1967 Raleigh catalog


1967 Raleigh catalog
World famous high quality classic touring bicycle, incorporating
every feature for comfort and reliability. Standard equipment
i n c l u d e s S t u r m e y - A r c h e r 3-speed h u b w i t h t r i g g e r c o n t r o l ,
Brooks Leather Saddle, shock-stop rubber grips, Dunlop AmberWall tires, front lamp bracket, pump and touring bag.
Gents Model DL-22 available in 21” frame in Black, Burgundy
and Bronze Green and 23” frame in Black and Bronze Green.
Ladies Model DL-22L available in 21” frame in Black, Sky Blue
and Bronze Green, 19’/z” frame in Sky Blue.
Spirited addition to the Raleigh line of fine
touring bicycles is the S-speed Sprite. Built
f o r e f f o r t l e s s f u n c y c l i n g . D u a l shiftlevers give fingertip control of a 5-speed
gear range from extra-low to super-high .
gears are fully enclosed in the new patented
Sturmey-Archer S-speed hub.
Standard equipment includes Sprite whitewall tires, rear wire spring carrier, Brooks
Leather Saddle, shock-stop grips, pump and
front lamp bracket.
Boys Model DL-70 available in 21” and 23”
frame in Bronze Green.
A fine racing bicycle deserving of its rep
tion as a “Record Beater”. Equipped !
Huret IO-speed gears in 40 - 52 T. Cl
Wheel, Alloy Mudguards, Chrome Fork E
Brooks Racing Saddle, Dunlop Sprite 7
27” x I’/q”. Includes toe clips, straps, st
ina bottle plus many other deluxe featt
M o d e l D L - 7 3 h a s 22’/2” f r a m e In Brc
The mark of a Real Raleigh is the Heron Crest and o
exact specifications and with all the special quality fe;
U n m a t c h e d Flamboyant C o l o r Flnlshes
s t a n d a r d o n a l l R a l e i g h M o d e l s , i s achie;ei
through an exclusive 5 step electrostatic coat.
i n g p r o c e s s w i t h l a y e r s o f p r i m e r . . bonderi z e d r u b b e r . undercoat and 2 coats of
high gloss finishing lacquer.
FiNlSH - R a l e i g h e n a m e l i n g a n d nickelxhromium plating are recognized the world over as
the finest due to the rust proofing method and
over 90 years experience in the world market.
FRAMES- Made of highly tensiled (2030) steel
tubing joined by lugs fitted with inner liners . . .
every joint sealed and precision-brazed to hold
* lifetrme.
FORKS - Are of tubular steel especially designed and tapered for lightness,. maximum
d u r a b i l i t y a n d s h o c k - a b s o r b i n g resilience
indiwdual brazed-In tips insure true axle alignment identtfied b y e x c l u s i v e R a l e i g h T h i m ble Crowns.
Precision Machined through 30 separate operations features turned axle and cups fully
lined with individual ball bearings for frictionfree operation.
RIMS - All steel, section tubular Raleigh pattern rims for extra strength.
MOVING PARTS - Every moving part is fully
b a l l b e a r i n g w i t h machined c o n e s a n d c u p s .
Parts remain tight and dirt free.
N e w - d e s i g n R a l e i g h DlfFtA+SPEEO w h e e l s
Standard on all Rodeo bikes . are built for
speed as well as rough riding. Special Raleigh
Pattern Sectional rims for super strength and
extra-spoked rear wheel. DURA-SPEED Wheels
are the toughest and fastest set of bike wheels
;ntl;o,Tires a r e H e a v y - D u t y TRAKWAY b y
----v .,--m w----e.
AN Raleigh made bicycles bearing this factory affixed emblem are UNCONDITIDNALL~
against all defects in material and workmanship anThere- rn the world a n d R&I,
without cost any Raleigh made part which is found de ectlve in manufacture.
This -guarantee is alternative to any rights in law and dues not cover defects from
;: misuse nor defects In products not manufactured by us, nor dealer labor charges or
JDIwhmhLE VA. 23QO3 CL e-2177

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