The Yellow Chilli


The Yellow Chilli
the yellow chilli
Chillies are usually blood red or in different hues of green and almost
always loaded with pungency! Years ago, amidst a mass of green and
red chillies, I bumped into a yellow chilli. I discovered it on the streets
of Meerut, my mother's hometown.
As all connoisseurs are aware, Meerut is the melting pot of unique
chaats. The special yellow chilli spice mix that the chaatwallas use
here add that extra zing along with a confluence of flavours. And that
is exactly what the food at The Yellow Chilli represents!
I have travelled the length and breadth of India in search of unique
tastes and flavours of various regions that provide inspiration for
many of my recipes – All it took was one bite for The Yellow Chilli to
come into being! The rest as they say is history!
We first launched in 2001, and now have more than 40 restaurants
spread across India and outside its shores too. I'd like to believe this is
just the beginning!
shorba : soup
Soups are traditionally not
considered a part of a typical
Indian menu. Soups came to us
thanks to the foreign influences
in our cuisine. One of the best
points about Indian gastronomy
is its adaptability, thus soups have
found a permanent place on our
Tomato Basil Shorba
For tomato soup lovers, basil adds a healthy, herbal touch
to the Indian tomato soup
Coconut Zaffrani Shorba
Smooth coconut milk soup with fennel and the rich warmth of saffron
Sweet Corn Soup
Eternal favourite, thick cream of sweet corn
The Tomato Basil Shorba from
our menu, is a fine example of the
classic tomato soup, which is so
loved by Indians all over, being
elevated to another level with
basil. The flavours and taste of
tomato is best enhanced by basil,
a secret that most chefs know.
Taxes and service charges as applicable
(option of veg / chicken)
Murgh Yakhni Shorba
Chicken soup with the goodness of Kashmiri cuisine
taaza : salad
Green Salad
Garden fresh, crunchy vegetable salad
Dhuadhaar Aloo Chakhna Chaat
Smoky, crunchy potatoes with a tangy dressing
Papaya Peanut Kachumber
Green papaya juliennes, cucumbers, carrots, onions tossed with roasted, crushed
Gujarat peanuts and a dash of lemon juice
Masala Papad with Pindi Salad
Poppadums topped with a salad of tomatoes and steamed chickpeas
Santri Murgh Chaat
Shredded tandoori chicken tossed with pickled orange peel
Choice of boondi, pineapple, cucumber, mint or crispy ladyfinger
Taxes and service charges as applicable
pashtooni and more
{ Starters : Kababs }
Kasoori Paneer
Shabnam ke Moti
Malai paneer steeped in crushed black pepper, sundried fenugreek
leaves and creamy yogurt, grilled in tandoor
Mushroom caps overflowing with cheese and cooked
to a delicious golden hue in the tandoor
Hare Masaley ka Bhuna Paneer
Aloo Nazakat
Griddled cottage cheese with mint and coriander and
loads of spicy, crackling spinach
Scooped potatoes stuffed with sweet corn, nuts and
served with crisp potato wafers
Harippa Paneer Tikka
Chana Jor Garam Tikki
Cottage cheese taken to the next gourmet level with
chillies, tomato and garlic with mukka pyaz and
cherry tomatoes
Potato patty coated with crunchy chickpea flakes,
served with mint yogurt and papaya relish
Fruity Paneer Aur Zaitooni Tikki
Cottage cheese mixed with fresh fruits and olives,
served with raw papaya and peanut salad
Tangra Chilli Paneer
A paneer chilli dish inspired by Tangra - the
Chinatown of Kolkata
Ankurit Dal aur Soyabean ke
Shami Kebab
Healthy soyabean nuggets mashed with lemon flavored
Karara Subz Roll
Crisp spring rolls with crunchy vegetables in tamarind,
chilli and garlic sauce
Mixed Grill (Serves 4/2)
Assorted platter of juicy tandoori kababs
Taxes and service charges as applicable
Jain Preparation Available
{ handi : kadhai : stir-fry }
Shaam Savera
Garha Dum ke Aloo
Our signature creation- spinach koftas filled with
creamy cottage cheese, served on a velvety
tomato butter gravy
Kashmiri style potatoes in yogurt, cashewnut and saffron gravy,
tempered with star anise and browned garlic
Ralli Milli Subziyan
Makhanwala Paneer
Fenugreek accentuated tomato and butter gravy with
creamy, melt-in-the-mouth chunks of paneer
Paneer Taka Tak
Bite sized cottage cheese tikkas cooked, till dry, on a
griddle with fresh, chopped tomatoes
~ 325
Farm fresh seasonal vegetables shreds tossed with spices and green chillies
Mushroom ka Josh
Tender white button mushrooms cooked in browned onion and
yogurt curry with fennel seeds and Kashmiri garam masala
~ 315
Anglo Indian Bahaar
A mélange of mushroom, baby corn, broccoli, bell peppers and onions
tossed with burnt garlic and tomato masala, served over spinach saag
Melt-in-the-mouth cottage cheese koftas, grilled and
served in a stewed pumpkin curry
Sarson ka Saag
Adraki Dhania Paneer
Classic blend of mustard leaves and spinach topped with butter and
garlic tempering, goes best with makke ki tandoori roti
Cottage cheese tossed with robust ginger and fresh coriander
~ 325
Guncha-O-Keema (Gobi Mutter)
Cauliflower and green peas with rich onion tomato masala
Taxes and service charges as applicable
Jain Preparation Available
dal : rajma : chholay
Most of the guests visiting our restaurants
ask for Shaam Savera. It's not just any
paneer curry, but one that has a very
interesting anecdote attached to it. Shaam
Savera has the unique distinction of being
the very first item cooked by Chef Sanjeev
Kapoor on his widely popular cooking
show Khana Khazana, which incidentally
ran for almost two decades. Order it to
experience the magic of having evening
and morning on your plate.
Lalla Mussa Dal
A blend of black and green lentils in our signature style
Dal Tadka Dhaba
Tempered yellow lentils
Maha-Rajma Masala
Kidney beans with fresh tomatoes and flavoured with
ground pepper, cinnamon and dry coriander
Martban Ke Chholay
Kabuli chickpeas cooked with ginger and
roasted cumin, served in a claypot
One of the best selling dishes at The Yellow
Chilli restaurants is the Lalla Mussa Dal.
On busy days, a couple of hundred litres
being dished out is normal!
This dal is believed to have originated at
the Lalla Mussa station in the North
Western Frontier Province. A blend of
black and green lentil is cooked overnight
on slow heat with essential spices. Cream,
ghee and butter add to the richness.
Taxes and service charges as applicable
Jain Preparation Available
fish and
pashtooni and more
{ Starters : Kababs }
Tandoori Basil Prawns
Basil scented juicy prawns cooked to perfection with mint and creamy yogurt
Kali Mirch Methi Fish Tikka
Fish tikka with crushed black pepper and dried fenugreek leaves
served with crackling spinach
Nimbu Mirch Tawa Fish
Fillet of fish steeped in lemon and chilli marinade and grilled till crisp
Amritsari Macchi
Speciality from Amritsar, fish fried crisp and drizzled with
lemon juice, served with mukka pyaaz
Kadai Prawns
Prawns tossed with freshly ground spices, bell peppers and fresh tomatoes
Tomato Macchi
Pan seared fillet of fish topped with tomatoes and dry roasted masala.
A sweet and sour delicacy
Fish Tikka Masala
Fish tikka tossed with onion tomato masala
Taxes and service charges as applicable
pashtooni and more
{ Starters : Kababs }
Lawrence Road Tandoori Murgh
Chandi Kaliyan
Chicken cooked in the popular Lawrence
Road, Amritsar style with creamy yogurt
Mild flavoured chicken tikkas with cheese and
lemon butter, served with creamy yogurt onions
Lemon Grass Chicken Tikka
Murgh Angaar Bedgi
Lemon grass accentuated chicken tikkas served with
raw papaya and peanut salad
Hot and spicy chicken tikkas, bedgi reigns!
Murgh Kasoori Boti
Cashewnut coated chicken nuggets tossed in
Indo-Chinese spices, served with crisp masala
Khasta Kaju Chicken
Chicken supremes with kasoori methi and crushed
black peppercorns, cooked in tandoor and served
with sweet chilli pickled radish
Chowringhee Chilli Chicken
Kurkure Kukkad
Shreds of crisp chicken breast coated with our signature blend of spices
Chilli chicken with a Kolkata connection - from
the bylanes of Central Kolkata,served with
pickled bell peppers
Frontier Mixed Grill (serves 4/2)
Special collection of mutton, chicken and fish kababs
Taxes and service charges as applicable
{ handi : kadhai : stir-fry }
Puran Singh da Tariwala Murgh
Indian chicken curries have been so globalized
that one of them is already the national food of
the UK, the chicken tikka masala!
Chicken in gravy – inspired by a dhaba
Take the butter chicken, today every place
serves a different version of this dish, yet, the
debatable origins of it do not make it any less
loved and less tasty for anyone eating it ! Try
The Yellow Chilli version of this delectable
Lazeez Murgh Tikka Masala
Tasty, spicy, succulent - best paired with butter naan
Murgh Makhni
The classic butter chicken
Lapta Chicken
Slices of chicken tossed with bird chillies,
fennel, garlic and peppercorns
One of our chicken specialities is the Puran
Singh da Tariwala Murgh. Puran Singh ran a
dhaba on the Ambala-Delhi road, the place is
almost a pilgrimage spot for foodies and most
people flock there to savour this delicious
chicken curry.
Murgh Survedaar
Chicken curry with black pepper and fresh coriander
Cream Chicken Ludhianvi
Shaan-E-Punjab –succulent chicken cubes in a creamy
yogurt curry
What we serve is our version but with the
basics from the original recipe intact. Yes, you
can compare notes, but make sure you share
the results with us!
Nargisi Anda Curry
A must for egg lovers – eggs coated with mashed potatoes in a
signature gravy
Taxes and service charges as applicable
pashtooni and more
{ Starters : Kababs }
Pakhtooni Burra Boti
Cilantro and lemon grass marinated spit roasted lamb served with mashed
cumin potatoes
Ghee Roast Mutton
Chunky Kerala style chilli mutton with a potpourri of flavours
Pudina Seekh
Tender minty lamb skewers
Rogan josh is one of the most
popular mutton curries on the
Indian culinary chart. You will find
this dish at most restaurants.
Interestingly, there are as many
recipes of this dish as there are
places where it is served.
Typically the red colour of this
curry comes from Ratan Jot, a
natural red colouring agent. To
really enjoy rogan josh you must
have at least one nalli in your
portion, because the nalli is the
star of this dish.
The true test of a good rogan josh is
the consistency of the curry, it
ought to be velvety smooth and the
mutton should melt in your
Raan Buzzkazi (serves 2)
Tandoori roasted leg of lamb, finished over charcoal barbecue basted with garlic
and pepper oil
Nalli Rogan Josh
A traditional favourite from Kashmir – lamb shanks in a rich gravy
Bhuna Gosht
Juicy, tender lamb – best served with tandoori roti
Gosht Keema Mutter
Highland lamb loin pounded and stewed with browned onions and green peas
Dum Ki Kaliyan
Slow fire cooked boneless lamb cubes in yogurt and almond curry
Taxes and service charges as applicable
roti : breads
Mint Paratha
Paratha flavoured with fresh mint
Lachha Paratha
(Option of olive oil/without butter available)
Stuffed Kulcha
Potato / Paneer
Tandoori Roti
Plain / Butter
Pyaz Mirch ki Roti
Roomali Roti
Missi Roti
Plain / Butter
Lasooni Naan
Basil Butter Naan
Tomato Naan
Peshawari Naan
Naan flecked with fragrant fennel, pistachios and black sesame
Taxes and service charges as applicable
chaawal : rice
Nizami Tarkari Biryani
Amchi Mumbai Rustami Biryani
Aromatic vegetable biryani, served sealed
Inspired by a secret Parsi household recipe of
Mumbai - blend of spiced lamb and rice
Matar / Jeera Pulao
Dum Gosht Biryani
Green peas / Cumin pulao
Saffron flavoured lamb biryani, served sealed
Sada Chawal
Steamed Rice
Murgh Noormahal Biryani
Taka Tak Fried Rice
Rose oil accentuated saffron flavoured chicken
biryani, served sealed
Our own Taka Tak speciality, experimented
with basmati rice and oriental flavours
Hakka Noodles
Next Generation Innovation!
Delicious and succulent chicken tikka
tossed hakka style with noodles
Hakka Noodles
Next Generation Innovation!
A fusion of sumptuous paneer tikka tossed
hakka style with noodles
Taxes and service charges as applicable
meetha : desserts
New avatar of the traditional Gulab Jamun, soft, condensed
milk balls stuffed with candied rose petals
Makhan Elaichi Mousse
Butter and whipped cream with crunchy elaichi crackers
Mini chocolate cups topped with fresh fruit flavoured yogurt
Taste of India, mini gulab jamuns served with rabdi
and crispy, sweetened bread
Kesari Kulfi with Rabdi
Saffron flavoured Indian ice cream with creamy, silky rabdi
Cappuccino Coffee Cake with Butterscotch Lava
Hot cappuccino cup shaped milk cake with praline ice cream
and sticky butterscotch sauce
Choice of Ice Creams
Masala Cutting
Mumbai street style inspired tea
A set of 4 glasses
A set of 6 glasses
Taxes and service charges as applicable
An Indian meal, especially a celebratory
one, isn't complete without a dessert and a
paan. The dessert promotes a sense of
well-being and satiety and the paan aids in
the digestion of all the heavy food
One of our signature desserts here, is the
Gulab-e-Gulkand. It's a clever fusion of
dessert and paan, gulab jamun stuffed
with a vital ingredient of paan - Gulkand.
Bet you cannot have one all by yourself!
Desserts made with the goodness of milk
and chocolate release happy feelings in the
brain and leave you with a feeling of
contentment. There is a school of thought
that believes that having sweets at the end
of a meal promotes digestion. Whatever
the theory, there is no doubt that a meal
feels complete only if there are desserts
on the menu.