Bealeton Fly In - DCRC Radio Control Club



Bealeton Fly In - DCRC Radio Control Club
Bealeton Fly In
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John King, takes his son Johnny for a
little ride at this years DCRC
Bealeton DCRC Fly In
Monthly Club Meeting
Friday, September 19, 2003
County Council Building Auditorium
100 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD
Meeting Program:
Maynard Hill and Team discuss
the Trans Atlantic Model
Board Nominations
Mikey makes another successful RC jump
Meeting Raffle By Doug’s Hobby Shop
Hanger 9 Aresti 40 ARF
Evolution .46 nt engine from Hobby Works Rockville
You better get to the meeting early and get lots of chances on the
raffle. If you bring in your airplane
to the model shop you get 3 free
raffle tickets.
2003 Marks the 50th anniversary of the DCRC Club.
Commemorative shirts are available for a limited time.
Contact Andy Finizio for more information.
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District of Columbia Radio Control Club
Jim McDaniel
Walt Gallaugher
Scott Davies
Mike Dooley
Andy Finizio
Walt Gallaugher
Kevin Jackson
Jim McDaniel
Jeff Mervis
Fred Nielsen
Mike Peizer
Scott Davies
Andy Kane
305 Natick Court
Silver Spring, MD 20905-5875
Mike Peizer
Paul Howey
Andy Kane 301-236-9222
[email protected]
Walt Gallaugher
The DC/RC Newsletter is published
monthly by the District of Columbia Radio Control Inc. Deadline for submitting materials
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month. Any part of the newsletter may be
reproduced for non-profit purposes unless
otherwise noted. Please credit the Newsletter and Author if named. Articles may not
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Each month at the regular club meeting, raffle
tickets are 6 for 5.00, and the prizes are always
Did you know that any airplane brought in to the
model shop will receive 3 free raffle tickets. Bring
in your models each month for your free tickets,
and to share ideas.
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Cover: The Bealeton Flying Circus
Stearman Flown by John King with his son
Johnny King Wing-walker
photo by Andy Kane
September 2003
Bealeton Fly IN
This year I think was the best Bealeton
and club event ever. The planning begins
long before the event starts, but as always
the DCRC club members step up and make
this event very easy for me.
Then we has some Warbirds, Gerri's P-
Jim McDaniel and family is always there
to help and make the administration run
smoothly, Jay Stargel was there to prep the
field and get the grass looking great. and all
the DCRC Members who attended make this
event very memorable.
On Friday the weather was very hot,
but we still have over 35 pilots that enjoyed
the venue and were able to get in lots of
flying, Applebee's was the dinner spot on
Friday and a large group showed up to eat
and drink a lot, “sweet”
On Friday night a cold front came
through making the weather the rest of the
weekend picture perfect. Clear skies low
humidity and temps made the flying fantastic. There were planes in the air all day.
At noon we shut down the flight line and
invited all the spectators to view the planes
up close, At 12:30 we had a mass Cub
launch, 11 cubs in the air at once, bet
you’ve never seen that before!,
47 and David's AT-6 were constantly racing
and I think David always won, Rod Jaeger
from Charlottesville brought his Corsair and
his beautiful B-25, both flew all weekend.
Saturday evening wound up with a lovely
meal an and show at the large circus tent,
about 100 people stayed for dinner and to
see who was going to win the JR 10X Radio
raffle. Hog Wild BBG did a fantastic job
this year. Many comments were made on
how great the food was. We had pork,
chicken, beans, salads, rolls and even Peach
cobbler, coffee and tea, just a wonderful
meal, Even had seconds.
The 10X radio ticket was pulled by Michelle Creighton and the winner of the radio
was our own Jeff Mervis, We also gave a
Stearman ride away to one of the kids present. Donated by Dave Brown.
The movie was Ultimate G’s an Aerobatic movie after some technical difficulties the movie went on OK.
Sunday was more flying, cleanup and
DCRC Air show. Just a great weekend,
It as great seeing you there, or sorry I
missed you. ~
September 2003
District of Columbia Radio Control Club
by Mike Peizer
The meeting was called to order by DCRC president Jim
McDaniel at 8:07 PM.
Guests: Duane Lundahl who was a member many, many,
many years ago.
New members: Rick, whose son has an airplane and Ron
Bozzonetti has been teaching him to fly. Bill Thurgood and
his boys who want to learn how to fly. Bill Costello.
Jim opened the meeting by announcing that this was the
first year that model aviation has been represented at the
Montgomery County Fair. The 4H Aeronautics Club, led by
Rachel Harris, had a demonstration setup at the fair. Rachel and the 4H Aeronautics Club are doing a great job.
Next, Jim announced that Maynard Hill had succeeded in
flying a model airplane across the Atlantic from Nova Scotia
to Ireland.
Roy Day described the feat. There was quite a bit of
media coverage by the local media in Nova Scotia. According
to Roy, Maynard worked on this project for about five years
and thought about it for five years before that. It turned
out to be more difficult to accomplish than Maynard first
thought. They lost telemetry for about three hours, and
presumed the plane was down in the North Atlantic when,
suddenly, they received an update from the aircraft. After
they reacquired the aircraft the big concern became fuel
consumption. The next thing they knew it had landed in Ireland, guided by Bob Brown, with 1.8 ounces of fuel in reserve. The crew in Nova Scotia was very excited to say the
Maynard had problems right up until a few weeks
before the flight. He sacrificed a great deal to pursue this
goal. It is a terrific accomplishment. He should have set a
new world record for distance and duration. Maynard and
his wife are on their way back home. They are driving back
with all the gear, and plan to stop and visit friends on the
Lastly, Jim said the runway has been sealed and relined.
According to third party reports it looks like a good job.
Newsletter/Membership: Andy Kane reported the club has
229 members at this time and they are all having fun.
Events: Andy Finizio reported October Fest is Sunday, September 28th, the last weekend in September. It is for members and their families only. It will be a very low-key event,
so bring a plane to fly. Glow, electric, gas, park flyers to
1/3 scale. All are welcome. There will be free hotdogs and
burgers. October Fest will start at 11:00 AM and go until
late afternoon.
Old Business: Bob Yount mentioned that flight training is
tomorrow. Come on out to help.
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Andy Kane said Bealeton is next week. It is one of the
DCRC events you shouldn’t miss. It has been happening
every August for twenty-five years. The event starts on
Friday and goes through Sunday afternoon. There is open
flying before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM, Friday, Saturday
and Sunday morning. Saturday night we will have a pig roast
and a special video presentation.
Andy went on to say that this weekend is the Wings of
Freedom air show at the Fredrick Airport. It is always a
full and fun day.
Andy will be the CD for the next JR Challenge in Punta
Gorda, FL, on March 4-7. Plan to attend to get away from
the cold winter weather.
Raffle: Tonight’s raffle prizes are furnished by Hobby
Works of Rockville.
The Alpha Trainer was won by Steve Davis. It was
built by Maria and her two children, Glen and Alistair, and anyone else who wanted to help out.
Model Shop: David Harris showed his new Balsa USA ¼
scale Sopwith Pup. He modified it to be more scale. It
weighs 14 lbs. I believe, it is powered by a Zenoah G-23. He
is having RF interference problems, but hopes to have it flying for the Bealeton event next week.
Andy Kane showed his Euro Sport www.composite-arf.
com jet. It is manufactured in Thailand. The airplane has
a functional canard and delta wings with elevons, which
makes it incredibly maneuverable. It weighs 26 lbs., and
carries 140 ozs. of fuel. That’s enough for 10 minutes of
flight at full throttle, or 14 minutes of normal flight. It
feels like a heavy war bird in flight. The characteristic of a
jet engine that takes the most time to get used to is the
time it takes for the engine to spool up to full power.
Andy Finizio showed a BVM Bobcat jet trainer. It’s a kit
not an ARF. If you slow down the Bobcat it flies like a pattern plane. It weighs 19 lbs. and carries 134 ozs. of fuel in
three tanks. Andy Kane’s jet flies much more slowly and is
more aerobatic. The Bobcat is faster.
Bob Aberman showed a Slow Stick from GWS. It took
only 1½ hours to build.
Francis Person showed a Goldberg Tiger II. He modified
it with Goldenrod pushrods.
Sergei Gaidamakov gave a small PowerPoint presentation
on Combat aircraft. He explained the differences between
the classes of combat aircraft.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM.~
Anyone interested in purchasing
Randolph Dope and Thinner
please contact
Bob Droege 301-299-9094
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District of Columbia Radio Control Club
September 2003
Flight Demo For Central Union Mission Kids
On July 30th, Mr. Collin Seager and approximately 20 kids
from the Central Union Mission enjoyed a radio controlled airplane flight demonstration put on by Jim McDaniel and myself.
The Central Union Mission sponsors a summertime camp for inner-city kids. The Mission also runs a faith based homeless shelter and mens program in D.C. The Mission has been in existence
for over 119 years.
Before the flight demonstration, Jim and I talked to the
kids about how radio controlled airplanes are built and fly. The
kids were very interested and ask many good questions. Jim
started the flight demonstration by flying my Great Planes Patriot. This is a fast 46 size swept wing airplane with retracts.
The kids loved it as Jim put it through its maneuvers. He then
flew aerobatic maneuvers with my Hangar 9 Edge 540.
We then gave a few of the kids a turn at flying one of the
DC/RC club trainers. We held a raffle to select the lucky flyers.
I wish the kids had more time to spend at the field because you
could see the disappointment on some of the kid’s faces that did
not get a chance to fly. Mr. Seager and the kids from the Mission were very appreciative of the experience.
by Mike Peizer
The meeting of the DCRC Board of Directors was called to
order by Jim McDaniel at 8:12 PM at the home of Andy Finizio.
In attendance were Mike Dooley, Scott Davies, Jim McDaniel,
Andy Kane, Walt Gallaugher, Jeff Mervis, Andy Finizio, Fred
Nielsen, Kevin Jackson and Michael Peizer. Andy Herold attended as a guest.
Jim McDaniel received an envelope from the MNCP&P Commission. It contained notification of a guidebook for “Public/
Private” agreements. This means there is now an instrument in
place to allow an organization to donate money to capital improvements, for a county facility. DCRC was the second group
in the county to have a “private/public” agreement. SoccerPlex
was the first. That’s how we got the shelter built to our specifications. The ramifications of this new capability need to be
discussed by the Board sometime in the near future. Our legal
counsel will look over the document and give the Board his
feedback at the next meeting.
County Appreciation Day turned out to be a success. The
event brought in $1152.85, which means the club broke even.
OctoberFest is Sunday September 28th, according to Andy
Walt and Jim explaining how RC planes are built and fly.
Jim teaching a few of the young men how to fly.
Jim McDaniel brought up the subject of Maynard Hill and
honorary membership as a way of honoring him for his transAtlantic achievement. The only problem is that an honorary
member looses his right to vote in club issues according to the
club by-laws, and Maynard does not want to give up his voting
rights. After much discussion the Board decided to initiate a
new award by DCRC for contribution to the field of radio control.
Jim McDaniel moved that the Board create an
“Outstanding Achievement Award Presented by DCRC for contribution to the field of radio control”, to be presented at the
discretion of the Board. Kevin Jackson seconded the motion.
The motion passed with eight members voting yes, and one abstention.
Scott Davies reported seven expenses over
$100.00 since last May, when he was last able to attend a
meeting of
the Board. The Board instructed Scott to replenish the checking account for the expenses of sealing the runway and placing
the concrete pad for the new shelter from the club’s CDs.
Old Business: Andy Finizio, on behalf of certain members,
asked about the safety fence along the runway and whether it
will be moved. The consensus of the Board was that the members who want the fence moved should present a petition at a
regular club meeting to have the fence moved.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.~
September 2003
District of Columbia Radio Control Club
The DCRC Air show Team had the
honor of flying again this year on August
24 at the Bealeton Flying Circus in Bealeton, VA. The DCRC club has been hosting
an event at this venue for at least 25
years. It started out as a scale contest
and in more recent years has evolved into
an IMAA fly in. It is a great 3-day event
with over 120 models in attendance. We
were honored this year to have our District VP, Bliss Teague, in attendance.
This wonderful event culminates on
Sunday afternoon when the Bealeton Flying Circus performs their weekly show before a crowd of several hundred people.
The Air show team is asked to perform
just before the full-scale show and we are
always enthusiastic. Not only do we get to
perform before a large crowd but we get
to fly with the Flying Circus personnel.
We are all kindred spirits with our love of
all things aviation.
We started our show as usual with our
banner plane welcoming one and all flown
by Team Manager Paul Howey. Able banner catcher Paul Savage was in top form
as the banner floated into his hands after
release from the banner plane.
As the banner plane setup for a
landing, two 1/3 scale Cubs, one in L4 livery, took off and proceeded to climb at a
steep angle. The L4 was being flown by
consummate pilot Andy Kane and the other
by Doug Harper. As the Cubs reached altitude, announcer Jim McDaniel had the
crowd looking skyward. Suddenly, a small
dot appeared below the L4 – it was skydiver “Mikey” piloted by Tony Massiello.
Mikey is a veteran of many dives and is
always ready to do a show. Mikey’s chute
opened perfectly and he started to float
to earth.
The two Cubs flew circles
around Mikey as he descended and both
touched down for perfect landings, followed by Mikey who floated in like a veteran. The crowd cheered enthusiastically.
Next we had two of our younger
members, Andrew Davies 15 and Will Seggel 16, fly a duet act with their aerobatic
planes – a Cap 232 and an Extra 300. The
crowd is always pleased to see young flyers and we are equally pleased to have
them in the show. Andrew and Will put on
a lively demonstration of aerobatic flying
and both did perfect landings.
Team Manager Paul Howey then took
off to perform his dazzling helicopter
The crowd is always
amazed to see how planes without wings
fly and Paul always does a great job demonstrating the flying characteristics of
model choppers.
Next we had two of the prettiest models in the show take off. Scott Davies flying his ¼ scale Stearman (modeled after
the full-scale version in Army colors at
the Flying Circus) and guest flyer Dave
McQueeney flying his 1/3 Balsa USA
Stearman proceeded to give the crowd a
beautiful flying treat. The sky was pure
blue and these two classic airplanes were
just beautiful as they did their aerobatics
and flybys.
We were honored again this year to
have a pair of guest flyers join us. Bob
Klenke and his son Louis, 4, from Richmond, VA, fly a Kangaroo jet with great
skill. While Bob is on the controls, Louis is
right there by his side as his “technical
advisor”. Louis even cheers when his Dad
makes a particularly good maneuver. This
team put on a great show and the crowd
was cheering them on. People outside the
hobby are amazed at the look and sound of
Page 5
a model jet flying. It is truly spectacular.
As the jet landed, two guest flyers –
Rob Sarlan and Ray Wolf – took off with a
pair of 3D electrics. They proceeded to
do every maneuver in the book. Electrics
have come a long way and these small
planes are very impressive, especially in
the hands of competent flyers like Rob an
With no forewarning, a rogue pilot
took off right in the middle of the electric act. Who was it – the infamous Red
Baron. We all know how evil he is and on
this day he was up to his dirty tricks
again. Fortunately help was close by since
Snoopy and his Flying Doghouse, flown by
Harry Grattan, is ever ready to help keep
the world safe. Snoopy easily conquered
the evil Baron and, predictably, he went
down in flames one more time. While everyone likes this act, the kids are especially fond of Snoopy.
Our show climax was provided by able
flyers Andy Kane and Rob Sarlan, both
flying Composite ARF 42% YAKs. These
planes are big, loud and very impressive.
The motor gremlins got to Rob on this day
but Andy soldiered on and did his usual
dazzling show. Andy had the crowd on the
edge of their seats as he did every trick
in the book (and a few no one had ever
seen before). He is a truly great flyer
and is at his best in these shows. Andy is
also the CD of the Bealeton Flyin and has
been flying since elementary school.
We closed as usual with the “That’s All
Folks” banner plane and another show was
in the can. We truly enjoy being at the
Flying Circus and want to thank them for
giving us this opportunity every year. It
is a weekend full of airplanes, big and
small, and a beautiful location. We look
forward to going there again next year.
Page 6
District of Columbia Radio Control Club
With all the rain we have had this
past spring and early summer, there
were fewer good flying days to enjoy
our hobby, and for a number of us, it
feels as if the summer has come and
gone before we know it. Hopefully
there are still several good “dry” flying days ahead for us to enjoy before old man winter settles in. During this time of the year, we began
to notice that the days are becoming
shorter, with earlier sunsets along
with a drop in the air temperature,
especially after the sun begins to
fall behind the trees.
As I mentioned around this time last
year, for those of us who sometimes
fly in the late afternoons and early
evenings, the rapid reduction of
available light as sunset approaches
can become a problem, especially
during that one last flight of the day
you are trying to squeeze in. Your
model may have good visibility while
still up above the trees, with the sun
shining on it and the sky as the background; but as it drops below the
tree line and you begin setting up for
your landing approach, the darker
background of mainly trees can significantly reduce your models visibility and make landing much more difficult. So the message to those lowtime pilots who may not have experienced this, land while there is still
enough sunlight to clearly see your
model below the tree line.
The first photo this month is of Mel
Swerdloff with his 28 % scale Laser
2000. The model is from Kangke
USA and is distributed by Super
Kraft and Chief Aircraft. It is powered by a Zenoah G-62 and uses a Futaba radio for guidance
The next photo shows Jim Cokinos
with his Raptor 50, which is powered
by an OS 50. The model is equipped
with a Futaba Super 8 radio. Jim is
another pilot who flies both airplanes
and helicopters. He became a certified airplane pilot in July of 2002
and started flying helicopters about
three months ago. He has advanced
very quickly in both types of models.
He is mainly flying helicopters, which
he says are more challenging.
The third photo is of Chi Lin with his
Great Planes Extra 300. The plane is
September 2003
has been only flying helicopters for
about one month. His model is powered
by an OS engine and he is using a JR
XP 8103 radio.
Remember, flying is no accident and,
stay within the flight box. Until next
13 Swan Harbor RC Giant Scale IMAA Fly
Swan Harbor Flying Field Havre de
Grace, MD
16-20 Greenville, South Carolina,
The Don Lowe Masters
19 DCRC Club Meeting,
Maynard Hill tells about his Trans
Atlantic Adventure
Fred Nielsen, Nominations
20 DCRC Training
20-21 PGRC Q-500 Races, Bowie, MD
24 DCRC Board Meeting, Fred Nielsen
28 DCRC OctoberFest, Germantown, MD
powered by a Magnum 91 four stroke.
Chi is using a Futaba Super 7 radio.
And the final photo shows Supot
Chersokal with his Raptor 30. Supot
is a relatively new club member and
1-5 Superman 13 Metropolis, Illinois
CD: Jerry Caudle
4 PGRC Open House, Bowie, MD
4 DCRC Training
11 PGRC Q-500 Races, Bowie, MD
17 DCRC Club Meeting, Jim McDaniel, Elections
18 DCRC Training
22 DCRC Board Meeting, Jim McDaniel,
DCRC Training
September 2003
District of Columbia Radio Control Club
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Andy Kane
305 Natick Court
Harry Grattan gets Snoopy ready for another Sortie.
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The only difference I see today are 1) I am now serving
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Will Seggal gets his first
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Can I ask Just one
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