File - Sunshine Ridge Baptist Church


File - Sunshine Ridge Baptist Church
Personal Information:
Grade 8 & all new appli-
Sex: M/F DOB (D/M/Y): __ /__ /__
Grade Entering: ____ Age: ______
Volunteers entering
cants must have
previous volunteer
Postal Code:
They will meet with Danica
Home Phone:
and will be given a 1-week
Cell Phone:
trial run. If they succeed, a
Medical Number:
Kids Zone Day
Camps 2016
Volunteer Application
July 4 – August 26
8:30 am – 3:15 pm
volunteer can serve for a
maximum of 4 weeks.
Other Important Info:
Shirt Size:
Danica Gladman
Michaela Tellis
Daniel Stead
Emergency Contact:
All Day Camp
Staff Have Valid
First Aid
Sunshine Ridge Baptist Church
6230 – 120th Street
Surrey, B.C., V3X 1Y7
(604) 594-5512
[email protected]
Program Details:
Kids Camps (Grade K – 7) – 9am-3pm
* All Out-Trips are on Fridays
□Week #1–July 4 - 8....... Centennial Beach
□ Week #2–July 11 - 15 .. Science World
□ Week #3–July 18-22 ... Vancouver Aquarium
□ Week #4–July 25-29 ... Splashdown Waterslides
□ Week #5–Aug 2-5 ....... Coastal Climbing
(**Grade 4-7 only)
□ Week #6–Aug 8-12 ..... Greater Vancouver Zoo
□ Week #7–Aug 15-19 ... Splashdown Waterslides
□ Week #8–Aug 22-26 ... Centennial Beach
Kids Zone T-Shirt Included with
We plan to accept a maximum
of 4 volunteers per week
Please note that all volunteers
must have completed a valid
criminal record check
Example Volunteer Duties:
I, ___________________, agree to volunteer for
the week(s) of ____________________. In doing
so, I am committing myself to serve the camp and
the campers first and foremost.
This means that I will follow the instructions given to me by the day camps staff. Also, I
recognize that day camps are a ministry of the
church and that I should act accordingly as a representative of the church. It is important to remember that most of these kids are their parents
probably do not have much experience within the
church, which makes being an example of Christ
even more important.
I also recognize that this job is social in nature, and that there are times when I will hang out
with friends. However, I am committing to spend
the majority of my time working and serving the
day camp participants, and not the leaders or
other volunteers.
I agree to arrive at 8:15 am on Mondays,
8:30 am the rest of the week and leave no earlier
than 3:15pm, ready to help set up and clean up as
I agree to maintain appropriate behaviour,
conversation, and clothing in order to be a good
example to the kids and parents. I realize that I
am here to serve, and not to be served. Finally, I
agree to work hard, have fun, and make the best
of this opportunity. I realize that the staff reserve
the right to reject my services as a volunteer if my
conduct does not meet the expectations of the
Day Camps Staff.
Assist with the set-up/clean-up
of daily activities
Help maintain the physical,
emotional, and spiritual
well-being of the campers
Assist in the running-of and
participate in the games and
activities with the campers
Be willing to adapt to the
requests made by the Day
Camps Staff in regards to Kids
Zone Summer Day Camps
Interact one-on-one with kids
Recognize an individual child’s
needs & help them participate
Encourage kids
Give total respect to Day Camp
What you need to bring:
Bag lunch/snack(s) and a drink
Sturdy/comfortable shoes
Bathing suit/towel
A smile, a happy heart, and a
willingness to serve
Please Contact [email protected] or
any of the Day Camps Staff if you have
further questions
Church: 604-594-5512