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PDF - Nabors Industries Ltd.
PACE -B Series Rig
With its new
PACE®-B Series Rig,
Nabors continues
to advance
industry standards
in drilling technology
and innovation.
Introducing the PACE®-B Series Rig
The new
PACE®-B Series Rig
from Nabors features
a unique moving system
that allows rigs to move from
wellhead to wellhead quickly
and efficiently when
drilling on a pad.
D ra w w o r k s
1,500-horsepower AC drawworks powered by two (2) 1150 HP AC motors featuring regenerative AC braking. Autodrill functionality utilizing the AC motors.
P o w e r G e n e ra t i o n
Three (3) – Caterpillar 3512C engines rated at 1,476 horsepower, each
driving one (1) Kato 1365 KW generator, for a total of 4,428 horsepower.
AC power generation, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and MCC unitized in
a single house.
• 147-ft. high cantilever mast manufactured to API-4F specification.
• Maximum static hook load capacity of 800,000 lbs. on 12 lines.
Box-on-box substructure with 25-ft. floor height and 21-ft. clear height
under the rotary beams. Substructure is rated for 800,000 lbs. rotary
load simultaneous with a 500,000 lbs. setback load. The substructure is
designed to accommodate a Columbia Walking System that can move the
complete rig with full set back between wells.
Driller’s Control
Climate controlled driller’s cabin provides integrated joystick control utilizing
PLC technology. Touch screen controls provide state-of-the-art monitoring,
control of rig equipment and drilling parameters.
Mud Pumps
Two (2) 1,600-horsepower mud pumps. Each is powered by one (1) 1,500-horsepower AC motor; pumps are equipped with hydraulic liner retention and pump rod
Mud Tanks
Two (2) tank system total capacity approximately 1,000 bbls; four (4) 6” X 8” centrifugal pumps powered with 75 HP motors. 100-bbl trip tank (2 x 50 bbl compartments).
Solids Control
• Two (2) M-I SWACO Mongoose PT Dual Motion Adjustable Shakers.
• One (1) NOV Brandt DSN-2V-10CTX Desander rated at 1000 gpm.
• One (1) NOV Brandt DSLR-16GG-4CTX Desilter rated at 1040 gpm.
W a t e r S t o ra g e
Two (2) 500-bbl water tanks.
F u e l S t o ra g e
One (1) 15,000-gallon diesel tank.
T ra v e l i n g B l o c k
500-ton traveling block, grooved for 1-3/8’’ drill line.
Top Drive
Canrig 1250 AC, 500-ton top drive system powered by a single 1150 HP AC motor.
Continuous torque rating of 51,400 ft.-lbs. at 118 rpm.
Iron Roughneck
Canrig TORQ-MATIC™ fully automated floor wrench with PLC control. Remote controlled capability allows the unit to be operated from the driller’s console or from
various rig floor locations. Pipe range is 2-3/8” to 8-1/2”. The maximum Torque
Make-Up is 60,000 ft.-lbs. The maximum Torque Break-Out is 80,000 ft.-lbs.
Automated Catwalk
• Canrig’s 3000 automated catwalk is designed to individually index racked drill
collars, drill pipe and casing into a center carrier where they can be lifted to the
drill floor. It can safely and efficiently raise anything, including subs, casing,
logging tools or utility baskets. The catwalk eliminates the need for pickup and lay
down services when running casing. With its remote controlled capability, the unit
can be operated from the drill floor or from ground level.
• Maximum Tubular Length 45’ - Range 3
• Maximum Tubular OD 20”
• Maximum Tubular Weight 10,000 lbs
• Catwalk Height 26”
R o t ar y
27-1/2” rotary table, independently driven by a hydraulic motor. Motor can be used
for positioning tools, but not for drilling.
A cc u m u l a t o r
Seven (7) station accumulator unit with one (1) electric triplex and two (2) air operated pumps. Unit is manufactured in accordance with API 16D. Remote panel will
be mounted at drill floor.
Blowout Preventers
11” x 5M Hydril Type GK Annular Blowout Preventer
11” x 5M Cameron Type U Double Ram Blowout Preventer
11” x 5M Drilling Spool with 4-1/16” x 5M Outlets
11” x 5,000 psi Cameron Type U Single Ram Blowout Preventer
Choke Manifold: 4-1/16” x 3-1/8” x 5M
BOP Handling System
20-ton BOP handling system designed to transport the BOP stack in a single piece
and to safely and quickly upright and manipulate the BOP stack at well center.
Drill Pipe
5” drill pipe, or as required by contract.
D r i l l C o l l ar s
6-1/2” and 8” drill collars, or as required by contract.
Additional Equipment
• Dedicated man-rider winch
• Camera system / Intercom System
• Rotating mousehole
• Vacuum degasser
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