Outsider Art Fair Coverage Features Keith Pavia.


Outsider Art Fair Coverage Features Keith Pavia.
Outsider Art Fair: 10 Artists to Buy Now
February 2, 2013
By Andy Jacobsohn
The 2013 Outsider Art Fair brought exhibitors from around the world to New York over the
weekend. From Giorgos Rigas to Gayleen Aiken, see which artists from the fair you should be
picking up now.
The 21st edition of the Outsider Art Fair brought exhibitors from around the United States and
the world to three floors of Center 548 in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood over the
weekend. The Daily Beast’s Andy Jacobsohn braved the crowds of art fans and buyers to find 10
affordable artists from the fair to buy now.
Keith Pavia
Represented by the Fountain Gallery of New York, Brooklyn-based artist Keith Pavia
constructed a mixed-media sculpture using Popsicle sticks, cardboard, Q-tips, and acrylic paint
and titled the piece Space Research Facility 67. Price: $5,000.
Holly Farrell
Artist Holly Farrell of Toronto produced Barbie & Ken in a series of acrylic and oil on Masonite.
She is represented by the Garde Rail Gallery of Austin, Texas, and the selling price for her pair is
Eiichi Shibata
Yukiko Koide Presents of Tokyo presented a series by artist Eiichi Shibata. The series, ranging in
price from $950 to $1,200, is done with marker pen on paper.
Giorgos Rigas
Greek painter Giorgos Rigas, who no longer paints, showed a series of work of oil on linen titled
Hands at Work. Based in Baltimore, the C. Grimaldis Gallery lists the paintings from $6,500 to
Morton Bartlett
These works of “perfectly sculpted children” by American photographer Morton Bartlett (1909–
92) were not discovered until 1993 in his estate, now represented by New York City’s Marion
Harris gallery. The series of archived digital photographs, printed in 2010, are being sold for
$800 each, and there are are only 10 prints in the edition of each photograph.
J.J. Cromer
The American Primitive Gallery in New York represents Virginia artist J.J. Cromer. This work of
mixed media on illustration board is priced at $2,200.
Dean Millien
Represented by the League Education & Treatment Center’s LAND Gallery, Dean Millien built
this series of animals with tinfoil. The Haitian-born, Brooklyn, New York–based artist’s selection
of large and small sculptures sell for between $100 and $1,000.
Jim Bauer
Artist Jim Bauer of Northern California uses recycled metal to produce robotlike sculptures. The
Ames Gallery, of Berkeley, California, represents him and is listing these works for between
$900 and $975.
Daniel Belardinelli
American artist Daniel Belardinelli, represented by Galerie Bourbon-Lally of Petionville, Haiti,
combines mixed media in a book. Belardinelli’s books go for between $400 and $2,000.
Gayleen Aiken
American artist Gayleen Aiken (1934–2005) assembled figures from crayon, fabric, and paint on
cardboard. Her work is represented by Luise Ross Gallery of New York City and is listed for
$4,800 for each individual person and $130,000 for the entire set.