Pro Farm Manager is a virtual simulation/management oriented game



Pro Farm Manager is a virtual simulation/management oriented game
Pro Farm Manager is a virtual simulation/management oriented game: as a player you will
create and manage your own virtual/3D farm! You’ve always wanted to be a cereal farmer, goat
or livestock breeder? Pro Farm Manager is your game!
Pro Farm Manager is built around 2 major axes :
Basics (perpetual universe, multi-players) and a realistic and rich content inspired from
A 3D world which will give a unique experience and full immersion
The game will be available on PC in spring 2017. Follow the project on social media :
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Interested in the game? Thinking « Hey, I’ve always wanted to raise farm animals, grow plants
and vegetables… working outdoors… worth having it a try.” Then, put on your boots, and come
with us: let’s visit the farm and have a better look!
You will find all you need to manage your virtual farm, arranged in 4 areas :
In Pro Farm Manager, you have at your disposal a 625 hectares (1500 acres) land, on which to
create and expand a fantastic farm. Each land (game) comes with its own features (landscaping,
vegetation, rivers, soil composition); you develop it according to your wants, needs and
strategic goals. You choose where to place your buildings, build roads, locate your plots, and
so on…
Now, let’s have a look at the farm 4 areas.
Buildings are the bedrocks of your farm as they enable you to store your products, raise the
livestock and shelter the equipment.
Two types of buildings exist :
One for breeding
One for storage
For each building, you can choose among 3 sizes and different levels of equipment which will
help you save in electricity for example. Maintaining them on a regular basis will avoid their
deterioration. In just a few clicks, choose your building and position it in your farm.
Silo modeling
In the breeding area, you can choose among several types of animals to raise (several breeds
per type) :
Cattle (bull, cow, veal)
Pig (boar, sow, piglet)
Goat (buck, doe, kid)
Sheep (ram, ewe, lamb)
Poultry (rooster, hen, chick)
Rooster modeling
You job is to feed/water the animals, add litter, remove the manure, all for their well-being.
And avoid disease, or worse them dying. In return, they will give you milk, eggs, as well as
meat when you’re selling them to the slaughterhouse.
Thanks to genetics and reproduction, you can expand your herds, improve animal’s genes and
quality, enter contests and win prices (multi-player mode).
Breeding and production
After breeding, let’s cast an eye on the crops. Create your plots (from 1 to 20 hectares), grow
and harvest them to feed your animals. No animals? Not a problem, sell your production directly
to the cooperative, or to another player (multiplayer mode). How about storing it and selling it
later when the market prices are higher?
A good harvest means planting with the right season, and using adequate farm equipments to
work your land. You’ll also have to deal with weather conditions (sunshine, rainfall,
temperature…), and to be reactive if your crops get a disease. Your success will depend on
you’re making the right decisions at the right time.
Information about crops
Information about crops
We have come a long way since hand farm labor, using drought horses and oxen. The
mechanization of farming is a must today. Access a choice of more than 30 types of equipment,
hence more than a 100 accurately modelled, which you can customise (colors, accessories) if it
fits you. You’re to choose the adequate equipment according to your needs; if the investment
is too heavy, you can always buy second-hand or gather with other players (using farm
With this equipment, you’ll effectively work on your plots of land, and grow your livestock.
Select one, choose an action, and intuitively manage all your work in your virtual farm!
Now that the visit is over, you know a bit more about Pro Farm Manager.
A simple game process that can be access trough 2 game modes :
Multiplayer (internet connection is required) :
You play in a perpetual world (e.g., the world keeps existing, whether all players are connected
or not), and you can cooperate/link with 7 other players (farm grouping) to help each other. In
that game mode, 1 day is 6 hours – real time (time runs a 4 times faster). In that way, a month
in the game is 28 virtual days (7 days – real time): it starts on Monday (at 0:00 am) to end on
Sunday (at midnight).
Single player :
You play on your own, the world is not perpetual (time stops whenever you save and quit the
game). You can fast forward time.
Choose the mode that suits you best, but keep in mind you can create several games for each
mode. You have hours of gameplay to look forward to!
Options according to game mode
We’re two brothers, Baptiste and Christophe, fond of agriculture and farming since our
childhood. In 2005, we launched SimAgri, an internet game which today gathers a very
passionate community: any web user can go online to create and manage their virtual farm. The
game has been praised by specialist press on several occasions (please log onto our showroom).
After 10 years of experience and several months of consideration, we decided it was time to
improve this internet game. Here was born the Pro Farm Manager project!
Today, with the collaboration of Aslak Studio, a complete team is working on this project :
The initial budget for Pro Farm Manager is as follow:
Our own company contribution (25%)
Bank loan (70%)
Kickstarter (5% or more)
Investments are allocated as follow :
Google+ | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter
You like Pro Farm Manager? Whether you choose to support us or not, thank you for taking
the time to read about the project, its background and concept.
Thanks to all! You can follow us on Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Youtube
Challenges and risks…
The project has started in January 2015, for an official launch in spring 2017. Numerous tests
have been realised during these past months in order to minimise the unpleasant obstacles while
developing the game and when it’s released on the market (multiplayer mode servers resources,
screen and graphics display settings).
In these conditions, the main risk is the official launch date, which may vary on a few weeks

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