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SJNewsletter052415 - St. James Catholic Church
Saint James Catholic Community
Pentecost Sunday May 24, 2015
St. James Catholic Church
309 S Stewart Road, Liberty MO 64068
Office (816) 781-4343 Fax (816) 792-8691
School (816) 781-4428
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:00
On the web @!/groups/stjamesliberty/
Mass Schedule:
Weekdays: M-F 8:00am (During school year Friday, 9am)
Saturday, 5:00pm
Sunday, 7:30am, 9:15am, 11:00am, 6:00pm
8:00pm William Jewel College, when in session
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday 4pm and Anytime by request
St. James Catholic Church
Page 2
Our Pastoral Team
Rev. Mike Roach, Pastor .............................. x201
[email protected]
Rev. Timothy Armbruster, C.PP.S, .............. x203
[email protected]
Deacon Chuck Koesterer ............................. x223
[email protected]
Jim Newell, Operations Manager .................. x204
[email protected]
Danny Baker, Dir of Liturgy and Music Ministry
[email protected] x207
Cecilia Richardson, Dir of Religious Ed Ministry
[email protected] ...................... x206
Bobbi Roman, Dir of Youth Ministry
[email protected] x208
Sandy Gagnon, Dir of Christian Initiation Ministry
[email protected] …………………. x200
Molly Doherty, School Principal .................... x213
[email protected]
Daryl Ann Sweetland, Office Manager ......... x200
[email protected]
Loretta Venneman, Secretary ....................... x202
[email protected]
Katie Klassen, Finance/ Bookkeeper ............ x220
[email protected]
Vicki Fischer, Development Director ............. x261
[email protected]
Lori Tajchman, Dir of Children's Music Ministry
[email protected]
Pastoral Council and Assignments:
Phil Baumert
[email protected]
Mike Carr, Secretary
[email protected]
Clint Elliott
[email protected]
Steve Gregoire
[email protected]
Matthew Maggi
[email protected]
Doug Lewey
[email protected]
Randal Pearson
[email protected]
David Jones, Chair
[email protected]
Anne Crossett, Vice chair
[email protected]
Michael Hundscheid
[email protected]
Did You Know ?
To the St James Capital Campaign Orientation
Thursday, June 4th,
6:30pm in the St. James Social Hall
God has great things in store for the St. James
Community. Soon we will begin assembling our Team
to pray, share our vision for our new church, and seek a
generous response from our parish family.
Our Steering Committee Chairs will be: Christine
Bohr, Todd Carmichael, Clint Elliot, Steve Gregoire,
Kris Pointek, Angie Reed. But they won’t be working
alone! We will be inviting a cast of hundreds to be
involved in this effort to build our new home. Come
hear about the adventure of this upcoming capital
campaign, or as some call it---”generosity initiative”.
Our Orientation will cover:
Vision, Calendar,
Various Teams
So, plan to join us!
Fr. Mike Roach, Pastor
Fr. Timothy Armbruster, Associate Pastor
Jim Newell, Operations Manager
May 2015 - Week 3
Operating Fund MTD
Operating Fund YTD
* Includes Offertory, and Misc Church Income.
*Does not include New Church Fund.
“Thank you all.”
Mission Statement
We, the community of St. James, are a prayerful and
Eucharistic people who treasure our Catholic
traditions. We strive to grow in our faith by being good
stewards of the gifts God has given us; sharing God’s
truth with all. As the Body of Christ, we are called to love
and serve everyone, especially the marginalized, with
joy and hospitality.
The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph is committed to combating sexual
abuse in the Church. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, or if you observe
or suspect sexual abuse:
1. Call the Missouri Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-392-3738 (if the victim is
currently under the age of 18),
2. Contact your local law enforcement agency or call 911, and After reporting
to these civil and law enforcement authorities, report suspected sexual
abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult to the Diocesan Ombudsman, Jenifer
Valenti, at 816-812-2500 or [email protected], if the abuse involves a
priest, deacon, employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Kansas City-St.
The Diocese has a sincere commitment to providing care and healing
resources to victims of sexual abuse and their families. Please contact
Victim Advocate Mary Bultmann at 816-714-2387 or
[email protected] for more information.
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May 24, 2015
From the Pastor’s Pen
Kansas summers can be hot and dry. In the middle of wheat
harvest, we prayed for hot dry weather so that the harvest
could be done quickly. The only thing worse than a thunderstorm in the middle of harvest is a lightening storm. I can still
remember one summer when the wind started blowing from
every direction and before the rain hit, lightening lit up the sky.
It was a beautiful display of dancing lines. The next thing I remember is my dad running towards the tractor yelling at me to
get the combine out of the field. Lightening had struck and lit
the stubble on fire. The field was near the house and the last
thing we wanted was a fire anywhere near the shelterbelt or
house. My dad jumped on the tractor, shifted into high gear and
tore across the yard with the disc in tow. He made several
passes back and forth to create a fire barrier of overturned dirt.
Back and forth we went widening the path of black dirt. As the
wind shifted directions and the fire headed towards the house,
we were praying it would not jump the fire barrier. We were
lucky that it didn’t. Fire and wind can create great excitement
and energy. People come alive and things happen quickly.
This weekend we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. Wind –
fire – we are talking vitality, excitement and energy! The early
disciples came alive to share the good news. A fire was lit
under them to be on fire with the Spirit. Just as the wind blows
where it will, so to does the Holy Spirit blow where it will.
I have watched fires burn and come alive and die out. I’ve
seen small sparks ignite with the gust of wind and become a
ragging inferno. I’ve witness the destruction of fire that has
gotten out of control. I’ve been beaten down by gusty winds
and had dirt and twigs thrown in my face. I have been lifted off
my feet when flying a kite on a hot, windy Kansas day.
That’s the life of the Holy Spirit that we welcome and
celebrate this Pentecost Sunday. The wind that breathes new
life into us, the fire that burns deep within, the Spirit that grabs
us and won’t let go is the gift of the Holy Spirit we celebrate. It’s
alive, it’s moving, it’s destroying, it’s renewing, it’s wondering,
and it’s scary. The breathe of the Holy Spirit is as gentle as a
morning breeze or as gusty as hurricane winds. What excitement and energy!
May the gift of the Holy Spirit burn bright in our hearts and
send us forth to share the good news.
Fr. Timothy
Mass Intentions
Week of May 25 - 31
Our Country
St. Philip Neri
Harriet Erwin
Gabino Zavala’s Loved Ones
George Roling
Gene Gagnon
Billy Allen Hake
Paul Anctil
Bob Ohmes
9:15am Cheryl Kaspzyk
11:00am Miguel Rodriguez
Louis Kelsey
Ed and Debbie Luwig’s
Loved Ones
William Jewell College Mass
resumes in the Fall
Enjoy your summer
Our prayer support is with …
Mary Ellen Hughes in the death of her
father, services were at St Mark Parish
in Independence, MO
May the healing hand of our Lord
Jesus be felt by all who are coping
with grief and missing loved ones.
Contact Info
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Sat 4pm until finished; any time requested.
Sacrament of Baptism:
Baptismal Preparation Classes: 2nd Wed of each month.
Contact JoAnn in Parish Office, ext. 205
Religious Education: For Preschool through adult
spiritual development, please notify office of needs.
New Parishioners: Please register at the parish office.
We Welcome You!
St. James School: PS-8th grade offered.
Call the School Office, to inquire, 781-4428
Sacrament of Marriage: 9 months advance notice
Anointing of the Sick: Please call the parish office.
To Schedule an event in our Parish Facility:
email [email protected]
or call Daryl or Loretta in Parish Office.
All Bulletin articles must be submitted by Monday
12Noon to: [email protected]
St. James Catholic Church
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The Week Ahead
Sun May 24 : School Families serve coffee and donuts after
the 7:30 & 9:15 Mass. All are welcome
Mon May 25 : Monday; Mass at 8am, rosary to follow Mass
—Cedars Mass at 10:00am
Tue May 26 : Mass at 8am, rosary to follow
—Blood Drive in the Social Hall from 12:30 -7:00pm
Wed May 27 : Mass at 8am, rosary to follow
—Sponsor’s for Christ meet 1st and 3rd Wed
Thurs May 28 : Mass at 8am, rosary to follow
—9:00am Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. All are
welcome to stop by the church for quiet prayer until 9pm
Fri May 29 : Mass at 8am, rosary to follow
Sat May 30 : That Man is You at 6:15am
—Faith Sharing at 10:00am in the School Library
—Rosary prayed at 3:00pm
Sun May 31: Knights of Columbus serve breakfast after the
7:30 & 9:15 Masses. All are welcome
Scriptures for May 30th and 31st Masses:
Dt 4:32-34, 39-40 / Rom 8:14-17 / Mt 28:16-20
Gift Bearers for May 30th and 31st Masses:
Sat 5:00pm: Scott and Liza Dalrup and Family
Sun 7:30am: Dennis and Brenda King and Family
9:15am: Robert and Heather Yows and Family
11:00am: Eddy and Irma Enriquez
6:00 pm: Alan and Dorothy Haynes
Hospitality Greeters for 30th and 31st :
Sat 5:00pm: Marietta Wimmer and Valerie Beumer
Sun 7:30am: Jim and Lynn Streu and
Mike and Jean Keifer
9:15am: Don and Geri Binggeli and Ima Rather
11am: Jeanne Keck
6pm: Open to a Church Family
Attention School Families
If your 15-16 registration check has not been cashed it
is because your registration is not complete.
Every parish family needs to be current on all past
pledges and have a 2015 tithing pledge card on file.
See Katie in the parish office with questions.
Katie Klassen
816-781-4343 x220
Blood Drive - May 26
Each year, St. James hosts 6 blood
drives to help Community Blood Center
meet their daily demands for local patients. Last year was a difficult year for
CBC because blood donations were
down while the demand for blood had increased.
There were often blood shortages and St. James
was called upon to help with an extra drive as well.
The generosity and support of the donors that come
to our drives are both remarkable and inspiring and
it is with great pride that we share with you that St.
James was recently recognized as a Top Organization of 2014 by the Community Blood Center.
We would like to say thank you to our donors and
honor you at our next blood drive.
Tuesday, May 26th from 12:30-7:00 pm
in the Social Hall
Appointments to donate can be made online at using sponsor code
‘stjames’ or you may contact Nikki Power at 816407-1208 or [email protected]
We are asking for volunteers to help with our childcare area, refreshment table and clean-up after the
drive. Please contact Nikki if you can help. Service
hours are available for students. For donor eligibility
questions, please call 1-800-245-7035.
We look forward to seeing you on the 26th and
THANK YOU ST. JAMES’ DONORS for all that you
do to save lives!
Attention Veterans
All veterans are invited to attend a presentation on
Veteran’s Benefits on Thursday, May 28.
The event is being held at 10:30am at the Old Firehouse, 106 S. Jefferson in Kearney, MO.
Gary Largent from the Missouri Veteran’s Commission
will be the presenter and will be available to answer
any questions that participants may have.
For more information call 816-628-0075.
I want to express my appreciation for all of
your prayers, cards, visits, food and all acts of
kindness you have shown to me during my surgery and recovery. Thank you so much,
God Bless you,
Florence Bezdek
Page 5
from the
Liturgy/Music Office
May 24, 2015
Someone is Watching and Wondering
As we come to the end of our school year, we want
to extend a huge THANK YOU to the families who
bring their kids to Saturday practices and teach the
importance of service to their children.
This year’s Children’s Choir has worked especially
hard in preparing to lead Masses twice a month. In
addition, they performed at our annual Lessons and
Carols service, and lead the music at Christmas,
Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Easter.
BRAVO to our parents for this commitment! LOUD
APPLAUSE to our children for singing so well!
Upcoming Rehearsals
Sunday, May 24th - 11:00am Mass
Youth Choir (please arrive at 10:30)
Several years ago I was at the chancery office complaining to a friend when she reminded me “You are the
Church!” Since that time I have heard her words re-echo
in my mind many times, and they seem especially significant today, as we celebrate the BIRTHDAY OF THE
CHURCH. If it is true that I am the Church, and you are
the Church, then is today also a celebration of our birthdays? In a word, Yes! At our baptism we were re-born in
Christ, and as He gave us the gift of His Spirit we entered
into a unique union with Him and His body, the Church.
St Paul states, “For in the one Spirit we were all baptized
into one body.” (I Cor 12:13, NRSV) At Confirmation we
personally acknowledged the Holy Spirit’s presence in
our lives, and re-affirmed a desire for God’s grace, and
spiritual gifts, so that we too, as part of His body, might
contribute to the growth and health of His Church.
Before Jesus ascended into heaven He told the apostles:
“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and
of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I
have commanded you. And remember, I am with you
always, to the end of the age (Matt 28:19-20) So, it
seems an obvious conclusion that Jesus’ great commission didn’t end with the original disciples, but continues
through you and I by virtue of the Initiation Sacraments
we received. At the Last Supper Jesus said: “love one
another, just as I have loved you. . .by this everyone will
know that you are my disciples.” (John 13:34-35) Later
in Chapter 14 He continued: “If you love me, you will
keep my commandments. . . I will ask the Father, and He
will give you another Advocate. . . the Spirit of truth.” The
remainder of Chapter 14 is a beautiful reassurance of His
Today, as we remember the great evangelizing voices of
Peter, James, John, Paul and the other disciples, I suggest we celebrate our Birthday in Christ, and our vocation as His body, the Church. We must be His voices to
our world. We must act, speak, and love as He taught.
We must open our hearts to His Grace. We must be willing to serve the good of the other. We must embrace all
His children with abundant, unconditional love. Today let
us re-open ourselves to His Spirit, in celebration of Pentecost.
Your Sister in Christ, Sandy Gagnon
St. James Catholic Church
Page 6
We pray for Our Country, Leaders, and Loved ones serving our Country:
Chad Wilson, Paul Mooney, Jeff Auksel, Phil Plack, Robert Harrison, John Barry, Alex Reilly,
Gary Lee, Bobby Kern, Geoff Wiese, Casey Snodgrass, Chris Griese, Ryan Villines, Paul Tyrrell,
Charles Hensley, Gary Hogan, Jeremy Finn, Michael Caine, Alex Worth, Dan Knudson, Paul
Starner, Jarrett Muck, Bong Vtug, Brianna Hannum, Aaron Dolak, Cole Roberts, Tony Velasquez
Jr., Colleen McCloskey, Raymond Lopez, David Castro, Jr., Jeff Gardner, Brad Nees, Josh
DeLeone, Joe Binggeli, Jeremy Pyle, Cody Londo Jason Lyday, Andy Sparks, Jacob Weller, Ray
Writesman, Cody Zoglman, Adam Parnacott, Charlette Pruett, Daniel Wilson, Nicole Dobbelaere
Martindell, Jeffrey Pelling, Jeff Duncan
If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be gone under.
Here Comes The Bride
Will wedding bells soon be ringing
for someone you know?
Using HOPE gift cards make it easy
to shop for that perfect wedding gift.
HOPE gift cards are available for
Dillards, Macys, Kohls, Bed Bath &
Beyond, Walmart, Target, Gordmans, JC Penny’s,
Ross Dress For Less and more – all stores that
have a large selection of merchandise that make
perfect wedding gifts for the bride and groom.
If the happy couple is planning a honeymoon trip,
they’ll appreciate a gift card to help pay for some of
their expenses. HOPE gift cards are available for
many nationwide restaurants. And gift cards for gas
stations and many hotels can be ordered at
HOPE Gift Cards are sold after every weekend
Mass and in the Parish office on weekdays during
regular office hours during the week. And for your
shopping convenience, gift cards for many other
merchants are available for order at
Not familiar with Contact the
Parish Office to learn how to sign up as a St. James
Parish Family on the Shopwithscrip website.
Remember, many HOPE gift cards come in $25,
$50, and/or $100 denominations, so you can get
one for the amount you planned to spend for the gift
and support St. James too. It’s a win-win for all.
Thank You For Supporting H.O.P.E.
St. James “Ceramic” Summer Workshop!
Come join the fun this summer at
St. James School in the Art
This camp offers a chance for an
adult to come with a child to participate together and create ceramic artworks with a special person (Child Minimum Age: 8, Limitation: One parent/
adult and one child).
You will learn the basics of clay/ceramics, mold
making, glazing, kiln firing and more! Your ceramic
artwork(s) will be fired and ready for pick up a couple of weeks later. No previous experience required. There will be two separate sessions to
choose from: June 23rd and 25th from 6:00 PM 8:00 PM.
Sign up now by filling out a registration form!!!
*Forms can be found in the Narthex, School Office,
by the Art Room Door and/or by emailing me at
[email protected] Instructor: Ms.
St. James Art Smart Summer Camp
June 23 - 25
Summer will be upon us soon! Make
sure to mark your calendar for this
year’s Art Smart Summer Camp!
This art camp is for children currently in grades 2nd thru 5th. It is a
three day camp and will be June
23rd-25th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
in the St. James School Art Room.
Class size is limited! Sign up now by filling out a
registration form!!! *Forms can be found in the Narthex, School Office and/or by emailing me at
[email protected] Instructor: Ms.
Karen Biggs (St. James School - Art Teacher)
Page 7
May 24, 2015
Our Lady of Fatima
The Five First Saturdays Devotion
Join Us on Saturday, June 6 for the 2nd of The Five First Saturdays Devotion
Subsequent First Saturdays Devotion Will Be Held On ...
July 4, August 1, and September 5
The Promise of Our Lady of Fatima “I promise to assist at the hour of death, with the graces
necessary for salvation, all those who, on the first Saturday of five consecutive months shall
confess, receive Holy Communion, recite five decades of the Rosary, and keep me company
for fifteen minutes while meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, with the intention of making reparation to me.”
Confessions Heard Beginning at 5:00 am
The Blessed Virgin Mary
appeared to 3 shepherd
children in Fatima, Portugal on the 13th day of
six consecutive months,
beginning in May 1917.
15 Decades of the Rosary Begin at 6:30 am and After Mass
Mass Begins at 7:15 am
For more information on The Five First Saturday Devotions, go to and click on The Five First Saturdays Devotion on the left
St. James Parish
22nd Annual
St. James Catholic Church
Page 8
Our Faith In Action
If you have some time this summer and you'd like to
spend a little of it shaping young hearts and minds,
we'd love to have you join our VBS team!
We'll need classroom leaders as well as station
leaders and helpers. There's a place for everyone!
We'll need lots of helping hands, from youth helpers
going into the 6th grade all the way through
Grandma and Grandpa!
Volunteer sign-up sheets are available in the narthex.
Question Asked
Q: What is Cathedraticum?
A: A Latin word derived from the word Cathedra; a
sum paid to the bishop from parishes. Every parish
throughout the world supports their dioceses and in
turn supports the Holy Sea- the greater church. Although it has under gone many changes over the
years, this offering has been part of canon law since
the 6th century. In our dioceses these funds help to
support many good works, such as Catholic Charities and inner-city parish programs.
Q: How is this different than the “assessment” referenced on the parking lot?
A: The “assessment” on our parish for the building
of the parking lot is in addition to our Cathedraticum.
It was an amount specified for St. Michael the Archangel H.S. as a condition for us to move forward on
the building of our parking lot.
Other questions or concerns regarding our parish
finances can be directed to Katie in the parish office.
Katie Klassen
816-781-4343 x. 220
[email protected]
Youth Group Happenings
Summer 850 Prayer Challenge
Calling all 6th-12th grade teens…..
There are 85 days of summer break and all you
need to do is set aside 10 minutes per day for
prayer. At the end of the summer you will have
(at least) 850 minutes of prayer.
So we can keep a total for the entire youth
group minutes. Log minutes weekly HERE each
Saturday beginning May 30th.
Page 9
Parish Religious Education
VBS - Register Now
July 6-10, 8:30 to Noon
Closing Program On Friday Night
Signup time is here!! The
registration forms are on the
table the narthex — pick
yours up this weekend. Fill
out one form per family-another form for youth helpers (6th grade and up) and
one for adult volunteers (parents, aunts & uncles,
grandparents, etc) We can use all the helping hands
we can get!
Cost is $20 per child, which includes their t-shirt, music
cd and all the fun stuff for the week. VBS is open to
children from those 3 years old by 8/1/15 to those entering the 5th grade next fall.
Registration forms are out in the narthex, pick one up,
fill it out and return it next weekend!
PB&J Summer Classes
July 14 - August 5
PB&J Summer Classes will be offered
weekly beginning July 14 through August 5 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at
10 am and 6 pm.
The Summer PB&J Classes will include music and
movement activities reinforcing basic Catholic Faith
Formation. Each enrolled child will enjoy a one-time
take-home musical instrument.
PB&J is appropriate for infants through Pre-K. The
cost of the Summer class is $20 per child.
May 24, 2015
St. James School News
School Mission Statement
The St. James Catholic School Community,
a ministry of the parish, empowers students
to achieve their full academic and Christian
potential, become prayerful, lifelong learners and
good stewards of God’s gifts.
May Crowning
The May Crowning Ceremony was
beautiful this year with all the flowers that
the students presented to the Blessed
Mother Mary. We would like to
congratulate the following students for
being selected to play a special role in
this year’s ceremony.
Samantha Stipanovich & Noah Adrineda
Kate Parrish
Daly Martin
Sophia Cissell
Frank Janacaro
Kaleb Power
Matt Sattler
St. James Catholic Church
Page 10
Birthdays this week: Today we celebrate all
that you with God’s help, have accomplished.
Bridget Bagby
Jeanne Collison
Krista Daniels
Lindsey Harder
David Hartley
Margo Maddox
Franklin Pfeifer
Lily Pilsl
Gavin Rizek
Stephanie Rogers
Susan Topping
Joshua Wantland
Kathryn Caine
Jason Culli
Kaitlin Galetti
Shelley Henn
Brooklyn Jones
Kirsten Maggi
David Mattingly
Donna McKenna
Steven McLauglin
Jason Nowatzke
Jessie Perez
Sara Platt
Suzanne Quigley
Sunniva Schmiege
Mica-Ela Vitug
James Welsh
Lori Wiskirchen
Lucca Camara
Larry Chapman
Kaylee Chase
Justin Fowler
Lynn Galetti
Andrew Grither
Andrew Hayes
Owen Lampert
Amy Little
Jason Madson
Anthony Mohr
Nicole Rice
Chandler Rose
Collin Sarver
Marci Schembri
Patricia Scroggin
Jordan Talbot
Anthony Valenciano
Erika Vedder
Kristin George
Keira Hookie
Christopher Lay
Kristen Miller
Antonio Northcutt
Augustin Paredes
Addison Paulson
Emma Schmidt
Maxwell Studna
Grace Vitale
Brianna Wagoner
Lori Burns
Harrison Heutinck
Carl Mascaro
Josh Morris
Joyce Olson
Miranda Paredes
Kirstin Parks
John Parrish
Janet Peters
Laura Prather
Jacob Rizek
Andrea Tulipana
Elizabeth Witherow
Addison Baker
Philip Baumert
Christopher Cole
Mary Hopkins
Susan Kopp
Kellie Long
Kirk McCabe
Christopher McFaul
Joseph Ortega
Ricky Bridgman
Ryan Brown
Trayce Ann Cox
Anne Crossett
Nicholas Guaetta
Jennifer Honiotes
Alexander Jansen
Emerson Kellner
Ryan King
Brent Laughman
Audrie Patton
We Pray to our Lord Jesus for healing
Spencer Lange
Ed Hughes
Patty Beltz
Kennedy Noel Holcumbrink
Melissa Hampton Vickers
Bobby Morton
Bernadette Kaplan
Amy Bills
Larry Kains
Ken Englander
Kathryn Polly
Shirley Hampton
Karen VanLeeuwen
Charles Beckenhauer
Sandy Wheeler
Nancy Holt Brodbeck
Rita Lowe
George Massie
Darlene Henning
Gary Brecht
Nancy Goeckle
Tony V. Sr.
Deric DeMasi
John Eggleston
Gina Blanck
Keegan & Justin Gwin
Mary Newell
John King
Brian Sprung
Jeanne Collison
Marietta Wimmer
Tim Collins
Rose Swarts
Madelynn Hudson &
Sarah Rupp
Samantha Squire
Chris Alvey
R.W. & Connie Hollomon
Beasley and Craven
Mary Decko
Lisa Lange
Carol Yeager Laplant
Vincent Michael Smith
Want to be part of a team that feels like family? Want to
feel like you have made a difference? Need a flexible
schedule? Be a Part-time CAREGiver!
Home Instead Senior Care is looking for compassionate
people to provide one on one care for seniors living in the
Northland. No degree required. Training provided.
Learn more about us and apply by visiting our website
Please feel free to contact us at 816-792-8077 with any
James Weishaar
Linda Ruppert
Patti Busken
Patrick O’Neill
Gail Dugdale
Leola Schaffer
Iva Durocher
Elli Kirkbride
John McMahon
Ron Shinkle
Lyle Davis
Joseph Gubera
Jimmy Golden
Les VanBibber
Chrystal Hampton
Morgan Todd
Maria Giannelli
Sara Stoupa
Mike Reinhart
Pamela Anderson
Jeannette Wolken
Rich Curasi
Emmanuel Monzon Sr.
Christy Mock
Kathy Cygiel
Teagen Peters
Jeff Smith
Nadia Kadi
Lola/Joe Lopez
John Pfannestiel
Nancy Brown
Elaine Catalano
Crystal Coley
Conchita Weir
Becky Booth
Gordley family
Louie Bussjaeger
Kenadee Gallagher
Phil Wilson
Haley Prouty
Shawn Adkins
Mae Rahter
Jason Robinson
Andrew Lay
Randy Canaan
Emma Shay
Bob Giefer
Joseph Stoway
Leah Biskup Coady
Olivia Hernandez
Kari Rainey
Angelo Motta
June Bednar
Chrissy Sparks
Theresa Crane
Becca Sharp
Karen Wilson
Joseph Greenwald
Teresa Binder
Bud Sutlief
Marilyn Niere
Darleen Farnan
Kenny Erwin
Sharon Augh
Devona Gilgour
Theresa Fortune
Mary Bell Jones
Arthur Pisana
Frances Winslow
David Roach
Baby Jesse
Please notify us to remove your
name from our prayer lists
when it is time.
By law, HIPPA forbids us to print
names for prayers, without
request from the person or
immediate family.
Baby Sienna
Joan Swoboda
Steve Swoboda
Susan Kendall
Brenda Adams
Jonas Miller
Frank Benassi
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Compare more than 25 of the highest rated
independent Medicare Supplement Carriers.
Call today for your Zero Cost Quotes!
Best Mexican Food this
Side of the Border!
921 W. Liberty
Liberty, MO
We are a Nationally licensed agency located in Kansas City, MO.
Glasses & Contacts ■ LASIK
Cataracts ■ Macular Degeneration
Glaucoma ■ Diabetes And The Eye
Dry Eyes ■ Eyelid Correction
Located in Creekwood Medical Plaza III
211 NE 54th Street, Suite 202
Kansas City, MO 64118
Primed 2 Paint
Quality Residential Painting
Chuck Fiegel - Parishioner
GREAT REASONS to Patronize the
Merchants in Our Church Bulletin!
1. They support the work of our church.
2. It keeps money in our community. For every $100 spent at a
locally owned business, $68 goes back into the community
and your tax base. For every $100 spent at a chain store,
only $43 comes back. Online purchases bring nothing
back to our local community.
3. Keeps our community unique. Where we shop, where
we eat and have fun—all of it makes our community
home. Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part
of the distinctive character of our community.
4. Creates more good jobs. Small local
businesses are the largest employer
nationally and in our community.
5. Get better service. Local businesses
often hire people with a better
understanding of the products
they are selling and take more time
to get to know customers.
365050 St James Catholic Church (B)
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-945-6629
For all your landscaping needs
Mike Kromeich, Parishioner
(816) 781-9333
Liberty, Missouri 64068
Junction 33 & 291
Julie Harman
Our Lady
of Mercy
Country Home
Apartments for Independent
Senior Living
Residential Care Facility
Liberty, MO
Cooling & Heating,
Plumbing, Electrical
24/7 HELP
Corporate Hills North Bldg. Two
851 NW 45th Street, Ste. 303
Gladstone, MO 64116
Tel. 816-399-4965
$19.95*/Mo. + 1 FREE MONTH
Get your AC checked NOW!
TOLL FREE: 1-877-801-8608
Call for a Free Screening Today
Community Center
705 N. Jefferson Kearney
Banquets • Weddings • Private Parties
For Reservations Call 816-824-5564
[email protected]
YVETTE D. LOPEZ, Parishioner
Call or Text 816.777.4694
Mobile App
A to Z
➢ No Long-Term Contracts
➢ Price Guarantee ➢ American Made
*First Three Months
(816) 781-4323
Roger Arthur, Parishioner
“No Job Too Small”
Since 1976
Licensed & Insured
For All Your Real Estate Needs
Arthur Carpentry
Your Realtor®
for Life
Licensed - MO, KS, AZ
20% Parishioner Discount with this Ad.
Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS
excludes loose & larger, center-stone
diamonds, repairs & custom design.
A colorful Catholic ABC book
for kids and families! Includes
We treat both spider
a glossary of questions to help
& Varicose Veins
adults pass on their Catholic faith.
007199 9 x 12 Hardcover
We accept Most Insurance
$16.99 each • Special Offer — 2 for $25.00! 800-566-6150
Attorney - At -Law
Seaport Office Complex
Liberty, Mo.
— 781-5380 —
Call Mike Steffens
10% to School Endowment Fund
9550 NW Prairie View Rd.
Community starts with
neighbors who care.
That’s what our town is made of.
Timothy Flook
State Farm® has a long heritage of helping out
in the community. That’s why we’re proud to
support our St. James parish community.
Get to a better State.®
Mary Ann Surber Ins Agcy Inc.
Joe Janacaro CLU, Agent
Mary Ann Surber LUTCF, Agent
5555 NW Barry Road
6407 N Prospect Ave
Kansas City, MO 64154
Gladstone, MO 64119
Bus: 816-587-8330
Bus: 816-452-1700
State Farm, Bloomington, IL
Shoal Creek Dental Care
R. Bradley Gaik, D.D.S.
Larinda Hlavacek, D.D.S
8568 N. Church Rd. KC MO 64158
Wills • Personal Injuries • Business Law
Past Recipients of the Best of the Northland Award
(816) 792-0500
Come Sail Away on a 7-night Catholic Exotic Cruise starting
as low as $1045 per couple. Daily Mass and Rosary offered.
Deposit of only $100 per person will reserve your cabin.
Space is limited. Thanks and God Bless,
an Official
Travel Agency
Brian or Sally, coordinators 860.399.1785
visit us also at
“Your complete Painting
& Decorating Source”
(816) 781-1998
906 West
Liberty Dr.
Liberty, MO
Home of the Famous “300” Burger
The BEST Audio/Video Shows. The
Largest Video Screens & Music
Selection + Karaoke!
PARTIES for Any Occasion…
Birthdays, Company Parties, Theme
Parties, Team Building!
Consider Remembering
Your Parish in Your Will.
Grow Your Business, Advertise Here.
Support Your Church & Bulletin.
Free professional ad design & my help!
For further information,
please call the Parish Office.
email: [email protected]
Health & Income Planning
[email protected]
7707 State Ave., Kansas City, KS 66112
Randy Curnow Max Curnow
Cell: (816) 868-6060
Sales Manager
Cell: (816) 520-7482
Store: (913) 334-1166
[email protected]
365050 St James Catholic Church (A)
Call Pat Bellanti
Park Lawn Funeral Home
A DeVry Family owned business
South Chapel
Liberty Chapel
Lathrop Chapel
Kansas City, MO
Liberty, MO
Lathrop, MO
Please Contact Don Brassfield - 809-1552
• Robert W. Haas, MD
• Santosh George, MD
• Ryan R. Snyder, MD
• David J. Steinbronn, MD
• Adam W. Rives, MD
Ken Bohr
963 W. Liberty Drive, Liberty, MO
[email protected]
2521 Glenn Hendren Dr. #204
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-945-6629

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