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it from the website
Watch for our Artist Residency
Louise Nevelson
1st Floor—Cortile North Wall
“Moon Garden Phoenix”
Acclaimed sculpture artist, Louise Nevelson, was commissioned
to create this sculpture from salvaged pieces of Landmark
Center to commemorate its renovation and restoration.
Bill Hosko
2nd Floor—Galleria
Local artist, Philip Blackburn, has been chosen to create
a special work of art, just for Landmark Center.
Debuting in August.
As our resident artist, his creation will become part of
Landmark Center’s permanent collection. Return to
Landmark Center to experience his work.
“Daybreak in Rice Park”
Saint Paul artist Bill Hosko captured the first rays of sun on a
wintry morning in Saint Paul’s historic Rice Park. Did you know
that Rice Park pre-dates New York’s Central Park by one year?
Artist Unknown
2nd Floor—South Stair
“Lady of the Fountain”
This French bronze, circa 1905, once graced the courtyard of
Saint Paul’s City Hall Park. The artist and foundry are unknown,
but her classically inspired beauty and gracefulness endure.
Merry DeCourcy
Philip Blackburn
Philip is a public artist specializing in
sound; a composer/environmental
sound-artist who explores the use of
sound in public art.
Courtrooms 408 & 430
& 1st Floor—Cortile South Wall
“Chief Justice Warren E. Burger” • “Justice Harry A. Blackmun”
“The Honorable John B. Sanborn” • “Elizabeth Willet Musser”
Merry’s original oil paintings have captured some of the most
influential and prominent figures who have called Saint Paul home.
Cecilia Schiller
1st Floor—5th St. Entrance
“A Cultural Marketplace”
Cecilia’s forté is engineering and crafting automata. She sculpts
wood to create objects or scenes that come to life to tell a story
and delight the viewer. Turn the hand-crank to set it in motion.
Exhibit Guide
Works of Art
Within a ‘Work of Art’
Anna Metcalfe
June 9 - August 31, 2016
1st Floor—Cortile South Stair
“Letters to Landmark”
Anna was Landmark Center’s 2015 Summer Arts Discovery
resident artist and created, “Letters to Landmark.” Anna invited
everyone to share their memories and stories about this
beloved landmark in “letters” that were transferred onto
handmade porcelain envelopes, which are suspended on a
metal grid of Saint Paul. Her art recalls the building’s days as
the Post Office for the area.
Summer Arts Discovery is generously funded by the
Mardag Foundation, the F.R. Bigelow Foundation,
and the Saint Paul Cultural Star Program
Located on the 1st Floor or visit:
Discover Art ... in a Work of Art
Cecilia Schiller
“Catch A Wave”
North Gallery
Angela Davis
Central Stair - 1st Landing
Perpetual Ping-Pong! This hands-on art is
representative of “automata”: a machine
designed to follow a predetermined sequence of
operations. Turn the crank and ride the wave!
Asia Ward
North Gallery
“Puddle and Grass”
Chris Williams
“Untitled: #1 #2 #3”
North Gallery
“Lost in Space”
Man and myth come together in this prehistoric
depiction of a horse long since gone...or did it ever
exist? After reading the exhibit decide!
Keren Kroul
Polygons and parallelograms are rigid, familiar, and
conventional boundaries. Chris does not let those
conventions of conformity constrain his freedom of
St. Paul Slim
East Balcony
“Cloud Violet”
South Balcony
“United Front #6”
Lost in an electronic world of her own, this young
lady is oblivious to us and the world around her.
Texting, Snapchat, Instagram: it’s a whole new
universe. Life influences art.
Ann Klefstad
North Balcony
“Mesohippus Mirabilis”
Angela captures the special bond between brothers,
whether siblings, or ‘brothers’ in a greater community.
Family is family.
You’ll never look at a “mere” puddle the same way.
It’s an eco-system unto itself, bursting with depth
and life. Look deep into the topography of this
Judd Nelson
Michael Bahl
Unity brings hope, progress, understanding, and peace.
Slim’s work truly unites our community. Look closely:
the entire background is comprised of the signatures,
tags and messages of others.
Is it a mosaic? An essay on geometry? Eight
individual works of art? You are the beholder what do you see?
Sharol Nau
South Stair Landing
“White Goldbach”
Prime numbers. Geometry. Patterns. Goldbach’s
Conjecture becomes art on canvas. Not good at
math? Not to worry. Art doesn’t ask us to “know”…
only to think and experience.
North Lobby
“Living Room”
If the world is home to man and beast, then there
can be no doubt that for many creatures the
forest is, indeed, the best room in the house.
*On exhibit after June 15.
The Schubert Club Museum 2nd Floor—Galleria
Enter The Schubert Club Museum and be
overwhelmed by a virtual “cyclone” of musical
instruments! See how many instruments you can
identify on this massive work of art!
Free admission. Open gallery hours.
The Gallery of Wood Art
“Meet” the artists selected by jury to exhibit in Summer
Arts Discovery this season. You’ll have an opportunity to
offer your written remarks and comments as well as
vote for your favorite piece of art!
2nd Floor—Galleria
The American Association of Woodturners’
Gallery of Wood Art features intricate and
exquisitely turned objects of art.
Free admission. Open gallery hours.
Norman Andersen
North End—Hallways
“Normified” • “Cabin Fever”
Art in miniature! The diorama (an art form
especially beloved by schoolchildren) invites us
into the artist’s world where objects glow and
whimsy abounds.
Landmark Center: “A Work of Art...Serving People”