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Page through a recent directory
(Top photo) St. John’s Church was renovated and restored in 2001–2002.
(Above) St. John’s Church at the time of its dedication in 1896.
St. John’s
Catholic Church
115 Second St. N.
Wahpeton, ND 58075
(701) 642-6982
St. John’s
Center for School
& Religous Formation
212 Dakota Avenue
Wahpeton, ND 58075
(701) 642-6116
rom its humble beginnings with Mass on the bank of the
Red River in 1871, the Catholic community of Wahpeton,
North Dakota, has undergone many changes over the years.
The first Mass at Richville (future Wah pe ton) w as
of fere d in 187 1 o n a bank of t he Red River by
Fat her Ign atius Toma zin. He cele bra t ed Mass agai n
in 1 872 and twice in 18 73 . By 1875 , Mass w as
being offe red in a stor e, locat ed on Da kota Avenue
and owned by Jacob Movrin and Joseph Sittarch.
In 1876, the first Catholic church was built in Wahpeton
under the direction of Father Joseph Freund, who would
become the first pastor.
In 1882, Father George Hepperle began the first
parochial school. There were 21 students. The Benedictine
Sisters from St. Joseph, Minnesota, assumed charge of St.
John’s School, which by 1886 had 75 students.
Around 1884, plans were made to build a new church.
The original group of Bohemian Catholics decided to build
their own church, St. Adalbert’s parish.
In 1889, Father Philip Stephan Allbrecht became the
pastor shortly after North and South Dakota were admitted as
states to the Union. Until then Dakota Territory was a Vicariate
Apostolic with Bishop Martin Marty, O.S.B., as Vicar Apostolic.
Bishop John Shanley became the first bishop.
A new two-story school was built in 1890.
Around 1896, the present church was built at an
approximate cost of $25,000. It was blessed on the Feast of
the Immaculate Conception in 1897. Father Albrecht spent
$3,000 of his own funds to purchase the church bell, which
continues to be used to this day.
The parish celebrated its Silver Jubilee in 1901. Father
Rudolph Heinzmann was pastor.
The school that was to be used until 2010 was built in
1928, under the guidance of Father James Thiel, at a cost of
St. Adalbert’s Church merged with St. John’s on the first in
August 1968. Father George Mehok was pastor. St. Adalbert’s
St. John’s School students in 1907-1908, the first year in the old school.
parishioners donated over $7,000
to St. John’s Church, $6,000 to the
Cavalry Cemetery Fund, and
$3,000 to the Diocesan Scholarship Fund for the education of
priests. The outdoor statues from
St. Adalbert’s were moved to
Calvary Cemetery the next year.
On July 28, 1983, the parish
house was moved. Construction of
a new parish center began there
after the groundbreaking on
September 2, 1983. The parish
center was completed at a cost of
$626,000 and dedicated on
September 30, 1984. It was
named St. John’s Mehok Center in
honor of Father George Mehok.
St. John’s Child Care was
established soon after.
In 1987, Father Jerald
Finnestad was named pastor.
Father Roman Neva came to St.
John’s as an associate in 1992.
Father Timothy Bush served as
pastor from August 1993 to
January 1994, when he was
succeeded by Father Kevin Willis.
Father Alfred Allmaras was named
pastor in September 1994. Father
Dale F. Lagodinski was named
pastor of St. John’s Parish in 1996.
An extensive $3 million
restoration and renewal project of
St. John’s Church broke ground on
Easter, April 15, 2001.
On June 9, 2002, Bishop
Samuel Aquila dedicated the
renewed St. John’s Church.
Included among the guests was
Patrick Allbrecht of Hannover,
Germany, the great-great nephew
of Father Philip Stephan Allbrecht.
A New Era, a New School
he year 2010 marked the end
of one era and the beginning
of a new one for St. John’s
Catholic School. It was the last
year that the building that had
been constructed during Father
Thiel’s tenure would be used as a
Under Father Lagodinski’s
direction, a $3.7 million structure
was constructed just west of St.
John’s Church. It included many
new technologies—an updated
computer lab, Eno Boards and
geothermal heating.
The first school year at St.
John’s Center for School and
Religious Formation began in
August 2010, much to the
excitement of teachers and
The Center is a North Dakotaaccredited elementary school
featuring small class sizes, weekly
children’s Mass and daily religious
In addition to school classes,
religious formation and youth
activities are offered in The Center.
Adults use the meeting rooms for
Bible studies and service-group
The Center’s name was
chosen because it allows the parish
to gather everyone, from children
(Top three photos) Students in 1919. (Middle) Elementary school
through teens and adults, in one
program. (Above) The last kindergarten class in the old school, 2010.
St. John’s Staff
Parish Staff Front row: Fr. Terry Dodge, parochial vicar; Betsy Sitz, administrative coordinator; Pat Keaveny, parish
secretary; and Fr. Dale Lagodinski, pastor.
Back row: Michelle Fehr, parish life coordinator; Joyce Holkup, child-care director; and Renee Langenwalter, school
Deacons (from left) Deacons James Anderson, Douglas
Campbell, Gene Hoefs (retired) and George Ethier (retired).
Seminarians (right) Reece
Weber and Chris Markman.
(Right column) Greg Haman
with Father Dale, and
Garrett Boyer.
Dear Parishioners,
These past ten years have witnessed historic renewal of Saint John’s more than-acentury-old physical campus.
First and central is the Holy Place, Saint John’s Church, where we gather each week to
worship our God. Now, by the grace of God and sacrificial hearts, our new Center for School
and Religious Formation is completed. Our prayer over these many months has shaped us.
We are reminded that this brick and mortar houses the true center of formation, Jesus Christ
alive and at work in you and me, God’s Holy People. We, made in God’s image, are Saint
John’s Center for School and Religious Formation.
What you hold is a book of sacred images, holy pictures, icons of God. God’s crowning
act of creation is the human person, each one of us. We have been wonderfully made to
attract the world to God.
In my 38 years of ministry as a priest, I have had the humbling privilege of gazing
upon the incredible and endlessly fascinating attraction of the human face. Your pastor
must not only see God in your face; he is ordained to bring God into your life, in persona
Christi, in the very person of Christ.
Your pastors have traced the sign of Christ’s cross on so very many of you, babies just
seconds from the womb to grandparents of one hundred and five years. It is holy to touch in
faith the living warmth of your foreheads with the sweet Oil of Chrism when you are
baptized, to lay hands on your heads invoking the healing power of God when you are ill,
to look into your eyes when we feed you the Body of Christ each Sunday. Your pastors call
each of you to be the image of God.
“Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” (1Cor. 6.19)
”... that you are so wonderfully made?”(Ps. 139.14) ”... that you are made in the very
image of God?” (Gn. 9.6)
Images of the local church, of our fellow parishioners, recall the history of our
relationships in the Faith. Each will affect us. Good memories of profound moments of faith
will warm our souls; others may challenge us to reach out and reconcile. Lots of new faces
can inspire us old timers to welcome them and make new friends. Every face in this book is
to remind us of our holy purpose; we are all to act as we are: made in the image of God.
You are holding images of the Family of God. Like our own households, each member
shapes who we are as family for better or worse. Because of Jesus Christ, you and I are
given the power to do whatever it takes to shape and to restore God’s Family. We are given
grace not just to see each other’s face. We are graced to be centers of Jesus Christ, called to
build and rebuild relationships in the Faith, the very House of God.
Thanks be to God for every member of our parish.
Your pastor,
Very Reverend Dale F. Lagodinski
Building St. John’s Center
for School & Religious Formation
Almighty Father, you have sent your Spirit to build up
the Church you established through your Son, Jesus Christ.
Formed by your love, we form our children.
Send your Spirit upon Saint John's Center for School & Religious Formation.
By your grace may our work bear fruit in the hearts & lives of our children & all of your people.
Form us in our faith & in our work, all for the greater glory of your name.
Building the New School
Construction (this page, counterclockwise
from upper left): Groundbreaking for the
new building. Aerial view of school under
construction. A new cross for a new
building, displayed by Fr. Lagodinski, Kevin
Loll and Paul Dimmer. Father Luke Meyer,
Father Dale and Bishop Aquila. Don
Bernhagen. Father Dale and Darrell Gast.
Excavating in the mud during a wet
construction season.
Dedication (facing page) Scenes from
Bishop Samuel Aquila’s dedication of the
school and dedication mass. Our principals
— Willie Sauer, who was principal 1996–
2002; Sister Leonida Schmidt, 1971–1996;
and Renee Langenwalter, who has been
principal since 2002. The school’s architects
and construction manager join parishioners
at the dedication dinner, with women
volunteers from other area churches serving
in the kitchen.
Dedication of St. John’s
Center for School
and Religious Formation
Sunday, Sept. 13, 2010
The Sacraments
(From upper left) Baptism, Marriage, the Eucharist,
Anointing the Sick, First Communion, Confirmation.
Blessing of the Pets Deacon Jim Anderson
and children.
(Below) Parish Education Appreciation event.
Noel Night
International Outreach
Fr. Jack Davis and Peruvian
Stewardship Sunday Fr. Dale
and Nathan Zachman
Father Dale’s garden
Catholic Daughters Stitchers
Welcoming New Members:
Committee members Fr. Dale,
Becky Stasko, Darlyn and Tom
Weber, and Darryl Jilek.
Apostolic Works
Thanksgiving Baskets: Volunteers turn out to
pack Thanksgiving food baskets for those in
St. John’s supports Father Katanga’s home parish in Africa (above).
Board of Educatoin
Jubilate Deo
Photos (from top) Catholic Daughters.
Knights of Columbus.
Knights of Columbus
Catholic Daughters
Catholic Order of Foresters
Christian Mothers
Apostolic Works
Pro-life Committee
Evangelization Committee
Welcoming Committee
Neighborhood Circles
9 a.m. Choir
Pro Life Committee
(Right) Infant adoption training
sponsored by Pro Life Committee
St. John’s
Child Care
Child-Care Staff
(from left) Rikki
Cordero, Joyce
Holkup, Christine
Bischoff, Sandy
Willson, Deanna
Nelson, Amanda
LaPlante, Spring
Schmit, Agnes
Kuntz, Rhonda
Kast, Tammy
Firchau and
Alysha Novak.
Vacation Bible School
Youth group gathers for ski trip
Walk His Way
Summer Car Wash
Pay It Forward
Scenes from School Life (this page, counterclockwise,
beginning at upper left): St. John’s kindergarten. First-grade
story time. Third-graders and Los Posadas. Fifth grade. Sixth
grade’s Crazy Hat Day. Fourth grade. Second-graders with
gingerbread housees.
(Opposite page, counterclockwise from middle of page)
Christmas program. Computer class. Music class. Receiving
our new flag and pole from the Mohs family. Helping Mr.
School Staff (Front) Marlette Schultz, Marsha Devine, Connie Madsen,
Cheryl Woodruff, MaryAnn Keehn. (Middle) Sandy Olson, Lori Matejcek,
Renee Langenwalter, Renee Walter, Deb Resler. (Back) Deb Blaufuss, Jen
Conzemius, Sharon Terfehr, Tony Bogenreif, Amber Bogenreif.
Glimpses of Our Parish
Members of Our Parish — 2011
Abel, Gary & Suzan
Abel, Keri
Tayla, Trinity
Abel, Kimberly
Emma Dahle
Achter, Hazel
Ackerman, Steven & Jeanette
Aguirre, Maria
John Olivarez, Liberty Oliverez
Ahrens, Jesse & Jessica Meyer
Afton Ahrens, Preston Ahrens
Ahrens, Justin & Lindsey
Albers, Kristine & Michael
Jacob, Jonathan, Samantha
Albertson, Wendy & Kelly
Ethan, Kaleb
Aldrich, Craig & Mary
Alfson, Joyce
Allmendinger, Dean & Juanita
Althoff, Barry
Althoff, Emma
Althoff, John & Avis
Althoff, Lana
Althoff, Mark, Joshua
Althoff, Maryann
Althoff, Maryanna
Amble, Bonnie & Marty
Sydney, Taylor
Amundsen, Mary
Anderson, Bernard & Kathleen
Anderson, James & Theresa
Appell, Angela & Timothy
Arianna, Taylor
Arel, Jean & Sheila
Arth, Darlene
Arth, Jay & Arnette
Avila, Irene
Rachelle, Richard
Avila, Maria del Socorro
Darian Avila, Amanda & Felix Castillo
Avila, Miguel & Maria
Awe, Marilyn
Awender, Aaron
Awender, Adam
Azure, Frank
Bachmeier, Timothy
Baker, Geneva
Baker, Joseph & Deanna
Brittany, Dustin, Shirleyann, Teana
Baker, Judy
Baker, Nicole
Angel Feather & Troy Lavallie
Bakkegard, Ken & Colleen
Ballweber, Delfena
Barina, Margaret
Barina, Michael & Henelia
Barth, Tamara
Madison, Christopher Hann
Brandenburger, Ann
Brandt, Allen & Connie
Brantl, Tracy
Isaac, Jacob
Braun, Gerald
Braun, Gregory & Susan
Jeremy, Michael
Braun, Jack & Kristi
Brittney, Jordan, Morgan
Braun, Myron & Lisa
Jordyn, Morgan
Braun, Niel & Marian F.
Braun, Renee & Duane
Breker, Allison and Trisha
Breker, Esmeralda & Pat
Breuer, Mary Ann
Breuer, Robert & Mary Joyce
Breuer, Robin
Timothy, Tyler
Breuer, Rodney & Jill
Laken, McKenna, Riley
Breuer, Ryan
Broadland, Carla
Broadland-Getz, Ariane
Jaxon Breuer, Mykenzie Broadland,
Isaac Getz
Bromenshenkel, Brad
Bruesch, Ronald & Doris
Brunkhorst, Larry & Joan
Buck, Barbara & Donavon
Buffington, Karen & Jim
Bult, Jeremy & Stephanie
Bult, Karen & Vernon
Brian, Danny
Busta, Mary
Cade, Lisa
Calderon, Danilo & Marissa
Danica, Darren, Dennis
Campbell, Douglas & Mary
Campbell, Stephen & Cheryl
Faith Bergeof, Gabriel, Liberty
Campbell, Stephen
Casper, David & Darby
Caspers, Bernice
Caspers, Cassie, Halle Miller
Caspers, Craig & Sue
Caspers, Woody & Connie
Champion, Norman
Chase, David & Kimberly
Sarah, Sydney
Chavez, Jose
Eliana Chavez
Chermak, Jeanette
Christensen, Laurie & Kip
Eric, Jack
Christopher, Greg
Ciesynski, Geraldine
Barton, Lisa & Adam
Baumann, Daniel & Jean Sittarich
Baumer, Bertha
Baumer, Lenora
Beauchamp, Cory
Beauchamp, Jeff & Kimberly
Kerri Beauchamp
Beauchamp, Jennifer
Bercier, Bert & Frances
Berg, Jeffrey & Monica
Berg, Richard & Debbi
Berg, Roger & Yvonne
Berg, Roman & Dolores
Berg, Staci & Tim
Hunter , Jacob
Bernard, Amber
Carter, Conner, Kylee
Bernard, Larry & Kris
Bernstein, Loretta
Bessler, Daniel & Geraldine
Betzold, Jack & Diane
Beyer, David & Janet
Beyer, Helen
Beyer, Mark & Jennifer
Emma, Joshua, Nathaniel
Biewer, Daniel
Biewer, Mary
Birchem, Kelly
Birnbaum, Kathryn
Birnbaum, Mary
Birnbaum, Patrick
Birnbaum, Vicky & Raymond Jr.
Austin, Jordan, Taylor
Bischoff, Christine & Wade
Justus, Mya, Randa,
Aaron Hendrickson
Bisek, Kelly & Sherry
Bladow, Neal & Sharon
Bladow, Stephanie
Elizabeth, Harley, Travis
Blaufuss, John & Deborah
Bodensteiner, Gerald & Kathleen
Boelke, Margaret
Bogenreif, Daniel & Amber
Bohn, Florence
Boll, Benji & Stacie
Mason, Taylor
Boll, William & Elaine
Bommersbach, Gerald & Sharon
Bontjes, Brittany
Tucker Snyder
Bontjes, Debra
Bontjes, Judy & John
Bontjes, Laverne & Anna
Botz, Amy & Michael
Cimbura, Josie & Curt
Cizl, Joseph
Colby, Carol & Wayne
Collins, Alfred & Donna
Comstock, Lynn
Comstock, Michael and Kristin
Comstock, Robert & Claudia
Contreras, Bernardo & Patricia
Cook, David & Patricia
Bryant, Courtney
Cook, James & Fran
Cooper, Cary
Coppin, Barbara
Coppin, Myron Jr. & Shirley
Brandon, Brittney
Corbitt, Brett & Marcy
Erika, Morgan, Zovahna
Cossette, Eva
Cox, Charles & Brenda
Brittany, Courtney, Darrell King
Crissler, Carol
Cronin, Edward & Dawn
Meaghan, Michael
Dahlgren, Robin & Karen
Dahlgren, Rosemary
Dale, Shane & Steve
D’Amour, Kerry
Dassenko, Cheryl & James
Davids, Susan & Matthew
Davis, Gerald & Bernice
Davis, John & Kathy
Deissler, John & Margaret
Determan, Patricia
Mathew Nyvold
Detloff, Kurt & Kristin
Eli, Mira, Noah
DeVillers, Damon & Sandy
Cassandra, Jessica, Megan
DeVillers, Keith & Joyce
DeVine, Mark & Marsha
DeVries, Aimee & Kyle
Jackson, Jacob
Devsi, Renee & Pierre
Dickerson, Richard F. & Judy
Dickerson, Richard P.
Diederich, Daniel & Nancy
Diederick, Steve & Barb
Diekman, Wallace & Betty
Dierks, Cecelia
Dietz, Bernice A.
Dietz, Dayle
Dietz, John
Differding, Brent & Lesley
Caleigh, Erika
Dimmer, Paul
Dinger, Michael & Janet
Dionne, Arthur & Cindy
Derek, Nicole
Dodge, Rev. Terry
Donahe, Robert & Peggy
Dotzenrod, Joel & Sharon
Doyle, Kevin
Dudek, Anne
Dufault, Doris
Duffy, Christopher & Katie
Jack, Kyle, Logan
Dusek, Leonard & Deborah
Dyrness, Mark & Shannon
Edwardson, Brad & Rhonda
Ashley, Brandon, Spencer
Eggiman, Tony & Lindsay
Ehlers, Ashley & Joey
Cayson Pinsonneault
Ehlert, Jason
Ehlert, Monica
Ehlert, Rowland & Renee
Ehni, Randy & Mary
Ehrens, Dennis & Rita
Eichhorn, Don & Karen
Eichhorn, Ervin
Eichhorn, John & Sandy
Amber, Heather
Eichhorn, Melvin
Eklund, James & Lee Ann
Ennen, Mark & Julie
Mason, Ryan
Erdahl, Sherri & James
Brandon, Cole, Krista
Erdrich, Ralph & Rita
Erickson, Justin & Sarah
Erickson, Kevin & Valerie
Erickson, Louise
Ethier, George & Rita
Fehr, Steve & Michelle
Matthew, Jacob, David
Fettig, Andrew & Agnes
Fink, Ben & Linda
Fink, Nadine
Zachary, Lacey & Morgan Gebro
Fitterer, Daryl & Suzette
Foertsch, Paul & Doris
Formaneck, Casey & Samantha
Formaneck, Harold Jr. & Carole
Formaneck, Joseph & Lori
Froemke, Nancy & Rick
Fuka, Christine
Fuller, Mark
Gabel, Andrea
Kayli Fadness, Tyler Fadness
Gallaher, Jeffrey & Vickie
Gange, John
Garcia, Juliana
Gast, Darrell & Marlene
Gefre, Brian & Lori
Ethan, Hayley
Gendreau, Sara
Jesse Kruse
Geray, Amanda
Haugen, Juline & John
Haugen, Nichole & Will
Haugo, Jen & Dean
Katherine, Megan, Michael
Hayes, Nancy
Hefferman, Michael & Brenda
Heger, Joseph & Sheila
Allison, Bradley, Eric
Heger, Mary
Heilman, Herman & Marie
Heinen, Dennis & Carol
Heinen, Stanley & Mary
Heinz, Timothy & Shelly
Raeann, Taylor
Heisler, Rose
Heit, Mark & Nadine
Heitkamp, Jason
Kelly, Sierra
Heitkamp, Richard & Sandi Baird
Mercedes Baird, Ashley, Brayden
Held, Duane & Linda
Held, Eugene
Held, Stephen
Heley, Paul
Amanda, Felicia, Kristina
Heley, Scott & Kelley
Jeremy, Kari, Tarah
Helfter, Karl
Helland, Jeremy & Ashley
Helland, Thomas & Mary
Helland, Walter & Sybilla
Hemsing, Margaret
Hendrickson, Jodi
Chelsey Kubela
Henningsen, Stacia & Ryan
Herding, Denise
Herman, Liz & Durlyn
Hermes, Audrey
Hermes, Clifford & Donna
Hermes, Joel & Kim
Charlie, Mallory, Tucker
Herrick, Douglas, Michael
Herrick, Joseph & Laura
Brooklyn, Elizabeth
Hettwer, Mark & Joelene
Emilee, Spencer
Hibl, Gaylord & Diane
Chase, Lauryn, Leslie
Hicks, Christine
Alexzander, Ashley
Higgins, Tricia
Allie & Cedrick Patty
Hilgers, Bernard
Hills, Jerry & Jeannie
Hills, Rich & Kathy
Hinsverk, JoAnn
Hinsverk, Steven & Jean
Carson Cole
Hintgen, Madonna
Hipp, Jerome & Mary
Hipp, Neil & Karen
Hoefs, Gene
Hoffard, Margaret
German, John & Heather
Cort, Holly
Gerou, Gregory & Mary
Gette, Robert & Mary
Gilles, Audrey
Gilles, Barry & Adella
Abygail, Emma, Madison
Gilles, Dale & Lynette
Gilles, Francis & Jane
Gilles, Kelly
Beau, Cole, Sydney
Giwoyna, Gerald
Glines, Monte & Errin
Heather, Morgan
Goerger, Edd & Tammy
David, Marie, Samantha
Goggin, Catherine
Gomarko, Gladys
Gordon, Dudley & Kathy
Daniel, Lester
Goroski, Betty
Goroski, David & Heather
Goroski, Michael & Suanne
Jonathan, Mary
Grant, Michael & Gail
Gratton, Paul
Graves, Brett & Lisa
Ella, Madeline
Gregoire, Leo & Mary
Gregor, Frank & Myrtle
Gregor, Holly
Gregor, Rick
Gregor, Sara & Jamie
Chayden Davis, Alyson, Kirsten,
Gress, Paul & Kristy
Kelsey, Travis
Griffin, Paul & Julene
Hattie, Patrick
Grosz, Dale & Renee
Gulden, Charles & Jean
Gwynn, Joseph & Theresa
Kilee, Skyler, Tiarra Husebye
Haberman, Regina
Habiger, Gene & Meldy
Chelsie, Christia, Dalton
Hagelstrom, Brian
Emily, Noah
Hagen, Gregg & Karen
Hagstrom, David & Barbara
Austin, Camerson
Halstengaard, Tom & Sharon
Halverson, Lonnie & Veronica
Halvorson, James & Jan
Andrew, Lindsay
Hansen, Ken & Wilma
Hasbargen, Yvette & Andrew
Haskell, Joyce
Hasse, Charity & Tyler
Alexis, Braxton, Keaton
Haugen, Joyce
Hoffman, Daniel & Janice
Hoffman, Dyan
Hoffman, Louis
Holkup, David & Joyce
Brigette, Lucas, Nicholas
Holtz, Everett & Lucille
Horn, Ellen & Joel
Faith, Hunter, Jamison
Hornstein, Jason & Andrea
Emma, Easton
Houle, Annette
Hruza, Irene
Hudson, Katherine
Douglas III
Hudson, Kathy & Kevin
Huffman, Sherri & Jefffrey
Tiffany & Travis Thomas
Huwe, Keith & Darcie
Jackson, Jefferson
Ireland, Michael & Sarah
Connor, Lorne, Sean
Iverson, Todd K.
Cory, Kyle
Ivicsics, Megan & Daniel
Elana, Landyn
Jacklitch, Michael & Mary
Jacobson, Carol
Jacobson, David & Beverly
Jacobson, Elaine
James, Cecille & Jesse
Jandt, Joan
Jarvis, Scott & Dawn
Jaskowski, Daniel & Melissa
Jeanotte, Timothy & Candace
Jelinek, Denise
Jelinek, Germaine
Jelinek, Jeffrey
Jensen, Clay & Tara
Evelyn, Ian
Jensen, Isaac & Danielle
Jensen, Jack & Karen
Jilek, Darryl & Karla
Brady, Darcy, Devin, Morgan,
Jirak, Robert & Emily
Johnson, Dennis & Diane
Amera, Cameron, Jezelle
Johnson, Leona M.
Jordahl, JessicaIsaac
Jorgenson, Jerome & JoAnn
Kadlec, Lori
Kaduc, Maria
Kaiser, Tim & Sonya
Abby, Alex, Andrew
Kappes, Christopher & Danette
Caden, Elijah
Karlgaard, Jennifer & Jason
Karpenko, Bradford
Kassa, Eric & Carin
Davyn, Lachlan
Kautz, Catherine & Mark Merriman
Emily Merriman
Keaveny, Jared
Keaveny, Joseph & Patricia
Keehn, MaryAnn
Kehrwald, Karen
Keller, Dennis & MarJo
Keller, Joseph & Darci
Keller, Tate
Alaina, Dylan
Kieffer, Aaron & Brooke
Gunnar, Jaredin, Paige, Peyton,
Kielb, Rick & Vicki
King, Kevin & Kay
Katherine, Derek, Carson Campbell
King, Valeria
King, Wade & Shannon
Klein, Darin & Lynette
Klein, Jonathan & Rachelle
Mariah Barendt, Emma
Klein, Tyler & Mandi
Aleyah, Marly
Kleinwachter, Creg & Tammy
Klindt, Linda
Kline, Thomas & Patricia
Alexis, Thomas Jr
Klosterman, Dorothy
Klosterman, Guy
Klosterman, Jason & Cheryl
Ethan, Nicole
Klosterman, Kenneth & Lynette
Klosterman, Roger & Penny
Klostreich, Daniel
Klostreich, Jeffrey
Knaust, Lisa
Knaust, Richard
Knudsen, Thomas & Cathy
Knutson, Daryl & Phyllis
Koch, Rod & Sherry
Anna, Eric, Kyle
Kohnke, Charles
Kohout, Phyllis & Kraig
Carly, Crystal
Kolbe, Verla & Lowell
Koppang, Jane
Blake, Connor
Korinek, Jane & Matt
Korth, Arthur & Rosemary
Korth, Edward & Gail
Danielle, Nicholas
Korth, Kathryn
Kosel, Richard & Mary
Kral, Jason & April
Aubrey, Brogan, Dalton
Kratcha, Patricia & Darwin
Emma, Gavin
Kraus, James & Esther
Lent, Kelly & Eric
Alexis, Gabriel
Lenz, Delores
Lenz, Dennis & Nadene
Lepp, Jack
Camille, Joseph
Licht, Lawrence & Mary
Emma, Maeggie, Meari, William
Lies, James & Ruth
Lies, Steve & Patti
Lingen, Donald & Teresa
Amber, Brock
Lingwall, Diane
Link, Chelsey
Macie Fenske
Link, James & Norma
Link, Tammy
Litchfield, Kelly
Litchfield, Mitchell
Catherine, Lily, Lucas
Littke, Grace
Littke, Steve
Devon, Jayme
Little, Ethel
Lizakowski, Judith
Loberg, Marcella
Loberg, Natalie
Loberg, Richard
Loberg, William
Loeks, Douglas & Lynnae
Lommel, Steve & Cindy
Lovcik, Louis & Carol
Lunos, Eric & Wendy
Hayden, Katherine
Lutz, Jim
Lynn, Katherine & Vance
Emily Merriman
Lyon, Tina
Lysne, Joel & Rosanne
Anaka, Bret
Madche, Joyce
Madsen, Martin & Connie
Mahrer, Chris & Kristi
Jordan, Sydney
Mandt, Vicki & Peter
Amanda, Andrew, Theodore
Mangalaw, William & Grace
Austin, Brandon, Caitlin, Francis
Manikowski, Irene
Marohl, Shannon
Kasey, Kortney
Marshall, Mary & Robert
Martinez, Ricardo & Yvonne
Masching, Herbert & Lillian
Masching, Larry & Cindy
Matejcek, Dan
Matejcek, David & Tami
Matejcek, Jean
Krause, Ann & Monty
Krause, Charles & Marie
Krause, Kimberly & Roger
Alexander, Austin
Krause, Lavina
Krause, Mary Jane & Brett
Krebs, Patricia & Steve
Kreller, Frances
Kremer, Bernice & Kent
Amanda, Douglas
Kremer, Christopher & Stephanie
Kressin, Ardel & Sheri
Kretchman, Bonnie & Curtis
Alison, Blake
Kriz, Jeff & Diane
Michael, Sara
Kriz, Yvonne
Kronebusch, Ann
Krump, Elizabeth
Krump, Gladys
Krump, Kenneth & Jean
Krump, Richard
Krump, Scott & Gloria Thompson
Joshua Krump, Jamie Thompson
Krump, Steven & Jane
Kubela, Beverly
Kubela, Bradley & Deborah
Kubela, Emily
Erica Kubela-Miller
Kubela, Theresa
Kubela, Tom
Kuehn, Daniel & Melodee
Kummer, Carmen & Randall
Sarah, Gavin Rydell
Kurowski, Richard & Audrey
Kurowski, Steven & Amanda
Kurpius, Michael & Leslie
Brittany, Jordan
LaBure, Neil & Dee
Lagodinski, Rev. Dale
Lambrecht, Brett
Lambrecht, Dale & Mary
Langendorfer, Bruce & Corrine
Langendorfer, Virginia
Langenwalter, David & Kathryn
John, Jane, Joseph
Langenwalter, Dean & Renee
Nicholas, Claire, Ella
Langenwalter, Shirley
Lauman, Elizabeth
Lauman, Frank
Lauman, Helen
Lavallie, Denise
Jasmine, Damon & Jaclynn Silveira
Lehman, Grace
Leinen, Ila
Leinen, Irvin & Kaye
Leinen, Richard & Penny
Samantha, Thomas, Andrew
Lemke, Robert & Marjorie
Matejcek, John & Lori
Blake, Ryan, Megan
Matejcek, Mark & Geralyn
Matejcek, Michael & Kathryn
Alice, Leroy
Matejcek, Nick & Nicole
Matejcek, Robert & Cynthia
Matejcek, Wilbur
Materi, Albert
Mathre, Mary
Matthys, Richard & Henrietta
Mauch, Edward & Rita
Mauch, Luke & Deeann
Isaiah Uriell
Mauch, Paul, Cody
Mauch, Ron
Mauer, Carolita
Mayo, William, Caitlin, Nicholas
McCann, Dan & Karen
McCauley, Donna
McDonald, Paula
Connor & Shelby Tschakert
McDonald, Scott & Lori
Benjamin, Ethan
McDougall, Ronald & Judy
McKinnon, Clarence & Kathy
McKinnon, James
McNary, Kari & Kelly
Kaitlin, Kameron
Medenwald, Joel & Jill
Jared, Julie
Medenwald, Larry & Jackie
Mendoza, Michelle & Norberto
Jasmine, Roberto, Valerie
Mertes, William & Diane
Meyer, Arline
Meyer, Bernard
Meyer, Charles & Laura
Meyer, Cheryl
Meyer, Dan
Meyer, David & Ione
Meyer, Elroy & Beata
Meyer, Gary & Ella
Meyer, Greg & Roxanne
Meyer, Henry
Meyer, Jerry & Mary
Meyer, Karon
Meyer, Mark & Muffy
Andrew, Phillip, William
Meyer, Matthew & Melissa
Mason, Mckynzie, Merrick
Meyer, Robert & Julie
Meyer, Roxanne & Dale
Meyer, Shannon & Corey
Aaron, Hannah, Katie, Leah, Megan
Miesen, Marcella
Miesen, Mary
Miller, Brady & Amie
Boedy, Dawson, Mason
Miller, Casey & Chris
Miller, Cody & Heather
Miller, Dallas
Miller, Daniel & Lori
Alex, Hattie, Jack
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Julie
Miller, Kayla
Miller, Kelly & Jolene
Miller, Kelly & Tim
Kelsey, Tyler
Miller, Larry & Jeanette
Miller, Matt
Miller, Steve & Rebecca
Miller, Tammy & Jim
Miller, Tracy
Milne, James
Miranowski, Allan
Miranowski, Blair & Miranda
Mislan, Garry & Eileen
Mitchell, Marianna
Moch, Kari
Mohn, Irene
Mohs, Mary
Mohs, Scott & Victoria
Mohs, Thomas & Melissa
Benjamin, Samuel, Nicole
Morman, Aaron & Brenda
Morris, Alice
Morris, Coleman Jr. & Loy
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mercedes
Muehlberg, Brent & Nancy, Andrew,
Muehler, Delmer & Bernadine
Muehler, Dorothy & Leon
Muehler, Harlan & Catherine
Muehler, Scott & Kari
Joshua , Morgan
Mund, Barbara
Munson, Jeanette & Bernard
Myhra, Barb & Wayne
Patrick, Sarah, Travis
Nation, Carole
Aaron, Christopher
Neidviecky, Linda & Albert
Neitzke, Don & Mary
Nelson, Jeff & DeDe
Abby, Jace
Nelson, Kathryn
Nelson, Marilyn & Dale
Nelson, Mary & Mike
Nelson, Michelle
Nelson, Neire & Kelly
Kay, Jose & Tiffany Zuniga
Nennig, Connie
Neuman, Larry & Shawna
Niechcaj, Irry & Danuta
Nolden, Stacie
Nordick, Betty
Pellman, Joe & Sue
Pelzl, Elarine
Perdue, Amber & Chad
Perez, Jacob & Maria Cabrera
Peschel, Thomas & Denise
Thomas C.
Petermann, Connie & Timothy
Jacob, Jacie
Petersen, Glen & Christine
Jacob, Joshua
Petersen, Keith & Brandy
Alexis, Matthew, Michael
Petersen, William & Jenny
William, Zachary
Peterson, David & Virginia
Peterson, Erica
Treyton Link, Abbi & Devon Wichael
Peterson, Kelly & Sarah
Peterson, Sara & Dan
Cody, Jessie Lynn, Travis, Ashley
Pfister, Jack & Barb
Phillips, Tony
Platt, Heather & Cory
Rylie Hemsing, Tristen
Polda, Brian & Lindsay
Carter, Kennedy
Pope, Muriel
Pope, Randall & Joan
Anthony, Margaret
Poss, David & Kathy
Poss, Margaret
Potocki, Hattie
Pratt, Peggy
Prchal, Kenneth
Prchal, Patricia
Priebe, Jane & Mark
Pritchard, Nicholas & Nicole
Privratsky, Shannon & Darren
Prochnow, Brian
Breanne, Jacob
Prochnow, Darlene
Prochnow, Julie
Puetz, Melanie, Casey
Pulskamp, Brent
Quam, Ruth & Carroll
Quamme, Susan
Ralph, Melissa & Jeff
Austin, Connor, Jordan, Landon
Randall, Joe & Lori
Madeline, Michael
Ratzlaff, Jim & Mary
Amy, Keeghan
Reiff, Charles & Renee
Reiff, Jeffery & Beverly
Erica, Zachary
Reiff, Tim & Mary
Kaitlin, Shelby
Reinbold, John
Nordick, Daniel
Nordick, Dean & Kristi
Nordick, JoAnn & Lyle
Nordick, Kari
Norton, John & Nancy
Novetzke, Joseph & Dorothy
Nyquist, Henry & Gloria
Nyquist, John
O’Hara, Blaine & Elizabeth
Brandon, Christian, Nikita
O’Hearn, Ione
O’Leary, Shawn & Leah
Oliver, Albena
Olsen, Brian & Barb
Olson, Bruce & Linda
Olson, Edward
Olson, Jack & Patricia
Olson, Jane
Olson, Karen
Ethan Frank
Olson, Ray & Jana
Danielle, Dustin, Trent
Olthoff, Julie
Donovan, Gabriel, Nathaniel
O’Meara, Pat & Diane
Onchuck, Dorothy
Onchuck, Edna
Onchuck, Gary & Monica
Garrett, Hunter
Onchuck, Jeff
Onchuck, Stacie
Addie, Brody
Osmundson, Carol
Osmundson, Jeff & Pam
Ostrom, Amy & Michael Ahlfs
Ostrom, James & Rosemary
Owens, Cathy
Owens, Jennifer & Travis
Brady, Hunter
Paintner, Sarah
Sophia, Jonah
Pankow, Judy
Pauly, Brad & Kim
Pauly, Brandon & Kassie
Braxton, Dawson
Pauly, David & Kathleen
Pauly, Jay
Pauly, Mary Jane
Pausch, Donald & Margaret
Pausch, Karen
Pausch, Katherine
Pawlak, Thomas & Betty
Pearce, Nicole & John
Devin, Raelynn
Pederson, Dorothy
Pederson, Roger
Pedraza, Fabio & Alma
David, Nicolas
Remily, Jeremy & Shana
Kenna, Noah
Rempfer, Brian
Renk, Michael & Beatrice
Resler, Donald & Deborah
Resler, Thomas
Reubish, Genevieve
Reynolds, Brandi
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, Nancy
Reynolds, Ronald
Rezabek-Turner, Ellie
Rhodenbaugh, Ashley & Jay
Rice, Brian & Karen
Hayley, Hunter
Richardson, William & Betty
Richels, Marlene
Richels, Tom & Cindy
Rick, Theresa
Riely, Patricia & Bradly
Katie, Korie
Ries, Robert & Janea
Jacob, Ryan, Savanah
Riffel, Angelika
Rinnels, Chad & Stephanie Schmidt
Heidi, Justin
Rinnels, Cheryl
Rinnels, Eileen
Rinnels, Maureen & LeRoy
Kristopher, Kyle
Robert, Monica & Russell
Roberts, JoAnn & Brad
Rode, Marlene
Rogalla, Renee & Todd
Roggeman, Bernard & Kristin
Roll, Alex
Roquet, Earl & Connie
Rubertus, Don & Dolores
Rubey, Renata
Rubish, Jackie & Dale
Chloe, Emma, Tess
Ruddy, Gregory
Ruddy, Mary
Ruddy, Patrick
Rugenstein, Lisa & Robert
Rugland, Brian & Jessica
Addie, Avery
Samek, Ben & Rosalia
Sanchez, Jorge & Jennifer
Austin Ramos, Aidan & Andres
Sapida, June Marie
Sather, Patti Jo
Sauer, Michael & Kathy
Saunders, Marian
Savard, Douglas & Sheila
Schafer, Travis & Vicky
Blake, Madison
Scheepstra, Denise & Michael
Scherr, Joel
Schill, Donald
Schill, Whitney
Ai Shay Oliver, Alivia
Schillinger, Agnes
Schillinger, Kurt & Tammy
Anna Jo
Schiltz, Matt & Teresa
Schmaltz, Tom
Amy Jo
Schmidt, Ann & Tim
Schmidt, Marie
Schmidt, Martin
Schmit, Daniel & Sherry
Bryce, Dawson, Riley
Schmit, James & Evelyn
Schmit, Raymond
Schmitt, Donald
Schmitt, Mark & Lucylle
Schmitt, Robert & Jeanette
Schneider, Joyce & Karl
Schneider, Terry & Elaine
Schreiner, Joseph & Jeanne
Schroeder, Melissa & Michael
Gabriel, Gavin, Grace
Schroeder Miller, Carolee
Hudson Miller, Ellington Norwood
Schroeder, Nick & Brandy Woodbeck
Schroeder, Raymond & Jean
Schuler, George & Barbara
Schuler, George III & Holly
George IV, William
Schumacher, Stuart & Melissa
Schumacher, Wayne & Lou
Schuster, Alyce
Schuster, James & Kathy
Emily, Matthew
Scott, Charles E. & Patricia
Seifert, Willard & Marjorie
Seifert, Willard Jr. & Penelope
Serocki, Staci
Sestak, Joanne
Shafer, Michael & Jennifer
Sheeley, Debbie
Shipman, Melinda & Keith
Devonte, Keisha
Shock, Vicki
Shorma, Diane R.
Shorma, Edward & Patricia
Shorma, Richard
Siemieniewski, Mary Ann
Sims, Dana & Marina
Singelmann, Robert & Lonnie
Sinner, Paul
Sitz, Dean & Betsy
Evan , Shannon
Tischer, Chad & Jennifer
Tisdel, Lorraine
Tisdel, Sheryl
Torgeson, Betty
Torrance, Alan & Peggy
Austin, Cassandra, Danielle
Toussaint, Elizabeth
Trangsrud, Evelyn
Trcka, Helen
Trebesch, Ann
Trullinger, Evelyn
Underberg, Mark & Judy
Unruh, Carrie & Cory
Keegan, Mikyla
Valencia, Jesus & Blanca
Josselyne, Sergio
Vanderwerff, Arlene
Veland, Robert & Betty
Vertin, Marylin
Vetter, Alan & Nancy
Vetter, Kevin & Mary
Karley, Katie
Vetter, Timothy & Linda
Vilandre, Bradley & Denise
Mason, Mikel
Vondal, Kevin
Wacha, Barbara
Waclaw, Jodie
Wahl, Donna
Waldera, Bradley
Waldera, Glenn & Carol
Waldera, Rebecca & Robert Heiser
Kyle Heiser, Hunter, Peyton
Wall, Margaret
Wallis, Grace
Walseth, Karissa & Cory Callenius
Jadyn Walseth
Walter, Jerry & Renée
Walter, John & Theresa
Amy, Bobbie, Jennie
Wamre, Angie & Scott
Hunter, Nolan
Wanzek, Douglas
Ward, Mark & Joan
Ward, Patricia
Warrington, Sarah & Daniel
Wawers, Ben & Marilyn
Wawers, Leander
Wawers, Paul & Joan
Weber, Henry & Karen
Nicholas, Therese
Weber, Jason & Heather
Christopher, Kylee
Weber, Robert & Colleen
Weber, Roman
Weber, Thomas & Darlyn
Weiand, Allan & MaryAnn
Sjoquist, Sid & Connie
Emily, Victoria
Skonseng, Jerome & Linda
Skoog, Sue & Curt
Brittany, Jailyn, Matt
Smith, Richard & Ann
Smykowski, Michael
Solberg, Kevin & Suzanne
Dillon, Justin
Solberg, Rebecca & Darin
Spanel, James & Raquel
Preston, Wauker
Speidel, Karen & Todd
Stasko, Andrew & Rebecca
Anna, Nicholas
Stav, Anne & Trevor
Steele, Brigid
Steeves, Bernard & Patricia
Steffens, Denise
Steffens, Judy
Jade, Jordan
Steffens, Nichole & Ryan
Stein, Patsy
Steiner, Wayne & Nadine
Justin, Trevor
Stern, Patricia & Lester
Storo, Elisha & Samuel
Madalyn, Kylie, Caleb
Straus, Edward & Marlene
Straus, Warren
Straus, William & Laurie
Strege, Fred & Wanda
Sturdevant, James & Ellen
Sturdevant, Terry
Suda, John
Sukut, Doug
Sutter, Margarita
Szczur, Julian
Taruc, Floreva
Tayer, Donald & Mindy
Teberg, Janet & Rick
Andrew, Dylan, Jordan
Tedrow, Roger & Kris
Kyle, Robin
Theede, Francis & Mary
Thiel, Darilyn
Thiel, Gordon & Irene
Thoennes, Lauretta
Thoennes, Raymond & Linda
Thom, Darren & Becci
Jade, Mason
Thompson, Theresa
Weiand, Allan Jr
Jayde, Jett
Weick, Lori & Bryan
Weisz, Tim & Jeanette
Jacob, Samuel, Abigail, Amanda,
Weitzel, William & Delores
Welter, Connie
West, Jane
West, Therese
West, Tracy
West, Valerie
Whaley, Dan & Sara Stevens
Allie, Caleb, Emily
Wichael, Cory & Kerri
Wichael, James & Maureen
Wieser, John & Julie
Jeffrey, Jill, Jenae
Wieser, Lorraine
Wieser, Randall & Elaine
Charles, Katie
Wieser, Timothy & Jane
Jasmine, Victoria
Wilkie, David & Shavonne
Williams, Rebecca & Clyde
Williams, Shelly & Norman
Connor, Madison
Wise-Ripplinger, JoAnn & Dan Wise
Laurin Wise
Withuski, Jeffrey & Paula
Michael, Andrew, John, Thomas,
Wittmeier, Stacey J.
Wohlers, Timothy & Jill
Isaac, Reagan, Tyler
Wolf, Jenny
Wolf, Robert
Woytassek, Rose
Yaggie, Allen & Alisa Mitskog
Mackenzie, Madison, MiraBella
Yaggie, Mike & Mary
Taylor, Jamer
Youngquist, Herbert & Rose
Zabell, Dorothy
Zach, Aly & Marian
Zach, Ashley
Zach, Charles & Shelly
Zacher, Kelly & Jackie
Amanda, Kaitlym
Zachman, Nathaniel & Andrea
Zarak, Mark & Missy
Cole, Cody, Carson, Carleigh
Ziegelmann, Darlene
Ziegler, Jonathan & Amy
Makyl, Traden
Zimmerman, Amelia
Zoucha, Steve & Clair
Photos: (Above) Statue of St.
John the Evangelist from
original St. John’s Church.
(Top row) Holy Thursday and
Good Friday.
(Middle row) Easter Vigil.
(Bottom) Easter Sunday.
Easter 2011

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