Axial Flow Fan


Axial Flow Fan
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Axial Flow Fan
The tube axial fans of AHE are used for ducted system in industrial,
marine & offshore, commercial and civil fields. This series compared
to centrifugal fans, the advantage of being smaller in dimensions,
lower cost and easier to be installed. The series consists of Ø250 to
2000mm, temperature from –10 °C to +60°C in continuous service.
The explosion-proof version is suitable for any requested hazardous
area , pole change motors or up to Ø5m fan can be made upon
AHE Pte Ltd
Domestic (roof/duct fan)
The Roof Fan offers a wide and extensive range of
cowl fan at specially attractive prices. Technically
these fans are based on well proven and reliable
components. Ø315 to 1250mm are available. It
convinces not only because of its aesthetic design,
wide performance range, and attractive accessory
range but also because of the highly reliable qualityof
its made.
Centrifugal Fan
Customized & Standard Fans
In addition to the wide range of standardized centrifugal fans for
ventilation and air-conditioning and process-air technology, as well as
the many variants that can be generated with our products and agency
line. Both SWSI and DWDI version and /or ATEX version can be offered.
AHE also has many years of experience in providing customized fan
solutions. If needed, we can even develop completely new solutions
together with our Principal's expertise.
Thermoplastic Fan
Thermoplastic radial fans are excellently suitable for the extraction
of exhaust air and gases. Fans of type are used both in galvanising
and in process extraction. These fans are widely used in
pharmaceutical and chemcial plants, as well as clean room. They
are available with direct drive (design shape ) or belt drive (design
shape ).
On request, fan housing of this series are made in polypropylene
(PPs, PP-FR), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and in
other thermoplastic materials, in strong welded design. The housing
is provided with splinter protection and a revision opening, and it
has a condensate drainage pipe piece at its lowest position. The
impeller is balanced statically and dynamically, according to Q 6,3,
based on VDI 2056.
HVLS Large Ceiling Fans
6 or 8 bladed - diameter from 5.5m to 7.3m. Move large amount of air with so little
The Ultimate Choice for Energy Efficient & Cooling Solution