JamPod™ Flier - Mix Music Education


JamPod™ Flier - Mix Music Education
Secondary Education
JamPod™ is installed in classrooms at all key stages and
is transforming music education. The project was
awarded ‘Best Resource in Music Education’ in 2013
due to its unique approach to teaching music. All
students experience music practically but all sound
within the suite is controlled by the tutor, with students
hearing what they need to best progress through
headphones. JamPod™ schools are supported by on
site support from experienced school music teachers, it
is designed to help ‘you’ embrace relevant technologies
and teaching practice.
JamPod™ was initially conceived for secondary music classrooms. Do you spend most of your
time trying to find leads, re-skinning drums and are producing recordings time consuming and
challenging? JamPod™ is hard wired to make things durable and ready to use when you need it.
Whole classes engage in music practically, as a band. Schools normally install between 5 and 11
band positions.
Each student band includes:
✅ Colour coded mixer for easy
student engagement with pre loaded
national curriculum resources
✅ Instruments, specifically set up to
work within JamPod™ – usually guitar,
bass, drums, percussion and vocals –
most other instrumentation can be
✅ Colour coded headphones so each
member of the band knows which
phones are theirs
✅ Built in recording functions for easy
pupil led production
Each student band is connected to the JamPod™ tutors station. Designed specifically for use by
teachers, the tutors station can be accessed from your iPad or your desktop computer. The
JamPod™ tutors station allows you to:
✅ Easily listen to selected musicians within
your suite
✅ Send groups of students different audio
resources, allowing true differentiation
✅ Talk back to individuals or groups of
students – You only speak to who you need
to when you need to
✅ Have complete control of your music
room from your iPad or desk top computer,
sending audio to wherever you need
whenever you need it
✅ Work acoustically when needed through
the JamPod™ speaker system
The iPad interface is completely mobile, allowing you to move around your music classroom
freely, whilst keeping in constant touch with whats going on. You can even keep in touch with
your lesson if you need to pop out of the room.
Each student band can record easily, without the help of their tutor, but if you need to create a
more detailed recording, access your desktop computer and press record on any or all of your
bands. For those schools that wish too, Mix Music Education will help you set up and out of
school academy which ‘could’ generate you income. Mix Music Education exclusively supply and
install JamPod™, prices vary dependent on your requirements but we pride ourselves on
creating projects that match your budget.
“JamPod™ has totally revolutionised both my teaching and student’s learning in my classroom.
The classroom is a hive of activity at the end of the school day. It’s fantastic.” Stuart Shepherd –
Turton High School
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