2015_annual_report_bilingual - Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island


2015_annual_report_bilingual - Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island
Ceci pourrait mener à quelque chose
de Grand
Rapport annuel 2014-2015
Annual Report 2014-2015
This could be the start of
Something Big
Notre Mission / Our Mission…………………………………………..3
Notre Vision / Our Vision………………………………………………3
Message de notre président
Message from our President ………………………..…………..……4-5
Membres du conseil et personnel/
Board of Directors and Staff…………………………………………..6
Les Programmes / Programs………………………………………….7-13
Le Processus / The Process…………………………………….........14
Accréditation / Accreditation…………………..………………………15
Années de Service / Years of service……………………………………..16
Votre Soutien a fait une différence / Your Support made a Difference…17-19
GFGS Offre du Soutien / BBBS Offers Support......................................20-21
GFGS redonne à la communauté /
BBBS Gives Back to the community………………………………………..22
GFGS événements de financement /
BBBS Fundraising Events (BFKS, Gala)……………………………...23
Merci à nos supporteurs / Thank you to our Supporters …………….24-25
Photos / Pictures…………………………………………………………26-27
Vos Contributions / Your Contributions………………………………..28-29
Info pour nous joindre/ Contact info……………………………………30
Notre Mission
C’est d’offrir aux enfants des mentorats qui peuvent changer leur vie, les inspirer et les aider à
atteindre leur plein potentiel. Nous recrutons, entraînons et assortissons des bénévoles et des
enfants afin d’aider ces derniers à améliorer leur estime d’eux-mêmes, leurs habiletés sociales et
leurs habitudes de vie.
Notre Vision
En permettant aux enfants de développer leur plein potentiel, ils peuvent ainsi créer un avenir où
tout est possible.
S'assurer que chaque enfant de notre communauté qui a besoin d'un mentor en obtienne un.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide life changing relationships to children through quality mentoring
programs that inspire and empower them to reach their full potential. We recruit, train and match
volunteers with children to enhance their self-esteem, social skills and lifestyle habits.
Our Vision
Unlocking a child’s true potential creates a future where anything is possible.
To ensure that every child in our community who needs a mentor has a mentor.
These are the questions that PSOC asked me in January and they said that the answers or
topics should appear in our Annual Report:
Quelle est la place occupée par des membres de l'organisme au sein de tables de concertation
et /ou comités de travail?
L'organisme travaille t-il avec d'autres organismes /instances? Lesquels?
Combien de membres l'organisme compte t-il?
Combien de fois le CA s'est-il rencontré en 2013-2014?
Welcome to the Big Brothers Big Sisters West Island Annual General Meeting, thank you for
joining us.
2013-2014 has been a busy and rewarding year for the organization. Having gone through
staffing changes, creating new fundraising events, and improving our services to the
community, Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island, through our dedicated staff, has continued
to focus on its mission; to provide life changing relationships to children through quality
mentoring programs that inspire and empower them to reach their full potential. We recruit,
train and match volunteers with children to enhance their self-esteem, social skills and lifestyle
The team of executive director, Francesca Corso; administrator Cathy Kudzman; caseworkers
Chrissy Weber, Meagan Cichanowicz and Caitlin Cuggy; and marketing coordinator Martha
Beltran have done an amazing job of meeting these goals. This dynamic and talented team put
on many great events, including our annual bowl-a-thon, Valentine’s Day breakfast, monthly
activities for the children, our very first rappelling event, and our third annual gala dinner, held
just recently. Our caseworkers have worked tirelessly to attract new volunteers and have
enthusiastically supported the children in our programs!
We’ve had the good fortune of adding a new board member this year, Wendy Blue and she has
even taken on the position of board secretary. The board, having developed a comprehensive
strategic plan, setting the roadmap for the future, is now focused on implementing these ideas.
This provides the organization with definitive goals and objectives that will be undoubtedly be
met and surpassed. Furthermore, it helps define the responsibilities of the board and staff,
helping to focus the board committees with the goal of improving our events, increasing the
number of children we serve, raising more funds to succeed at these endeavors, and preparing
us for our upcoming national accreditation.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the West Island has continued to use social media this year, with an
emphasis on increasing our online reach and focusing more on our online donation capabilities.
Having celebrated our centennial year, we look to the future, as an organization dedicated to
helping our community. I invite you to join or rejoin the team and take a moment to make a
difference. Whether participating as a mentor, volunteer, staff member, board member or donor,
please take this opportunity to make a positive difference in a child’s life. Please extend the
invitation to potential board members and volunteers as we always want to booster our talent
pool and reach out further into the community.
It is important to always remember, unlocking a child's true potential creates a future where
anything is possible, and we are all a part of that vision!
Thank you,
Sudeep Mathew
Sudeep Mathew - membre de la communauté
Board Meetings
Every month : Sept-June
10 meetings per year
MEMBRES et leur provenance /
MEMBERS and their provenance
Camille Fauteux - utilisateur
David Poirier – membre de la communauté
Ludmila Pergat – membre de la communauté
Kirby Coussa- membre de la communauté
Randy Johnstone – secteur privé
Rhonda Massad - membre de la communauté
Simon-Benjamin LaRivière – utilisateur
Tim Thompson - membre de la communauté
Wendy Blue - membre de la communauté
Francesca Corso
Cathy Kudzman
Martha Beltran
Meagan Cichanowicz
Coordonnatrice des
Program Coordinator
Caitlin Cuggy
Programme traditionnel
Traditional Program
Emilie David
Programme traditionnel
Traditional Program
En 2013, 78 enfants ont été jumeles avec un mentor dans ce programme. *2012 – 85 jumelages.
Notre programme de jumelage « traditionnel » considère les intérêts, les personnalités, les besoins individuels
ainsi que les lieux de résidence des Grands et Petits. Les jumelages durent au moins un an mais plus souvent
qu'autrement, pendant plusieurs années et même parfois pour la vie. Un « Grand » est un adulte qui passe
quelques heures par semaine ou toutes les deux semaines en tête-à-tête avec son « Petit ». Un « Petit » est un
enfant âgé de 6 à 16 ans qui a besoin de soutien, d’aide et d’influence positive. Ils sont recommandés par leur
parent mais l’enfant est excité et heureux d’avoir un Grand Frère ou une Grande Sœur. Le Grand et le Petit
profiteront du temps passé ensemble pour aller marcher, pratiquer un sport, apprendre une nouvelle habileté,
ou simplement pour parler; les possibilités sont sans fin.
*2013 : 44 enfants en attente
*2012 : 38 enfants en attente
In 2013, 78 children and youth were matched with a mentor in this program. *2012 - 85 matches.
Our traditional “Core” program matches a “Big” with a “Little” according to interests, personalities, needs and
also location. Matches last for a minimum of one year but more often last for several years and sometimes even
a lifetime. A “Big” is an adult who spends a few hours per week or every other week with their “Little” on a
one-to-one basis. A “Little” is a child between the ages of 6 and 16, who needs support, guidance and a positive
influence. Referred to us by their parents, these children are excited and on board to have a Big Brother or Big
Sister. The Big and Little spend their time together sharing activities which may include going for a walk, playing
a sport, learning a new skill, or just plain talking; the possibilities are endless.
*2013: 44 children waiting
*2012: 38 children waiting
I was matched with a delightfully bright and precocious girl in grade 2. We've really only been together
since the end of the winter, but I am already so impressed by her progress and maturity. When bright
kids have no guidance or support at home, it becomes nearly impossible for them to better themselves
in life, but with a little support and love, she can do anything: we've already made and sewed linens for
a doll-sized canopy bed, done science experiments like creating electric and convection currents, studied
condensation and made a cloud, learned to play the first phrase of "Fur Elise" on the piano, jammed on
a drum set, and learned how to properly play hop-scotch. Seeing a ball of energy take on so many tasks
and become so focused in doing them is almost as rewarding as parenting my own son. I hope she grows
up to be a strong, resilient and confident young woman someday! Because she can....
In-School Mentor
The in-school mentoring program has allowed me to develop a meaningful relationship with my mentee,
who has inspired me to view the world in a different, more positive light. In-School Mentor
I am in the in-school mentoring program. Here are my words:
I feel very fortunate to be part of the program. As I work with this little boy who needs
company, not only I felt a sense of joy for providing the company, but also I got to experience a
bit how it was like to be a teacher or parent. Most important of all, I learned that spoiling a
child is not loving him. This program has benefited me a lot in personal growth especially
because I grew up lacking of company as well. I treasure my time in the program.
In-School Mentor
I really love the program. I was not sure what to expect out of it but I have ended up with a lifelong
friend and ended up learning a lot about myself. The BBBS program is always there for help, support and
free activities that reduce the pressure on the Big's to come up with something new to do every
I am a traditional Big Brother.
…..my son found a real friend. Fady became his brother – a person he looks up to. Thanks to Fady
Michael wants to be a big brother in the future to bring as much joy to somebody in need as Fady
brought to Michael. Fady introduced Michael to his family, took him to several events and all was so
thoughtful of him.
Even now they are still in touch and we couldn't have imagine have a better person as a big brother to
anybody. For the time they were a match Michal was very lucky person.
My words are very chaotic by we are very grateful to you to pair Michael with Fady, regardless of the
length. He was able to change not only Michael's life but 3 of us by believing in good people.
BBBS brought me a second family, the chance to have the younger brother I always wanted but never
had. It was a great opportunity to learn more about myself (I'd be lying if I said this didn't help me for
future fatherhood) and to help a kid that might've gone through a rough time.
I have been a Big Sister for already 5 years, seems like it just started yesterday.
Since the start of our match "K and I" have had nothing but fun - we laugh, we sing, we play and create
My "little" is now 12 years old, our relationship has morphed, we now have discussions on everyday
issues. This relationship is so rewarding on both fronts, I love being a Big!
My son and his Big Brother, Eric, have been together for more than 8 years. Eric first came via my son's
school and then they continued to see each throughout high school.
As a single mom, having a constant and reliable man in Guy's life has served as an anchor for him and we
truly appreciate all the time and the friendship he has extended to Guy. It has always been great that
Guy had a 'guy' to talk to and not just 'mom'.
Being a big sister is one of the most amazing experiences I have had up to date. I cannot express enough
gratitude to the big brother big sister program for this experience. I also cannot express enough
gratitude to my little sister for letting me be a part of her life. Hearing that my little sister looks forward
to our time together brings a smile to my face. She challenges me to be a better person and I know that
we will continue to help eachother grow.
Growing up with a big family and lots of brothers and sisters I never took it for granted having so many
people so close to me. I always thought about how it would suck if I didn't have this support system I
have. I decided to see if BBBS could find me a match. Lucky for me they found a young man with just
only one sister and we hit it off right away not knowing we actually have so much in common and I see a
little bit of my younger self in him. Together we will grow old and will be friends for ever!
Joe Black Memorial
Over the years, the staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island have met some very lovely, caring people who took
and continue to take time out of their busy lives to give friendship and support to a child in need of just that. They come
to us wanting to volunteer their time to help a child. They share the good times and the maybe not so good times with
that child, as this is what life brings to everyone. They usually end up becoming “part of the family” of the child they are
One such volunteer was Mr. Joe Black. Joey was matched with Corey at …age…and they still continued this incredible
relationship right up until Joey’s very recent passing. Joey’s attitude was one of happiness, positivity, he had a good
sense of humour…
Not only did Joey mentor his Little but continued to lend support by being Santa Claus for the last two years at the
annual children’s Christmas Party.
The team at Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island will always hold a special place in their hearts for Joey.
Malheureusement la réalité veut que nous ne pouvions pas offrir à chaque enfant dans le besoin un Grand
de façon constante. C'est avec ceci en tête que nous avons créé le programme xxxxxx. Ce programme est
fait pour que nous puissions rester en contact avec les Petits en attente de façon à ce qu'ils se sentent
importants et appréciés. Ce programme donne au personnel davantage d'occasions de connaître les
enfants et nous pouvons aussi augmenter les chances d'un meilleur match. À chaque mois, il y a entre 2070 participants.
MONTHLY FUN DAYS One of the unfortunate realities that we must deal with is not being able to provide every child in need with
a “Big” for an extended period of time. It was with that in mind that BBBSWI created its free monthly fun
days program. The program is designed to maintain contact with our “Littles” in waiting as well as our
matches. It gives the BBBSWI staff more opportunities to get to know the children thus increasing the
chances of optimal matches. It lets matches and children waiting to be matched get to know one other and
gives a bit of a financial break to them. Each month, there’s an attendance of between 20-70 participants.
I just wanted to let you know that Alexander* would like to join everyone… for the (monthly) activity. He will be
dropped off as he says he has now met everyone and is fine on his own. I was so happy to hear this. We see big
changes in him and are very happy about them! 
Thanks again!
Mom of a child on the waiting list
*Child’s name has been changed to protect identity
Les Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs de l’Ouest de l’Ile offre le programme de « Mentorat à l’école » depuis
plus de 10 ans. La période de mentorat a lieu pendant les heures de classe pour une période d’une heure
par semaine. Le « Mentor » encourage, soutien et motive l’enfant en faisant des activités amusantes
ensemble comme du bricolage, en jouant à des jeux, en pratiquant des sports ou en fabriquant un
casse-tête. Il est tellement important pour l’estime d’un enfant qu’il reçoive de l’attention individuelle et
malheureusement dans les classes d’aujourd’hui ceci est de plus en plus difficile. Le Petit recevant
l’attention dont il a besoin a de meilleures chances de développer une attitude favorable envers l’école.
Il existe actuellement 27 jumelages et 4 enfants toujours en attente d'un mentor. * En 2012 : 42
jumelages et 5 enfants en attente
Mère d’un mentoré
*Les noms a été changé pour protéger leur identité.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island has been providing an “In-school Mentoring” program to elementary
school children for over 10 years. The In-school mentoring match takes place during school hours for one
hour per week. The Mentor encourages, supports and motivates the child by doing fun activities together
such us crafting, playing games, playing sports, or piecing a puzzle together. This special one-on-one
attention that so many children need but cannot receive in today’s classrooms helps build self-esteem. The
Mentee may develop greater positive feelings towards their school experience. Presently, there are 27
matches and 4 kids still waiting for a Mentor. *2012: 42 matches and 5 waiting
69% des enfants ont dit qu’ils aiment aller à l’école après avoir participé dans le programme
Mentorat à l’école vs. 53% avant d’être jumelés.
69% of kids report that they like going to school after being a part of the ISM program vs.
53% prior to being matched.
96% des enfants qui ont répondu au sondage après leur expérience dans le programme ont
exprimé que leur mentor les comprenait toujours ou la majorité du temps.
96% of the children who answered the post-program survey expressed that their mentor
understood them always or most of the time.
Les Grands Frères et Grandes Soeurs de l'Ouest de l'Ile offre les programmes suivants : Go les filles! et À
vos marques! aux écoles primaires de l'ouest de l'île. Les programmes, l'un pour les filles et l'autre pour les
garçons sont conçus pour augmenter l'estime de soi et la confiance en soi tout en encourageant un mode de
vie sain. Ces programmes ont été faits sur mesure afin de répondre aux besoins et aux circonstances de la
jeunesse d'aujourd'hui. En 2013, 75 filles et garçons ont participé dans ces programmes.
*En 2012 – 144 participants NO STATS – PROJECTIVE 2015-2016 COMMUNITY PROJECT
Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island offers both Go Girls! and Game On! programs to elementary schools
in the west island. The programs, one for girls and one for boys, are designed to increase self confidence and
self esteem while promoting healthy living. The programs have been tailored to meet the needs of today’s
youth and circumstance. In 2013, 75 girls and boys participated in these programs.
*In 2012 - 144 participants
Through BBBS my son got a in- school mentor she became his Big Sister and it has been fantastic for him. He now has a
close friend and a confident. They do things together which are fun and informative and since he hungers for
knowledge she has the ability to feed it. She encourages him and helps his self confidence what more could a child
want .Thank you Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Dad of a former In-School Mentee and now Little Brother
Here are the answers from the questions from the evaluation forms given to the students that
participated in the Go Girls! / Game On! programs:
Le processus de demande et d’évaluation
Vous trouverez ci-dessous un aperçu général du processus.
Le candidat pour devenir bénévole :
Soumet une demande écrite
Soumet une vérification de ses antécédents judiciaires et trois références
Participe à une entrevue individuelle avec un membre du personnel de l'agence des Grands Frères
Grandes Sœurs
Selon le programme, on pourrait lui demander de participer à une évaluation de leur domicile
Réussir l'orientation et la formation sur la sécurité des enfants
Est informé s'il est accepté ou non
S'il est accepté en tant que mentor bénévole, il doit signer une entente de confidentialité
Le processus de jumelage
Connaissant à ce stade le bénévole et les jeunes qui attendent d'être jumelés, le travailleur social
discute d'un jumelage potentiel avec le bénévole, l'enfant ou le jeune et, selon le programme, avec la
Le travailleur social organise une rencontre avec l'enfant ou le jeune, le mentor bénévole, et souvent le
parent ou le tuteur
Si tous concernés sont en accord, le jumelage peut commencer!
The Application and Assessment Process
The following is a general overview of the process. The volunteer applicant:
Submits a written application
Submits a police record check and three references
Participates in a one-to-one interview with a staff member at the Big Brothers Big Sisters agency
Depending on the program, may be asked to participate in an assessment of their home environment
Successfully completes an orientation and child safety training
Is notified of their acceptance/non-acceptance
If accepted as a volunteer mentor, signs an agreement of confidentiality
The Matching Process
The caseworker, now familiar with the volunteer and the youth waiting to be matched, discusses a
potential match with the volunteer, the child or youth, and, depending on the program, with the family
The caseworker arranges for a meeting between the child or youth, the volunteer mentor, and often the
parent or guardian
If everyone agrees, the match can begin!
GFGSOI est un organisme accrédité, étant conforme aux normes éditées par l'organisme national
des Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs du Canada (GFGSC).
Afin d'assurer une sécurité maximale aux enfants et d'offrir d'excellents services, GFGS a mis sur pied un processus
d'évaluation de ses membres il y a plus de 25 ans. Il en est résulté un nouveau programme d'évaluation national.
Ce programme est géré par des vérificateurs professionnels entraînés qui doivent être certifiés par GFGSC.
Un certificat d'accréditation est délivré suite à l'approbation des pratiques de l'agence dans les domaines de la
sécurité des enfants, des services offerts et une excellente gestion. Cette dernière inclut un processus de
consultation avec les bénévoles, les parents et les membres du conseil d'administration, l'assurance d'une bonne
gestion financière et une planification stratégique. Chaque agence de l'organisation GFGSC est vérifiée aux cinq
ans. Les agences sont aussi évaluées en milieu de terme comme mesure intérimaire afin de s'assurer que les
standards nationaux sont maintenus.
GFGSOI est active dans la communauté depuis 40 ans. L'organisme se dédie au service des enfants et des jeunes
en leur offrant des mentorats de qualité avec des bénévoles. Nous sommes fiers d'avoir pu offrir nos services à 242
enfants en 2013. En réussissant l'accréditation nous démontrons à quel point de conseil d'administration, le
personnel, les bénévoles ont travaillé fort afin de faire une différence dans la vie d'un enfant.
"Ce programme d'accréditation est crucial dans nos efforts pour aider davantage d'enfants. Le programme donne à
l'agence locale l'information et l'assurance qui confirme qu'ils font du bon travail et qu'ils font ce qu'il faut" dit Bruce
MacDonald, président et gérant de GFGSC. – TO CHANGE OR REMOVE
Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island is an accredited agency, having successfully met the review
standards outlined by the national governing body, Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada (BBBSC).
As a way to continually ensure maximum child safety and the pursuit of organizational excellence, Big Brothers Big
Sisters introduced a review process for its member agencies more than 25 years ago. This has most recently
evolved in the new national accreditation program. The program is conducted by professionally-trained reviewers,
who must complete accreditation training given by BBBSC.
The accreditation certificate is granted upon approval of agency practices in the areas of child safety, service
delivery, and organizational excellence. The latter includes a consultative process with agency volunteers, parents
and board members, assurance of sound fiscal management practices and agency strategic planning. Each agency
within the BBBSC organization is accredited every five years. Agencies also participate in a mid-term evaluation as
an interim measure to ensure adherence to national standards.
Big Brothers Big Sisters West Island has been serving the community for 40 years. It is committed to serving children
and youth by providing them with quality mentoring relationships with volunteers. It is with great pride that we were
able to serve 242 children in 2013. Achieving accreditation is a testament of the hard work of our board of directors,
staff and volunteers, who strive to make a difference in the life of a child.
"This accreditation program is critical as we move forward in our efforts to reach and support more children. The
program provides the local agency with the information and assurance they need to know that they are doing a good
job, and that they are doing the right things," said Bruce MacDonald, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters
of Canada.
Nous apprécions vos années d’engagement et d’amitié.
We appreciate your years of commitment and friendship.
Alex Antoniazzi
Amanda Paventi
Amanda Rosen
Amanda Savoy
Amar Bhindi
Andrew Grynczuk
Anne-Charlotte Dumée
Armen Tarverdian
Birgit Neuschild
Brian Amesse
Caitlin Contaoe
Chanelle Seemangal
Chantal Massad
Chelsea Seyfert
Chelsea Turnbull
Christopher Dobson
Colin Ramsay
Cory Piedalue
Cristian Asenjo
Damian Rivera
David Morris
Deanna Brading
Desiree LafayetteGayle
Desmond Davis
Dillon Antoine
Elie Camara
Emilie David
Emilie Lessard
Emma Wallwork
Eric Boucher
Erin Moffat
Esteban Sullivan
Eva Apelian
Fady Abdelhafez
Gagandeep Singh
Gary Cuggy
Georgia Limniatis
Glen Gagnon
Hans Jacobsen
Heather McPhaden
Holly Manderson
Ian Macdaonald
Ivan Sapla
Jason Bailey
Jean-françois Corbeil
Jeff Steinberg
Jennifer Nehme
Joanne Agustin
Jonathon Naylor
Jonathan Sadko
Kasia Whitelaw
Kaitlin Gattuso
Kasra FarajiTabrizi
Kayley Diamond
Kevin de L’Étoile
Kevin Murphy
Krystal St. John
Krystel Moraitis
Laura Landry
Lea Nsouli
Leane Stewart
Liezl Lee
Linda Wittenberg
Lise Lacroix
Luca Loggia
Lucia De Luca
Lyndsy Evenden
Mariel Desjardins
Margaret Kania
Megan Panopio
Melissa Cammuso
Melissa Russo
Melyssa Demers
Mike Argento
Miyoko Fulleringer
Neha Verma
Nicolas Capaday
Phillippe de
Quinnton Zorzes
Patrick Osae
Eyal Baruch
Frank Barth
Greg Mulcair
Patrick Herron
Pierre-Alexandre Lussier
Ray Lemoine
Rosie Arcuri
Ryan Campeau
Ryan Siciliano
Sabrina Cataford
Sabrina Levin
Samantha D’Andrea
Sarah Hertz
Sean Hertz
Sheldon Warner
Stacey Pantelis
Stephanie Nestor
Stuart Nolan
Suzanne Guth
Teneille Arnott
Valerie Haber
Vanessa Haywood
Vlad Calciu
Paniers de Noël / Christmas Baskets & Les chèques du Gazette / Gazette Cheques
Plusieurs de nos familles ont des difficultés financières, spécialement durant la saison des
Fêtes, nous avons pris la responsabilité de demander de l'aide de la communauté et nous
sommes fiers de vous faire part que toutes les familles dans nos programmes qui avaient
besoin d'aide ont reçu un supplément d'aide cette année. Ce fut fait sous forme soit d'un
chèque de The Gazette, un panier d'épicerie ou une aide précise d'un donateur qui a fourni de
la nourriture et des cadeaux à la famille. 43 paniers ont été livrés cette année à Noël pour nos
familles. Merci aux compagnies/individuels suivants : Le Gazette du Montréal, Buckman, Les
Frères Magid, Recyclage Roto, Puma, FEDEX Ground, Pharmaprix, the employees of Telus,
Cisco, the employees of Laurentide, UPS, CIBC, Georgia Limniatis, Patty Sasso, Ashley
Murdoch, Tanya Lamarre, City of Beaconsfield.
Many of our families are struggling financially, particularly during the holiday season so we took
it upon ourselves to reach out to the community and appeal to the generosity that surrounds
us. BBBSWI is thrilled to say that every family in our program that was in need received a little
extra help this year. It was either in the form of a Gazette cheque, a substantial grocery run, or
being matched with a donator that provided food and gifts for the family. Thank you to our
fellow community members, your generosity was very much appreciated. 43 baskets were
delivered this year at Christmas for our families. Thank you to the following: The Montreal
Gazette, Magid Brothers, Roto Recycling, Puma, Fedex Ground, Telus, Cisco, Laurentide, UPS,
CIBC, Georgia Limniatis, Patty Sasso, City of Beaconsfield.
Yesterday I received HUGE food basket from YOU.... From the bottom of my heart _THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for it...... This
is the first time in my life I received it, but I didn't expect to be so generous... THANKs to You, and all people who contributed to
it...... There is no words letting me express my gratitude... You even remembered about our dear cat Sylwester....... I had tears in my
eyes for all generosity received. In the future, when I am better, I will return the favor to people in need. You can be sure for that.
I would like to send ALL of you the best wishes for the coming holidays, Merry Christmas and all the best in a New Year..... You help
so many single moms and kids in need and do it all with poise, pleasure........ and don't make us feel uncomfortable............
The Buckman Company
I am writing to thank you for the generosity that was extended to our family through your donations that we received via Big Brothers and Big
Sisters of the West Island. The Christmas basket we received helped make our holiday season brighter. We are an adoptive and foster
home of several children with special needs and it really makes a huge difference to have received the basket this year. My husband
unfortunately has been off work due to a serious medical problems and the generosity of people really makes a big difference. It will help
over the winter months to have the extra things that were given to us.
Please let your employees know that it really help to receive their generous donations during the holiday season!
Thank you
Elizabeth and John
Christmas Basket Recipients – Their children are waiting to be matched
Air Canada - Voyages de Rêve / Air Canada - Dreams Take Flight
Le programme Voyage de Rêve envoie des centaines d’enfants de partout au Canada à Disney
World pour une journée. Organisé par les employés d’Air Canada, toutes les dépenses sont
payées pour que les enfants s’envolent en Floride afin de profiter d’une pleine journée de
manèges et autres attractions. Nous avons eu l’opprtunité d’envoyer 4 de nos «Petits» à Disney!
The Dreams Take Flight Program sends hundreds of children throughout Canada to Disney
World for the day. Organized by the Air Canada employees, all expenses are paid for kids to fly
to Florida and enjoya full day of attractions. We had the opportunity to send 4 of our Littles to
SportLife Day Camp
This new day camp located in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue opened its doors with a generous offer that
allowed us to send some of our kids to summer camp for free. This is a tremendous help to
single parents as they can go to work knowing that their children are safe and having fun as well
as having a big financial burden lifted off of them. Many thanks goes out to the owner Evan
Horner and his incredible staff. The children had a wonderful time according to their parents.
Camp Scouts Canada
Scouts Canada generously gave the children in our programs the opportunity to experience
their summer camp. It was a great time and the 3 kids could not have been happier. For many,
they would not otherwise get the chance to go. Thank You Scouts.
Fonds Michel St. Jules / Michel St. Jules Camp Fund
Ce fonds, conçu à la mémoire de Michel St. Jules, a été établi pour offrir aux enfants l’occasion
de participer et prendre plaisir au plein air d’un camp d’été ainsi que de rencontrer de nouveaux
This fund, created in memory of Michel St. Jules, was established to offer children the
opportunity to participate in and enjoy the outdoor experience of summer camp as well as the
chance to make new friends.
École primaire St.John Fisher / St. John Fisher Elementary Community Walk
Les enfants des campus Junior et Sénior marchent avec des enseignants, directeurs et parents
bénévoles, tout en ayant une escorte de police. Chaque année, ils aident à amasser plusieurs
milliers de dollars qui permettent l'enrichissement de nos programmes.
The children from both the Junior and Senior campuses walk with teachers, principals and
volunteers parents, all while having a police escort. Each year, they help raise a couple of
thousand dollars that go towards enriching our programs.
West Jet, en plus de donner des billets d’avions qui sont mis en tombola, ont aussi
généreusement donné plusieurs loges pour un match de baseball des Blue Jays. Les jumelages
récipiendaires ont saisi cette excitante opportunité de regarder un match d’un point de vue très
WestJet, aside from donating plane tickets that are raffled off, also donated a couple of loges to
a Blue Jays baseball game. A few matches snatched this exciting opportunity to view the game
from a very advantageous point.
Beaconsfield Men’s Slo-Pitch & Les Anciens du hockey de Pointe-Claire / Pointe Claire
Oldtimers Hockey
GFGS fut parmi les organisations chanceuses qui ont réçu un généreux cheque de Beaconsfield
Men’s Slo-Pitch ET les Anciens du Hockey de Pointe-Claire. Ils collectent des fonds chaque année
et les redonnent à des organismes de l’Ouest de l’Ile.
BBBS was one of the many organizations to receive a generous cheque from the members of the
Beaconsfield Men’s Slo Pitch AND Pointe Claire Oldtimers Hockey. They both raise a lot of money
every year and they donate to various charitable organizations in and around the West Island.
Beaconsfield Oldtimers’ Hockey Association
We just got three pairs of Armada hockey tickets
Merci de nous avoir donné des billets à quelques reprises pour regarder vos matchs de football.
Ils sont toujours très appréciés par les enfants et bénévoles.
Thank you for giving us tickets on a few occasions to watch some football games. They are
always so appreciated by the children and the volunteers.
VRRA movie tickets Warner Bros. Pictures: Dolphin Tale 2, Sex Tape, The Hobbit Promo Avenue:
Le programme de bourses d’études Vision Jeunesse CIBC / CIBC Youthvision
Le programme de bourses d’études Vision Jeunesse CIBC a vu le jour en 1998 en partenariat
avec les Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs du Canada et le YMCA. Les Petit(e)s qui participent à
notre programme peuvent faire une demande afin d’obtenir une bourse lorsqu’ils sont en
secondaire quatre. Trente d’entre eux sont sélectionnés annuellement à travers le Canada afin
de recevoir une bourse universitaire complète incluant un emploi d’été au YMCA. Notre
organisme est fier et reconnaissant de compter 10 gagnants jusqu’à maintenant et nous les
félicitons pour leur travail acharné et leurs efforts.
The CIBC Youthvision was launched in 1998 in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of
Canada and the YMCA. Littles in our program can apply for the scholarship while in grade ten
and then 30 are selected across Canada to receive a full University Scholarship including a
summer work placement at the YMCA. Our agency is proud and grateful to have had 10
winners so far and we would like to congratulate them for their efforts and hard work.
Fête de Noël annuelle de GFGS / BBBS Annual Christmas Party
La fête de Noël des Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs de l’Ouest de l’Île fut très amusante autant
pour les adultes que pour les enfants. gros merci du fond du cœur aux Frères Magid, Recyclage
Roto, Jason Industrial, et à Buckman pour le succès de cette fête de Noël.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island’s annual Kids Christmas Party was great fun for kids and
adults alike. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Magid Brothers, Roto Recycling, Jason
Industrial, and Buckman’s for helping us provide the kids, the volunteers and the parents with
some Christmas cheer.
Rencontre trimestrielle / Meet & Greet
En juillet 2011 les Grands Frères et Grandes Soeurs de l'Ouest de l'Ile ont commencé à
recevoir les bénévoles aux 3 mois. Ceci offre une occasion aux bénévoles de se connaître,
d'échanger des idées et des expériences. C'est également un moyen de rester en contact avec
l'agence et son personnel. Ce sont des rencontres informelles avec nourriture, breuvages et
bonnes conversations. Ce fut bien reçu et apprécié par tous. En 2014, en moyenne 15
personnes ont participé aux réunions, 8 personnes étant des bénévoles dans nos programmes.
In July, 2011, BBBSWI began hosting quarterly meetings for the volunteers. This is an
opportunity for the volunteers to get to know each other, exchange ideas and experiences. It is
also a great means to “stay connected” to the agency and its staff members. The Meet and
Greet is a casual activity with food, beverages and good conversation. It has been very well
received and appreciated by all. In 2014, an average of 15 people attended these quarterly
meetings, with an average of 8 being volunteers in our various programs.
Old Navy – Job Shadowing Day
Dreams Take Flight
L'Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal et le bureau national de GFGS ont fait équipe pour offrir
aux mentorés la chance d'assister à un spectacle d'opéra adapté pour que les enfants puissent
l'apprécier. Quelle expérience enrichissante!
The Montreal Symphony Orchestra and our national office teamed up together to offer mentees
the chance to go to an opera event, especially tailored for children to enjoy. What an enriching
experience. On Saturday, February 14th, at 4pm, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra is holding a
show for kids at Place des Arts! Valentines one, include pictures
Job Shadowing in Ottawa
Observation d’emploi sur la colline du Parlement : Cette excellente opportunité d'apprentissage
a été offert aux Petits adolescents. Un de nos Petits a profité de cette occasion pour suivre un
travailleur sur la Colline du Parlement à Ottawa pour une journée et était très heureux et
reconnaissant envers Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs pour lui avoir offert cette opportunité.
Job Shadowing on Parliament Hill: This excellent learning opportunity was offered to teen
Littles. One of our Littles took advantage of this chance to job shadow at Parliament Hill in
Ottawa for the day and was extremely pleased and grateful to BBBS for being able to
The company Expedia Canada Corp. has generously donated a bunch of hockey tickets for over the
Christmas Holidays for the World Junior Championships taking place at the Bell Centre.
Here is the list of the various games with the dates and times.
La Marche des Parapluies de Centraide / Centraide Umbrella Walk
GFGS avait participé à la Marche des Parapluies le 1 octobre, 2013.
BBBS participated in Centraide’s Annual Umbrella Walk on October 1st, 2013.
Partage-Action / West Island community Shares (WICS)
GFGS avait participé à la Marche pour Partage-Action le 3 octobre, 2013.
BBBS participated in the Walk for WICS on October 3rd, 2013.
Partage-Action : Événement Rouge et Blanc / WICS : Red & White Event
GFGS était présent pour offrir de l’aide à Partage-Action pour leur événement Rouge &
Blanc qui était un souper et un encan silencieux de levée de fonds.
BBBS was there to offer help to WICS for their Red & White Event, which was a supper
and silent auction fundraiser.
Partage-Action : Événement Dégustation du Vin / WICS : Wine Tasting Event
pour les
2014 / Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2014
Notre Quillethon annuel remporta encore une fois, un franc succès! Il est toujours
encourageant de constater que nos fidèles commanditaires reviennent mais aussi de
rencontrer de nouveaux amis qui se joignent avec enthousiasme à cet événement festif
qui constitue l’activité de financement principale de l’organisme. Avec ses cadeaux de
remerciements et la chance de gagner des prix très attrayants, il est toujours agréable
de vivre cette expérience avec la famille, les collègues et les amis. Nous apprécions
sincèrement rencontrer tous ces gens qui comprennent et soutiennent notre mission.
As one of Big Brothers Big Sisters main fundraising activities, it is always encouraging to see
our regular sponsors come back but also to meet new friends that eagerly join this festive event.
With thank you gifts and the chance to win some pretty nice prizes, it is great fun to share this
experience with friends, family and coworkers. We truly appreciate meeting so many people
who understand and support our mission.
Troisième Gala Bénéfice Annuel / Third Annual Benefit Gala
Le troisième gala bénéfice annuel fut un événement extraordinaire qui a permis aux
GFGSOI d'honorer les compagnies qui nous soutiennent depuis longtemps. Durant le souper
gastronomique préparé par les chefs du Sheraton, les invités furent divertis par les danceurs et
danceuses brasiliens et DJ Alain de L.A. Party Planners. Parmi les compagnies qui furent à
l'honneur il y eut Recyclage Roto.
The second Annual Benefit Gala was a wonderful event providing Big Brothers Big Sisters of
West Island the opportunity to honor long time sponsoring companies. Guests were entertained
by lovely Brazilian dancers and DJ Alain of L.A. Party Planners, while dining on a gastronomical
feast prepared by Sheraton Montreal Airport chefs. Companies honored included Recyclage
Déjeuner de la Saint Valentin / Valentine’s Day Breakfast
Nous ne pouvons nous prononcer pour tout le monde, cependant il semble que notre déjeuner
de la Saint Valentin soit une activité très populaire auprès de nos partisans. Jack Astor’s nous
offre toujours un service de qualité extraordinaire! Nous apprécions énormément la gentillesse
et la générosité de nos bénévoles. Merci aux Frères Magid, St-Jean Bagel et Jack Astor’s Bar &
Grill pour votre soutien.
We wouldn’t want to speak for everyone but it seems that our Annual Valentine’s Breakfast is a
huge favorite with our supporters. Jack Astor’s always offers such decadence! We are ever so
grateful for the kind and generous individuals who volunteer at this event. Thank you to Magid
Brothers, St-Jean Bagel and Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill for your support.
Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs de l’Ouest de l’Ile tient à remercier tous les compagnies et fondations qui
ont soutenu l’organisme. Merci à ceux qui nous ont offert des dons d’articles à titre de cadeaux et des
dons individuels.
On behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island we wish to express our gratitude to all of our
Corporate/Foundation Donors, Donors of Gifts in Kind and Individual Donors.
Nous sommes excessivement reconnaissants envers nos Commanditaires principaux : Centraide,
Partage Action de l’Ouest de l’Ile, l’Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal
A very special thanks goes out to our Primary Sponsors: Centraide, West Island Community
Shares (WICS) and l’Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal
Donateurs d’entreprise/fondation & Dons à titre de cadeau
Corporate/Foundation Donors & Donors of Gifts in Kind
Agro pur signature
Barbie’s Restaurant Dorval
Beaconsfield Men’s Slo
Bombardier Aerospace
Location Bravo Rentals
Buckman Canada
Centre d’Art de Montréal Art
Centre de Vision Pincourt
Château Vaudreuil
Clinique Nueeva
Clinique Vétérinaire
David D. Humes Insurance
Del Frisco’s
Distribution Frères Magid
Dominos Pizza
Dr. Alvaro de la Fuente
Dr. Sharlene Bogusz Inc.
Eatz Chez Vouz
Eco-Lita trilingue
Elegant Wishes
Eric T. Webster Foundation
Fedex Ground
Fernandez Ink
Fleuriste Carmine Florist
Future Electronics
Global News
Gold’s Gym
Golf Dorval
Granby Zoo
Grand & Toy
Griffintown Media
Groupe Automobile Desmeules
Il Fornetto
Isabelle Morin
Jack Astor’s
Jason Industriel
JKS Martial Arts School
Kelly’s Pub
La Maison Verte
Landmark Properties
L.A. Party Planners
La Ronde
Laurentian Lanes
Lavage de vitres, Karine Campeau
Lori Spicer Earrings
Le Surcouf
L.V. Lomas Ltd.
Merck Frosst Employees’ Charity
Trust Fund
Mon Village Restaurant and Pub
Notaire Jennifer McCarthy
Parc Safari
Pearl White Solutions
Pointe Claire Old Timers Hockey
Pot de vin
Quality Suites Pointe-Claire
Quick X
Recyclage Roto
Robert Donnelly Consultant Aéronautique Inc.
Royal Bank of Canada
Scentsy Baskets
Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel
Standard Life
St-Jean Bagel
St. John Fisher Elementary
Saveurs Sublime Flavors
Sunlife Financial
Telus Communications
Terra Mare
The Bar B Barn
The Keg
The Sweet Side Cupcakery
Thorndale Elementary
Tim Horton’s
Toilettage Poochmobile
Top Marketing
Ubisoft Canada Inc.
Une Pierre Deux Coups
Via Rail
Vignoble Rivière du Chêne
Ville de Beaconsfield
Ville de Kirkland
Ville de Pierrefonds
Ville de Pointe-Claire
Vintage Road Racing Association
Warner Brothers Films
Wendy’s Driving School
West Jet
West Spa
W Hotel
Yannick Fromagerie
Yolande James SAB Nelligan
Yves Rocher
Merci aux personnes et compagnies reliées aux média pour leurs support à promouvoir notre
agence :
Thank you to the media-related people and companies for helping us promote our agency
CHOM FM (Terry Dimonte and Heather B.)
94.7 Hits FM
Noah Leon photographer/videographer
Breakfast TV
Global (Jessica Laventure)
LA Party Planners
Merci à nos organisateurs partenaires d’événements / Thank you to our Third Party Events
Beaconsfield Men’s Slo-Pitch League – Tournois de baseball / Baseball Tournament
DD Humes Insurance Agency – Tournois de golf familale / Family Golf Tournament
Pointe Claire Old Timer’s Hockey – Hockey Tournament
Dans l’éventualité où votre compagnie aurait participé à un des évènements énumérés cités plus haut ou
qu’un don aurait été fait aux GFGS de l’Ouest de l’Ile mais que le nom n’apparait pas dans ce document,
veuillez nous en excuser.
In the event that your company participated in one of these events or made a contribution of some sort to
Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island but that your name did not appear in this document, please accept
our apologies.
contributions aux Grands Frères Grandes
Sœurs de l’Ouest de l’Ile aideront à:
Recruter des Grands Frères et des Grandes Sœurs;
Payer les frais reliés au processus de sécurité (vérification des antécédents
judiciaires) et à la couverture d’assurance pour les bénévoles;
Offrir la formation du programme de sécurité aux Petits, à leurs parents ainsi qu’aux
Assurer la qualité de la formation continue offerte aux conseillers(ères);
Effectuer les entrevues et les évaluations à domicile dans un délai minimal;
Réduire le temps d’attente pour la formation d’un jumelage;
Offrir des activités de groupes à l’intention des Petits qui sont en attente d’être
Voici des façons de contribuer à la mission de l'organisme:
Commanditer un évènement; par le biais de financement ou avec des produits
En faisant un don ou en finançant l’activité d’un Petit à la mémoire d’un être aimé
Faire un don de cadeaux; prix pour un tirage, un encan ou à titre de prix de présence
Donner des livres neufs, de nouveaux jouets, des chèques cadeaux pour des
restaurants ou magasins, des billets de spectacle
Organiser un évènement en partenariat
Nous encourager lors d’un prochain évènement; acheter un billet, faire une enchère
à l’encan, déjeuner avec nous à l’occasion de la Saint-Valentin
Dites nous de quelle façon vous aimeriez contribuer; une collecte de bouteilles,
vente de pâtisseries, service de graphisme ou d’impression, aider lors du prochain
Si vous connaissez une compagnie ou si votre milieu de travail souhaite obtenir des
informations à propos des Grands Frères Grandes Sœurs de l’Ouest de l’Ile, veuillez
communiquer avec nous et il nous fera plaisir de vous informer sur ce que nous faisons et sur
ce vous pouvez faire!
Your contributions to Big Brothers Big Sisters will help to:
Recruit Big Brother and Big Sister Volunteers;
Cover the cost of the reference checks, background checks, and insurance for our
Provide Child Safety training to the Littles, their Parents and the Bigs;
Ensure that our caseworkers receive up-to-date training and seminars;
Perform interviews and home assessments in a timely fashion;
Reduce the waiting time for matches to take place;
29 Offer group activities for those Littles who are still waiting;
Create fun holiday memories.
Here are some of the ways that you can contribute:
If you know of a company that might like to get on board or if your place of work would like
more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island, please let us know and it would
truly be our pleasure to explain what we do and what you can do!
Sponsoring an event; funding or products
By making a monetary donation or sponsoring a child’s activity in Memory of a
loved one
Donating gifts in kind; prizes to be raffled, auctioned or given away during an event
Donating new books, new toys, gift certificates for restaurants or stores, tickets to
Host a Third Party Event
Supporting the cause at the next event; buy a ticket, make a bid, have breakfast with
us next Valentine’s
Tell us how you would like to help; bottle drive, bake sale, design and printing
services, volunteer at an event…
265 Avenue Dorval, Suite 202
Dorval, Qc
H9S 3H5
Téléphone: 514-538-6100
Télécopier: 514-538-4625

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