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MobilePack for Music
Connect to millions of fans instantly and start generating revenue.
411sms ™ MobilePack allows you to reach fans anytime, anywhere. MobilePack creates an avenue
for you to send alerts about upcoming events, album release dates, appearances, concert dates and
more directly to where its guaranteed to be viewed - cellphones. Imagine being able to monetize your
fan relationships by offering subscription to content like ringtones, backgrounds, VIP alerts and special
promotions. MobilePack from 411sms ™ makes it all possible.
MobilePack is an all inclusive suite of mobile solutions for artists
that allows you to interact with your fans via their cellphones
with ease. MobilePack combines mobile content management,
communication, commerce, and data tracking to provide a
complete solution for distribution of Artist content through the
most desirable customer acquisition channel - mobile devices.
411sms Branded Keywords
Easy access by fans to simply ‘text’ artist key-word to get information.
Artist receives a personal identifying key-word or multiple key-words.
can be accessed. MediaSphere does the rest.
411sms Polling / Mobile Storefront
411sms MobilePack™ allows you to monetize your Fan Base
Stay connected to your fans through direct communication and
personalized messages. Once your fans have opted-in you can
ALWAYS ‘push’ information which is 100% relevant and is
GUARANTEED to be viewed.
Pull fans to your web-site via a direct link or message which stays
with the fan in their cell phone ‘In Box’.
Poll your fan base and receive valuable feedback from those who matter.
Establish an online community, rather than sending fans away to a
generic music site where your content is buried among
hundreds of thousands of other artists from numerous catalogs.
Now you can effectively receive immediate comment on an appearances,
potential new singles, or just have fans vote on their favorite outfit.
Your mobile store front allows artitst to showcase and
make available a variety of promotional items for retail.
About 7.3 billion text messages are sent within the United States every month, up from 2.9 billion
a month ago, according to CTIA -Cellular Telecommunication & Internet Association
Washinton Post -December, 2005
411 sms TEXT Alerts:
411sms Marketing Statistics and Mobile Market Consulting
Have your services up and running in weeks.
Monetize your content without investing in creating or maintaining
your own system.
Subscriber number is a strong indicator of fan base, unique fan
identifier and reliable source, versus bogus e-mail addresses.
Acquire consolidated up to the minute reports on downloads, sales,
refunds, network health, user purchasing, and consumption habits.
Reliable delivery of your content during high peak events.
Choose from a range of business models, real-world media
distribution deals, and licensing options.
411sms Consulting provides premium end-user support for any technical
billing-related issues.
Create sub-accounts and multiple storefronts for labels that want
to create a branded storefront for each of their artists.
411sms Premium Downloads
Generate revenue through the sale of ring-tones, wall-paper and
Easy billing to customer cell phone bill. Ease of billing increases
customer spending and eliminates password trading.
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