The Story of Kris Kringle`s Name


The Story of Kris Kringle`s Name
Oh, how I remember when it all began...
Kris Kringle has had many names, like old St. Nick, Christkindl and of course Santa Claus, all
European names linked to the newborn Jesus, the Christ child they called him, who grew to be the reason
for season.
Jesus came to serve and we can all be inspired by his teachings, as was St. Nicholas.
St. Nicholas lived in Turkey in the 4th Century. He was only 19 years old when he was appointed Bishop of Myra.
During his life, Pope Julius set the date of Dec. 25 for the Celebration of the birth of Jesus. Originally Dec. 6 was for
gift-giving for the children after the harvest but this was later moved to Dec. 25 to include adults, as well, so Christmas
Day was born.
Because of his many wondrous miracles, he was known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker.
St. Nicholas went about putting food and other necessities of life in shoes, which were left outside the doors of homes. He
was known to put gold coins in stockings hanging over the fireplaces to dry and so became the tradition we follow today.
Knowing St. Nicholas would come and visit them on Christmas Eve, the children would leave nuts, apples and sweets of different
kinds to welcome him and still to this day cookies and milk are a favorite for him.
After his death in Myra Lycia in 343, age 73, he left a multitude of legacies, which set the master plan in motion for
our modern Santa Claus to follow. From St. Nicholes to Sinterkloas to Santa Claus, where in around 1931 the American
traditions change the royal robe to the red and white we see most often today.
St. Nicholas first started out, as the legend goes, riding in the horse and buggy through the skies to deliver all the toys
until it got too small and then it was changed to nine little reindeer and a big sleigh, including Rudolph, of course.
As time passed, he moved to the North Pole, which is more central for him to travel to all points North, East, South and
West. Ol’ Santa needed time to do this, of course, so Father Time stepped in and, at .the ringing of midnight, he stopped all
the clocks so all the boys and girls of the world could receive their gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.
So here we are today, bringing back to the Oceanside some 20 years of tradition, the royal robe and the history of
Kris Kringle in the form of community crafting in the Christmas Spirit.
Written by Kris Kringle, aka George O’ Connor.