May 15, 2016


May 15, 2016
Blessed Sacrament Parish
St. Mary Parish
May 15, 2016
Matthew 13 Catholic Collaborative
May 15, 2016
From the Pastor’s Desk
Rev. Chip Hines
We just celebrated First Communion season and it was a joyful time. It is such a great moment in a young person’s
life and I want to acknowledge the grace-filled moments we just shared with so many of our families. Just watching
the eager, young faces as they approached me with their family was so special. Every time I experience that, it really tugs at my heart strings. Receiving this sacrament is a step on the journey of faith, some might say the first real
step one takes on one’s own. I can’t help but think how many more steps these young folks have. As I get older, I
sometimes envy them the discovery they will soon have of how awesome our faith is and how fulfilling life is when
it is a life of faith. In time, they will reach the age for Confirmation and again will be faced with a decision--a decision that years of strong faith formation should help them come to answer, “Yes, I wish to be fully initiated in my
What it comes down to is this, we all need to help our young people be strong in their faith so they have the tools to
say “yes,” not just “yes” to the Bishop at Confirmation, but “yes” to Jesus Christ. Faith formation is key to evangelization and it is my firm belief that we are on a path, with Karen Brady leading our program, that will guide many
young people to say “yes” to Jesus Christ. What does that look like? Well, the “yes” can take many forms, but the
most common one will be as married parishioners raise their children in the faith, as they were raised. Hopefully,
some will say “yes” to a vocation to the priesthood or to religious life, but this will not happen unless we can present a joy filled faith. When children see the faith as just an obligation or a hoop to jump through they will not value
it. Karen Brady and her Faith Formation team are joyful Christians who can help our children see the love that Jesus Christ has for each one of them. We need your help, too! The average parishioners in the pews need to examine
how they present their faith. Children see us in Church, they see how we act and what we do. So let us continue to
present, at each parish, a loving sense of family, a family devoted to Jesus Christ and His mission. Will things look
like the formation of old? Probably not, but everything evolves and so must our teaching methods and presentations. The children are not just the future, my friends, they are the NOW as well. Let us continue to work together
with the help of the Holy Spirit, who at Pentecost came and enlightened the whole world. Let us continue to stoke
that fire for Christ!
Matthew 13 Catholic Collaborative
May 15, 2016
Pentecost Sunday
Special Collection:
What is Pentecost?
This week’s second collection supports the formation
and training of seminarians in the Archdiocese of Boston for future service as priests. We are blessed that
many are responding to the call to serve as priests.
Please be generous and support these
seminarians on their journey toward
their ordination to the priesthood.
A Good Look at the Good Book
Want to make the Bible more relevant to your daily
life? On Tuesdays, May 17 and 24 from 7-8pm, join Pastoral Associate Margaret Manning and Blessed Sacrament parishioner Scott St. Louis in the Blessed Sacrament School gym for a one-hour presentation. Topics
will include the history and background of the Bible,
interpreting the Bible, and praying with the Bible. Each
week will be an independent presentation so come to
one or come to all (no need to
bring your own bible) Questions?
Contact Margaret Manning at:
[email protected]
508-668-4700 x1007.
Pentecost is the celebration of the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples after the death and
resurrection of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is part of the
Trinity — God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the
Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit was meant to empower the disciples to share God’s love with others after Jesus’
death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit is present
with us today for that same purpose — to be a
source of inspiration, comfort, and an advocate on
our faith journey.
Mass & Healing Service
Memorial Day Mass
A Mass and Healing Service will be held at Blessed Sacrament Church Sunday, May 22 at 2pm with Fr. Joseph
P. McDermott. All those who have physical illnesses, as
well as those burdened or suffering emotionally, mentally, spiritually, psychologically, or financially are cordially invited to come and pray with us. You may pray
for your own needs or the needs of others. If you
would like a list of all the healing services, usually being held on the last Sunday of the Month, please call
the parish office at 508-668-4700 and a calendar will
be mailed to you.
Mark your calendar for Monday, May 30 at 9am to celebrate our annual Memorial Day Mass at St. Francis
cemetery in Walpole. Memorial Day is a special day to
remember our Veterans as well as the deceased members of our families and friends. We recommend carpooling and parking along Washington Street. Please bring a
chair so you will be comfortable. Refreshments will be served
after the Mass in the cemetery.
Matthew 13 Catholic Collaborative
May 15, 2016
Blessed Sacrament Parish
Sung Acclamations & Mass Readings
Remember in Your Prayers
During the Easter Season we will be singing the Gloria
in addition to the other acclamations during the Liturgy
of Eucharist. If you attend the 4pm, 8am, and 11am
Masses, the music can be found in the pew hymnal,
#226-228, 231, and 232 (Heritage Mass.) If you attend
the 9:30am Mass, we will sing the Mass of Creation,
which is not in the hymnal but is very familiar to you.
You can find the words to the acclamations in the red
booklets in the pews or in the hymnal starting at #146.
This week you can find the Readings at page 920 &921.
Each week during the Prayer of the Faithful at Mass, we
pray for those in our community who are sick. If you
have a family member whose name should be added to
the prayer list, please contact Margaret Manning at
[email protected] or 508-668-4700 x1007.
We kindly request that only immediate family members
of the sick add names to the list. Through our parish
prayer line, we also remember all our shut-ins, our unemployed, our sick, our grieving, and our own parish
dead including Paula O’Brien whose funeral Mass was
this past week. Call 508-668-2448 with our prayer intentions or to join the prayer line.
Music Update
As a result of a recent finance update that outlined
the decision to discontinue the music at the 8am Mass
for budgeting purposes, a parishioner stepped forward to see if his family could assist the parish and
minimize the impacts on the music program at
Blessed Sacrament. While understanding a restricted
gift for operating expenses would present challenges,
he offered an unrestricted gift in addition to their continued regular offertory contribution. He hoped that
the reductions to the music program could be held off
until the parish had a chance to support the upcoming revenue enhancement campaign this spring.
This expression of generosity will allow for the music
program at the 8 a.m. Mass to remain unchanged into
the fall. Thank you to this generous parishioner for
his contribution and his support of the parish. It is our
hope that many parishioners will join him in his support of the upcoming revenue enhancement campaign.
The following child was baptized at Blessed Sacrament Parish last weekend. We offer congratulations
to her family and welcome her to the community:
Jaiden Rae Mannion
Mother’s Day Rose Sale
Thank you to everyone who supported the Respect
Life Committee's Mothers Day Rose Sale. Over $1,400
was raised to support women in crisis pregnancies
and their babies. Your generosity is a beautiful testament to our belief that all life is precious and worthy
of protection from conception to natural death. Thank you, also, to those
who helped and sold roses at the doors
of the church.
Weekly Finance Update
Through 46 weeks this year, Blessed Sacrament has
received an average of $10,211 in weekly offertory.
For the week of 5/8/16 the offertory was $8,194. Based
on the annual October Mass counts, an average of 751
people attend Mass at Blessed Sacrament on a typical
Matthew 13 Catholic Collaborative
May 15, 2016
Mass of Anointing
The Walpole society of St. Vincent de Paul is holding an
open meeting at 7pm on Tuesday, May 17 in the
Blessed Sacrament Church community room.
Have you wondered about how the Society serves our
community? Do you feel a call to answer Jesus’ challenge that “whatever you do to the least of my brothers
and sisters you do for me”?
Members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul invite
you to share in their ministry of experiencing God in
serving people living in need. The Society is open to all
those who seek to live their faith loving and committing themselves to their neighbor in need. During this
special open meeting we will talk about the history of
the Society in Walpole, our current initiatives, and how
you can help. There is no obligation just an opportunity
to meet us and join in prayer. Light refreshments will
be served.
Should you need financial or social service assistance,
want to volunteer, or to make a donation please call
508-921-1028 X 1004 or write us at SVDP, Blessed Sacrament Church, 10 Diamond Street
Walpole, MA 02081. Our web address is
The Crowning of Mary
Bereavement Card Ministry Notes
Blessed Sacrament has a thriving bereavement card
ministry. For each funeral in the parish, the deceased’s
family members receive multiple cards throughout
that first year of grief. Cards express the parish’s
shared sadness, prayers, and support and also include
helpful grieving resources. Parishioners assemble and
mail the cards on behalf of the parish. If
you would like to be part of this ministry
please contact Margaret Manning
[email protected].
Matthew 13 Catholic Collaborative
May 15, 2016
St. Mary Parish
Pine Street Inn Notice
The 2016 Reverend Donald Delay
Service Recognition Award
We will have our collection of tuna, peas, noodles and
desserts for the guests of the Pine Street Inn on Friday,
May 27 from 5-6pm in the Parish Center (far door,
parking lot side). Please consider donating this month
as some people will be away for the holiday weekend.
Last month, Jared Schmitt. Joe Janowicz, Brandon
Spitz, Matthew Whouley, Jennifer Scanlon, Alex
Portanova, Dan Savary, Colin Derry, Joe McGrath, and
Cam Schlittler served 233 guests. Applications for the 2016 Service Recognition Award are
available at the Parish Office, in the
Church Sacristy, and on the parish
website at The
Service Recognition program was established to acknowledge the substantial and continuous contributions of members of
our parish who will be graduating from high school this
year and who will be going on to college, technical
school or the military. Completed applications must
be submitted online or returned to the Parish Office no
later than June 10, 2016.
Altar Servers Wanted
St. Mary's is still looking for students grade 3 and older
who are interested in becoming altar servers. We will
be wrapping up training sessions for this spring, so if
you are interested in becoming trained as an altar server this session, please contact Mary Garrity
at [email protected] or at 508-660-2769.
The following children were baptized at St. Mary Parish
last weekend. We offer congratulations to their families and welcome them to the community:
Brendan Louis McGovern
Jacob Jon Sanford
Weekly Finance Update
Through 46 weeks this year, St. Mary’s has received an
average of $5,638 in weekly offertory. For the week of
5/8/16 the offertory was $5,263. Based on the annual
October Mass counts, an average of 758 people attend
Mass at St. Mary’s on a typical weekend.
Knights of Lithuania Council
The Knights of Lithuania Council will meet in the Parish
Center meeting room (205 Washington Street) after the
7:30am Mass this Sunday, May 15. All are welcome.
NEW St. Vincent de Paul Poor Box at St. Mary Church
Well, not entirely new! With the advent of electronic communication, the comment box between the front doors of
the Church has been very rarely used. So, it has been ‘repurposed’ as the St. Vincent de Paul poor box. You might
have noticed that the box has new signage with the St. Vincent de Paul name. All donations go directly to assist the
needy in the Walpole community.
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organization that helps those in need or those living in poverty.
The Walpole Society is a collaborative effort between lay members of St. Mary Parish and Blessed Sacrament Parish.
We strive to see the face of Christ in those we serve as Jesus taught us when he said, “whatever you do to the least
of my brothers and sisters you do to me.”
Please consider dropping a donation, no matter how small, into the poor box on your way into or out of the church.
And, if you should happen to drop in a comment instead, we will make sure it gets to the right place!
Should you need financial or social service assistance, want to volunteer, or to make a donation please call 508 921
1028 extension 1004 or write us at SVDP, Blessed Sacrament Church, 10 Diamond Street Walpole, MA 02081. Our
web address is
Matthew 13 Catholic Collaborative
May 15, 2016
Faith Formation
Save the Dates
Middle School Summer Session ‐ “ENCOUNTER” JULY 11‐14
8‐11am We are so excited to offer a new and exci ng way to keep faith alive this summer for our middle school kids—a summer Religious Educa on program! This 4‐
day program will guide students toward a powerful En‐
counter with God. It is a life‐changing experience that will speak directly to the hearts and minds of our young people. They will be required to a end every day in or‐
der to receive credit for comple ng the program. The other requirement will be that they par cipate in four service and enrichment ac vi es. Please keep a look out
for registra on details in the near future. Vacation Bible School
Registration is open
Gear up for a week long,
over the top, underground
adventure! We will ground
kids in the rock-solid foundation of God’s love, a love
that takes us through life’s
dark times. All children age
Pre-school to 5 grade are welcome to join the fun.
The program runs July 18 – July 22 from 12 –3 p.m. at
a price of $65/child with a $130 family cap. If you are
in need of financial assistance, please contact Karen
Brady at 508-668-4700 x 2008 or
[email protected].
Congratulations to the children of St. Mary Parish
who received their First Communion Saturday!
To register please visit either:
First Holy Communion
May the con nual recep on of this sacrament strengthen their faith and keep them close to Jesus throughout
their lives. May the special blessings from this celebraon draw us closer to God and inspire us to carry Jesus’
message of love and peace to our family and friends.
Matthew 13 Catholic Collaborative
May 15, 2016
Blessed Sacrament School & Collaborative News
Open Registration
Communications Commission
Blessed Sacrament School is currently registering all
grades Preschool (age 3) through Grade 8 for the 20162017 school year. Come visit to learn more about the
immeasurable value of a Catholic education and to see
the amazing things happening every day at BSS. Contact: Holly Shaughnessy [email protected]
or 508-668-2336.
With the elimination of the Director of Communication’s position, the staff of the parishes and collaborative will be assuming as many of the communication
functions as possible. We’d like to seek the input and
advice of our parishioners in helping us move forward
with delivering the important message of the New
Evangelization here in Walpole. We are seeking a
handful of volunteers who will agree to meet quarterly
to assist the staff in developing our message and identifying the best practices for sharing that message with
the parishes and our community. We seek the insight
of parishioners with experience in marketing, writing,
social media and website development. If you are interested in sharing your gifts through the Collaborative
Communications Commission, please email an expression of your interest to [email protected].
Community News
LIFT Worship Night
Ask Th Pastor
Video Blog
Join LIFT Ministries on Tuesday, May 17 @ 7pm for an
inspiring night of worship at St. Paul Church in Hingham with speaker Fr. Eric Cadin. The night will include
uplifting music, a relevant talk, confessions, Eucharistic Adoration, and is FREE to attend and open to ALL
AGES. A downloadable flyer, along with more information about LIFT, can be found on their website
at Come and worship with hundreds of Catholics from around the Boston area!
Check out the Ask the Pastor video blog on our websites. The videos will feature Fr. Chip answering your
questions relating to liturgy, scripture, prayer and religious growth. Email your questions to: [email protected] .You can also have some fun by
asking him questions about his favorite movie, meal,
and/or favorite sports team. Videos will be updated
regularly so check the websites often!
Benefit Dance
The SMA Fathers of Dedham are holding their 70th Anniversary Benefit Dance on Friday, May 20 at 7pm at the
Irish Social Club in West Roxbury. Admission is $10 and
tickets are available at the door. For more information,
contact Rev. Brendan Darcy at 781-326-3288 or Pat and
Josie Casey at 781-329-0530.
The Matt13 Collaborative has 2 complimentary tickets. (If interested in the tickets, please call Janet
Neubecker 508-668-4700, first come, first served).
Matthew 13 Catholic Collaborative
May 15, 2016
Weekly Calendar
Mass Intentions
Sunday, May 15
Sunday, May 15
Sanctuary Lamp lit for Mary Cerbo
11am BSP Robyn Musco & Brenda Waters and the
Bruen Family
11:30am STM Benigna DeSousa
8am STM Knights of Lithuania Council Meeting
12:30pm BSP Group Baptism
7pm BSP Handbell Rehearsal
Monday, May 16
10:30am BSP Bible Study Group/Ignatius Catholic
Bible Series
Wednesday, May 18
Tuesday, May 17
Thursday, May 19
9am BSP Paula O’Brien
8am STM John H. Kilduff
7pm BSP Bible Presentation, BSS Gym
7pm St. Vincent de Paul Meeting, Community Room
Friday, May 20
Wednesday, May 18
9am BSP Fr. Gerard Brennan
9:30am Morning Prayer Group, BSP Community
4pm Adoration, BSP Chapel
6:30pm Adult Bible Study, STM Parish Office Meeting
7pm CPC Meeting, STM Hall
4pm BSP Michael Gelsomino
4pm STM Margie, Louise & Hilary Griffin and Joseph
Saturday, May 21
Prayers for our Service Members
Thursday, May 19
9:45am Praying the Scriptures, BSP Community
5pm BSP Youth Choir Rehearsal
6pm BSP Handbell Rehearsal
7pm BSP Adult Choir Rehearsal
7pm Beloved Community, BSP Community Room
7pm Fin. Comm. Meeting, STM Parish Office Meeting
Zachary Bannon
Frank L. Brunetta
Peter Conroy
Michael McKay
Matthew McKay
Robert Dunne, Jr.
Caitlin Brunetta
Kyle Bradbury
Timothy Merrigan
Al Goetz
Kevin Day
Francesco Carpeno (Lamperti)
Richard Veno
Friday, May 20– No Public Events
Saturday, May 21
3pm BSP & STM Confessions
Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they
protect us. Bless them and their
families for their selfless service
to us and our country. We ask
this in the name of Jesus, our
Lord and Savior. Amen.
BSP Blessed Sacrament Church
BSS Blessed Sacrament School
STM St. Mary Parish
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May 15, 2016
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Mass Times
Rev. George “Chip” Hines Pastor
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Rev. Joseph Diem
Parochial Vicar
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Margaret Manning
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Saturday Vigil:
4:00pm Blessed Sacrament & St. Mary
7:30am St. Mary
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9:00am St. Mary
9:30am Blessed Sacrament
11:00am Blessed Sacrament
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Daily Mass:
Monday 8am St. Mary
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Friday 8am St. Mary, 9am Blessed Sacrament
Saturday 9am Blessed Sacrament
Confession Times
Saturday: 3pm St. Mary & Blessed Sacrament
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