June 8 - Mary Immaculate



June 8 - Mary Immaculate
ST. MARY’’S 11095 St. Mary’s St. Pavilion NY 14525 IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Rev.
5865 Ellicott St. Rd. PO Box 98 Deacon Heinz Friedman
E. Bethany NY 14054 Mass Schedule
Saturday Mass: 4:00 PM Months of October ‐ March at St. Mary’s Months of April ‐ September at Immaculate Conception Sunday Mass: 8:00 AM at St. Mary’s 9:30 AM at Immaculate Conception Daily Mass: 8:30 AM Tuesday & Thursday at Immaculate Conception Wednesday & Friday at St. Mary’s Holy Day Mass Schedule: as announced in the bulletin
Confessions: 3:15 – 3:45 PM Saturdays at Saturday Mass Site
or by appointment.
Parish Council Meetings:
“All interested persons are welcome to attend.” Look for times and
locations in the bulletin.
Religious Education – held at Immaculate Conception Site.
as announced. Time: 10:40 AM – 12:10 PM in the hall.
Lifelong Faith Formation – to be announced.
Pentecost Sunday
June 7 & 8, 2014 To Contact Father Richard:
Phone (585) 584-3280
Emergency Cell (585) 752-7208
E-mail: [email protected]
Parish Office Hours:
Tuesday & Thursday 9 AM – 1 PM
Secretary - Cheryl Anziano
Bookkeeper – Debbie Foley
Phone (585) 584-7031
Fax (585) 250-4213
[email protected]
Rodgers, Doreen Powers, Bill Kegler, Joshua Barber,
Susan Russell, Thomas Pattridge, Lexi Sonricker,
Hailey Conibear
Saturday, 4pm –June 7 in East Bethany
Intention: Betty Carli
by Ron Carli & Family
Sunday, 8 am –June 8 in Pavilion
Intention: Gabrielle Olson
by Sylvia & John Callari
Sunday, 9:30 am in East Bethany
Intention: Mary Norton
by Catherine Schmidt
PARISHIONERS: Mary Pietrzykowski, Audrey
McNulty, Martha Morgan, Betty Carney, and Allan
PRAY FOR THOSE SERVING IN THE MILITARY Joseph Stanley, Mgr. Jason Palermo, W2 Christian
Koch, David Hollwedel, Kirk Hollwedel, Dan Murphy,
Alex Roth, Tim Stalica, Jonnie Lyn Gray, Jady Gray,
Jakob Kosiorek, Paul Agan Jr., Sgt. Nicholas Boyer,
Brett Sheffer, Mathieu Philie, SFC Jay Knower,
Michael Rigoni, and Mark Wilkinsen.
Saturday, 4pm –June 14 in East Bethany
Intention: Howard Raymond
by Colantonio Family
Sunday, 8 am –June 15 in Pavilion
Intention: Neil Moag
by Sandy & Charlie Colvin & Family
Sunday, 9:30 am in East Bethany
Intention: Fathers of the Parish
by Father Richard
Mass Time: 8:30 am Please note Mass location
Tuesday & Thursday in East Bethany
Wednesday & Friday in Pavilion
Tuesday, June 10 Weekday
Intention: Father Richard’s Intentions
by Father Richard
Wednesday June 11 St. Barnabas, Apostle
Intention: Sick Parishioners & Loved Ones
by Father Richard
Thursday, June 12 –Weekday
Intention: Parishioners of Mary Immaculate
by Father Richard
Friday June 13 - St. Anthony of Padua, Priest & Doctor
of the Church
Intention: Father Richard’s Intentions
by Father Richard
COLLECTION: 05/31 & 06/01
LATIN AMERICA (Cumulative)
$ 2,536.25
Reminder: Checks need to be payable to
“Mary Immaculate”
“The love of God has been poured into our
hearts through the Spirit of God dwelling
within us, alleluia.”
Romans 5:5, cf. 8:11
Saturday, June 7
Sunday, June 8
4 pm
Brian Dills
8 am Carol Pursel
9:30 am Marita Midwick
Saturday, June 14 8:30 pm Ron Colantonio
Sunday, June 15
8:00 am Dawn Bertrand
9:30 am Jeannie Amberger
Communion Ministers and Altar Servers are asked to volunteer their services at the Mass they attend.
Reservations MUST be made by this
weekend. Be sure to sign up before leaving
today (even if you do not have a dish to
pass) !!!!!
Envelopes for donations to Mary
Immaculate in honor of Fr. Richard are
available in the church entrance.
SEMINARIAN DANIEL will be serving at the weekend
Masses next weekend and will be attending Fr. Richard’s
COFFEE & DONUTS after the 9:30 AM Mass next
Sunday in the Immaculate Conception Hall. We just can’t
let Father walk out after Mass and drive away. Everyone
is welcome to come and share a cup of coffee before he
FATHER’S NEW ADDRESS Father Richard has made
his new living arrangements. His address will be:
Rev. Richard Cilano
St. Matthew Church
1555 Glen Ellyn Road
Glendale Heights IL 60139
Monday evening, we are in need of volunteers to come
and set up for Father Richard’s party. We will also
discuss how the plans are going for the party and any
needs we may have. We would like to have a few men
volunteer to help move the older tables out and set up the
new tables. So, if you are able to spend an hour or so to
assist, you help would be greatly appreciated.
evening between 7 -9 pm, the Immaculate Conception
Hall tables which we would like to sell to parishioners can
be purchased. Please come prepared to take the table(s)
with you.
included in this bulletin. You will find his life’s
experiences interesting.
FIRST COMMUNION will be celebrated this
Sunday at the 9:30 AM Mass at Immaculate
Conception Church. This year our class consists of
seven children.
Our First Communicants are:
David Brumsted
Eric Cline
Joseph Forti
Nathan Nearhood
Evan Sidhu
Oscar Stringham
Ryan Williams
Today we will take up the Collection for the
Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). This
Collection communicates the Gospel through
Catholic social media activities and enriches our
faith through media activities and enriches our faith
through Internet, television, radio, and print media.
Please be generous in this week’s Collection and
support this important work. Remember, half of
your donation stays in our diocese to support our
communication needs. CCC equips us to share our
experience of faith, worship, and witness with the
on Thursday, June 12 at 1 pm in Conlin Hall. All
ladies are welcome to attend!
Thursday, June 19, 7 pm at Conlin Hall. Anyone
interested in attending is welcome.
4 years of faithful service as an outstanding parish
secretary, following almost 8 years of volunteer
service as secretary for Immaculate Conception
Parish, Cheryl Anziano will be retiring this summer.
I would like to thank Cheryl personally for her
dedicated work to our parish both as secretary and
ardent volunteer during my time as Pastor here and
in consideration of all the time she has spent in
previous years. Father Richard
We are now looking for Cheryl’s replacement as
the parish secretary. It is a good part-time position
during our office hours of 9 – 1 on Tuesday’s and
Thursdays. Anyone interested should submit a
resume by dropping it off in the office or mailing it
“COME HOLY SPIRIT, fill the hearts of your faithful
and enkindle in them the fire of your love.” Send forth our
spirit and we shall be created and you shall renew the face of
the earth! Blow, strong winds of the spirit, stir the fire of
your love; encourage our response. If God is calling you to
a Church vocation, call Fr. Walter Szczesny at 716-8475535. You can also check out the “Priest of the Month”
stories on our website – www.buffalovocations.org!
A FAMILY PERSPECTIVE Like the disciples in today’s
gospel, there are times we shut the doors of our hearts to
people or events. It’s how we create emotional distance.
Permanent distancing is lethal and prevents the PEACE
Jesus offer you today.
MARRIAGE MOMENT Everything of mine is yours and
everything of yours is mine (John 17:10). Although Jesus
was referring to his relationship with the Father, this also
applies to sharing in marriage. What things are more
difficult for you to share with your beloved?
PARENTING PERSPECTIVE The whole world spoke the
same language, using the same words. (Gen 11:1) Does
anyone in your family know a second language? How about
one helpful word in a second language. As a family, learn a
new word/phrase in a foreign language today.
FREEDOM TO SERVE will take place from June
21 to July 4, 2014, a time when our liturgical
calendar celebrates a series of great martyrs who
remained faithful in the face of persecution by
political power—St. Thomas More and St. John
Fisher, St. John the Baptist, SS. Peter and Paul, and
the First Martyrs of the Church of Rome. The
theme of this year's Fortnight will focus on the
freedom to serve the poor and vulnerable in
accord with human dignity and the Church's
This is the third observance of the Fortnight
for Freedom. In the past two years we have
observed this time by celebrating Holy Hours and
recitation of the Rosary. I cannot plan on this year’s
observance because I will no longer be pastor and
cannot commit my successor to any particular
program. However, we can all pray for these
specific intentions during the course of this time.
Fr. Richard
In just a matter of months, two-year-old twin boys in the
Ethiopian village of Gubeta went from listless to lively.
Their mother, Ganet, used to search their village for
something to feed them, often in vain. Now, with the support
of CRS, she’s able to cook up a nutritious corn-soy porridge,
transforming her once undernourished twins. “With the
porridge I can cook quickly, and the twins are off and
playing,” she says. To learn more, please visit
Today is Pentecost Sunday. Our scripture readings
from today remind us of the equality of all people
and all nations before God. We see the perfect
equality God envisions for us, with all cultures and
people understanding and accepting one another,
united in the peace of Christ.
One of our parishioners, Morgan Midwick, recently went
on a Mission Trip to Kingston, Jamaica, to work with
disadvantaged youth to bring hope and joy and to positively
impact 100+ at-risk youths, ages 8 -15. Included in this
bulletin is her letter to the parish. Please read.
Let’s try to see the one humanity that God sees,
recognizing that we are of equal value, drawn
together by God's gift of the Holy Spirit. We can
rejoice together like the disciples when they saw the
Risen Jesus, receiving the Spirit and going forth to
proclaim the good news to everyone. Like the
diverse crowd that gathered in Jerusalem, we can be
astounded and amazed as we hear God's word and
understand we are one in His Spirit.
“They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and
spoke of the marvels of God, alleluia.”
Acts of the Apostles 2:4, 11
So why is there so much inequality in today's
world? Between rich and poor...among different
races...even within our own families. Perhaps our
prejudices or our selfishness are getting in the way.
Maybe we are not listening to one another.
Today's Faith Moment was provided by Christ the
King Seminary. You can listen to Faith Moments
every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on WBEN
radio 930 AM at 7:40 a.m. or at
Dear Family & Friends,
From the bottom of my heart I want to sincerely thank you for supporting my service trip to
Kingston, Jamaica. Without your love and support I would have never had this amazing and life-changing
experience. I will forever love Jamaica and the children I met there.
I went to Jamaica to run a sports camp with 33 others from St. John Fisher - students, alumni,
faulty, and staff - to bring positivity and self-esteem through sports. But the kids brought so much more to
us. They brought their love of life and their genuine kindness. Traveling through some of the campers'
towns you can see they do not have much with the shacks they live in but when you meet them they have
so much more to give. What is in their hearts is greater than their physical possessions. They love JASY
Camp and meeting new people from the American Volunteers and campers from other communities.
JASY Camp has made me realize how much I have to be thankful for, even the little things in life
and I have realized this because of the kids and where I stayed in Jamaica. More importantly I am
thankful for the experience and I hope to be able to go back in the future.
Thank you and God Bless, Morgan Midwick
Riverton - Junior JASY
JASY's 1000th Camper-Kenneica from
my team!
FATHER INNOCENT DIALA’S PROFILE I hail from Okwu in Imo‐State of the South Eastern Nigeria. I attended Holy Trinity Primary School, Okwu; Sacred Heart and Saint John Cross Junior Seminaries Nsude and Nsukka respectively; Bigard Memorial Senior Seminaries of Ikot‐Ekpene and Enugu respectively. I am presently the Pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Chiloquin in Oregon of the United States of America. After seventeen years of intense pastoral engagement in Nigeria, my Bishop gave me leave to come to the States. Having heard so much about the United States, I truly wanted to experience what pastoral ministry is like in America. Four major events in my childhood among others shaped my worldview and informed my choice of vocation and spirituality: At age six, my two immediate younger brothers died the same night as we were eating dinner together as a family. I will never forget that they were buried in the same grave and in the same coffin. I was so tied to these brothers of mine that I could not really understand what was happening, even though it was clear they were no more. All the promises made me by my parents and relatives and all the explanations they offered regarding the absence of my two brothers, came to nothing. Being the only child they now had, I believe my parents were so scared of my drastic change in mood and behavior that they went and called our parish priest. He came and sat with all members of the family gathered, including many other members of our extended families. He was an Irish and went around with an interpreter. He addressed the people gathered with powerful words of consolation. At a point he turned to me and said: “My little boy Innocent, I know you are completely confused. You do not understand what is happening to you. Now listen to me. You know your brothers very well. You know them better than I do. You know that they were good children who lived very good lives. Certainly, you are not thinking that someone could have harmed them. God, who created them and you, took them. They are perfectly in good hands. God is keeping them for you. At the end of your own earthly life, you will be rejoined with your beloved brothers. Have you heard me?” I nodded approval. The priest spoke to my heart in a way no one else did. I perceived him as an Angel. There and then I loved him and wished to be like him. Thereafter I began to be more regular to the church. At age nine I enrolled as an Altar‐Server and cherished nothing more than being close to the Church and the Altar. This Priest, Fr. McMahon, (we called him “Fr. Mackmahon”), an Irish and now late, left lasting impressions on me. May God Almighty rest his Angelic Soul in perfect Peace! Amen! The second indelible and influential incident in my young life was an outbreak of “INFLUENZA” (CHOLERA), an infectious disease that is marked with uncontrolled vomiting and diarrhea. Virtually, every family in my town was affected; as one or more in every family suffered the infectious disease. Many people lost their lives around the town. Fr. McMahon went into frenzy, organized an immediate emergency committee of which all Altar‐ Servers were members. He used members of this committee to distribute food and drugs to the most infected persons, provided 2
support to affected families and in this way saved many lives. As I grew up, I often found myself not being able to control my feelings for and leaning to people in difficult situations. The third incident that helped change my life forever concerned my Mom. My mother was a subsistent petty farmer and trader. One day, she went to the stream to fetch water with an advanced pregnancy, and this was after she had toiled the whole day in the farm. She fell down with a pot of water on her head and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors and hospital staff tried everything within their powers to save my Mother but failed. This committed attention given to my Mother by the Doctors, Nurses, Staff and Chaplain of the Hospital helped to console me on my Mother’s death. It may also have strengthened my inclination to patients and Hospital services. Such that; later in life as a priest, precisely in the year 2005, when I was posted to a Hospital called, Annunciation Specialist Hospital as Chaplain for three years, I went from house to house and from church to church, begging for money to bail out patients who were discharged from the hospital, and who were not allowed to go home because; they were unable to pay their hospital bills. Some of these patients had stayed one year and more after they were discharged. Through this initiative, more than a hundred patients went home, freed of their debts. This apostolate changed the bearing of my entire priestly life and ministry. It became for me, the JOY and the GLORY of my Priesthood. It grew into an NGO named: “Association for Helpless Hospital Patients” (ASHHOP). Before I left for the States, we were bailing patients from five big hospitals, as well as sending very sick people to hospitals; people who were dying slowly in their homes because, they could not afford to go to the hospital. My father was a wine tapper, who could not sponsor me beyond primary education. One day; while climbing the palm wine tree, he mistakenly cut his climbing rope and fell off a very tall palm wine tree and suffered a most agonizing death. He landed with his head on molded bricks/blocks. This time I was already in the Seminary and about to take a major Exam. Thanks yet to our then Parish Priest, Fr. Sabinus Ikeah, who again intervened and saved my vocation. He gave my father a befitting Christian burial and tried his best to alleviate the emotional stress of the family, kept close to me and had a regular eye on me. My relationship with these noble priests contributed in no small measure to the shaping of my religious life and the eventual choice for the priesthood. There were a thousand and one life‐changing influences in my life; but these four were the major ones. I was ordained 1991! As a priest, I served my first two years as Assistant Parish Priest, eighteen years as Parish Priest and three years as hospital chaplain. All of these years have been spent, wielded by God in tough, rouged and difficult locations and situations. He saw me through it all; and by his grace and the gift of my early childhood influences, I went on to break grounds in areas of good human relationship and effective ministry to the sick, the poor and the needy. Given my humble background, I am extremely baffled and humbled at what God has made of my life. The joy of my life is that I am strongly defined by the very tough experiences of my life. They made me humane, friendly, hardworking, dependable and resilient. My small piece of advice to anyone who feels called by God is; please do not worry about your seeming lack of talents. The Mighty One who is calling you is AWESOME! He will stuff and equip you with more than enough Charismas for the job, if you are sincere with your “Yes” response to his invitation. For instance, one of the greatest surprises of my priestly life is that, I am convinced beyond every doubt that I am not the talking type. I do not have the “ART OF 3
SPEECH”. Yet; every now and then, people have cornered me to express their appreciation at how powerfully convincing my Sermons are. And each time, my response has been, “Honestly, I do not know how I come by it.” I have pondered this many times over without getting it. Now, I have taken it as one of the things about being “God‐sent”. Currently I have a Sister who is married, a very sick and adorable Step Mom (who nursed me and my sister as her own children after my Mother’s death), four Step Brothers and two Step Sisters. All four of my step brothers are married. One of my step sisters is married, one is not. We all relate very well and work very hard. Below is the list of my pastoral appointments, locations and their dates: PASTORAL APPOINTMENTS, LOCATIONS AND DATES POSITION PLACE DATE Hospital Administrator (I was still a Seminarian) Assistant Parish Priest Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka 1986‐1987 Awgu, Enugu Diocese 1991‐1993 Parish Priest Ngwo, Enugu Diocese 1993‐1997 Spiritual Director Sacred Heart Seminary, Nsude 1993‐1997 Assistant Chaplain, Young Enugu Diocese 1993‐1997 Catholic Students Parish Priest Aguobu‐Owa, Enugu Diocese 1997‐2000 Diocesan Director, Pontifical Enugu Diocese 1997‐2004 Mission Society Presbyterial Council Member Enugu Diocese 1997 Chairperson, Pontifical Mission Enugu Diocese 1997‐2004 Works commission Member: Provincial Pontifical Enugu Diocese 1997‐2004 Mission Society Parish Priest Our Lady of Mercy, Iva‐Valley, 2000‐2005 Enugu Chaplain: Annunciation Specialist Emene, Enugu 2005‐2008 Hospital Emene, Enugu Parish priest Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 2009 to Date Chiloquin, Oregon, USA 4
I am proud of my Catholic Faith; and with all my heart I thank God for making me a Catholic Priest. I thank Him for the opportunities of serving Him in different areas of life. I thank Him most especially for accepting my services and for sending me to you. I want to be at home with you! And by His Grace, I will serve you with all that I am. So help me God! God bless Father Richard! He has put in a great deal of work in forging a strong, unified Mary Immaculate. My Main Goal will be to keep this ONENESS even stronger and more adhesive. So help me God! Mother Mary loves me! It looks like she loves my devotion to her. Consequently; she has NEVER let me go. I am 23 years a priest! Out of these 23 years, I have worked in her Parishes and Institutions for 17 years: 1) St. Mary’s Parish Ngwo, Enugu – Nigeria: 1993 – 1997 2) Our Lady of Mercy Iva‐Valley, Enugu – Nigeria: 2000 – 2005 3) Annunciation Specialist Hospital, Emene – Enugu, Nigeria: 2005 – 2008 4) Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Chiloquin – Oregon, USA: 2009 – Date 5) Now; it is St. Mary’s again, and Immaculate Conception = Mary Immaculate. From the depths of my being, I thank Mother Mary and her Beloved Son for their love and support of me. I am confident that they will mold you and me into a wonderful Family of theirs. In Jesus’ Most Holy Name, I pray! Amen! Father Innocent Diala 

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