December - TX Chapter C


December - TX Chapter C
December, 2010
Friends for Fun, Safety & Knowledge
“C” The Country
Chapter Directors: Phil & Annette Lockler 281-422-9473 Mail to: [email protected]
CHAPTER “C”’s Monthly Social Gatherings are held on
the 1st Thursday of each month,
7:30 p.m. at the Cedar Bayou Community Center, 7711
Hwy 146, Baytown, Texas
One mile South of I-10 East
Page 2 – Chapter C Team
Page 3 – CD Corner
Page 4 – Word from our ACD
Page 5 – Couple of the Year
Page 6 – Rider Education
Page 7 – The Chatter Room
Page 8 – Ride to Moosehead Cafe
Page 9 – Texas Honor Ride
Page 10 – Sartin’s Seafood Restaurant
Page 11 – Editor’s Notes
Page 12 – Chapter Merchandise
Page 13 – Article on a Bad Day
Page 14 – GWRRA, Region, District Events
Page 15 – Regional & National Teams
Page 16 – GWRRA National News
Page 17 – By the Book
Page 18 – December Calendar
Page 19 – January Calendar
held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:00
p.m. at the Golden Corral on Garth Rd in,
Baytown, TX.
(Northeast sector, behind the restaurant)
Chapter C Team – 2010
Chapter Directors
Phil & Annette Lockler
[email protected]
Chapter Treasurer
Flavia Lopez
[email protected]
Asst. Chapter Directors
Buddy & Shirley Ward
(281) 426-2589
[email protected]
Chapter Educator
Harold & Diane DeLoach
[email protected]
Couple of the Year
David & Kathy Sailer
[email protected]
Refreshment Coordinator
Bill & Johnelle Woods
[email protected]
Merchandise Coordinator
Phone Tree Coordinator
Judy Ferguson
(281) 328-2936
[email protected]
Member Enhancement Coordinator
Connie Williams
[email protected]
Ken & Jo DeFoor
[email protected]
Sunshine Couple
Margie & Charles Lyons
[email protected]
Scrapbook Coordinator
Karen Guidry
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor
Annette Lockler
[email protected]
Web Master
Rick & Sherry Lowe
[email protected]
Texas District Team – 2010
Texas District Website
District Directors
Fred & Mandy Mew
[email protected]
Assistant Distrist Director
Mark & Lynn Heene
[email protected]
District Educators
Chet Roby and Maria Collins
[email protected]
District Trainer
Lynn Heene
[email protected]
Texas Dist. ‘2010 Couple of the Year
Dave & Jean Simmons
[email protected]
District Treasurer
Leona McDade
[email protected]
Membership Enhancement Div.
Carolyn Barton
[email protected]
Asst. District MEC
Donna Holley
940-231-4026 cell
[email protected]
Mandy Mew
[email protected]
District Vendor Coordinators
Don & Linda Holley
[email protected]
District Adm. Support/Security
District Webmaster
Mark Heene
[email protected]
Page 2
Terry McDade
[email protected]
CD Corner
Phil & Annette Lockler
Chapter Directors
Master Tour Riders 4907 & 4908
The months have just sped by and now the holiday season is here. There is truth to that old
saying… time flies when you’re having fun. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving
with family and friends and you’re ready for Christmas and all festivities that surround the
season. All of us have so much to be thankful for, especially our Chapter C family. Each of
you is special to us and we are thankful for each and every one of you.
It’s been a busy year for Chapter C; we’ve have had some great rides; eaten some good food
wherever we went; donated our time, money and energy to those less fortunate; all the while, practicing the
GWRRA motto “Friends for fun, Safety and Knowledge”.
Chapter C is experiencing new people coming to the chapter and GWRRA. There are several reasons for that,
but it’s mostly YOU, the chapter. You are inviting people you meet to come ride with us. It doesn’t get any
better than that. Those of you who are new participants we encourage you to become involved in every aspect
of our chapter. That’s the way to really become part of our chapter family life.
There isn’t much riding planned for the month of December. We have our Christmas Party on December 4 th,
the Toy Run Wrap party is the next day then the following Saturday is the Toy Run. If you haven’t participated
in this event, now is the time. For some children the gift we give may be their only one they receive. We
benefit as well, because we have so much fun. Don’t forget that we moved the planning meeting up a week.
We’ll meet on December 14th to see what we can put on the calendar for January. For new participants, we
have a special ride on January 1st.
On New Year’s Day we have the Polar Bear Ride. That’s the way to start the New Year.
As Chapter Directors, we will continue taking classes to develop our communication skills; we will listen to
where you want to ride; laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry. It’s been a great year and we believe
next year will be even better.
Finally, Annette and I want to thank each and every one of you for your part in making this another memorable,
fun, safe and successful year for Chapter C.
Phil & Annette Lockler
Page 3
Assistant Chapter Directors
Buddy & Shirley Ward
Wow! It doesn’t seem like it’s been a whole year since I’ve said that to anyone. But, here
we are with Christmas in our face and a New Year coming in fast. I love the holidays, with the family and
friends get togethers, the baking and cooking, the shopping and decorating. It is a very busy time of year. I
live with a “scrooge” who says I go overboard every year in everyway. I have to admit it is true, but that is my
gift to myself. To shop and bake and give to people I love, gives me great pleasure. It makes me happy to
see the smiles, hear the laughter and get the hugs and kisses, especially from our grandchildren, when I have
brought a little bit of joy to them. Of course it seems that it gets harder and harder every year. With the
influence of modern technology in our everyday lives it seems they all “need more”. Ha-ha! The oldest
grandkids are now teen-agers and have so much more than their parents had as teens and even more than
what I had as a teen. The younger ones have things that I can’t even figure out how to use or why it is needed.
But that seems to be the way it is in every family. And yes, the holiday spirit all seems very commercialized
and superficial to a degree, but it is a time of making new memories and reflecting on those of the past and
remembering the real reason for the season. I hope that we get to see each of you at our Chapter Christmas
Party and that you all have a very Merry Christmas.
Here we are at the end of 2010. It is unbelievable how fast time has gone by. It has been a busy year for
everyone and the chapter. We have had lots of good meetings and planning meetings. We have had a lot of
good and fun rides – we have enjoyed a lot of good food and fellowship with fellow members. We have even
participated in several benefits and many rides for charity and/or fundraisers. We have had several new
members to join us and several old members to come back.
We are faced now with a new year – new opportunities – new challenges – new plans and goals. We look
forward to the fun and fellowship we’ll have with old friends and new friends we’ve made last year and the ones
we’ll add to our friend list this year. We’ll continue to miss the old friends that we have lost this past year to
illness and death, as well as those that have gone in different directions.
While we are comfortable with our old things and old ways, it’s always fun to do something new. I am always
excited and look forward to a new year. With the New Year it seems like we get another chance to do the
things we never got around to doing in the old year. I guess that’s why we make “new year resolutions”.
Newness adds enthusiasm and positivity to our lives. New ideas are a big welcome to your Chapter C Staff.
We need new ideas and new rides, new places to ride to and new places to eat at. We need new people to
help with some of the positions and tasks that need to be filled every year. It’s hard to keep a chapter alive
without new ideas and new people and new things to do. So please be assured that we would welcome
anything new that you could offer up. Help us make this new year of 2011 a good one.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
Your friends for fun, safety and knowledge
Buddy and Shirley Ward
Page 4
Couple of the Year
David & Kathy Sailer
It's been real nice riding weather, and we haven't
done enough of it because of different reasons.
We hope everyone has been getting some riding in,
and getting ready for the busy Christmas season.
We're looking forward to all the fun things The
Chapter has planned for Christmas, our Christmas
Party, Toy Run and all the great things to look
forward to.
helpful. When you have 16 grandkids and 12
spouses to buy for, that is when the fun begins. I
keep a running list of the items that I buy so I don't
get too confused. Thanksgiving was great, it got
better when Kathy got home from work, and did her
magic in the kitchen. We didn't eat until a little after
5, but everything was real good, thanks for the
dressing Annette.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and
enjoyed Black Friday. Black Friday for us, was
getting out around 9:00 a.m. and putting up with the
rain, cool temperatures, and can't forget about the
crowds. The crowds weren't as bad as we were
anticipating, of course going to the store that late
might had something to do with that. We weren't
trying to get anything special, so managed to get
some early morning deals. Also we managed to go
to the outlet center off of 290, that was when we
were reminded of how rude and discourteous some
people can be, but the employees were extra
We would like to take this opportunity to thank
everyone for their support and encouragement this
past year. It's kinda sad that the year has ended,
but it gives someone else the opportunity to have
the fun we have had. It was a pleasure
representing The Chapter, and hope the next
Couple Of The Year enjoys it as much as we did. It
was a great opportunity to meet new people and
having support from all of you.
Riding safe, often, and having fun.
David and Kathy
(Submitted by Mark S. from TX-N2)
On behalf of all of the other military men and women who are deployed overseas, I hope that you will take a
minute to do this.
If you go to this web site,, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it
and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to a
member of the armed services.
How AMAZING it would be, if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! It is FREE and it only takes just
10 seconds. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against
the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them.
It’s a wonderful way to say thank you. Please take the time and please pass this opportunity on for others to do
as well.
We can never say enough thank you’s. Thanks for taking to time to support our military!
Page 5
Chapter Rider Education
Harold & Diane DeLoach
GWRRA Chapter C-TX
Baytown, Texas
Master Tour Riders #6399 & 6460
This is the time of year to
be festive, and generally
have a good time with
family, and friends. So
many holidays in such a
short period of time makes for much to do.
Everyone has a multitude of things on their mind.
Because of this we all need to be more careful of
mistakes by others that can affect us, especially in
traffic, but also in the checkout line. A little bit of
“give and take” goes a long way.
It’s also good to remember that some of the
people you interact with, on the road, and in the
stores, may have had too much to drink. Don’t let
those who need to be numb take the fun out of your
Besides the big three holidays of the season, Diane
and I also have both of our birthdays, and an
anniversary in December. Maybe that’s why I
sympathize with others who have a lot going on.
Hope everyone has a good and safe New Year.
See you in January.
October Safe Mileage is 7,892
Page 5
The Chatter Room
December Birthday’s
Diane DeLoach
Harold DeLoach
December Anniversaries
Robert & Angela Cherry
Robert & Sue Offenbacher
Ron & Donna Perry
Harold & Diane DeLoach
Harold would like to thank the
Chapter for the card and all the
thoughts and prayers. He saw
the Dr. that did the surgery this
past Wednesday and was told
that everything went fine. He still
has a few limitations. He still has to wait about 2
weeks before he can ride the bike again; the good
news is that he can start driving the car now.
(Thank the stars above). He doesn't like the fact
that he can’t lift no more that 25 pounds and that he
has to wait a month before he can return to jogging.
Knowing his attitude, this will not set to well with
him. If there is anything different I will let you folks
Harold is currently suffering from PMS.
(Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)
November Attendance
Our Social Gathering on November 4th was a
good one. We had 27 members present, and
there were 8 visitors. Terry & Maggie Sims
came to talk about the Toy Run for foster
At the Planning Meeting on November 23rd we
had 19 participants and 1 visitor.
Page 6
Social Gathering Prize Winners
Paul Guidry won several micro clothes
Annette Lockler won a picture frame & candle
Paul Guidry won the 50/50 $67.50
Watch for more information on
CPR/First Aid classes coming
after the first of the year.
Ride to Crockett
October 30, 2010
Harold and I had planned a ride to Crockett for the group to enjoy
some beautiful scenery and have a great lunch since this would be his
last ride for about two months. Crockett is North of Houston about 138
miles, but we took the scenic route and went 169 miles. We left the
Cracker Barrel about 8:00am with nine bikes. We picked up one bike
in Dayton about 8:30am, making 10 bikes in all going to Crockett. I
was cold when we left the Cracker Barrel but warmed up by the timed
we arrived. When we got there we found Steve & Judy Ferguson,
along with Pat & Berta Burgess who said that they would meet us
there. Much to our surprise Willie & Diana Hodson, who are one of the
new couples to join the Chapter, were there to meet us also.
Two of our newest couples were on the ride with us. This shows
how interested in being in the Chapter they all are.
Twenty-one people in all ate lunch at the “Moosehead Café”.
Everyone seemed to have a good time. When we got ready to
leave everyone went a different way. Quite a few of us wanted to
get home the fastest way we could so we could sit on something
that wasn’t moving.
Harold and I came 90 to the Beltway to get home when much to
our surprise we saw
seven loose horses
eating some grass
right beside the road.
Several people called 911 including us but when the Police arrived
there was nothing they could do. Finally someone showed up that
knew what to do. One of the Harris County Constables that came to
help brought some horse food and led them back to the lot where
they belonged. Harold along with some other by-standers helped, I
helped by directing traffic. After all the horses were back where they
belonged, we headed home.
Do you plan you vacation around GWRRA Conventions?
If you need a place to travel to, think about going to a GWRRA Convention (formerly known as rallies).
Beginning around March, the convention season starts and most of what is available for us is within easy riding
distance. March 26th is Region A Convention and it will be held in Plano. The next big one will be the
Louisiana District Convention on April 7-9th in Lafayette. Following that is our Texas District Rally on May 1214th in Killeen. Then there’s the big one. Wingding 33 will be July 6-9th in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Put these dates on your calendar and start making plans now. Join in the fun!
Page 8
November 13, 2010
Friday night we packed up the bike for the Texas Honor Ride in San Antonio,
TX. When we woke up that morning it was cold and raining. We put on our
rain gear and left for the Cracker Barrel to meet up with the rest of the riders
13 of us 4 bikes and 3 trikes. It was still dark, cold and raining as we set out
to the park and ride on the west side of Houston. We got there early enough
to almost get at the front of the line. Everyone checked in, got coffee, donuts and after the drivers meeting we
loaded up and drove to Buc-ee’s for the fuel stop. It rained about half way to Buc-ee’s and finally the sun came
out. After fueling we headed to the rest area to meet up with the rest of the riders that came from different
parts of Texas.
We left the rest area around 11:15am and the
weather was good the rest of the way to our
destination. As we got closer to San Antonio on
the overpasses we saw Veterans waving flags
and saluting us as we went by. I got to say that
was awesome that they would take out time to
greet us, and I believe it touched all of us.
When we got to the Brook Army Medical Center
we found the BBQ line. The BBQ was provided
by Rudy’s we all thought it was good and then
went to the freezer for Blue Bell ice cream. We
stayed for the ceremonies where they raised
We headed to the Rodeway Inn where most of
us were staying. After checking in everyone
agreed to meet at the trolley pickup around 4pm
to go to the River Walk. We walked around for
awhile and decided to eat Mexican for some
more food, fun and chit chat. After dinner we went to the mall and looked around. We took the trolley back to
the hotel and said our good nights and decided to meet for breakfast at LuLu’s next door at 7am. When we
got there we found out they had a 5 lb. cinnamon roll so Shirley ordered it and shared it with all of us. Buddy
said it was OK but Shirley makes the best cinnamon rolls so maybe some day we will all find out. HINT HINT.
Needless to say we could not finish it because we ordered breakfast also.
So around 8:30 we loaded up and headed back to Houston it was cloudy but only felt a few drops of rain but
not enough to stop and put the rain gear on. We made good time coming back at
Buddy’s speed as they say.
It was a good trip except for the rain at the beginning but we will be honored to do it
again next year.
Vicki Fea
Page 9
Sartin’s Seafood Restaurant in Nederland
November 20, 2010
We met at the Cracker Barrel at 10:30 am ready to ride to Nederland. We got a surprise because Alexie &
Flavia had bought a beautiful burgundy Stallion. So we had to talk about & look at it. When we left there were
14 of us and to avoid going I-10 we went the long way, down 90. We picked up Charles Lyons in Liberty. It
was a beautiful day, which makes for very nice riding.
I can remember years ago we went to Sartin’s, it was down a long remote road. By
today’s standards the restaurant was primitive. We sat at long tables with lots of
paper towels and garbage cans at the end. The restaurant is still set up the same but
it’s much nicer. When we arrived, they were ready for us. Most people ordered the
special, which was all you can eat. There was plenty on the plate so not many
seconds were ordered. When we left, still wanting to avoid I-10, we came back on
Hiway 73.
It was a good day for a ride,
Annette Lockler
Page 10
Editor’s Notes
Annette & Phil Lockler
Texas Mid-Winter Roundup
Mid-Winter Roundup is for all Texas GWRRA
members, especially current staff/team
members. In addition to dealing with annual
business, there will be orientation classes for
current and prospective team members.
Make plans to attend now!
Saturday, January 15, 2011
Remember Our Safety Is Your Responsibility.
Recommended Riding Apparel for all
Chapter C Rides:
1. DOT Safety approved helmet.
2. Proper eye protection
3. Boots, jeans or leather pants and long sleeve
shirt or riding suit, rain gear, full fingered gloves.
(shorts and tennis shoes are not proper clothing
when riding a motorcycle. Do so at your own risk
and preferably not on a chapter ride.)
This protocol is only a suggestion and for your
safety in an activity that is inherently risky.
Killeen Civic & Conference Center
3601 S. WS Young Drive
Killeen, Texas 76542
Phone: 254-501-3888
Host Hotel: Shilo Inn
(Next door to the Civic & Conference Center)
3701 South W.S. Young Drive
Killeen, Texas 76542-2805
Phone: 254-247-3133
Director of Sales = Donna Fischbach
Phone Number is 254-699-0999
Mid-Week Dinner Ride
November 11, 2010
On Veterans Day, Chapter C had 18 members that
met at the Tuscany Italian Restaurant. The food
was good and everyone enjoyed themselves. We
weren’t rowdy, but I don’t think the owners knew
what to make of us. The next time we meet like
this, during the week, come join us because we
have a great time.
Don’t forget to pay your GWRRA dues!
Page 11
Support our advertisers. They support us by
helping to pay for publishing this newsletter.
Please let them know you appreciate their
support when you shop with them.
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2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup Miracle Whip (I have used both MW and
Mix all ingredients together, then pour into an oiled
iron skillet. Bake at 425 for 20-25 minutes or until
very brown.
Official chapter merchandise is available at each chapter
Collared Chapter Shirts
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Clearance Items
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S – XL
“Since 1972”
Installation of Wood Fences
Call for free estimates
Page 12
A Bad Day Is All In Your Head… It’s All About Perception
Woke up feeling blue? Does it feel like a 'bad day'
today? Hold that thought - for it's all probably just in
your Head says a new study. There's an actual
science behind why a bad day happens, according to
Peter J. Bentley, PhD., author of “Why Sh*t Happens:
The Science of a Really Bad Day.”
as hard. However, if you turn your body sideways, the
wind or water rushes past with minimal resistance.
Being nice and radiating positivity is equivalent to
turning your body sideways. Others' negative energy
will flow past you so you waste no energy dealing with
that situation.
"Those who have a negative attitude are more likely
to endow normal little mishaps with some mystical
Significance,” The New York Daily News quoted
Bentley as telling
suggestion: Describe what you feel in three words.
Then move on. Simply condensing one’s feelings into
a word or three can cut back on the effect of negative
emotions. Rethink the events, and try to find what
good came out of it.
2. Your Feelings: How do you feel every morning? Do
you wake up eager to face your day? Are you excited to
get to work and do something meaningful or touch base
with your coworkers? Does the thought of seeing your
children get you hopping out of bed eager to face the
day? Or do you get up dreading facing your boss? Want
just a few minutes sleep until the kids come in and you
have to deal with them? Would you rather lay in Bed
another hour or another day than deal with the world?
Your feelings set the stage for the type of day and Life
you will have. You have to get up excited to face the
Bear in mind that whatever happened five minutes
ago does not have any bearing on what will happen in
the next five minutes. And of course, talking to a
friend always helps – but be careful not to overturn
your anger and frustration onto them.
1. Your Perception: It starts with your perception of
the world around you. How do you react to your
environment? A good example of this is in young
children who have not had the life experience of
adults and often tease or make fun of other children. If
you look closely, you'll notice that they rarely pick on
kids who are not bothered. They almost always pick
on kids who are bothered because they are looking
for that reaction to feed something inside themselves
that they do not get elsewhere. If you react negatively
to people (which more often than not are the cause of
the bad situations), then more attacks will come your
way so those people can feed off your negative
reaction. On the other hand, if you react positively or
don't react at all, you will soon see that the negative
people in your life will take less of an interest in you. If
they are in a negative space, they want you there too.
If you won't join them, they will stop trying and find
someone who will. As the saying goes, "misery loves
company." If you cannot perceive a loving, caring
world you will forever experience a life of 'bad days.'
Start changing your perception today. When faced
with someone negative, don't get sucked in. Instead,
react positively and show them love and
understanding. It may drive you crazy at first because
you will want to put up your shields and fight. But it is
easier to let energy flow past you than to put up a wall
and resist it. Imagine standing in a river or a gust of
wind and you face it head on. You feel its force
pushing against you and you have to push back just
Page 13
Find something that you love to do and set aside time
right when you get up to do that one thing. Do you like
to run, meditate, knit or watch a TV show? If you know
that upon getting up you will get to do that thing, it will
help to set the tone for the rest of your day.
3. Your Energy: This may sound very similar to your
feelings but there is a difference. At first when you are
in a negative energy state it takes conscious effort and
energy to elevate yourself to a higher energy state
where you radiate happiness. As you practice feeling
good and perceiving a caring world, your energy will get
higher and higher. Soon you won't have to perceive a
happy world because you will live in a happy world.
4. Your Faith: What do you believe you should
experience day to day life? Do you believe that life is a
struggle and you need to fight your way through? Or do
you believe life should be easy and you should get
everything easily? This is the hardest part to truly build.
Faith is the most powerful and solid way to build an
easy life. Perceptions change day to day, feelings go up
and down and your energy varies. Over time you can
get them all in sync with your life's goals. But when you
believe, when you have faith that you deserve the easy
life and to have it all go your way, then it comes easily.
If you see yourself having bad day after bad day, try to
ask yourself why you do this to yourself. Then try to
change your perception, feelings, energy and finally
your faith. Once you do, you'll be seen as one of the
"lucky Ones” by your friends who haven’t found the way
EVENTS for 2011
January 29
Texas Officer Certification
Y.O. Ranch Resort Hotel
Kerrville, Texas
Lynn Heene
February 19
Horizon Program
Deer Park Msonic Lodge 1362
2809 Center St.
Deer Park Texas
Lynn Heene
[email protected]
March 12
Chapter C Rally
Cove Community Center
Cove Texas
[email protected]
April 2
Chapter O Convention
Lady Bird Johnson Municipal
Fredericksburg, Texas
Kathy or Randy Reese
[email protected]
April 29 & 30
Chapter O2
Heart of Wings Convention
Brownwood, Texas
Rick & Alyce Dietly
[email protected]
May 12-14
Texas District Convention
Killeen Civic & Conference Ctr.
Killeen, Texas
Fred & Mandy Mew
[email protected]
Phil & Annette Lockler
January 15
Mid Winter Roundup
Killeen Civic & Conference
Center Killeen, Texas
March 24-26
Region H Convention
Plano Civic Center
Plano, Texas
April 7
Louisiana District
Lafayette Louisiana
May 12-14
Texas District Convention
Killeen Civic & Conference
Center Killeen, Texas
Fred and Mandy Mew
[email protected]
Fred and Mandy Mew
[email protected]
This information is provided for the convenience of Chapter C members. Information is obtained from the Texas District web page and other
sources. No warranty is made with respect to the accuracy of any information on this page, the calendar pages, or any other page in this
newsletter, and the staff of Chapter C shall not be held liable if any information is incorrect. You are advised to verify the accuracy of this
information prior to attending any listed event. This information is subject to change without notice. Rev. July 17, 2008.
Are you a member of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (the GWRRA)? If not, then you
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magazine, the Gold Book Member Directory, Towbusters Emergency road-side Assistance
Program, Affinity Credit Card Program, USA hotel discounts, and much more…Call any staff
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Page 17
National Team
Region H Team
Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the
Board/Founder Paul Hildebrand
[email protected]
Region Director/Patches & Pins
Harry and Joan Dollarhide [email protected]
Director Mike Stiger [email protected]
Asst Region Director/Region Trainer
Steve & Carolyn Cotton [email protected]
Chief Operating Officer Melissa Eason
[email protected]
Marketing Director Ed Price [email protected]
2010-2011 International Couple of the Year
Fred & Mandy Mew [email protected]
Member Enhancement Coordinator
John and Lena Bryant [email protected]
Educator, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor
John and Lydia Bourg [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Treasurer/Chapter of the Year Coord.
Ed and Ann Nahl [email protected]
2010-2011 Couple of the Year
Steve and Faye Alexander [email protected]
Medic/First Aid Coordinator
Steve and Terri Bockhaus [email protected]
Motorist Awareness Coordinator
Bill and Jennie McBride [email protected]
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GWRRA National News
It is an honor to announce the appointment of John and
Lydia Bourg as Assistant International Directors of
Rider Education.
John and Lydia are currently serving the members as the
Region H Educators and will continue to do so, in addition
to their new duties on the International Team. These duties
will include the development of the new Rider Education
Database. The appointment is effective immediately.
Way to go John and
Lydia!! Texas is very
proud of you!!
Please join us in welcoming John and Lydia to the Team.
Gene and Betty Knutson
International Directors, Rider Education GWRRA
These Chapter Directors as well as past directors of Chapter C have known John & Lydia for as long
as they have been involved with GWRRA. They have taught developed and have been completely
committed to GWRRA and its mission. It’s been a pleasure to be in one of their classes. As chapter
participants become involved with Rider Education, you will reap the results of all their hard work.
Texas District Education Weekend Results
Texas District’s “Education Weekend” on October 16th and 17th), Texas District
received positive feedback from multiple attendees noting their appreciation for the
location of the event, the classrooms and hotel accommodations, range location, and
overall hospitality of Killeen.
I would like to extend a personal and professional thank you for the instructors who volunteered their time,
talents, and wisdom, thus ensuring the opportunity of safety for all participants. The specifics are noted below.
TRC = Rodd Polk, John Bourg, and Harry Dollarhide (total number of students was 10)
ERC = Replaced GWRRA‟s ARC with MSF‟s ERC, taught by Keith George and Chet Roby (total number of
students was 10)
Co-Rider Seminar = Lydia Bourg, Greg and Cassima Dean (total number of members was 2)
Team Riding = Greg Dean (total number of members was 4)
Medic First Aid/CPR Refresher = Greg and Cassima Dean (total number of members was 4)
Motorcycle for Mature Riders = Sam Belinoski (total number of students was 11)
Trailering Seminar = Lynn Heene (total number of members was 3)
Road Captain Course = Sam Belinosk (total number of members was 1)
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By: Steve Cotton Region H Trainer
The “By the Book” articles are intended to help familiarize GWRRA Volunteer Leaders and Members with the policies, procedures, and
information contained in the GWRRA Officer’s Handbook (OHB).
Assume for just a moment that you
are out riding your Wing in the
middle of no where, just flatlands as
far as the eye can see. You notice up
ahead that there is a stop sign
coming up. Now remember that you
can see for MILES in every direction,
and there is no one in sight. Do you
still stop at that stop sign?
If you are riding with me, then YES I
will still stop at that stop sign. Why?
Because that is what you are
supposed to do all the time, not just
when someone is coming that you
We can all gather a lot of information
about a person just based on how
they drive. Do they obey the speed
limit; do they use their turn indicators
regularly when changing lanes or
making turns; do they obey the
stoplights and stop signs? I am not
saying that they are bad people if
they do not do the things mentioned
above. But, I am saying that they are
not dedicated to driving like they are
supposed to do, and learned to do. It
becomes a habit doing these things
we know we are supposed to do, and
then they become automatic every
That is the topic of this month’s
article: INTEGRITY. So what is
integrity? If you were to consult a
thesaurus, it mentions words like
veracity, reliability, and uprightness
as a few things. My dictionary also
mentions being complete as well as
these other items.
The GWRRA Officer’s Handbook
specifically mentions integrity twice
(you can do a search for any word or
topic in the Handbook).
First it is listed as one of our Core
Values on page A -2. Here is the
quotation: “Honesty, Integrity, and
Commitment are the key character
elements in developing trust and
respect within our Association.”
Page 17
The Second mention of integrity is
under the Code for Standards of
Conduct for GWRRA Officers on
page B-2. Here is that quotation:
“This code has been adopted to
promote and maintain the highest of
standards for association service and
personal conduct among its Officers.
Adherence to these standards is
necessary and will further serve to
assure Member confidence in the
integrity and fairness of all GWRRA
Sounds like a pretty good idea to me.
I have heard integrity defined as
“Doing the right thing even when no
one is watching”. The time is always
right to do what is right.
When we take an Oath of Office, or
Understanding in GWRRA, it is
integrity that guides us in completing
our duties or conducting ourselves in
the manner we agreed to. Our fellow
GWRRA Members judge us on how
we “Keep Our Word”. If the Officer’s
Handbook lists a particular manner
of operation, or a program has a
specific requirement, it becomes
obvious if we do not live up to our
oath or signed agreement.
As an example: – Qualifying for
Level IV in the Rider Education
program, wearing the patch, even
attending the Level IV breakfast at
the convention, and then not wearing
all the required safe riding gear when
you need to (All The Gear, All The
Time – ATGATT).
I remember back in 1996 when I had
my first Experienced Rider Course,
my Chapter Educator at the time who
taught the course (someone I highly
admire to this day) said that he didn’t
even back his Wing out of the garage
without his helmet and other required
Another example is: – Accepting an
Memorandum of Understanding,
taking an Oath of Office (often in
front of other Members), wearing the
patch of your Office, and then
displaying behavior that is contrary to
what you agreed to do. Participating
in a program, and/or accepting an
Officer position just for the benefit or
prestige (just to wear the patch) will
NOT display integrity! You are highly
visible and will be observed. If you
do not live up to your oath and/or
agreement, your integrity is in doubt
and your honor in question. If your
integrity is in doubt, so is your
honesty. Without integrity and
honesty, you cannot have the trust or
respect of the membership. As
Officers and Members, we should
conduct ourselves with honesty and
integrity at ALL times. There are
always convenient excuses for not
doing the right thing. “It is too hot to
wear all that equipment,” or “no one
is looking, so I will just take a
shortcut this time”, etc. Or, that age
old excuse, “Everyone else is doing
it”. I tried that excuse with my
parents when I was a teenager, and
they always replied, “What if
everyone else was jumping off a
bridge? Would you also do that?”
When you give your word (oath or
signature) you must follow through.
My grandfather used to say that his
word was all it took in an agreement
– and it was! This may seem oldfashioned, but it is essential to
establishing and maintaining our
Member’s trust.
So, let me leave you with this:
Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment
are the key character elements in
developing trust and respect within
our Association. Let’s be sure to set
the right example. The time is always
right to do what is right.
Learn Something New… Then Teach
Steve & Carolyn Cotton
Region H Trainers
December 2010
No monthly
Chapter C
Christmas on
Main Street in
Chapter C
Cove Comm Ctr
6:00 pm
Robert &
Toy Run Wrap
Party at United
Methodist Church
in LaPorte
1:30 pm
Chapter C
Meeting 7:00
Harold &
Bob &
21 Winter Begins 22
Ron &
Toy Run at
Church LaPorte
8:00/8:30 till
Diane DeLoach
New Year’s Eve Party at the Cherry’s. at
6:00 pm Map on Chapter C web site.
January 2011
Polar Bear Ride
New Year’s Day
Full Moon
Chapter C
Monthly Social
Killeen, TX
Martin Luther
King Day
Frank Fea
Game night at
the Ward’s
At 5:00 pm
Fun, Shirley’s
Cinnamon rolls &
Kathy’s Chili
Chapter C
Planning Meeting
Ken Defoor
Paul &