Solar-Powered Oven



Solar-Powered Oven
Solar-Powered Oven
1. Cut and line the box.
Use the ruler and box cutter to cut a
three-sided flap into the top of the pizza
box lid. Make sure to leave at least an inch
of border around the flap. » Glue
aluminum foil to the bottom side of the
lid and the insides of the box. » Try to
make the foil as smooth as possible, like
a mirror.
2. Add the plastic wrap.
Stretch some plastic wrap across the
opening on top of the lid of the box and
tape it down. » Now add another layer of
plastic wrap below the opening and tape
it to the lid. » Do not tape any plastic
wrap to the flap that is lined with foil. It
should only be taped to the edges of the
lid across the opening.
Pizza box
Aluminum foil
Plastic wrap
Glue stick
Box cutter
3. Add the construction
paper. Line the bottom of the box
with black construction paper and glue it
4. Prop the lid up.
Use your stick to prop the flap up. You
might have to tape it to get it to stay.
» Take your oven outside on a sunny
day and try to heat things up! Put the
food under the lid beneath the plastic.
S'mores are a great place to start.
Maker Camp 2015
Week Three
skewer or
wooden dowel
or any stick
that is at least
1' long