ZERO444 - Ventilatori industriali centrifughi e assiali



ZERO444 - Ventilatori industriali centrifughi e assiali
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New Board of Directors
Expo Comfort 2010
New Board of Directors
Federica Dallanoce
Daniele Cariolato
The 22th of July the Shareholder’s Meeting confirmed the actual
board of directors of Ferrari Group.
The members of new board in Ferrari Ventilatori are:
Adriano Marchetto ( Chairman)
Federica Dallanoce (CEO)
Franco Speranza (Advisor)
The Chairman of Flli Ferrari Finanziaria SPA is Mr Michele Quarto
The Shareholders trust that the new Board can do a big effort in
managing the company and take care of the company interest.
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Over the last few years in the industrial
field, a particular fan construction has
taken up, where the main characteristic is
the missing case on which the impeller
normally goes.
These characteristic fans are commonly
called “plug fans”.
Ferrari Ventilatori Industriali S.p.A. has
been in this filed for many years with its
own specific ranges: PFB and PFM with
some possible changement.
The contents dimension of this fan is the
main advantage that allows to build solid
and modulated ventilation unit. To this
there is another positive fact that is not
necessary to define an outlet position,
vice versa with ordinary fans.
To make the assembly of the fan easier,
plug fan is often equipped by a circular or
square flange.
This fan can be built in execution 4 or 5,
means with keyed impeller on the motor
and with transmission.
It is also common the vertical axis
application, with high temperature fluid
and insulation plate to reduce the heat.
The missing case in this fan reduces the
efficiency as it does not allow to recover
the dynamics pressure and turns it in
static pressure.
Although the efficiency level is due to the
kind of impeller and duty point, do not
believe that “plug fan” can reach the
same technical levels as ordinary fan.
However, in the next years to gain high
efficiency we are planning the connection
between impeller and motor.
The trade of our fans, from the very
beginning, have found a lot of interest by
our clients, the different construction and
the possibility to carry out the “taylormade” solution have brought an increase
of purchase for this product that can find
application in many fields.
For the 2010 there are study going on for
technicians improvement.
del programma
di selezione FSelector
TO EN 12101-3
José Alfonso
Alfonso Ruiz
Fabrizio Concato
Emerging Markets Manager
Nowadays, protection against fire is
becoming an important topic and
constructors and contractors are
forced to follow very strict fire
protection standards.
Fans play an important role in the
protection of persons and buildings
and also permit the fire to be fought
while still in its early stages. The
European standard that regulates the
minimum conditions that a fan shall
comply to work in fire protection is EN
12101-3. This standard recognize
different classes protections. These
classes protection define the minimum
time that a fan shall work at the
example, a fan certified F200 shall
work at 200°C for a minimum time of
two hours and then re-start.
At the present time, Ferrari Ventilatori
is able to produce fans F400 (400°C 2
hours) for both axial and centrifugal
After an accurate market
analysis and in order to follow
demand developments in this field,
Ferrari will be ready soon to start the
production of fans certified F300
(300°C 1 hour). To do that, fans will
be subject to go through very rigid
test in specialized fire laboratories.
Fans will be suitable to work at
different frequencies (50 or 60 Hz), to
work with two speed motors and even
with frequency converter, they will be
able to be used for dual purpose
(continuous and emergency), in
horizontal or vertical position and with
motor down or upstream.
This flexibility, not achieved by
products of other competitors, will let
the new F300 arrive to many fields
and applications not reached before.
A critical feature that could determine
the succeed or the failure of this
project is the motor matched to the
fan. When the tests have been run,
and after the certificate has been
released, the motor brand name for
the commercialization of the fan can
not be changed. Based on his
experience Ferrari has decided to link
the project not just to one but to two
different motors suppliers. Those
suppliers have been chosen after
selective range analysis and tests. In
this way the new product will be
presented to the market in conditions
that will permit to the whole Ferrari
sales network to compete with fan
manufacturers specialist in the fire
protection field in terms of quality,
price and delivery time.
This new certificate will concern the We’ll come back next fall with final
axial fan aluminum impeller series EF, technical, commercial and marketing
and will be flexible enough to fill materials.
many gaps that last certificates didn’t
We are pleased to inform you that Ferrari Ventilatori will
attend, from March 23 to 27, 2010 the Mostra Convegno
Expocomfort, the unparalleled international technological
showcase for the quality of life. Innovation, comfort,
energy efficiency and saving will be the main issues of
the MCE four thematic areas: Heat, Cold, Water, Energy.
There will be also the path dedicated to energy efficiency
and renewable energy.During the exhibition, at our
stand, we’ll be glad to show and explain in detail the
characteristics of our innovative products to improve the
safety on the plants and to achieve better efficiency on
the manufacturing processes.
F.lli Ferrari Vent. Ind. S.p.a. is member of the AMCA (Air
movement and control association)
Certification list
Our product follow the below standard:
Sistema qualità: certificazione ISO 9001 :2000
F.lli Ferrari Ventilatori Industriali S.p.A.
Via Marchetti, 28 - 36071 Arzignano (VI) - Italy
Tel. +39 0444 471100 - Fax. +39 0444 471105
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