BIM Object User Guide - Kingspan Insulated Panels


BIM Object User Guide - Kingspan Insulated Panels
BIM Object
User Guide
BIM Object User Guide for Roof & Wall Panels
ArchiCAD (V 15 onward)
BIM Object
User Guide
 Getting Started
The Kingspan panel components are modelled as ‘GDL Objects’ with associated IFC property sets and
product data.
 Choosing Products
Decide if you are modelling a roof or a wall. Contact Kingspan or go to
for product information.
Contact Kingspan envirocare Technical Services and decide:
 Which panel product you wish to use.
 The direction of lay, left to right or right to left.
You need to think about panel length, width and thickness depending upon your specification requirements.
These variables are chosen in ArchiCAD either dynamically within the object or through the graphical user
interface. Panel lengths are constrained to manufacturing and transportation maximum restrictions.
 Direction of Lay?
Panels lie away from the direction of the prevailing wind to maintain water tightness. Therefore the
orientation of each elevation decides whether the panels start from the right and move towards the left or
start on the left and move towards the right. This is important. If in any doubt, contact Kingspan for advice.
Direction of lay is not relevant to all products.
 Horizontal or Vertical?
Some panels can be used in either orientation.
BIM Object
User Guide
 Loading Kingspan Panel Components
Open the ArchiCAD project and go to: File>Libraries and Objects>Library Manager.
Click on
Click on Add and browse to the location you have downloaded the Kingspan Panel object or folder to.
Load the selected file (or files).
The file is now loaded as a Library Object.
BIM Object
User Guide
 Loading Kingspan Panel Data
Loading the product data into your project environment is a once only exercise. All the data from all
Kingspan’s released panels will be loaded. So if you download more panels from the same release, you
won’t have to go through this exercise again.
Inside ArchiCAD go to
File>File Special>IFC2x3>IFC Options
Check ‘Use Configuration of extended
library part items’, then Browse and
Select the file ‘KIP Arch IFCdata.xml’
and click Open.
That’s it.
You can now view any of the product data from the
IFC Properties Tab in ‘Object Selection Settings’.
BIM Object
User Guide
 Using Kingspan BIM Objects...
Whether choosing a roof or a wall panel, the principal of using the object is the same. Roof panels are
constrained to the minimum pitch of the roof, and both roof and wall panels are constrained to the maximum
manufacturing or transportation restrictions.
…in the graphical interface
Panel length, width, height and orientation can be defined within the ‘Object Default Settings’ palette along
with 2D and 3D Pen and Material options.
Note: Kingspan BIM Objects are shipped with the default ‘Material’ set to General to acknowledge that users
have customised the colour and material pallets. Select a material for the panel from your settings. The
default pen setting is 0.13.
BIM Object
User Guide
Note: Kingspan BIM Objects are not detailed with specific finishes or colour options. Please define the colour
to suit your own modelling protocols. Colour options can be obtained from
…within the 3D object
Panel length, width, height and orientation can be defined dynamically using the purple hot spots within the
project environment.
BIM Object
User Guide
Panels are moved, copied, rotated etc through the Edit>Move command using the black hotspots.
BIM Object
User Guide
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