This is why we do what we do. www.voa


This is why we do what we do. www.voa
Summer 2013
This is why we do what we do.
Inside: Help Kids in Need Succeed | Leaving Homelessness Behind
You Gave a Family a Chance | You Made College Dreams Come True | and more!
Leaving Homelessness Behind
Last month, more than 150 men and women
clamored for some face-time with one of
20 local employers. This may have looked
just like any other job fair, but there was
something a little different. The individuals
dressed in their interview best were not your
run-of-the-mill job-seekers. Each and every
participant shares a common goal: to leave
homelessness behind.
The job-seekers included men and women
from Mather Community Campus, and
youth from our transitional housing for
former foster youth program. Aiming
to be the first of many career fairs, the
day included networking and interview
seminars, individual resume reviews and
mock interviews with local businesses.
“I’m so excited to see so many employers
who understand where we are coming
from, and want to hire us,” exclaimed Jolene,
a client at Mather Community Campus.
“Getting a good job feels like the icing on
the cake after everything I’ve learned here.”
“As a hiring manager, this is a unique
At 16 years old, Brenda was alone, pregnant,
and struggling with undiagnosed bipolar
disorder. Trying to create a good life for her
child, she started a home daycare business,
she even met a nice man with children of his
own. Over the years, they began to build a
life together.
Their story took an unfortunate turn when
they lost their home, which was also
Brenda’s source of income. Bouncing from
one friend’s house to another, homelessness
was taking its toll. Without secure housing,
her daughter grew distant, closed off; she
experience,” remarked Christina, a hiring
manager partaking in the days events. “The
turnout is great, and these candidates are
some of the most eager I’ve ever seen. I am
looking forward to participating in more
events just like this.”
Mather Community Campus is a
collaborative program focusing on helping
formerly homeless individuals and families
rebuild their lives through rapid housing and
rapid employment services. The 12-month
program provides transitional housing, case
management, employment and life-skills
workshops, educational and job referrals.
The transitional housing for former foster
youth program provides a range of services
and case management aimed at helping
youth learn valuable life skills and transition
successfully into adulthood.
To find out how your business can
participate in Mather’s next Career Day,
contact Chris Mann at 916-228-3151.
You Gave a Family A Chance
hardly spoke to anyone.
That is when Brenda brought her family to
the Volunteers of America Residential Family
Shelter. Working with Robin, a case manager
at the shelter, Brenda’s children slowly began
to trust again, to feel secure. Her daughter
managed to open up, and push past her
feelings of loss and grief.
“I came here looking for a safe roof over my
kids’ heads,” Brenda recalls. “But I found so
much more. I received counseling, my kids
regained their confidence. They even got to
attend birthday parties. That means a lot to
people who feel they have lost everything.”
A few months after they came to the shelter,
Brenda, her fiancée and their children were
able to move into their own apartment, find
stable employment, and are working toward
achieving their family goals.
Please consider supporting the Family
Shelter by volunteering or giving a gift. More
info is available at
Help Kids in Need Succeed!
Operation Backpack is coming soon! An annual favorite, Operation Backpack provides
brand new backpacks and school supplies to foster youth, homeless and at-risk students
in our community.
Thank you for supporting kids in need by giving a gift or volunteering.
For more information on how you can help homeless students achieve academic success,
contact Abbie Hartsell at: 916.442.3691 or [email protected].
You Made College Dreams Come True!
Molly, a former foster youth, is living out her
dream of attending college thanks to you.
Molly asked to share her gratitutde with
those who made her new life possible:
70% of foster youth want to attend college,
sadly only 3% actually make it. Even worse,
of those who make it to college, less than 1%
actually graduate with a degree.
“The last year and a half since I started
college have easily been the best of my life.
I have been loving school.. and had many
amazing internships and jobs. I have an
awesome group of friends and can finally
live my life as a normal person like everyone
else, not as a ‘foster kid’. I don’t see how I
could be any happier.
Thanks to your support, foster youth in
the Bay Area are working to change those
statistics. Since 2006, 60 foster youth like
Molly have been able to realize their dreams
because of you. Thank you for supporting
these young men and women.
“Thank you for helping to support my
education, I appreciate it more than you
could ever know.”
Please call Tamara Earl at 925.228.0200 to
help foster youth reach their full potential.
Leave a Legacy:
rebuild lives and strengthen communities
Would you like to help those in need but
don’t think you can?
Charitable Gift Annuities
If you have CDs, money market accounts or savings, you may be able to get a higher
payout and help your community.
Please contact Christie Holderegger by email at [email protected] or call her at
916-442-3691 for more information on charitable gift annuities or a proposal.
Consult your tax advisor regarding these types of gifts and estate planning.
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Volunteer Spotlight: Wendy Cuellar-Fong
Wendy Cuellar-Fong is one of our amazing
volunteers. She brings her bright smile, her
bubbling enthusiasm and infectious giggle to
everything she does. Wendy was kind enough
to share her thoughts and feelings about
volunteering with us.
What’s the best part of volunteering for you?
“When parents bring their children to donate
backpacks during Operation Backpack.
Parents are showing their children just
how very important it is to give to others. A
moment to be proud of.”
How did you learn about Volunteers of America?
“At my grandmother’s funeral we all learned
that she had been volunteering here for years.
We never knew! Please share with others the
good things that you do in this world. You
never know, they may wish to join you!”
What motivates you to volunteer?
“Knowing that there are people in this world
who simply did not get a good start in life or
who were dealt unfortunate circumstances
without family or friends to help them. We
all have problems/issues, but when we look
deep down inside ourselves, we realize how
fortunate we really are.”
Thanks for everything you do to support our
neighbors in need, Wendy!
Board of Directors
Sherman Haggerty – Chairman
Stan Stancell – Treasurer
Debbie Augustine-Nelson – Secretary
Judy McGarry – Immediate Past Chair
Orlando Batturaro
Bryan Bullard
Wendy Dunivan
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Steven K. Green
Paul Ioanidis
Tom Lee
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Kathryn Radtkey-Gaither
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