Annual historic field trip for students.


Annual historic field trip for students.
Annual historic field trip for students.
Brenham, Texas
What a gr eat way for kids to see history, feel history, touch history
and have memories and goody bag s to tak e back to their families!
Bonnie Brinkmeyer, Director of Instructional Services & Accountability
Brenham Independent School District
Goals for the 2013 Program
Results — history was made in many ways!
● Fulfill individual teacher requests for Downtown
● About 360 Washington County students were taught local history for the first time, as part of the BISD curriculum.
● Establish an annual recurring program that can
● Students experienced the history by touring historical sites where they learned directly from our forefathers
(costumed actors).
be replicated.
● Teachers were able to escape their normal consuming
field trip logistics, so they also learned and enjoyed the
day with their students.
● Give BISD 4th grade students a memorable
experience that will connect them and their
families with our rich local heritage.
● 4th grade teachers are now including local history in
● Send students away with fun reminders of what
their curriculum.
they learned.
● Local parents received messages and enticements for
● Follow-up with classroom exercises to reinforce
fun family outings at historic venues.
the history taught.
● Nearly 100 volunteers and sponsors enabled the program, making it a unique conduit for the community’s
spirit of service to school children.
● Entice parents to learn more and visit historic
attractions with their families.
● For the first time, local historical organizations worked
together to benefit the community.
Field Trip Notice
Sent home with students
a week before event.
I have been on many field trips in all
my years of teaching, but none as informative, inter esting to students and
teachers, and useful as Local
History Day.
Mary Lou Zeiders, 4th Grade Reading Teacher
Brenham Elementary School
It is because of the work of your event team that
we were able to focus more on what the day was
supposed to be about, and less on the logistics of
Not only was it totally awesome in the infor- taking our kids on a field trip. We, as teachers,
mation that it provided, but it was amazingly learned so much inter esting Br enham history
that we will now incorporate into our lessons.
organized to the liking s of a teacher!
Amanda Gurka, 4th Grade Teacher
Krause Elementary School
Stacy May, 4th Grade Teacher
Alton Elementary School
Historical Venues
Brenham Heritage Museum
Brenham Fire Museum
Alamo Alley
Giddings Stone Mansion
Ant Street Inn
Toubin Park
Giddings Wilkin Home
Organization, Follow-up, Promotion, 2014 Goals
Goody Bags Sent Home with Students
● Reinforce what students learned.
● Add more fun to their experience
so it will be more memorable.
● Encourage them to share with
their families.
● Continuously remind families of
● 2 vintage toys
● Candy from the past
● Goober Peas (peanuts)
● Brochures - historic sites
● Water bottle/Fire Tips
● Map - Washington County
with attractions
● Downtown Scavenger Hunt for
architecture with prizes
● Music CD - Ant Street singer
● Sponsor brochures
● Coin purse
● Pencil
the event.
● Entice families to visit historic
City of Brenham Proclamation
sites together.
I don’t know how to begin to say “thank you” for
the goody bag s. They were, in every sense of the
phrase, above and beyond.
I have never, as a student or teacher, been on a
field trip that left students with such tangible,
age appr opriate, and entertaining tak e-home
information. It will help the childr en remember
the day and the history of Brenham in ways we
cannot imagine.
Stacy May, 4th Grade Teacher
Sponsor Participation
Alton Elementary School
Loved it! My students did, as well. I got a parent email,
raving about how her son showed her all his goodies,
explaining everything he learned fr om the presentations.
Quarter-page Ad in Banner Press after Event
Student Follow-up
Dawn Bolcerek, 4th Grade Teacher
Krause Elementary School
Label on Peanut Bags
2014 Goals for the Program
A Few of the Notes Received After
I liked when we went
to the Brenham Heritage Museum to learn about what people
would do in Brenham 10,000
years ago. I also like the part
where the soldier told us about
the civil war. And thank you for
the lunch. I liked the tour because I know the history of
Brenham. And thank
Boys and girls,
you for driving us
you can be just like us
around Brenham
Giddings brothers when you grow
so we can go
You can do anything you set your
to these places.
mind to. Just remember, we were no
different from you, when we
were your age!
I loved the food yum! I wish I could
come back just ten more times but
not by flunking my grade. Well great
job I hope I grow up and be like all
the people you talked about.
Sincerely, Brandin
Thank you for showing me where they
cooked and why it was apart from the
rooms. That was one of the best field
trips I have ever been on! I was sad
that the field trip was over but it was
fun while it lasted. I’ll never forget
that field trip and the actors.
Sincerely, Ali
The actors were fabulous! Our kids really
enjoyed hearing the stories of these famous
Brenham figures, and the acting brought
it to life for them.
Each of the speakers was very knowledgeable about the history of their location
and did a fantastic job of tying it to the
history we learned at all the other stops.
I’ve never seen students on any field trip
ask so many questions, and that tells me
that they were interested!
Stacy May, 4th Grade Teacher
Alton Elementary School
More info: 979-337-3784, 979-451-1459