Newsletter – February 2014
Social Service at CitraRaya Tangerang
Tangerang – Through Corporate Social Responsibility program, PT Ciputra Residence (CR), a subsidiary of PT Ciputra
Development Tbk which operates CitraRaya Tangerang held social service (bakti sosial) in form of organizing free
medical treatment and giving away hygiene equipment for bath, wash up and cleaning in Kampung Careeneg area,
Onyam Village, Gunung Kaler Sub-district (Kecamatan), Tangerang District. It was a 2-day program, held on 6 and 7
February 2014. This time, CR worked together with Ciputra Hospital and Laskar Merah Putih of Tangerang District.
Mr. Hari Sukriyadi, Deputy General Manager of CR explained that this social service was a form of compassion of CR to
the society who was affected by flood in January 2014.
This program was held to help the flood victims and also to prevent from after flood disease. CitraRaya Tangerang has
moral responsibility to the society and cares to people who needs, especially to the flood victims.
Management of CitraRaya picked Gunung Kaler Sub-district to become the target for the distribution of relief because
this area needed the most help, especially for medical assistance. And based on guidance from Vice Regent of Tangerang
District, the help would be focused on medical help such as free check-up and distribution of bath equipment, bath gel,
toothpaste and tooth brushes, sanitary napkins and medicine.
In this program, CR donated 550 packages of hygiene bath equipment. A total of 316 people were given medical checkup and treatment with help of 2 doctors, 6 nurses and a pharmacist from Ciputra Hospital.
According to Mr. Nurdin, an officer from Gunung Kaler hospital, who was also active in the social service program, data
of the hospital showed that there were 650 patients who got disease of hives currently. “We appreciated this kind of
program, as people needed help very much. Moreover, after flood there was always disease like this. This year, number
of patients dropped from 1,300 to around 650.”
Sponsorship Enchanted Afternoon with Dana Rahardja at CitraSun Garden Semarang
Semarang – CitraSun Garden Semarang opened this year’s February with a
sponsorship event called “Enchanted Afternoon with Dana Rahardja”. The event was
held at E-Plaza Semarang, and was basically a fashion show of “batik” collection of
Dana Rahardja. Socilite and fashion designer communities, as well as special guest,
such as the Major of Semarang gathered at this event. With the theme of Enchanted
Afternoon, guests could enjoy delicious meal while the fashion show was going on.
Marketers of CitraSun Garden presented their products to the guests and then sat
and talked among them to offer the products of CitraSun Garden.
Ground Breaking of CitraDream Hotel Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta – As part of the construction of several budget hotels owned
by PT Ciputra Property Tbk, a subsidiary of PT Ciputra Development Tbk,
finally a ground breaking of CitraDream Hotel Yogyakarta was officially
conducted in February.
In the earlier plan, the ground breaking would be done on Friday, 14
February 2014, with the presence of Mr. Rudi Hartono, Project Director,
Mr. Ferdi Kawilarang, Senior Project Manager and some of local
authorities. Unfortunately, there was a disaster in Yogyakarta, that
Yogyakarta was affected by the volcano ash of Kelud Mountain. At the
end, the ground breaking event was cancelled.
Instead, the ground breaking was simply done on Sunday, 16 February 2014 and was only participated by Mr. Peter Felix,
the Project Manager, representatives of Catur Pile, the contractor and some ground staffs of CitraDream Hotel
Green Festival at CitraGarden BMW Cilegon
Cilegon – Carrying the concept of Green Festival that involved
the residents of CitraGarden BMW Cilegon and got very good
responses from them, most of residents took part in the
healthy walk and aubade held on 22 February 2014. The
activity took part in the area of CitraGarden BMW’s show unit.
Together with this event was also the launching of houses in
Read Leaf cluster, which was offered with special mortgage
program from Bank Rakyat Indonesia.
Green Festival was filled with various activities, such as
exhibition, fashion show, entertainment from famous artists
and door prize give away. Event like this would become
important agenda to form community with loyal members to
Ciputra brand and would be periodically scheduled.
Inauguration of CitraLand BSB City Semarang’s Gate
Semarang – On 16 February 2014 CitraLand BSB City Semarang held an inauguration of its gate, which is the most front
point of the residential with total of 100 hectare area. The inauguration was marked with events of Lunar Festival, a
series of activities to welcome Chinese New Year. The events were rendered to people of Semarang and the greater area.
Cheers of Chinese New Year at CitraGarden Pekan Baru
Pekan Baru – In order to cheer up the Chinese New Year 2565, on
Sunday 16 February 2014 CitraGarden Pekan Baru held an event
called “Cheers of Chinese New Year with CitraGarden Pekan Baru.
In that event, CitraGarden share cheers and fund with all
consumers who have owned unit in CitraGarden as well as the
potential consumers.
The event was enlivened with singing competition for kids with
ages from 7 to 12 years old and red packet give away through red
packet tree. Singing competition was participated by some
favourite schools. It was started from 9 a.m to 5 p.m, and all the
participants were very enthusiastic to become the first winner.
For the red packet tree, kids were very happy and excited to get blessing from CitraGarden.
The event even became more fun with the attraction of lion dance which made guests and invitees amazed. People
around CitraGarden also came to the complex to watch the attraction.
All the programs went merrily, smoothly and safely. And in this event, guests and consumers were offered special price
promotion for every unit in CitraGarden purchased only in that day. It means that price offered during the event on that
day was much lower than after the event.
CitraGarden do hopes to organize more fun and cheerful event for all customers and potential customers in the
upcoming years.
CitraGarden Sidoarjo Presented Smart Home with Green Environment
Sidoarjo – Among many residential developments in Sidoarjo, East Java,
CitraGarden Sidoarjo is classified as an exclusive and strategic residential.
The location, which is in the city center of Sidoarjo, a town that is
conducive for property growth, especially for residential, has access to
many locations.
Right now, CitraGarden is developing a new cluster, Green Hill. This
premium cluster has Smart Home concept and uses modern technology,
such as underground fiber optic cable for TV cable and internet. It also
implements modern security system, such as CCTV in security pool and
boom kit at the cluster gate.
Green atmosphere becomes an advantage for this area with the presence of forest city, an area of 3,000 sqm in the
middle of the site, surrounded by tropical flowers with various colours. All this will not only give sense to perfect and
exotic of nature, but also fulfill the needs of oxygen. And to facilitate and increase the healthy life style, this cluster is
equipped with sport area, such as jogging track, outdoor fitness, bicycle line and children playground. All this facilities
complete the water park facilities, which was already there.
CitraGarden is managed by professional estate management, which concerns to hygiene environment, secure and
comfort residential. This new cluster will become trend setter for design tropical modern residence, as well as icon of
smart home in Sidoarjo.
Green Hill cluster is designed exclusively with the concept of Tropical Modern Smart Homes in Simplicity, which is
translated into 14 types of house with elegant and contemporary design. Offered in limited units, Green Hill is
developed with natural material that exposed natural granite and wood element. Every façade of the house shows
modern character with grand tropical architecture touch. The façade is decorated with geometrical lines of vertical and
horizontal in elements such as trellis, gate, balcony or even the texture of natural granite.
Starting early this year, CitraGarden is aggressive to catch up with the target sales by offering houses in this Green Hill
cluster at minimum price of Rp 850 million. Targeting businessmen and professionals, CitraGarden gives interesting
offering, such as the freedom in choosing payment method of mortgage, in-house financing or even the combination of
those. Moreover, downpayment starts at 10%, in-house financing can be installed in 27 times, discount up to Rp 300
million and additional bonus of tens million of Rupiah.
This marketing promotion is come with the open house in project location, that affects sales increase about 30% till now.
“Slim with Acupuncture” Seminar at Ciputra Mall Jakarta
Jakarta – Klub Mama of Ciputra Mall Jakarta, together with Grand
Family Mother and Child Hospital (Rumah Sakit Ibu dan Anak)
organized a seminar with the theme of “Slim with Acupuncture” on
Saturday, 22 February 2014 at 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
The seminar presented Dr. Elsye as source (nara sumber) from Grand
Family Hospital, who explained about types of acupuncture, such as
acupuncture for stimulation of beauty using stimulator (akupuntur
kecantikan stimulasi dengan stimulator) and acupuncture for health
using Myofasial method (akupuntur kesehatan metode Myofasial).
She also informed about face premature aging and how to minimize it.
The seminar was ended after questions and answers session and souvenirs given to all the participants. A total of 30
participants out of 50 participants targeted took part in this seminar.
Welcoming Year of the Horse at CitraLand Denpasar with Fengshui Talk Show
Denpasar – On Sunday, 9 February 2014 CitraLand Denpasar held an
event to welcome the Year of Horse. The event was packed with
fengshui talk show by Jenie Kumala Dewi, who has academic
background in architecture and earned her master in the same field with
the topic of Fengshui Research in the Design of Suntec City Singapore.
Apart from free fengshui consultation, customers and visitors could also
watch the attraction of lion dance, took part in Chinese calligraphy and
watched ballet performance and acoustic band as well. Customers and
visitors could also taste New Year’s special dish.
For houses purchased during that event, customers would get many prizes, such as gold coin and direct prizes which
could be taken from the fortune tree. And for the price, purchasing during the event still used existing price as price
would increase starting from the day after. This means that customers who bought houses during the event would
directly get benefit on their investment from the appreciation of the price. Also, customers were offered choices of
payment method. Outstanding banks also offered special promotion for mortgage for purchasing houses at CitraLand
Denpasar with package of interest rate starting from 9.25%, free of provision fee and installment of down payment.
CitraLake Sawangan Held an Exhibition at Pondok Indah Golf
Depok – To boost marketing sales , CitraLake Sawangan held an exhibition at the driving range of Pondok Indah Golf
from 15 to 16 February 2014. During the event, promotion offered was 24-times instalment for in-house payment
method for customers.
Public Offering of “Obligasi I Ciputra Residence Tahun 2014 dengan Tingkat Bunga Tetap”
Jakarta – On 24 February 2014, PT Ciputra
Residence (CR), a subsidiary of PT Ciputra
Development Tbk announced its plan to
issue bond “Obligasi I Ciputra Residence
Tahun 2014 dengan Tingkat Bunga Tetap”
with offering size up to Rp 500 billion.
The bond has got rating A (idn) (Single A)
from Fitch Ratings Indonesia with partial
credit guarantee amounting 20% from
International Finance Corporation (IFC). IFC
is an international financial institution and is
part of World Bank Group.
This bond gave choices to society to choose: Series A (interest rate of 11.2%-12.2% per annum for 3 years), Series B
(interest rate of 11.65%-12.65% per annum for 5 years and Series C (interest rate of 11.75%-12.75% per annum for 7
years). Collateral of the bond will be guarantee from IFC amounting up to Rp 100 billion based on Guarantee Agreement
and 120% of issuance amount by fixed assets with first ranking mortgage.
All the proceeds will be used to finance low/mid-range residential property development projects and small-scale
commercial properties and Small Medium Enterprises development projects targeting to benefit the local
neighbourhood in the provinces of West Java, Banten, capital region of Jakarta, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, South
Sumatra, Jambi, Riau, South Sulawesi, West Kalimantan and South Kalimantan, by either CR of its subsidiaries through
shareholders’ loan with fair interest rate and/or capital contribution by subscription for new shares.
CR appointed PT CIMB Niaga and PT Mandiri Sekuritas as lead underwriters. Book building would be done in period of 24
February 2014 to 10 March 2014.

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