time and a delicious meal in an environment that is connected and friendly where a fine bottle of wine is always available to savour. Specializing in fine
pizzas, the chefs make sure to work with only in-house and terroir ingredients.
148 l GQ
GQ l 149
Accomodation, restaurants & bars
634 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, On K1R 5K4
ZenKitchen’s mission is to make food that nourishes the body, spirit, and the
planet, and that extends to making tasty creations with healthy, eco-friendly
ingredients. Chef Caroline will wow you with beautiful and scrumptious plates
of ravioli, curry and risotto.
Pavillon de l’Orignal
162 Chemin de la Baie au Sable, Grand-Remous, Qc, J0W 1E0
Nestled in the Baie au Sable, one of the Baskatong Reservoir’s most beautiful
coves, the Pavillon is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the beach and nature
walks, as well as fishing, raspberry-, blueberry- and mushroom-picking.
41, York St, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9J6
A high-quality Asian Fusion Sushi Restaurant in the ByWard Market. You can
listen to some of Ottawa’s finest djs and live musicians laying down their coolcontemprary beats. The modern airy atmosphere also provides an outdoor
terrace and add to the leisurely ambiance.
École Culinaire pour Tous
444, boulevard St-René Est, porte extérieure 800
Gatineau, Qc, J8P 8A9
Tel. : 819 643-8687
Fax. : 819 643-6666
[email protected]
Founded in 2000 with over 20 years of culinary teaching experience, the École
culinaire pour Tous offers cooking courses in pastry, chocolate, baking sushimaking and more, as well as on healthy nutrition. It’s our pleasure to cater your
events too!
Points of interest
National Gallery of Canada
Ovehanging the Ottawa River with its glass tower, the NGC feature many impressive collections of local and foreign fine arts. 2011-2012 curent and coming
exhibitions: Caravaggio and Van Gogh.
380, Sussex Dr.
C.P. 427 Succ. A
Ottawa, ON, K1N 9N4
1.800.319.ARTS [email protected]
National Arts Center
National Capital’s primary cultural institution, the NAC features varity of shows
such as Rufus Wainwright and Sarah Maclachlan. Other world acclamed symphonic and ballet concerts are presented. The English theater is directed by
Peter Hinton.
53, Elgin St.
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5W1
[email protected]
Canadian Museum of Civilization
Impressive architectural masterpiece, this museum makes you travel true the
ages that made the history of Canada. It is also the only place in North American that feature IMAX film in 3D and 2D in a Dome screen.
100, Laurier St.
Gatineau, QC, K1A 0M8
[email protected]
La petite Mort Gallery
.La petite Mort Gallery features avant-garde, astonishing and sometimes disturbing exhibitions frequently by LGBT artists. Presented soon: James Huctwith, Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny.
306 Cumberland St.
Ottawa, ON, K1N 7H9
[email protected]
Bars & Clubs
Centertown Pub 613.594.0233, 340, Somersert West St. Ottawa,
ON, K2P 0J2*
Edge Night club 212 Sparks St. Ottawa, ON, K1P 5T9*
Flamingo 613.288.9243, 380, Elgin St, Ottawa, ON, K1K 1K1*The
Lookout, 41, York St. Ottawa, ON, K1N 5S7*Swizzles, 246 B, Queen St.
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5E4
150 l GQ
GQ l 151
Au feel de l’eau
Casino du Lac-Leamy boating dock
1 boul. du Casino, Gatineau, Québec, J8Y 6W3
We offer à la carte private cruises on Gatieau and Ottawa River on a 100%
electric boat. For business meetings, [email protected], lover getaway, special events, etc.
Bar and caterer services available on demand.
52, Chemin des Sources, La Pêche, J0X 3G0
Adventures of observation and identification of wild water maze. Unique! In the
heart of nature, 30 minutes from Ottawa. For all ages.
Great Canadian Bungee
1780, autoroute 105 Nord, Wakefield, Québec
819.459.3714 1.877.828.8170
The ultimate thrill of throwing yourself in the deep emptiness on the edge of
200 feet high rock overhanging a flood quarry is your idea of excitement? Great
Canadian Bungee is the highest bungee jump in North American and its only
20 minutes from Ottawa.
11, Promenade de l’Aviation, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 4R3
[email protected]
Tours, chartering, aerians photographs and panoramics flyovers in helicopter
of the Laurentians, Tremblant, Gatineau, Ottawa, etc.. 12 months per year,
comfortable, securitary and spectacular.
Lady Dive Tours
Ottawa, corner of Sparks and Elgin Streets
With its three types of vehicles, Lady Dive Tour presents an original way to discover the National Capital Region. Climb aboard the unique Amphibus, the historic Trolley or one of the three Double Deckers which two have an open roof.
Le Nordik - Spa en nature
16, chemin Nordik, Old Chelsea, Qc J9B 2P7
Le Nordik – Nature Spa is a relaxation retreat located in Old Chelsea, a picturesque and friendly town bordering Gatineau Park. With its unique style, the
Spa is dedicated to the practice of relaxation techniques from the Scandinavian countries, such as Nordic baths involving hot and cold hydrotherapy.
152 l GQ
GQ l 153
© MTOQ The city of Robert Lepage
Québec City, the national capital of Québec, is truly the
birthplace of Québec identity. Established in 1608, it is one of
the most ancient colonial towns in North America. New France
started as a trade post and quickly grew to populate the surrounding areas and from there on the Côte de Beaupré, then
to Île d’Orléans before spreading to the whole Saint Lawrence
River Valley.
This ancient city, reminiscent of the Northwest of France
from which came its first settlers, is recognised as a UNESCO
world heritage centre. Nestled between the Cap Diamant and
the banks of the wide river estuary, this European-style city
easily charms its visitors. For its 400e anniversary, one of the
city’s most renowned and celebrated artists, Robert Lepage,
offered the city the now world famous Moulin à images (see
cover), a spectacular multimedia show, projected publicly during the summer on the industrial landscape of the Bassin Louise silos, recounting the history of the site and the city.
154 l GQ
GQ l 155
It is in Québec City, his hometown, that multidisciplinary artist Lepage
decided to found his creation centre, Ex-Machina, which can be found in
the historic Old Port district, two steps away from Place Royale.
In 1975, at age 17, Lepage entered the Conservatoire d’art dramatique
de Québec. In 1985, he created La trilogie des dragons, a piece about
Quebec City’s former Chinese district which used to stand along SaintVallier Street in the lower town. This particular production brought him
international fame.
After serving as artistic director for Ottawa’s National Arts Center, Lepage made inroads in the film industry with Le confessional, a film about
the quest for identity of a bisexual man, in which Quebec City is prominently featured. His next film, a cinematographic adaptation of La face cachée de la lune,
also takes in his hometown. In the film, he plays two characters, one of
whom is gay, the other a discouraged university student. The two men try to
reconciliate their relationship after the recent death of their mother.
In 2004, Robert Lepage took centre stage once again, directing KÀ
for the Cirque du Soleil. Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, saw
Lepage’s potential to take art direction to a new level. His most recent
creation, LipSynch, a 6 hour panorama which focuses on language, was
presented in March 2010 in Montréal.
or the occasion of Québec City's 400th anniversary in 2008, one of their
preeminent artists, Robert Lepage, created a spectacular outdoor light
and sound installation called Le Moulin des images. The history of the city
and the industrial site of the Bassin Louise silos was projected onto the
silos, drawing crowds from all over the country.
156 l GQ
GQ l 157
158 l GQ
GQ l 159
160 l GQ
GQ l 161
Joé La Clowne
Gay life in Québec City
When the gay community began to be visible in the city, it
was naturally in the majestic Old city (Vieux-Québec), which
attracts locals and tourists alike. Gay life then spread along
Saint-Jean street in the Faugbourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste, a
popular neighbourhood next to the walls of the old city.
In Old Québec City, Hippocampe Sauna & Hotel is probably the oldest gay establishment still running in the Province. Le Drague, a favourite nightclub, has become a true
institution even since it opened over 25 years ago.
This is how Saint Jean street has become the center of
gay life without the creation of a real Village as in Montréal. The Nouvo Saint Roch neighbourhood is another revamped
centre of gay life. The old town and old port areas, as well
as the Montcalm district, have several gay friendly establishments. In Quebec City, as elsewhere, gays tend to gather in
more central neighbourhoods, hotspots of nightlife.
BAR St-Andrew’s 418.524.5000, 889, côte Ste-Geneviève, Québec, G1R 5M2 *LE DRAGUE 418.649.7212, 815, rue St-Augustin,
Québec, G1R 3N4 * FORHOM 418.522.4918 , 221, rue Saint-Jean,
G1R 1N*
162 l GQ
GQ l 163
The 2011 Season
Gay Highlights
The historic capital city's 2011 cultural season is looking very gay this
year. From theatre to visual art exhibits, Québec City will be a mecca for
the GLBT community.
The back to school season starts with the mounting of by Jean Poiret’s
original French play La Cage aux folles, made famous on Broadway by
Harvey Fierstein. Directed by Normand Chouinard, who promises not to
hold back on the feathers and sequins, the play stars Québec favourite
Benoît Brière as Albin and Alain Zouvi as his partner Georges. With high
production values (to the tune of almost $1 million), this mounting of the
French language original brings a major touch of fabulous to the Capitole
de Québec from Sept 21-Oct 2.
Over at the Bordée theatre, the season starter is the one getting all of
the attention: Michel Marc Bouchard's latest work, Tom à la ferme played
to sold-out houses at the théâtre d'Aujourd'hui in the winter of 2011, and
will be brought back to the stage by the young Marie-Hélène Gendreau,
who takes the reigns for this tragic story of grieving and loss.
As exhibits go, there will be some new offerings in the city as well. The
Musée national des beaux du Québec will present Steichen: Glamour,
Fashion and Celebrities: The Condé Nast Years, 1923-1937, a massive
retrospective of one of the 20th Century’s most prolific and influential photographers. The 225 original photo works in the exhibit will be more than
enough to get visitors dreaming. In the 1920s and 30s, Steichen became
world famous as the photo editor at US magazines Vogue and Vanity Fair,
immortalizing major figures from the worlds of fashion, politics, literature,
sport, dance, theatre, cinema and opera. Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin,
Winston Churchill, Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, and Greta Garbo as
you’ve never seen them before!
At the Musée de la Civilisation, the Chapeaux! (Hats!) exhibit is the major highlight on the gaydar. While hats are significant in costume history,
they are also part of our individual and collective past in the West. They
can be quintessential, respectable, daring, fascinating or just plain pretty.
Come discover their significance via the civilisation museum’s 130 some
pieces from their collection. Oct 12, 2011 to Aug 12, 2012.
164 l GQ
GQ l 165
Cultural Capital
Bonjour, là, bonjour de Michel Tremblay © Nicolas-Frank Vachon
Grand Théâtre de Québec Québec City’s main cultural centre, the Grand
Théâtre stages dance, classical music and theatrical productions as well as special events.
269, boulevard René-Lévesque Est
Québec G1R 2B3
Palais Montcalm The Palais Montcalm’s Raoul Jobin Hall is one of the world’s
best concert halls. Early music with Les Violons du Roi, soloists from the OSM
and violinist Angèle Dubeau.
995, place D’Youville
Québec G1R 3P1
Théâtre La Bordée The Bordée is the only established theatre company
in Québec City to own and operate its own studio and performance space.
315, rue Saint-Joseph Est
Québec G1K 3B3
Théâtre Périscope The Théâtre Périscope is a hub of creativity in the Capital.
Located in the heart of the city, it’s the place to feel the pulse of fresh new works.
Coming this season: Alexandre Fecteau’s Changing Room, a vérité-style play about
the world of drag queens.
939, avenue de Salaberry
Québec G1R 2V2
166 l GQ
GQ l 167
Cultural Capital
Harold Réhaume © Voir
Musée de la civilisation The Musée de la civilisation traces the links between
past, present and future. Its mission is to show new facets of the entirety of human experience, speaking to the realities of global cultures while staying firmly
ground in Québec. Upcoming exhibit: ROME, May 11, 2011 – Jan 29, 2012
85, rue Dalhousie C. P. 155, succ. B Québec G1K 7A6
Musée national des beaux-arts The MNBA is one of the province’s preeminent museums. Perfectly located on an historic battle ground, it’s a must-see
for any visit to the Capital.
Parc des Champs-de-Bataille Québec G1R 5H3
Carrefour international de théâtre The Carrefour is a fabulous annual spring
showcase of new theatre in a unique city. The best of Québécois and international theatre.
Festival d’été The Capital’s biggest and coolest music festival kicks off at the
start of the summer each year.
168 l GQ
GQ l 169
Shops, Activities & place of interest
Bibi & Cie
42, Rue Garneau, Vieux Québec, G1R 3V5
To find that perfect hat you’ve always wanted, there’s only one place: Bibi &
Cie in Old Québec. In addition to furs, scarves and gloves, the store boasts a
selection of over 3000 hats!
Expéditions Nouvelle Vague
246, 5ième Avenue, Saint Gabriel de Valcartier, G0A 4S0
418.520.7238 418.844.3674
[email protected]
With their dynamic and safety-aware staff, and superb setting. you’ll be talking
about the white water rafting at Nouvelle Vague for years to come.
Montgolfière Aventure
1343, rue Provancher, Québec, G1Y 1R7
418.659.1234 1.866.473.9375
Montgolfière Aventure offers you of fabulous tours in hot-air balloons, parachute jumping as well as diverse hot-air balloons packages.
127, Rue Saint Paul, Québec, G3K 3V9
418.614.8125 418.614.8126
Muvezi is a place where beauty and contempory taste meets ancient artistic
traditions in this fair-trade scupture gallery featuring works by contemporary
African artists.
Parc National de la Jacques Cartier
418.848.3169 418.528.8787 téléc.: 418.848.1372 [email protected]
A large park with mountains and plateaux. Québec’s loveliest glacial valleys.
Here nature is both inspiring and serene.Campground.
170 l GQ
GQ l 171
Auberge Place d’Armes
24, rue Sainte-Anne, Vieux QuébecQuébec, Canada, G1R 3X3
418.694.9485 1.866.333.9485
Come and enjoy a charming inn in the heart of the Old Québec City, where
you’re sure to savour the unique comfort and the attentive, discrete service.
Comfort Inn Sainte-Foy
7320, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel
Sainte-Foy, G2G 1C1
Only 5 kms from Jean-Lesage international Airport and close to all major points
of interest.
Couette & Café à la Québécoise
305, rue Dorchester, Québec, G1K 5Z9
418.529.2013 / [email protected]
Located in the heart of downtown Québec City, this cozy B&B offers beautiful
rooms and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The city can be easily visited by
foot from their central location.
Gîte Côte de la montagne
54, Côte de la Montagne, Québec, G1K 4E2
418.694-4414 1.888.794.4414 téléc.: 418.694.4414 [email protected]
Bed&Breakfast in a house with more than 350 years of history. Gîte Côte de la
Montagne offers an amazing view on Québec city.
Gîte Monique et André Saint-Aubin
3045, de la Seine, Québec, H7W 5E2
In a perfect combination of calm and comfort, your host will be glad to meet all
your needs and inform you on the best attractions and activities around.
Hôtel Le Manoir d’Auteuil
49, rue d’Auteuil, Qc G1R4C2
1.866.6 MANOIR (Canada & USA)
Built in 1835 in Old Québec City, this B&B-style hotel is renowned for its excellent location, atmosphere, and service. Overlooking the Parc de l’Esplanade
and the National Assembly, this art deco-themed gem even has a special
“Édith Piaf” room as well as moderately priced rooms for every budget.
Hôtel Sainte-Anne
32, rue Sainte-Anne, Québec, G1R 5L3
418.694.1455 /
Located in the heart of « Old Québec » upper town, inside the fortifications of the
old city, a place to taste the old France charm of Québec City.
Hôtel Saint-Paul
229, rue Saint-Paul, Québec, G1K 3W3
418.694.4414 1.888.794.4414 téléc.: 418.694.0889 [email protected]
Charming hotel and attentive service.27 rooms and suites with stone or brick walls.
172 l GQ
GQ l 173
820, Grande Allée Ouest, Québec, G1S 1C4
418. 682-2755 418.682.8609
[email protected]
Two steps away from the Battlefields and from the Musée national des BeauxArts du Québec, close to trendy boutiques and restaurants.
L’Auberge du Quartier
170, Grande Allée Ouest, Québec, G0C 1V0
15 minute walk from the Old City, the Grand Théâtre, the Convention Center,
the Québec Parliamentary Hill and from most government buildings.
Le Coureur des Bois
15, rue Sainte-Ursule, Québec, G1R 4C7
418.692.1117 1.800.269.6414
[email protected]
Recently renovated, the rooms are furnished for maximum comfort.
Le Gîte du Champayeur
5, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, Warwick, Qc J0A 1M0
This charming little inn is located in Warwick, Québec’s national fine cheese
capital. The perfect place to start a cycling adventure, and close to golfing,
skiing, and many artisanal cheese-makers. Four rooms with private bath, and
a lovely garden with hot tub (open year round) await you. Winner of the 2009
People’s choice’s Agricotours prize.
Le Port-Royal
144, rue Saint-Pierre,Québec, G1K 8N8
Come enjoy the historic Port Royal experience in a comfortable and spacious
suite at the Port Royal Hotel & Suites. The fin-de-siècle architecture and modern décor give this hide-away a special flair. A concept of refined hospitality for
the discerning traveler.
Maison Dina
1114, Avenue Fournier, Sainte Foy, Qc G1V 2H8
Only a 10-minute drive from Québec City and the area’s largest shopping
malls, la Maison Dona welcomes you with a special home-made touch. With
three guest rooms and a Chilean-inspired breakfast included. Hablamos español! Spanish spoken here.
Secrets de Provence
1885, 26e rue, Québec, G1J 1J4 / 418.663.2247
In a quiet street, with the garden in the back, and the colors of Provence. The
floors are made of maple wood but the comfort is modern.
174 l GQ
GQ l 175
Le Saint-Gabriel, Hôtel Champêtre
1825, Boulevard Valcartier, Saint-Gabriel de Valcartier, Qc G0A 4S0
418.844.9740 1.888.303.3621
The Saint-Gabriel hotel is an old wood mill located 20 minutes outside of Québec in the “green crescent” of the Jacques-Cartier region. Surrounded by the
village’s 4 clock towers, it’s the ideal starting point for an outdoor adventure.
Gîte au chant de la rivière
252 Chemin Redmond, St-Gabriel-De-Valcartier, G0A 4S0
Nestled along the Jacques-Cartier River less than 30 minutes from downtown
Québec, you’re all that’s missing at this 4-bedroom Scandinavian log cabin
with outdoor spa. Breakfast included with overnight stays.
176 l GQ
GQ l 177
Gastronomical capital
© Arnaud Baty
In the footsteps of Serge Bruyère
As a capital city and popular tourist destination, Québec City is home to
a host of gourmet restaurants. The grand culinary tradition to be sampled
here owes many of its qualities to the late Serge Bruyère, a precursor of
“nouvelle cuisine” and one of very few Franco-Canadians to make it into
the canonical Larousse gastronomique.
After apprenticing with Paul Bocuse and the Troisgros brothers, Jean and
Pierre, Bruyère emigrated from France in 1976 and opened his first restaurant in Québec City in 1980. By 1988, an American guidebook had
rated his restaurant the best in the world that year. His real skill was in
creating a fusion of French nouvelle cuisine with Québec’s local and regional foods. In 1994, Bruyère left this world long before his time, leaving
behind his true legacy, a team of apprentices who would go on to become
some of Québec’s greatest chefs.
178 l GQ
GQ l 179
La Table du Chef Robert Bolduc
615, Rue Jacques Bédard, Notre Dame des Laurentides, G2N 1C5
418.841.3232 [email protected]
Chef Robert Bolduc offers a delectable menu of local Quebec dishes
with a Native and Old New France twist that manages to find a balance
between flavour and modern healthier eating. Homemade jams, brined
and slow-cooked meets and “confits” will make love to the palette of its
Les Saveurs Oubliées
350, Rang Saint-Godefroy (route 362), Les Éboulements, G0A 2M0
The high-end peasant fare created by Guy and Hervé at Les Saveurs
Oubliées, located in Les Éboulements, makes it one of the forerunners of
agro-tourism in Charlevoix. Local lamb, along with regional produce, are
two of its many delights. Hospitality, friendly service, and delicious homemade treats await you at Les Saveurs Oubliées.
1097 Rue St-Jean, Québec, Qc G1R 1S3
This unparalleled bakery and gelateria is the ultimate place to enjoy a pastries, sandwiches and tasty morsels on a long refectory-style table, giving
the gourmet locale a hip, New York feel with a European twist.
Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens
34, Rue Saint Louis, C.P.175, Vieux Québec, G1R 1H0
418.692.1627 418.692.5419
Discover the old world home cooking in a New World 17th-century setting
that is actually the oldest house in Quebec (dating to 1676). The red roof
and white stucco walls make it hard to miss, not to mention its countrystyle dishes of Lac Saint-Jean giblet meat pie, maple syrup pie with clotted cream. Hint: take a whole evening to enjoy the delights.
Restaurant Le 48
48, Rue Saint Paul, Québec, G1K 3V7
418.694.4448 [email protected]
At the 48, the moving décor is an homage to the Cirque du Soleil whose artists are glorified on the walls. Pork cassoulet with Brazilian flavours, salmon
Madagascar, or the Belgian chocolate deluxe are just some of the offerings.
180 l GQ
GQ l 181
Restaurant Le Marie Clarisse
12, Petit Champlain, Vieux Québec, Qc G1K 4H5
With its 340 year-old walls, nestled in North America’s oldest commercial district, the “Quartier Petit Champlain”, Le Marie-Clarisse offers a fine
dining experience of market-fresh fish and seafood, and delectable meat
dishes, including their succulent fillet mignon.
Restaurant Pub D’Orsay
65, rue de Buade, Québec, G1R 4A2
Pud D’Orsay combines European cuisin with a warm ambiance and excellent food at reasonable prices! Steak & fries, spareribs, mussels and
smoked meat are among their most popular dishes.
1445, avenue Jules-Verne (angle Duplessis) Québec, G2G 2R8
In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Tuscanos has become famous for
its diverse and genuine Italian cuisine, with a selection of pastas, pizzas,
veal, salads, grilled meat and seafood with divine home-made sauces and
a selection of more than 100 desserts. Spacious free parking.
182 l GQ
GQ l 183
Au Mouton Douillet 418.688.8783, 1630, boul. Laurier, Sillery, G1S
1M4 * Chez Hubert Couette et Café
418.692.0958, 66, rue Ste-Ursule, Québec, G1R 4E6 * Gîte au Vieux Bahut 418.835.9388, 116, Côte-du-Passage, Lévis, G6V 5S9 * Gîte Chez
France 418.268.3440, 87, rang de l’Église N., St-Alban, G0A 3B0 * Hippocampe Sauna Hotel Spa 418.692.1521, 31, rue McMahon, Québec,
G1R 3S5 1-888-388-1521 * Motel Suite Québec 418.660.6850, 390,
boul. Ste-Anne, Beauport, G1E 3L7 1.877.660.7274 * Pause PAPILLON
418.285.0919, 80, Route 138, Cap-Santé, G0A 1L0 * Station Touristique
Duchesnay 418.875.2711, 143, route Duchesnay, Sainte-Catherine-de-laJacques-Cartier, G0A 3M0 * Village Touristique Mont-Sainte- Condo-Hôtel
Anne 418.827.2002 1.800.463.7775, 1000, boul. du Beau-Pré, Beaupré,
G0A 1E0 Téléc. : 418.827.6666
184 l GQ
GQ l 185
Portneuf & Côte-de-Beaupré
Pont de l’Ile d’Orléans ©
Québec City & surroundings
Nature’s abundance
Located at the opening of the St. Lawrence Estuary, where the river opens
up to become a wide sea way, Québec City’s surrounding areas are characterized by natural abundance and some of North America’s oldest agricultural land. It was along the Côte de Beaupré and on the Île d’Orléans
that the earliest settlers took root some 375 years ago, in what became
the breadbasket of New France. In the foothills of the Côte de Beaupré,
visitors won’t want to miss the Montmorency Falls nature park, which
hosts the summer fireworks display les Grands Feux Loto-Québec. West
of Québec City, several small villages of the Portneuf district dot the Chemin du Roy (the King’s Road), the first land route in Canada, which dates
to the 18th Century. There’s nothing like being here in harvest season,
when the region becomes a cornucopia of local produce.
North of the Capital Region, the rolling hills of Laurentian Mountains gradually meet the estuary the closer you get to Charlevoix. The Laurentians
offer an array of ski hills and year-round outdoor activities, such as the
very popular Mont Sainte-Anne. West of the Capital, Jacques Cartier National Park offers a spectacular back-drop to any outdoor adventure. In
addition to nature’s abundance, the region boasts a large number of gayfriendly establishments and lodgings of all types.
186 l GQ
GQ l 187
188 l GQ
GQ l 189
Portneuf & Côte-de-Beaupré
Chalets-Village Mont Sainte-Anne
1815, Boul. les Neiges, Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges Québec, G0A 3R0
418.826.3331 1.800.461.2030
30 min. away from Québec City and 20 min. away from the Massif de
Charlevoix ski resort, Chalets-Village offers 15 charming country houses
for short term rental in a village surrounded by rivers and mountains. Fully-equipped houses at the foot of Mont-Sainte-Anne and lots of winter and
summer sports and activities.
Hôtel – Musée Premières Nations
5, Place de la rencontre « Ekionkiestha’ », Wendake, G0A 4V0
1.866.551.9222 418.847.2903
[email protected]
An extraordinary 3 in 1 located just 15 minutes from Québec City where
you can enjoy 4-star accomodations with modern design, taste the phenomenal cuisine inspired by First Nations traditions and get immersed in
the fascinating Huron-Wendat community by visiting the Museum.
Maisonnettes sur le cap
201, Route 138, Saint-Joachim, G0A 3X0
418.827.6777 téléc.: 418.827.6060 [email protected]
Unique view on the St. Lawrence River. Five minutes from Mont Sainte-Anne
and twenty five minutes from Old-Québec. Little houses for two to five persons.
Motel Condo Chez Charley
9650, boul. Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, G0A 3C0
Located on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, at only 30 minutes from
Quebec City, a few km from ski resorts, motel or as condominiums lodging
accommodating 2 to 8 persons.
La Jeanne Claire, Couette & Café
303, 5e Avenue, Saint-Gabriel de Valcartier, G0A 4S0
A lovel and peaceful haven for all season: nature and quietude on the
shores of the Jaques-Cartier River, 45 km away from Québec City. With
two fully-equipped and carefully designed rooms, yout hostess MarieClaude will welcome you with a smile.
190 l GQ
GQ l 191
Tours Martello © Guillaume Cattiaux
On the South Shore
Facing Québec City, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, Lévis
is the Chaudière-Appalaches region’s main city, with 136,000 inhabitants.
A ferry connects the Québec City Old Port to Lévis. From this side of the
river, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Old Québec.
Outside of Lévis, the Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, with its magnificent waterfalls, has been a favorite gay spot for decades. If you make
a small detour to the village of Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly, make a stop at the
Carrefour de Tilly restaurant and bar, where Justin and Antonin have been
graciously hosting visitors since 1996.
Camping lovers and naturists will be very pleased to discover the Domaine
de l´Arc-en-ciel in Joly, about 50 km south of Québec City, the only gay campground in the national capital region. The Domaine is easily accessible from
Highway 20.
Further south, the legendary region of the Beauce is one of Québec’s
proudest and most independent, with more than a few business in its stable. We might attribute the existence of two gay bars in Saint-Georgesde-Beauce to this region´s entrepreneurial spirit. In spite of their proximity
to Québec, this town´s gays scene would be envy of other towns its size.
Further east, for those who appreciate wood carvings, making a stop by
Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, renowned for its woodworking, is a must.
Largest cities : Lévis (pop. 136 000), Saint-Georges (pop. 32 000),
Thetford Mines (pop. 26 000).
194 l GQ
GQ l 195
Auberge Artistique
6104, Saint-Georges, G6V 4J8, Lévis
[email protected]
L’Auberge Artistique and its old-style charm offer you a cosy space, four spacious rooms with a warm decoration where reigns contemporary art.
Bar l’Envol
11270, 1ère avenue, 5ème étage, Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, G5Y 2C3
Café Bistro O.K.
9, Rue des Pionniers Ouest, Saint-Jean-Port –Joli, GOR 3G0
[email protected]
Come discover Saint Jean Port Joli’s only restaurant with a riverside view of
the St. Lawrence. Enjoy Café Bistro O.K.’s gourmet comfort food while you
look out over the marina.
Domaine de l’Arc-en-Ciel
1878, 5e rang Ouest, Joly, Autoroute 20 sortie 266, G0S 1M0
Autoroute 20 / Sortie 376, 105, chemin des Poirier, Montmagny, G5V 3T4
418.248.1640 1.800.540.1640
Certified 4-star hotels, each one of our establishments offers rooms and suites
that all have been specially designed for the comfort and well-being of its occupants. A sumptuous tropical garden with indoor pool, spa, sauna, restaurant,
health center and all the services.
Le Planet
8450, boul. Lacroix, Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, G5Y 2B5
Maison Lauriault
3909 chemin de Tilly, St-Antoine-de-Tilly QC
[email protected]
Heritage House (1804) in the heart of the village of Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly
(1702) 20 minutes from Quebec city.
Villégiature et Pourvoirie Daaquam
47, rue des moulins, Saint-Just-de-Bretenières, Qc G0R 3H0
A fresh air paradise in the middle of the Parc régional des Appalaches, Daaquam sets a new standard for authenticity and friendly service. With its 7 rental
cottages and 4-star B&B, you can enjoy year-round get-aways for relaxation,
adventure, fishing, hunting and hiking.
196 l GQ
GQ l 197
Les Eboulements panorama © J-F Bergeron Enviro , Tourisme Charlevoix
Scenic Charlevoix
For two centuries now, the Charlevoix has welcomed summer vacationers from around the globe to admire the beauty of its scenery. Just under an
hour’s drive east of Québec City, discover its exceptional natural sites and
unique attractions, contemplate the endless beauty of its mountain and river
landscapes, immerse yourself in art and culture, savour celebrated regional
fare and take in traditional warm and friendly hospitality. No wonder the region
counts on a significant number of gay-friendly accommodations.
A favorite of Canada’s Group of Seven painters, the birthplace of the celebrated Cirque du Soleil, and a heritage town with over 85 century-old homes,
Baie-Saint-Paul is nestled in a valley that still draws artists to this day. Take
a walk along its many narrow streets lined with charming boutiques and art
galleries—it’s a great way to discover and fully enjoy one of Québec’s oldest
The River Drive area runs some fifty kilometers from Baie-Saint-Paul to La
Malbaie, winding along the majestic St. Lawrence River in a procession of
breathtaking views. It includes Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, a historic municipality
known for its maritime heritage, where visitors can take a free ferry ride to Isleaux-Coudres. The area also comprises the lovely villages of Les Éboulements
and Saint-Irénée.
198 l GQ
GQ l 199
Discovered in 1535 by Jacques Cartier, Isle-aux-Coudres has a fascinating sea-faring history. Today, the proverbial hospitality of the “Marsoins,” as
the locals are affectionately known, is as warm as ever, and vacationers are
always happily greeted with a smile. Isle-aux-Coudres is accessible via a free
fifteen-minute ferry ride from Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive.
With over 1,100 rooms and 35 first-rate lodging establishments, La Malbaie
is the main town and tourist destination of Charlevoix. Home of the impressive Manoir Richelieu overviewing the St-Lawrence, with its casino, no wonder
why! From romantic inns and quaint, cozy B & Bs to luxury hotels with outdoor
pools and spas, here lovers are sure to find the perfect setting for romance.
Restaurants boast gorgeous riverside views and whet your appetite with tantalizing gastronomic menus featuring flavours so typical of Charlevoix - cheeses,
duck foie gras, smoked salmon, emu medallions and other regional fare are all
prepared by reputed chefs, to tempt your taste.
200 l GQ
GQ l 201
Accomodation & Restaurants
Auberge Beauséjour
569, chemin du Quai, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive, G0A 3Y0
Well nested in one of the most beautiful villages of Québec. You will feel at home.
Auberge des 3 canards
115, Côte Bellevue, La Malbaie ( Pointe-au-Pic ), G5A 1Y2
418.665.3761 1.800.461.3761
For 50 years, this inn has achieved recognition for its high standards of culinary
delights and hospitality, boasting a 4 star rating. Is set in a unique natural environment, classified by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve.
Auberge La Rivière Saguenay
9122, Chemin de la Batture, La Baie, G7B 3P6
Nature attracts you, culture inspires you, looking for the best of both worlds?
Come and surf on our waves in a stunning and unique fjord setting, relaxing for
both the soul and body. Come and enjoy our different packages organized for
your taste and convenience.
Chez Gertrude (Centre de l’Émeu de Charlevoix)
706, Saint-Édouard (Rte 381), C.P. 293, Saint-Urbain, Qc G0A 4K0
Chez Gertrude has been operational as an inn for 26 years, and now its first
floor has been transformed into a visitors’ centre. Come enjoy a peaceful, welcoming stay in this century-old house where you’ll feel right at home.
Crêperie Le Passe Temps
245, Boul. de Comporté, La Malbaie, Qc G0T 1M0
The cosy atmosphere of this 1820’s building is the perfect setting to enjoy delicious crêpes and fondues, as well as high-quality table d’hôte offerings. The
only challenge is what to choose!
Gîte les Colibris
80, rue Sainte-Anne, Baie St-Paul, G3Z 1P3
1.888.508.4483 418.240.2222 [email protected]
Centrally located near all services and activities.
Gîte Terreciel
113, rue Sainte-Anne, Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec, G3Z 1N9
Inviting century home on the edge of the rivière du Gouffre, just steps from the
beach, wharf, best restaurants, art galleries and museums. The B&B offer spacious rooms with private bathroom free parking, Wi-Fi connection and more.
Hébergement Charlevoix
Rental agency: chalets, homes and condos for 2-18 persons.
202 l GQ
Les Immeubles Charlevoix
179, rue Saint-Paul, Québec, Qc G1K 3W2
Les Immeubles Charlevoix specializes in accommodations by and near tourist
attractions for the discerning visitor. Their growing international clientele enjoys
the quality and personalized service, as well as the unique properties available
in Old Québec, Lac Beauport, Stoneham, and Charlevoix.
La Maison Vert-Tige
125, rue St-Raphaël, La Malbaie, G5A 2N6
418.665.5628 [email protected]
Spacious all equipped condos. Charm and intimacy. 
Petit Manoir du Casino
525, chemin des Falaises,La Malbaie, G5A 2V5
418.665.0000 1.800.618.2112
In the heart of Charlevoix, le Petit Manoir du Casino dominate the majestic St.
Laurence River.153 rooms provide comfort and an exceptional outlook.
Pourvoirie Baie-Sainte-Catherine
451 Gosford Nord, Inverness, G0S 1K0
418.633.0100 (en saison) 418.453.2562 (hors saison)
At Pourvoirie Baie-Saonte-Catherine, you will be welcomed by the owners,
who are always on the site to make sure your vacation is memorable. In the
midst of wilderness for fishing, hunting, or relaxing getaways.
Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu
181, rue Richelieu
La Malbaie, Qc G5A 1X7
Sans Frais: 1 (888) 610 7575
Tel. : (418) 665-3703 [email protected]
Nestled majestically between the sea and the mountains, the Fairmont Le
Manoir Richelieu Quebec Resort in Charlevoix is a vision of historical splendor.
Rich in tradition, this exquisite paragon of hospitality blends the quiet charm of
the countryside with the sophistication of a world-class resort. Gîte Richelieu
555 rue Richelieu
La Malbaie Qc G5A 2X4
Tel.: 418.620.0532 [email protected]
Le Richelieu Bed & Breakfast, built in 1917, is a former presbytery that has
been meticulously and respectfully restored.Three history filled, well appointed
rooms, are available, all with private bathroom facilities! A public living area, an
inviting dining area with private tables, and a lovingly restored gallery compliment this wonderful home
204 l GQ
GQ l 205
206 l GQ
GQ l 207
Mauricie & Trois-Rivières
© Mario Groleau Photographie
Jean-Paul Daoust © Robert Houle
Also in Trois-Rivières, the Musée québécois de culture populaire (Museum
of Québec pop culture) presents six unconventional and fun exhibits which will
allow you to discover the diversity of Québec culture.
Between Industry and Poetry
Situated half-way between Montréal and Québec, the Mauricie region is the
second oldest area of European settlement in New France. Founded in 1634
as the first incorporated town in Québec, Trois-Rivières celebrated its 375th
anniversary in 2009. Formerly a major centre of the pulp and paper industries,
the town of Laviolette has successfully revitalised its downtown core and Old
Trois-Rivières in recent years. But Trois-Rivières isn’t purely of historical interest: there are also the bustling bars, cafés and clubs on the rue des Forges
and the rue Royale where restaurant and bar patios spill out onto the street.
History buffs can also visit the rue des Ursulines, and trace the origins of one
of Québec’s oldest towns.
Another attraction not to miss: the Forges-du-Saint-Maurice. Located about
20 minutes from downtown Trois-Rivières, this historic site commemorates
Canada’s first iron industry, which was in operation since the 18th century. The
many well-preserved archaeological remains let you travel back in time to the
birth and evolution of the country’s earliest forges.
For those not planning to go on vacation until October, Trois-Rivières will be
hosting the 26th International Poetry Festival. While the guest list for the upcoming edition hasn’t been finalized yet, we can be sure that gays and lesbians will
be well represented among a large group of poets from around the world. In
2009, the festival’s grand prize was awarded to gay Québec poet Jean-Paul
Daoust. Lesbian poet Nicole Brassard is also a regular at the events. From Sept
30 to Oct 9, 2011, over 400 activities will take place over 10 days, in 70 different venues: cafés, bars, restaurants, museums, art galleries and concert halls
where over 100 poets from 30 countries flock from 5 continents. The Festival
International de la Poésie is one of Québec’s most unique cultural events. When
you explore the downtown and Parc portuaire of Trois-Rivières, you’ll find the
400 love poems that are written on the walls of this capital of Poetry.
208 l GQ
GQ l 209
Mauricie & Trois-Rivières
In Shawinigan, the first destination we suggest is la Cité de l’énergie, a
science-and-technology complex based around the theme of energy. You can
check out the hydroelectric plants, interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations and fascinating scientific demos. It’s the ultimate place to discover the
marvels of electricity, pulp & paper, aluminum and electrochemical technologies. Experts show you experiments on magnetic levitation and hydrogen
power. Take a moment to climb to the second highest observation tower in
Québec to enjoy the spectacular view.
And we could hardly talk about travel in Mauricie without mentioning La
Mauricie National Park, which covers 536 square km of forests and lakes
stretching into the distance - a feast for the eyes. This is an ideal spot either
for leisurely strolls or for keeping in shape with long hikes, as well as sunny
picnics, fishing and camping.
While recent decades have seen the development of a gay and lesbian community in Trois-Rivières, competition with Montréal and Québec City (each only
1.5 hours away) have made it harder for GLBT venues to stay open. Nonetheless, you’ll find plenty of gay-friendly establishments in both Trois-Rivières and
210 l GQ
GQ l 211
Mauricie & Trois-Rivières
Accomodation, restaurant & interesting places
Auberge de la rocaille
1851, 5e Avenue, Grand-Mère, G9T 5L3
Located not very far away from Grand-Mère town center (and Shawinigan),
L’Auberge de la Rocaille will seduce you with its warm welcome and small
Auberge Gouverneur
1100, prom. du St-Maurice, Shawinigan, G9N 1L8
1.888.922.1100 819.537.6000 Téléc. : 819.537.6365 [email protected]
Located across the Cité de l’Énergie, l’Auberge Gouverneur and Centre de
Congrès Shawinigan offers a spectacular view over the theme park and the
St-Maurice River. Come and relax in an incomparable natural setting while
enjoying top grade technological services.
Camping Lac St-Michel
11 650 Rue du Clairon, Trois Rivières QC G9A 5E1
5 camp grounds with high cleanliness and service standards in 5 of Québec’s
most beautiful tourist regions. Camping Union camp sites are amongst the best
camp sites in the Chaudière-Appalaches, Gaspé, Eastern Townships, Laurentians, Mauricie and all over. Camping Union is the most stunning network of
private camp sites in Québec!
Domaine Sainte-Flore
4600, chemin Domaine-Ste-Flore, Ste-Flore-de-Grand-Mère, Shawinigan,
G9T 5K5
Located on a wide private woodland, Domaine Ste-Flore is a peaceful place
where serenity goes along with outdoor activities. At 15 km from La Mauricie
National Park, and half a kilometer from snowmobile trails, Domaine Ste-Flore
is surrounded with things to do.
Parc des Chutes Sainte Ursule
2575, rang des chutes, Sainte-Ursule, Qc J0K 3M0
The park is a place to relax par-excellence where one is lulled by the sound of
the falls cascading over a total descent of more than 270 metres. Along their
numerous hiking trails you can follow the course of the Maskinongé River or
simply discover the splendour of our forest.
Passion Sélect Boutique Érotique
1600, rue Royale, Trois-Rivières, G9A 4K1
The largest erotic store in Mauricie. Accessories and erotic toys, lingerie, DVD
always in promotion. Vast inventory, everything in store.
212 l GQ
GQ l 213
Central Québec
A needed stop
South of the St. Lawrence River, the Centre-du-Québec region earns
its name from being adjacent to all of Québec’s most populous areas:
Montréal and surrounding areas, the Eastern Townships, the Mauricie region and the greater Québec City area. As such, it’s the perfect place to
plan an excursion to any major attraction in Québec.
Drummondville has a number of gay-friendly dining establishments for
the weary traveler. In the heart of the town, the restaurant and inn A la
bonne vôtre is widely praised for its decadent food as well is its friendly,
welcoming atmosphere.
In June, Victoriaville hosts the Festival des fromages fins du Québec, a
fine cheese festival for foodies and gourmets to taste the country’s finest
dairy creations.
Lovers of fresh air and wide open spaces and gay naturists have gathered regularly at the Domaine Emeraude campground and resort in SaintFrançois-du-Lac by Lake Saint-Pierre.
The region’s major urban centre is Drummondville, the perfect place to
stop between Montréal and Québec. History buffs will want to visit Village
québécois d’antan, a cultural and historic heritage site. This typical 19th
century village will take you back to the years from 1810 to 1910. With
70 buildings, 22 period houses and 18 “economuseums” where artisans
practice traditional trades, the Village québécois d’antan will literally immerse you in the past.
If you are a fan of traditional world cultures, you’ll want to make a trip
during the Mondial des cultures, a folk and traditional dance festival that
takes place every July at Woodyatt Park in Drummondville. The festival
will celebrate its 30th year in 2012. Over 11 days of festivities, dozens of
world renowned artists and folk dance troupes participate in the events,
which gather over 300,000 spectators every year.
214 l GQ
GQ l 215
Central Québec
À la bonne vôtre
207, rue Lindsay, Drummondville, J2C 1N8
866.474.0008 téléc.: 819.474.0162 [email protected]
Enjoy a comfortable week end in the heart of Drummondville and close to all
Domaine Émeraude
261, rang de la Grande-Terre, Saint-François-Du-Lac, J0G 1M0
450.568.3634 [email protected]
Charming little property for adult males only. The owners wish to create a friendly,
respectful and warm atmosphere; a place for fun, relaxation and meeting others.
The clothing-optional policy applies to most of the primary site.
Gîte touristique Prés et Vallons
415, chemin Mooney, Durham-Sud, J0H 2C0
Located on a quaint country road where central Québec, the Eastern Townships, and the Montérégie meet, this exquisite 3 bedroom cottage provides
breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. The perfect place to relax and recharge.
Motel Blanchet inc.
225, boul. St-Joseph Ouest, Drummondville, J2E 1A9
819.477.0222 Sans frais: 1.800.567.3823
Motel Drummond
105, boul. Saint-Joseph, Drummondville, J2C 2A5
Located in the heart of Drummondville, Motel Drummond offers comfort and convenience in a welcoming ambiance at a very affordable price.
Victorines du lac
1886, route 161 Sud Lac Mégantic, G6B 2S1
819.583.6904 téléc.: 819.583.6906 [email protected]
17 elegantly fashioned and unique rooms providing an inviting change of scenery and an opportunity for relaxation.
Le Village québécois d’Antan
1425, rue Montplaisir, Drummondville, J2B 7T5
819.478.1441 1.877.710.0267
Located close to Highway 20 in Drummondville, almost halfway between Montréal and Québec City, Village Québécois d’Antan is a lively revival of XIXth century rural Québec life.
216 l GQ
GQ l 217
218 l GQ
GQ l 219
Michel Marc Bouchard
© Damian Siqueiros
Michel Marc Bouchard’s career has been marked by countless awards and
prizes. A darling of the Canada and Ontario Councils for the Arts, he was shortlisted 3 times for the Governor General’s Literary Award, and nominated (also
3 times) for a Masque for best original script. He is the winner of the 1992 CAN
prize and was honoured with the title of Officer of the Order of Canada by Governor General Michaëlle Jean.
Between berries and lilies
Set in Roberval in the early 20th century, Lilies (Les Feluettes) was the breakout play by celebrated out playwright Michel-Marc Bouchard, who hails from
the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Originally produced in the late 1980’s,
this play remains one of very few pieces written for the theatre that feature
two Romeos torn apart by intolerance. Translated into multiple languages, and
brought to the screen by acclaimed filmmaker John Greyson, Lilies has become
an iconic work in Québec’s gay cultural canon. Since stepping onto the theatre
scene in 1985, Michel Marc Bouchard overturned all the conventions. An instigator of a truly gay theatrical language, he also achieved hugs success in Québec’s
theatrical establishment. Unlike Tremblay, Bouchard’s work is more interested in
gay life outside of major cities.
Fast forward to 2011, the prolific playwright showed his latest work, Tom à la
ferme at Montréal’s Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui. It tells the story of a city clicker who
works in advertising and must return home to attend the funeral of an ex-lover
who died senselessly in a motorcycle accident. He meets the grieving mother
and brother who surprised to be greeting a man, and not a woman. The protagonist quickly learns he is complicit in a lie to keep his dead lover’s homosexuality
secret. All of Bouchard’s favorite themes are here: repressed sexuality, passion,
and the archetypal return home.
220 l GQ
GQ l 221
Being Gay in the Saquenay
While there has undoubtedly been progress made for gays and lesbians over the last hundred years, most will admit it’s still not easy to live
openly outside of major urban areas. Nonetheless, the riding of Jonquière, in
the heart of this semi-rural region, became the first to elect an openly gay
Member of National Assembly, Sylvain Gaudreault, in 2007. Since the federal
elections in May, 2011, the MP for Chicoutimi-Le-Fjord is NDP Dany Morin,
newly named co-spokesperson for the official opposition for LGBT issues. How
times have changed! In the Far-Away Land of the Saguenay From the mouth of the majestic Saguenay Fjords, to the upper reaches of
Lac Saint-Jean, hospitality is not hard to find. Going up-river along the Saguenay, you won’t want to miss the picturesque villages of L’Anse Saint-Jean and
Sainte-Rose-du-Nord. History buffs may want to visit the historic ghost town of
Val-Jalbert, which will tell you the story of 19th-century colonization of this First
Nations territory by farmers from Charlevoix. At the heart of the region, the city of Saguenay with its 150,000 inhabitants
comprises more than half of the population of the whole region. An industrial
city and service hub, Saguenay has a gay and lesbian culture counting only
one openly gay establishment, the K-Mé-Léon bar. The greater Saguenay area
has quite a few gay-friendly B&Bs and inns where you can count on a warm
welcome typical of the friendly people of this corner of the country. 222 l GQ
GQ l 223
Saguenay - Lac Saint-Jean
Parc Nattional Pointe-Taillon © Mathieu Dupuis | © Sépaq
The Majestic
Lac Saint-Jean
Traveling up to Lac Saint-Jean proper, visitors are sure to enjoy the 15
km of beaches at the Pointe-Taillon National Park, known by many to be
one of the most beautiful soft-water beaches in Québec. Such expanses
of beach naturally allow for more than a few areas where nudity is allowed.
In Saint-Félicien, you can visit the “Jardin zoologique” (Zoological
Garden). If you make a stop in Roberval to retrace the steps of Vallier
and Simon from Lilies, you’re right next to the Innu community of Mashteuiatsh. Visiting this place will be a chance to connect with the culture of
the country’s original inhabitants.
In August, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the region’s famed blueberries. The inhabitants of the region have their own pet-name for this species of Northern Blueberry, les beluets, that also ironically refer to locals.
For those who enjoy cycling through their vacation, the blueberry bike
trail is a great way to travel around the Lake. With a circumference of 256
km, take the opportunity to relax in one the numerous inns that dot the
trail, where you can enjoy local produce and cuisine.
Largest cities : Saguenay (pop. 147 000), Alma (pop. 30 000),
Dolbeau-Mistassini (pop. 15 000).
224 l GQ
GQ l 225
Saguenay - Lac Saint-Jean
Auberge des 21
621, rue Mars, Ville de la Baie, Québec, G7B 4N1
418. 697.2121 [email protected]
Our Inn is located on the shore of the majestic Saguenay Fjord and the Marine
Park. Its warm family Inn atmosphere will fascinate you as much as the quality
of its services and its fine regional cuisine.
Auberge des Battures
6295, boul. de la Grande Baie Sud, Saguenay, G7B 3P6
A unique 4-star country style hotel with 32 rooms. It offers an incredible panoramic view.
Auberge Du Jardin
71, boul. Dumas, Petit-Saguenay, G0V 1N0
1.888.272.3444 418.272.3444 Téléc. : 418.272.3174
[email protected]
Quiet and comfortable place in the Fjord du Saguenay. Exceptional countryside.
Famous fine cuisine for gourmets prepared with regional products.
Auberge Presbytère Mont Lac-Vert
335, rang Lac-Vert, Héberville, G8N 1M1
418.344.1548 1.800.818.1548 téléc. 418.344.1013
[email protected]
Danielle and Robert offer a warm welcome at their Inn, formerly a presbytery
up until 1978. Prayer and meditation has made way for their delicious cuisine,
made with local ingredients. You will no doubt be enchanted not only by the fine
dining, but also their beautiful site and romantic ambiance.
Au Fil des Saisons
832, rue Cimon, La Baie, G7B 3L2
Téléc. : 418.697.1000
[email protected]
A few steps away from Charlevoix. Magnificent 6 bedroom Inn all with private
bathrooms with a panoramic view of La Baie des Ha! Ha! Our packages include
dinner, 1 night accommodation, breakfast : 100$/person based on double occupancy.
Aux Sels Cristallins
2221, Sentier de Poste-des-Villeneuve, Saguenay, G7B 3P6
819.827-8935 819.962.2221 [email protected]
To discover the beauty of the Saguenay Fjord with the possibility of two types
of lodging. Studios or houses for up to seven persons.
226 l GQ
GQ l 227
Saguenay - Lac Saint-Jean
Brise du Lac
493, rue Brassard, Roberval, G8H 1B8
Téléc.: 418.275.8398
[email protected]
In the heart of Roberval, where the action of Michel-Marc Bouchard’s famous play Lilies takes place, this B&B allows you to fully enjoy the beauty
of the Lac Saint-Jean.
La Maison de Vébron
56, de Vébron, Anse-Saint-Jean, G0V 1J0
Located at the foot of the Mont Édouard ski slopes, this small hotel is remarquable with the availability of common areas in each villa. Conference
room, billiards room, and more.
Le Gîte du Paradis
935, rue du Quai, Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, G0V 1T0
Nice occasions to know people, to create friendly bonds and to discover
other cultures in the beautiful nature surrounding the village of Ste-Rosedu-Nord.
Le Refuge du Lac Goth
304, chemin du lac goth, Saint-Félix-d’Otis, GOV 1MO
[email protected]
The North Shore
Monolithes près de Havre-Saint-Pierre ©
the 9th century. When Jacques Cartier explored the northern shores of the
Gulf, he wrote that it was “the land that God granted to Cain.”
Today, it remains one of the least populated regions of Québec, with only
100,000 inhabitants spread out over 200,000 km2, with half of the inhabitants living mostly in the industrial towns of Sept-Îles and Baie-Comeau.
The North Shore is still mostly wilderness, its tiny towns acting as the
gateway to Québec’s Great North. Sprinkled along the coast of the estuary
and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the villages and towns of the North Shore
boast some of the most beautiful beaches in Québec, if you can handle
the icy gulf waters! It’s also a wonderful area for getting acquainted with
the First Nations of the province, as it is home to seven communities of the
region’s first inhabitants.
Come Get Carried Away !
Setting out from Tadoussac, at the mouth of the Saguenay Fjords, you’ll
discover the North Shore’s immense boreal forest, either by driving on
Route 138 or by boat. Home of the Innu People and of isolated fishing
villages, this region was transformed by a major network of hydro-electric
dams in the mid-20th century.
Inhabited for more than 10,000 years by First Nations People, the North
Shore is the first place Europeans were to tread in the New World. In fact,
long before the Basque whale-hunters explored the region in the 15th century, traces of a Viking presence indicate European settlement as early as
230 l GQ
The Upper North Shore (or Haute-Côte-Nord), located just north of the
Saguenay River, has quite a few gay-friendly bed & breakfasts. They’re the
ideal place to get away from the buzz of the city and get back in touch with
nature at its most pristine. Founded in 1601 as a trading post, Tadoussac
is one of the oldest French settlements in the Americas. Present-day Tadoussac is located not far from the original trading post, at the mouth of the
Saguenay River. You won’t want to miss the chance to go whale watching, with the stunning backdrop of a glacial fjord. In 1998, the town became
North America’s first member of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays Club. Over
300,000 tourists visit the 1,000-person town every year. You might want to
visit during the Festival de la chanson de Tadoussac, a folksong festival that
takes place in June and the town’s other varied cultural events.
Nature-lovers will be overjoyed to discover the Mingan Archipelago National Park with its limestone and granite islands, or for an even wilder experience, the the Island of Anticosti, a gigantic piece of untouched wilderness in the middle of the Gulf.
The Réserve du Parc national de l’Archipel de Mingan harbours a string
of chalky islands covering 150 km2, located along the Havre Saint-Pierre,
facing the Island of Anticosti. The reserve exceptional geological features
include surreal monoliths, as well as untouched boreal plant-life. The waters surrounding the islands are rich in bird and sea life, including puffins,
which nest on some of the archipelago’s islands.
GQ l 231
The North Shore
Tadussac ©
Located in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Anticosti is Québec’s
largest island. The island is an untouched natural world unto itself, bathed
in crystalline northern light. You’ll be astounded by the tall white cliffs lapped
incessantly by icy waves, the steep canyons and the roar of gushing waterfalls. You’ll also find huge secret caves, thousands of white-tailed deer, wild
salmon swimming in emerald-green pools and seals lapping up the sun on
the rocky beaches.
Let yourself be sucked in by the wild beauty of Anticosti and the
North Shore!
Main urban areas: Sept-Îles, population 26,000; Baie-Comeau, population 23,000
232 l GQ
GQ l 233
The North Shore
AAA Maison Gagné Accueil Amical Ass.
29, rue Principale, Pointe-Mistassini, G0H 1E0
418.294.2007 Cell : 418.293.5434 [email protected]
Cottage rental, equipped, day/week, access to the St. Lawrence River, no smoking, whales, individual dry sauna.
Auberge Maison Gagné
139, rue Bateau-Passeur, Tadoussac, G0T 2A0
418.235.4526 1.877.235.4526
téléc.: 418.235.4832
[email protected]
Just by the Saguenay Fjord, Auberge Maison Gagné warmly welcomes
you in their nice and charming rooms.
Auberge Rosepierre
66, rue Principale, Bergeronnes, G0T 1Y0
Splendid pink granite inn in the center of the village, offering a fine regional cuisine, only 15 minutes from Tadoussac. Owners Diane and Richard
invite you with open arms.
Aux Réveries Cool
4, Ch. Du Lac Miquet, Lamarche, Qc G0W 1X0
Overlooking Lac Minet, Aux Rêveries Cool offers the perfect accommodation for outdoor sports and leisure, or just to relax. Every square inch of
the place is designed for your comfort and enjoyment, so get ready to get
away from it all!
Les Maisonnettes des Îles
126, rue de la Mer, Longue-Pointe de mingan, G0G 1V0
Télec.: 418.949.2071
[email protected]
Fully equipped seaside cottages overlooking the Mingan Archipelago, each
with asher/dryer, bedding, kitchenware and digital TV. Outdoor adventure and
restaurant packages available, as well as rebates on our souvenir shop.
Maison Harvey Lessard
16, rue Bellevue, Tadoussac, G0T 2A0
Brood at the top of the village of Tadoussac, here you get a spectacular vue
of the lake, the fjord and the majestic St-Lawrence river. 4 stars classification.
234 l GQ
GQ l 235
Lower Saint-Lawrence
Le Vaisseau d’or
(The Golden Ship)
It was a massive Ship carved out of solid Gold,
Its masts reached azure skies, she sailed on seas unknown
With Venus of love spreadeagled at the prow,
Hair dishevelled and naked under the beating sun.
But one night the ship struck the great reef
On treacherous Ocean where the Siren was heard.
The horrible shipwreck tilted, its hull aslant, she sank
Deep down to the abyss so deep, that changless coffin.
It was a Golden Vessel. Her diaphanous sides
Revealing treasures that the lowly crew,
Repulsion, Hatred and Neurosis, did fight over.
What’s left of it under the brief abating storm?
What became of my heart, that abandoned shipwreck?
Alas, it has sunk down in the abyss of Dreams.
The Golden Ship” by Québec most famous 19th-century poet, Émile Nelligan, was probably inspired by one of the many legends that grew up around
the shipwrecks that dotted the lower Saint Lawrence River and the Gulf of St.
Lawrence in the Gaspé region. The Nelligan family would spend their summer
holidays there, like many upper-class Montrealers of the Gilded Age.
Émile Nelligan
It’s no coincidence then, that a classical pianist, hailing from the Lower Saint
Lawrence village of Saint-Pacôme de Kamouraska famous Québec pianist André Gagnon, would set to music the libretto for the opera Nelligan by Michel
Tremblay. The opera echoes the story of a gay love affair between the young
Nelligan and his friend, the poet Arthur de Bussières. It’s impossible though to
know whether the affair ever happened for real, although a recent historical
essay by Bernard Courteau posits Nelligan’s homosexuality from a psychoanalytic perspective.
One thing is certain, when you travel the byways, trails, and coastalareas of the
St. Lawrence River, from the Bas-du-Fleuve to the Gaspé region, you relive the
world that inspired Québec’s national poet, and that remains a favorite destination for tourists from here and abroad.
236 l GQ
GQ l 237
Lower Saint-Lawrence
The huge tourism district stretches from Chaudière-Appalaches all the way
to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where the river becomes the sea. You can explore
this spectacular region, nestled between land and sea stopping at your leisure
at rest stops that line Route 132. You’ll also find many gay-friendly inns, motels,
and hotels.
Rimouski is the major city in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, with 46,000
inhabitants. This quaint university town is home to many gay-friendly establishments, and a well-known nightlife built up along boulavard Saint-Germain, with the Maison de torréfaction as the favourite gay hang-out. In the
surrounding area, you’ll find culinary sophistication at the Auberge MangeGrenouille au Bac, located at the gate of the national park. Located just
west of Rimouski, the Bic National Park, on the shores of the St. Lawrence,
is post-card perfect with its spectacular landscape of capes, bays, islands,
meadows and mountains. One of the county’s smaller parks, its rocky
shoreline is home to a tremendous variety of sea-bird and rare plant life.
Four different museums make Rimouski an historical centre. The foremost
is the Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père, located in the Pointe-auPère area, and exhibiting the treasures of the Empress of Ireland shipwreck.
You can also visit the Pointe-au-Père lighthouse.
In Grand-Métis, east of Rimouski, you absolutely must visit the elaborate Métis
Gardens, which date to the belle époque, when Montréal’s upper middle class
would holiday for entire summers in the Bas-du-Fleuve region. Open to the
238 l GQ
GQ l 239
Lower Saint-Lawrence
ParcNationalBic ©
public since 1962, the English-style gardens are world-renowned as a work of
horticultural art.
The Jardins de Métis are the fruit of one woman’s dedication: Elsie Reford
transformed her fishing camp into a private paradise between 1926 and 1958.
Some 3000 species and varieties of plants grow in over a dozen different gardens. Contemporary artworks are interspersed throughout the garden, harmonized with the historic character of the flora on display.
In Villa Estevan, a magnificent manor dating from 1887, a permanent exhibit
illustrates the Reford family’s history. You can also enjoy the Villa’s temporary
exhibits, as well as the special summer events like musical brunches, literary
teas, outdoor concerts and weddings.
Every year since 2000, landscape architects, as well as designers and internationally renowned artists come to the Jardins de Métis to create original
garden installations for the Festival international des jardins.
Major urban centres: Rimouski (pop. 46,000), Matane (pop. 15,000),
Mont-Joli (pop. 7,000)
240 l GQ
GQ l 241
Lower Saint-Lawrence
Accomodation & restaurants
Auberge La Seigneurie
621, av. Saint-Jérôme, Matane, G4W 3M9
1.877.783.4466 418.562.0021 Téléc. : 418.562.4455
[email protected]
Awards-winning inn in Victorian house around Matane.
Winner of the 2004 Prix d'excellence, and People's choice award from the Québec
"Agricotours" Federation, this Victorian manor house on the outskirts of Matane
will win you over with their house specialty: Raymonde's strawberry butter.
Bistro du Nipigon
18 route du fleuve Ouest, Sainte Luce sur Mer, Qc G0K 1P0
With its stunning view of the beach at Sainte Luce sur Mer, the Nipigon
serves fish and sea food specialties on its heated patio, with live music on
Saturday nights and a 2-bedroom apartment accommodation. Kayaking
and diving are also on the menu for outdoor and underwater activities.
Café Azimut 309, 4e avenue, G0R 1Z0, La Pocatière
[email protected]
Regional gastronomy or Canadian and vegetarian cooking... The café Azimut delights you with so many delicious specialities !
Comfort Inn Rimouski
455 boul. St-Germain ouest, Rimouski, QC G5L 3P2
Conveniently located near the Carrefour Rimouski Mall, the Jardin de Métis
and the Maison Lamontagne, the Comfort Inn offers free continental breakfast,
free locals and high-speed wireless, as well as a business centre. Enjoy their
charmingly decorated spacious rooms with cable TV; guide animals accepted.
La Marechante 36, rue du Fleuve O., Sainte-Luce, G0K 1P0
Téléc. : 418.739.5065
[email protected]
On the St. Lawrence River, ancestral house 4 rooms, camping site (22),
chalets, in the village center.
Le Bec Fin 266, Rue Rochette, G0L3Y0, Saint-Pascal
With his 35 years of experience, Gilles Guilbert invites you to discover his
tasteful menu. You’ll be deligted by his simple but amazing cooking.
242 l GQ
GQ l 243
Lower Saint-Lawrence
Accomodation & restaurants
Brasserie artisanale La Fabrique
360, avenue St-Jérôme
Matane, Québec, G4W 3B1
La Fabrique is an artisanal brewery offering a great selection of local craft beers
and imports, pub-style menu including burgers, sandwiches, fish & chips, Belgian fries and appetizers. The place also presents a variety of cultural events.
Gîte La Maison aux Flambeaux
319, rang de la Haute-Ville, Kamouraska, G0L 1M0
418.498.3197 [email protected]
Gay B&B open year round, outdoor swimming pool, massage package, 10 tent
sites available.
Gîte Victoria
77, rue Saint-Pierre, Rimouski, G5L 1T4
Lovely B&B in the middle of all the attractions of the city of Rimouski.
Tourisme Rivère du Loup
189, boulevard de l’Hôtel-de-Ville, Rivière-du-Loup (Québec) G5R 5C4
418.862.1981 1.888.825.1981
[email protected]
The tourist office features the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park Reception and Orientation Centre. Maps,posters and Heritage Tour brochures can be
purchased on site.
244 l GQ
GQ l 245
At the end of the earth
The further east you go, the closer the mountains get to the shore, and
you start to see the distinct landscape of the Gaspé peninsula. In HauteGaspésie (Upper Gaspé), the proximity of mountains and sea makes
Mont-Saint-Pierre the hang-gliding capital, where the multicolored fabric
wings add flair all summer. In July, the hang-gliding festival “La Fête du
Vol Libre” is becoming a major international gathering for hang-gliding
and paragliding.
From Mont-Saint-Pierre, you can access the Gaspé National Park. A
major highlight for hiking enthusiasts, this park provides access to fantastic mountain terrain. Of the many mountains that cut across the park,
you’ll find Québec second highest, Mont Jacques-Cartier. The altitude of
these mountains profoundly affects the climate which has made this ecologically a unique place in Québec, and even in the world. Arctic alpine
plants and tundra-like landscapes make this the habitat for a troop of
woodland caribou, the last remaining survivors of this species south of the
St. Lawrence River.
On the far eastern tip of the Gaspé region, at Forillon National Park,
located just before Gaspé, you’ll find one of the most beautiful seaside
beaches in the Gaspé region. Forillon National Park covers a protected
area of the Notre-Dame and Mégantic Mountains, as well as preserving
246 l GQ
a sample of nature typical of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The many varieties of sea bird and arctic plants, and the 10 distinct geological types of
rock formations lend a unique character to this park. On the human side,
the Grande-Grave historical site testifies to the history and livelihood of
the region’s many families of fishermen.
The region’s major city and namesake, Gaspé is where French colonisation began, with Jacques Cartier’s seizure of land in name of the King
of France, in 1534. On the outskirts of the town, gays are known to enjoy
the beaches that go by the names Boum Défense and Sandy Beach.
Further south, in the direction of the Baie des Chaleurs, Percé and
its famous rock are the region’s foremost tourist destination. There is a
nude beach at Crevette Rose, in Coin-du-Blanc, located a few kilometers
from Percé. In August, this old fishing village hosts the Percéïdes, an
international festival of independent cinema and contemporary art that
meshes with the landscape, architecture, and natural surroundings of
this very special place.
Largest cities : Gaspé (15 000 inh.), Chandler (8 000 inh.), Sainte-Annedes-Monts (7 000 inh.).
GQ l 247
Les Percéides
A celebration of indie film
with shooting stars
in Percé
From August 18 to 20, Percé will once against host the Les Percéides
festival for the third year in a row. For three whole days, more than 30
shorts, mid-length and feature films will be shown in every imaginable
category for the occasion of this independent film festival. Fiction, animation, comedy, and dramatic films are on the programme which includes
works from Québec and around the world that visitors and Gaspé locals
would never get to see projected if it weren't for organizer François Cormier, whose dream of bringing cinematic creativity to Percé has made it a
must-see in the region.
The films are projected in the two halls of the old Centre d'interprétation
de la faune de Percé, with four showings each day (2pm, 5pm, 7pm and
9pm). Every feature will be preceded by a short film. Films from Japan,
Germany, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Québec and the Gaspé itself make up a programme that eschews a central theme to embrace the
eclecticism of indie cinema.
A highlight of the 2011 edition of the festival will be a special event on
French auteur cinema, organized in collaboration with the French Consulate. For the occasion, the organizers have chosen to première new works
by three young French filmmakers who represent their generation.
Last year’s projection of Xavier Dolan’s Heartbeats was greeted with
tremendous public acclaim. The young gay actor/director's work showed
the Percéides festival's embrace of sexual diversity as well. 2010 also saw
the projection of Entre Nous, a documentary about homophobia amongst
youth, which shared a programme with Dolan’s Heartbeats.
*Percéides also takes place during the ideal time to watch shooting
stars in the natural beauty of Percé and the Gaspé.
248 l GQ
GQ l 249
The Gaspé
François Cormier
brings Percé to the World
François Cormier has brought a new echelon of cinema to Percé and
the entire Gaspé region. The Les Percéides festival has become a major
attraction for culture-lovers all over Eastern Québec, giving a special
status to this native son.
Cormier left his home town to “hone his craft” in Montréal, and has
since returned to his origins, and brought with him the emotions and artistic output normally reserved for major cities. His idea has met general
With this initiative, François Cormier has shed light on an underrecognized art form that is often considered too obscure for the general public:
indie cinema, or auteur cinema as it is known, whether it be local or
international. He has also been a major champion of 100% made-inGaspé cinematic work, inspiring young creators to develop their skills
and work in their field without having to leave for Montréal or elsewhere
to find success.
250 l GQ
GQ l 251
Accomodation & restaurants
Au Pic De L’Aurore
1, route 132, Percé, GOC 2L0
[email protected]
Chalets, rooms and house, remote area, spectacular view on the Rock.
Auberge Wanta-QO-TI B&B 77, chemin Pointe-Fleurant, Escuminac, G0C 1N0
[email protected]
Isolated, unique seaside site, next to Miguasha Park.
Au Presbytère (Gîte Touristique – B&B)
47, rue de l’Église
Percé, Gaspésie
G0C 2L0
Michel Boudreau
[email protected]
Manoir De Percé
212, route 132 Ouest, Percé, G0C 2L0
Téléc. : 418.782.5195
[email protected]
In the heart of Percé, facing Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island. Close to
the wharf, boutiques, etc. Restaurant classified 3 Diamonds (CAA). Typically
gaspesian fine cuisine. A different stay!
Nature Océan
418.782.2400 (ou 2181) 1.877.682.2400
[email protected]
In Percé, country style cottages and campground with impressive scenery. The
cottages in Cap d’Espoir are right on the beach.
Maison Carter
146, rue de la Reine, Gaspé, G4X 2R2
Located in the heart of Gaspe, this charming small hotel offers you 16 premium
quality units in a sumptuous environment. The architecture and the decoration
give the rooms a special charm.
Restaurant Motel Fleur De Lys
184, route 132 Est, Cap-Chat, G0J 1G0
[email protected]
252 l GQ
GQ l 253
Accomodation & services
Motel 3 stars and well-known restaurant (Gaspésie Gourmande Award : Médaille Or).
Restaurant Le Récif
119, route 132 Ouest, Percé, GOC 2L0
Téléc. : 418.782.5119
Pasta speciality, regional fishes and very warm ambiance.
155 route 132 Ouest, Percé, Québec, G0C 2L0
418.782.5700 (summertime) 418.782.5888
From June to September, open everyday from 9am to 9 pm
May and October by appointment only
Wazo is an enterprise that concerns itself primarily with the creation and elaboration of jewelery and decorative objects. Using diverse metals and different
stones, it specializes in the fabrication of one-of-a-kind pieces.
256 l GQ
GQ l 257
258 l GQ
GQ l 259
Pays-de-la-Sagouine ©
decouvrir l' acadie
Kouchibouguac National Park ©
Discover Acadia
Unless you go by plane, visitors to Québec's Iles de la Madeleine, an
archipelago in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, have no choice but
to travel through the other Acadian regions of neighbouring New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
Acadians are close cousins to Québeckers, with a national identity all
their own, but with the same roots going back to French colonial rule. After
being deported from the area they once occupied around the Bay of Fundy
in 1755, the Acadians returns to plant their roots all over the Atlantic, from
Louisiana to France, with some finding their way to Maine, Québec, and
the other Maritime Provinces. Nowhere have the Acadians maintained a
stronger presence and identity than in New Brunswick, where they make
up a third of the population. Their distinct national identity can be seen in
numerous places where the blue, white and red tricolor flag, branded with
a yellow star, is hung in many parts of Canada where the Acadians have
settled, and especially around the time of August 15th, when Acadian Day
or Tintamarre is celebrated.
Whichever way you choose to get there from Québec, you will wind
up discovering either the northern or eastern part of New Brunswick. You
may take the Trans-Canada after crossing through the Témiscouata district of Québec and the Saint John River valley all the way to Moncton.
Or you can take the equally scenic Route 11 via Matapédia, which goes
along the Gulf coast, both of which lead you into Acadian lands.
260 l GQ
Tourists are usually drawn to the beaches of the province’s South East,
where the sea water is known for being the warmest north of Virginia.
On the Bay of Fundy coast, you can observe the world’s highest tides,
which reveal impressive tidal flats twice a day along the coast, and even
in downtown Moncton, the region’s largest urban agglomeration. This bilingual city is almost a third francophone, and is home to many Acadian
institutions such as the Université de Moncton.
As a major hub city for rail and car transport to Nova Scotia and the
Gulf islands, Moncton is likewise New Brunswick’s main centre for LGBT
life. This year, Moncton is hosting a gay pride (called City Pride) on an
international scale from August 17 to 21, just after Acadian Days.
Only 20 km from Moncton, the charming seaside town of Shédiac
and Cap-Pelé boast two of the region's most beautiful beaches, such as
Parlee Beach.
If you travel via Matapédia on Route 11, you'll drive through the main
French speaking areas of the Acadian peninsula and the Baie des Chaleurs, before making your way to the South East, past the Miramichi
River. The Acadian Peninsula is home to the bulk of the population, with
around 100,000 inhabitants. The proud little town of Caraquet, with its
historic Acadian village, is the heart and soul of the region famous for its
gorgeous beaches and warm, friendly locals. Renowned pop singer Édith
Butler hails from the town of Pacquetville, which you may come across
on your journey.
Back in the South East, you won’t want to miss visiting Kouchibouguac National Park, which has some of New Brunswick’s most beautiful
beaches. In Bouctouche, hometown of playwright laureate Antonine Maillet, you’ll find the historical theme park Le Pays de la Sagouine, inspired
by the author’s feisty iconic character.
This is also the area of New Brunswick where the Confederation Bridge
links the province to Prince Edward Island, where you can catch the ferry
that takes you to the Magdalene Islands.
GQ l 261
Antonine_maillet ©
Auberge Inn Thyme
310, rue Main, Shédiac, NB, E4P 2E3
506.532.6098 / 1.877.466.8496
A seven-room inn with a/c and private bath. The restaurant serves home-made
dinners and dessert under a large outdoor covered terrace. Breakfast in the
dining room.
Auberge Le Vieux Presbytère de Bouctouche
157, chemin du Couvent
Bouctouche, NB, E4S 3B8
506.743.5568 / 1.866-743.1880
Built in 1880, this former rectory has a magnificent ocean view. 16 rooms, 2
suites, a restaurant and chapel for celebrating gay weddings. Just minutes
from the Pays de la Sagouine and the Irving Eco-centre.
Antonine Maillet:
Acadian Laureate
Auberge Au Bois Dormant
67, rue John, Moncton, NB, E1C 2H2
506.855.6767 / 1.866.856.6767
This inn offers luxury rooms, loft-style studios in a century-old home in downtown Moncton. Three course breakfasts.
Is there any name more closely associated with Acadian culture than
that of Antonine Maillet? When she created the now legendary character
La Sagouine in the early 1970s, Maillet elevated Acadian French from
slang to literature. A people without a defined territory, the Acadians are a
French speaking population born by the Canadian Atlantic.
Café Clémentine
241, boulevard Saint-Georges, Moncton, E1C 1W2
A little café that makes superb coffee and fresh yummy food in a relaxed atmosphere with local artwork exhibited on the walls.
After obtaining her PhD in literature from the Université Laval in 1970,
Antonine Maillet taught literature and folklore at her alma mater, and later
in Montréal from 1971 to 1976. She later worked for the French CBC
(Radio-Canada) as a screen-writer and radio host in Moncton
In 1976, she was honored as an Officer of the Order of Canada and was
made a Companion of the Order in 1981. Her novel Pélagie-la-Charette
(Pélagie-the-Cart), which tells the story of the Expulsion, i.e. the deportation of the Acadians by the British in 1755, won her the Prix Goncourt,
which gives her the distinction as the only non-European (shared only with
Atiq Rahimi) to have won the coveted literature prize. In the same year,
the City of Outremont, which Maillet now calls home, renamed the rue
Wilder avenue Antonine Maillet in honour of her Goncourt award, which is
the equivalent to the Pulitzer or Booker Prize in France.
La Téraz
154, rue Church
Moncton, NB. E1C 4Z7
(506) 854-0220
This oasis of nature in the heart of Moncton has art galleries that can host any
kind of event, as well as an outdoor pool patio. The space can be rented for a
wedding or any other fun or romantic event.
In 1985, she was made an Officer of the Ordre des Arts et Lettres de
France, and in 2005, was inducted into the Order of New Brunswick.
Chancellor of the Université de Moncton, she is the author of many successful novels and plays. Her work is always inspired by the folklore and
history of l'Acadie.
In Ginette Pellerin’s biographical documentary on Maillet, Les possibles
sont infinis, the author spoke for the first time publicly about Mercédes
Palomino, the love or her life, and cofounder (with Yvette Brind’amour)
of Montréal's Théâtre du Rideau Vert, where the first production of La
Sagouine was mounted in 1972.
262 l GQ
Laundromat EspressoBar
382 B, boulevard Saint-Georges, moncton. NB, E1C 1X2
This coffee bar is the favorite hang-out of Moncton’s francophone arts community. A menu of local charcuteries, micro-brew beers from around the world.
Rivière de Fierté
This non-profit organisation puts on Moncton’s LGBT Pride celebrations from
August 17-21.
234, boulevard Saint-Georges, Moncton, NB, E1C 1V9
For almost 20 years, this bar has been the most popular LGBT club in Moncton. With its large dance floor, dozen resident drag queens, their theme and
karaoke nights, Triangles has something for everyone. Open Thurs-Sun.
GQ l 263
Plages et Falaises Îles-De-La-Madeleine ©
The Magdalen Islands
Gîte B&B La Butte Ronde
70, chemin des Buttes, Havre-aux-Maisons, G4T 5L3
Roomy B&B classifi ed 4 soleils, rooms with bathroom, view on the water.
Gîte les Bons Garçons
707, rte 199
Havre-aux-Maisons (Qc), Canada
G4T 5A7
1 418 969-4764
[email protected]
The Jewel of the Gulf
Tourisme Îles-de-la-Madeleine
128, ch. Principal, Cap-aux-Meules, G4T 1C5
(418)986-4841 1-877-624-4437 Fax : (418)986-2327 [email protected]
Visit the tourism office of the Magdelen Islands to get all the info you need about
the activities going on during your stay.
In the very middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Magdalen Islands
are a real jewel in Québec’s crown. Extending over 65 km from north to
south, this archipelago of islands is linked by sand dunes, with sandstone
cliffs of grey and red, and expanses of farmland to complete the picture. The
Islands boast almost 300 km of fine sandy beaches, the most beautiful in all
of Atlantic Canada.
Although part of Québec, the Magdalen Islands are culturally closer
to the Acadians. Indeed, most of the population are descendants from
Acadian deportees from the 18th century. Don’t be surprised if you see
the blue-white-and-red starred flag of the Acadians side by side with Québec’s fleur-de-lis.
The Madelinots, as they are called, are on Atlantic Time (AST), as are
the other Acadian communities of the Gulf, i.e. an hour later than the
rest of Québec, which is on Eastern Standard (EST).
Naturally, this hospitable sandbank in the middle of the Gulf has for
centuries been the home of fisherman and their families, and the fishery
pervades the culture here. Off the coast, unseen but somehow felt, 713
shipwrecks constitute the largest ocean cemetery in North America.
Isolated as it is from the mainland, you can only get there by plane
or boat. A ferry links this scenic spit of sand to Prince Edward Island, so you
have to cross Québec and New Brunswick in order to get to the Magdalen
Islands by car.
264 l GQ
GQ l 265
266 l GQ
GQ l 267
268 l GQ