Newsletter Santo Nino No.18


Newsletter Santo Nino No.18
Volume 5, Issue 3
March, 2005 — May, 2005
The Knights of Columbus is a family-oriented fraternal service society of practical Catholic men.
Blessed Sacrament to Celebrate Centennial
Fr. Emmett P. Morrissey
Grand Knight
Reuben C. Mercado
Deputy Grand Knight
Edgardo A. Alejandria
Jeremias P. Ravasco
Financial Secretary
James A. Madrilejos
Art Vanderzalm
Matthew P. Robinson
Gil D. MacDonald
Allan S. Ngui
Luis B. de Paz
Inside Guard
Eduardo O. Concepcion
Outside Guard
Rodrigo Chiu
Carl J. Folk
Jaime L. Alvarez
Modesto G. Escanlar
Field Agent
Mark Lewans
Program Director
Edgardo A. Alejandria
Membership Director
Jaime L. Alvarez
Church/Vocations Director
Modesto G. Escanlar
Council Director
Eusebio L. Koh
Community Director
Tereso E. Abadiano
Family Director
Jesus C. Feliciano
Youth Director
Joseph A. Alejandria
Fundraising Director
Art Vanderzalm
News Editor
Eusebio L. Koh
The oldest Roman Catholic Church
building will be 100 years old this year. In
1905, the Oblate Fathers built it and called
it St. Mary’s Church.
As Regina
grew Eastward in
the 1930’s, a new
St. Mary’s Church
was built on Winnipeg followed by
the Little Flower
Church on College
Avenue. In 1934,
Scarth St. was reBlessed Sacrament Church
Sketch by Bill Argan
Sacrament Church
by the then Archbishop James C. McGuigan who took over from the Oblate Fathers.
Dear Fellow Knights:
The following priests served as pastors for Blessed Sacrament: Rev. Frederick
Seiferling (1934-1938), Rev. Gabriel
Schachtel (1938-1969), Rev. Ronald
McKenna (1969-1974), Rev. Daniel Lucey
(1974-1994), and Rev. Emmett Morrissey
(1994- ).
Santo Nino Council 12415 became
a part of Blessed Sacrament when it was
chartered in 1999 and it was based at the
church with Rev. Morrissey as Council
The Centennial will be celebrated
on Sunday, June 26, 2005 with a Holy Mass
at 10 a.m. at the Blessed Sacrament followed by a come-and-go tea at the Hotel
Saskatchewan. Council will do virtually all
the liturgical ministries. A Memorial Book
is being prepared by Murray Grant for
distribution at the tea. A Centennial Hymn
composed by Deacon Bob Williston will be
played during the celebration.
I realize that the
members of the Santo Father Emmett
Nino Council belong
to many different parishes in Regina,
so you may not be aware that we are
celebrating a Centennial here at
Blessed Sacrament, and our Centennial coincides with the Centennial of
the Province of Saskatchewan.
In 1883 the Oblates of Mary Immaculate established Saint Mary's
Parish. The first church was a tiny
building on the 1800 block of Cornwall Street. In 1885 following the
death of Louis Riel, his body was kept
near the altar in the church until it
was taken to be buried near the Cathedral in Saint Boniface, Manitoba.
As the Catholic population of
Regina grew the little church quickly
became inadequate, so the nave of the
present Blessed Sacrament was built.
The transept was added in 1913 and
the church was still called Saint
Then in 1934 when the Oblates
of Mary Immaculate built a new
church on the 1900 block of Winnipeg
Street they called the new church
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The Knights of Columbus are dedicated to the four pillars of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.
Santo Nino Council News
2004 Council Caroling—a Success
On Wednesday, December 15, 2004, Santo Nino
carolers came to Santa Maria Senior Home and sang
Philippine and English carols to Fr. John Riffel and a
hall full of other residents. Bringing the joy of Christmas to shut-ins was most satisfying and Council did it at
six other senior homes around the city.
As well, carolers sang at several Filipino homes
as a fund-raiser. Caroling was on December 9, 10, 14,
15, and 16. Coordinator was Chancellor Gregg Ravasco
with PGK Jim Alvarez as Music Director.
We also sang on December 18 at Philippine Association Christmas Party and at Masses on Christmas
Day at Sacred Heart Church and on December 26 at
Blessed Sacrament Church before the 10 a.m. Holy
Thanks are due to the carolers Jim and Susan
Alvarez,, Sonny de Paz, Fr. Raymundo Rodriguez,
Reden Sampang, Reuben and Cecille Mercado, Gregg
and Chelo Ravasco, Allan Ngui, James and Fannie
Madrilejos, Mody and Shirley Escanlar, Seb Koh, Jessie
and Marissa Feliciano, Fran Schaeffer, Ferdie and Kendrick Sta. Maria, Fred Young, Marc Sison, Ferdie Feliciano and Jovil Paez.
Council Happenings
Christmas Party
Council celebrated its annual Christmas Party at
St. Mary’s Parish Hall on December 12, 2004 with over a
hundred in attendance.
Free Throw
Council held its Basketball Free Throw Tournament for boys and girls on January 30, 2005 at St. Francis
Gymnasium. Youth Director Jeff Alejandria organized
the event with help from several brothers. Winners advanced to the District Free
Throw which was hosted by
Council on February 6, 2005 at
the O’Neill Gym. There were
over fifty participants. DD
Claude Lefebvre and State
Youth Director Mike Lasko
presented the medals to the
winners who advanced to the
Zone Free Throw on Saturday,
March 5 at Ecole de Laval.
Council extends its thanks and appreciation to
donors and hosts Fred and Nerissa Young, James and
Fannie Madrilejos, Bill and Girlie Campbell, Marc and
Cora Sison, Tess and Imelda Santos, Dr. Mahdi and
Belen Juma, Daling Feliciano, Dr. Manny and Marilyn
Valente, David and Dida Ingram, Lorne and Nicole Kehrig, the Tirona family, Puring Tecson, Ben and Jessica
Hernando, Pete and Annabel Escanlar, Ray Bobinski,
Dr. Nestor Ficzycz, and Auring Alvaro. Every host was
generous with lots of drinks and food.
Ladies Night
Ladies Night: GK Rio & Cecille Mercado, Eva & Richard Wasserle
Marriage Encounter Weekend
When: July 8 - 10, 2005
Where: Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, Wilcox Sask.
For more information please contact:
Fannie Madrilejos - 789-9046
Marissa Concepcion - 585-2696
Council ladies were honored with a brunch on
February 12, 2005 at the West Harvest Inn. GK Rio
Mercado ran games that revealed how well couples know
each other. The ladies were given roses, PGK Jim and
Susan Alvarez rendered some love songs and there was
some poetry recited. It’s Valentine, you know, and what
could be more appropriate than to hear a love poem from
Amor, the better half of DGK Ed Alejandria.
Bingo for Charity
Council assisted with bingo on Jan. 4 and Feb. 1,
2005 at the Bingo Palace. These activities are good fundraisers for charity and can use more help from members.
Santo Nino Council News
Upcoming Events
Happy Birthday, Brother
01- Henry Dielschneider
01- Constantine Folk
04- Efren Alejandria
05- Marianito Estrada
13- Edwin Loos
19- Frank Ursaki
29- Alvil Tayco
01- Don Schaeffer
02- Joseph Prokop
04- Joseph MacDonald
07- Vincent Baryluk
09- Mario Sison
11– Dr. Isaac Caburao
13- Pablo Ayuban, Jr.
13- George de la Cruz
17- Jovil Paez
19- Generoso Dimalanta
21- Fr. Dan Rafael
23- Nathan Abadiano
26- Rodrigo Chiu
04- Leonard Wentz
05- Francis Israel
06- Fernand L’Arrivee
13- Wayne Selinger
14- Boni Sison
15- Sid Castillo Sr.
18- Chad Abadiano
18- Edison Mercado
21- James Fogarty
23- Monty Sharber
25- Gregg Ravasco
27- Sonny de Paz
31- Alexander Eberle
Chaplain’s Message (continued)
Saint Mary's and our parish then became known as
Blessed Sacrament.
To celebrate the Centennial of our church building several projects and activities have been planned:
1. Deacon Bob Williston has composed a Centennial
Hymn to honour the 100 years of our church building.
2. Murray Grant, a journalist and photographer is
putting together a Memorial Book for our Centennial.
3. On Sunday, June 26, 2005 we will formally celebrate our Centennial at our Sunday 10 a.m. Mass and
then in the afternoon from 2-4 p.m. we will have a
Come and Go Tea in the Regency Ball Room of the
Hotel Saskatchewan Radisson Plaza.
01: Bingo for Charity at Bingo Palace, 5:30-12 pm
02: Regina Chapter meeting
05: Zone Free Throw Competition at Ecole de Laval
06: Major degree Exemplification at St. Peter’s Parish Hall
06, 12&13: Shamrocks sale for St. Patrick’s Day at churches
16: Retreat - St. Michael’s Seminary, Lumsden (w/Fr. Burns)
24: Holy Thursday (Washing of feet at Mass)
26: Blood Donor Clinic
27: Easter Mass with Council doing liturgy, Council meeting,
Easter Egg Hunt for Council children, 1-3 pm
Sixth Anniversary of Council, St. Mary’s Hall
29: Bingo for Charity at Bingo Palace, 5:30-12 pm
04: 40th Anniversary of Fr. Rodriguez’s ordination
06: Regina Chapter Meeting
15: Annual Pro-Life Banquet at Center of the Arts, 6:30 pm
15-17: State Convention at Saskatoon Inn
24: Mass with Council doing liturgy, Council meeting
04: Regina Chapter Meeting
08: Mother’s Day
17: Bingo at Santa Maria Senior Home at 6:30 pm
22: Mass with Council doing liturgy, Council meeting &
election of officers for 2005-2006
We extend our deepest sympathy to
Brother Nol Ventocilla and family
On the passing away of mother
Pantaleona (Nena) Ventocilla
On Thursday, January 6, 2005 in Regina.
She was 77 years old and was predeceased by her
husband Charter member
Felicisimo Ventocilla.
We are asking Catholics in Regina who have pictures of
weddings or baptisms that were celebrated in our Church
building over the past 100 years to loan us a picture of the
event. We will make a copy of the picture and return the original to the donor. The pictures of weddings and baptisms will
be used to make a pictorial display for our Centennial Celebrations on June 26, 2005.
All members of the Santo Nino Council are invited to
join with us on June 26,2005 to help us celebrate our centennial.
Santo Nino Council News
Message from our Grand Knight
A K. of C. Presence
The ideal situation for our Order is to have a Knights
of Columbus council in every parish. This is not likely to happen because many parishes are too small to charter one, let
alone sustain it. We need at least thirty practical Catholic men
to form a council. Barring this, we would have a council overseeing several parishes.
An important step in this direction is to form Round
Tables at parishes without a K. of C. council. It is very constructive for Council to create a round table at St. Mary’s
Church at its February meeting. Not only will it establish a
liaison between the parish priest and Council, it shows a K. of
C. presence.
Priests in Our Council
Rev. Raymundo Romero
Rodriguez, Parish Priest of St.
Mary’s Church in Regina, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his
ordination on April 4, 2005 with a
Holy Mass and dinner at St. Mary’s..
He was ordained to the priesthood
on April 3, 1965 at the Metropolitan
Cathedral in Naga City, Philippines.
Male and female were created by
God, blessed them and said to them be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1: 27—28). Our
constitution defines marriage as "voluntary
union of one man and one woman, with exclusion of all others". Yet a minority group
is relentless in advancing its cause: alter the
Rio Mercado
definition of marriage. To which our legislators seem buckling up to the pressure of the few.
Archbishop O’ Brien’s ‘ issue ’ concerns the recognition of the unique life generating partnership of a man and a
woman which has been protected since time immemorial as
basic to the stability of society and family life.
The implication to us members of the Order is how to
explain to our children/grandchildren and the next generation,
the natural human procreation process with the emergence of
mom and mom or dad and dad in the envisioned new family
set up.
We are faced with a dilemma in these rapidly changing world to either join the bandwagon or stand up to what is
morally right, yet we are reminded not to cast judgment.
Always remember: God loves the sinners, not the
Rio Mercado, GK
Message from our District Deputy
My Brother Knights in Christ,
Born in Camarines Sur on September 29, 1937 to
Antidio and Maria Salome Rodriquez, Fr. Rodriguez had
his secondary, college and theology education at Holy
Rosary Seminary in Naga City. He served as assistant
priest for seven years at the Metropolitan Cathedral and
then as parish priest in five different places in the Archdiocese of Nueva Caceres in Camarines Sur.
I first want to start by thanking your council for
hosting the district free throw tournament and for all
your help. It was a great success. We had over 50 kids
show and we have 6 girls and 7 boys going to the Zone
free throw to be held Saturday, March 5 at Ecole Monsigneur De Laval, 1601 Cowan Crescent from 1 to 4:30
Major Degree Exemplification is on Sunday
He came to Saskatchewan in 1989 and has served March 6 at St. Peter’s Parish with mass starting at 10
in Shaunavon, Gull Lake, Swift Current, Eastend, a.m. Hope to see a lot of you there. I would like to wish
Mankota, and Stockholm before coming to St. Mary’s. He everyone a very happy and blessed Easter.
became a Canadian citizen in the mid 90’s. He joined the
May God Bless You All.
K of C St. John the Evangelist Council #5433 of Naga
Claude Lefebvre , District Deputy #3
City in April, 1966 and our Council last year as a 4th degree Knight. Here is his message.
Ministries for Sunday, March 27, 2005 Liturgy:
Dear Brother Knights,
It is my great pleasure and privilege being a Mass Servers: Terry Abadiano, Edgardo Alejandria,
transferee from my K of C mother council in the PhilipRodrigo Chiu, Ed Concepcion, Mar Estrada
pines to the different councils in the Archdiocese of Re- Readers: Jaime Alvarez, Seb Koh
gina, most especially to the Santo Nino Council.
Communion: Mody Escanlar, James Madrilejos
I do promise solemnly to help and work for the Bell Ringers: Luis de Paz, Jon Madrilejos, Nol Ventocilla
Greeters: Allan Ngui, Art Vanderzalm, Richard Wasserle
good of this Council and all Brother Knights.
Gift Bearers: Nol and Marina Ventocilla and family
Ad Multos Annos! To serve—God willing!
Mody Escanlar, Church/Vocations Director
Rev. Raymundo R. Rodriquez