2014 annual report web - Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center



2014 annual report web - Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center
Oct. 1, 2013 - Sept. 30, 2014
Report to Members & Donors
Denison Pequotsepos
Nature Center
Dear Friends,
We thank you for your conservation consciousness and that of more than
2,000 other donors, members and friends in support of the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center. The year 2014 was one of the most exciting and successful times in our organization’s history, helping to set the stage for a bright
A long community tradition of involvement, partnerships and support has
helped make DPNC and Coogan Farm one of the region’s true treasures,
enriching our quality of life. Interconnecting trails through natural areas and
the associated programs and services we provide help make this area a great
place to live and work — a reason to visit and a reason to stay.
Tireless volunteer efforts through the years have
buoyed all aspects of our organization, especially
during the past year, from the ongoing work of our
Coogan Farm Implementation Team (FIT) to boardbuilding, fundraising and grant-writing. Community
support and volunteers made our 2014 events the
most successful ever — including the Coogan Farm
grand opening festivities, Concert for Conservation,
Wild Mushroom Festival and our 25th anniversary
Green-Tie Gala. We are grateful to all involved!
And we continue to thank our team of dedicated
employees, now 23 year-round (nearly 50 in the summer), who inspire children and adults to love nature and become better stewards of the Earth. Assisted by volunteers, they also help maintain our facilities, trails and grounds
and care for our injured and resident owls, hawks and other animals.
Our DPNC logo is a Great Horned Owl (a depiction of our original Mr. Bill).
Birds, especially owls, are important to the Nature
Center, figuratively and literally, as they serve as
ambassadors on many levels. A group of owls is called
a Parliament. Our Trustees, staff, volunteers, members
and donors are like a parliament of owls, working
together for our mission, and for our connection to nature — past, present and future. We have also named
our planned giving donors ‘the Wise Owls Society,’
now with 30 members.
The Coogan Farm Nature and Heritage Center grand opening in September
was attended by a wild Great Horned Owl that swooped in and perched on
a fence post in the Giving Garden for all to see. Young students and teach-
ers, along with farm manager Craig Floyd,
marched in Mystic’s St Patrick’s Day parade,
wearing green bandanas and owl masks to
foster the theme ‘owls and farmers unite.’
All year round, owls hoot around DPNC, and
for many visitors and program participants,
their first close encounter with an owl happens
Last December, we released a Great Horned Owl that had spent four years in
our care. We worked with dozens more newly injured raptors, and most were
returned back into the wild. How fitting that a pair of Great Horned Owls
presides over Coogan Farm. They hoot to us all that DPNC and Coogan Farm
are one!
We have developed a compelling strategic plan and vision of DPNC 2020 and
continue to revitalize, expand and engage board committees in all aspects of
our governance and growth. We are thankful for our involved and energetic
trustees. We have purchased and implemented new software to help us better
manage memberships and donations along with program information, registration and attendance. Our dedicated staff has stepped up to the challenges and
administrative tasks of increasing programming and reaching new audiences.
Thank you for your continued support of DPNC/Coogan and the programs,
places and services we provide. We look forward to working closely with you
and updating you on our progress in the coming year.
Very Truly Yours,
T. Page Owen, Jr. President, Board of Trustees
Margarett L. Jones
Executive Director
Board of Trustees
Page Owen, President
Dorrit Castle, Vice President
Trustees at Large
Jean Ceddia
Steven Dodd
Brian Griffiths
Melissa Hammel
Jennifer Milne, Corporate Secretary
Vicki Reid, Treasurer
Hilary Nasin Hardaway
Charles Hatton
Sarah Kelly
Robert Martin
Rowland Stebbins
We also recognize our Denison Society representatives, as well as the following
trustees at large who retired in October 2014: Mike Charnetski, Daniel
Brannegan, Patricia M. Ziegler, Maureen Pernal., Penny Vlahos.
From left, DPNC staff Laura Craver-Rogers, Suzanne Burns, Steve Sarnoski,
Molly Check, Marianne Goddard.
Mr. Wiggles on July 27, 2014 only seven
days after coming to DPNC. Lori Edwards
was able to save the young opossum after
he was orphaned when his mother was hit
by a car.
Education/Programs and
Our new Education Director Molly Check arrived from the Poconos in
July, and in addition to implementing weekly education staff meetings,
team building and trainings, she has also added to our array of programming, with an increased focus on older children, adults and multi-generational.
In 2014, our outreach programs to area
schools continued to grow, especially
our involvement with urban students
in New London and Norwich, where
we provide multiple daily or weekly
enrichment through grants. We traveled to libraries, schools and parks
statewide, from Torrington to Essex,
Madison to Westerly, brought nearly
600 students to Bluff Point, and made 11 trips to Fishers Island. In all,
during the course of a year, we touch 50,000 individuals of all ages
through our outreach education programs, in every town in New
London County and beyond.
By the Numbers
~ Winthrop Magnet School, New London: 166
twice daily visits
~ Birthday parties: 90
~ Gungywamp tours: 8
~ Public hikes/walks: 106
Molly Check, July 2014, DPNC’s new Education Director
Preschool/Early Childhood
The Fund-A-Need portion of our 2013 Gala auction generously supported our preschool scholarship program. For the 2013 and 2014
school years, we provided a total of $5,090 in scholarships. The
scholarships are of such value to our community, helping us to ensure
a diversity among our students.
We are witnessing an expanded interest in both our Nature Preschool
and our Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs, which were
revamped in 2014 under the direction of Davnet Schaffer. Chickadees
remain a perennial favorite, and rebranded Eager Explorers (formerly Racoons) filled up all sessions. Fireside Stories, which is free
to members, is one of the most popular ECE programs. Educators
Mame Courtney and Rachel Aspinwall are bringing new and inspired
Art in Nature programs to all ages, and we expect these to grow.
- Opossums are one of the oldest
surviving mammal species, nearly 70 million years
- At birth, opossums are about the size of
a honeybee and immediately make their way into
the mother’s pouch.
Summer Nature Camp
Our Summer Nature Camp remains unique
to the region in the strength of both its offerings and its staff. Even after four decades
of existence, it continues to expand in both
ages served and the variety of nature-based
camps offered, with 660 campers in 2014.
Partnership camps with Mystic Seaport,
New England Science and Sailing and
others remain popular. Parents and
campers are thrilled with what we provide,
based on our feedback surveys, which consistently ranked our camps as excellent.
By the numbers
~ 300+ children attended pre- and
~ More than 80 percent of our
campers are also DPNC members
Coogan Farm and
Giving Garden
Sept. 4, 2014, was a beautiful, bright blue day, perfect for the official grand
opening of the Coogan Farm Nature and Heritage Center. A celebration
weekend planned with an incredible volunteer committee kicked off on
Thursday with the ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by nearly 200 officials,
dignitaries, friends and supporters. Said U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal: “Today is a wondrous, magical moment. We are here
to celebrate the saving of the physical space, but
also of a tradition, a legacy, for all time." A Community Picnic was attended by nearly 300 people
of all ages, closing out the weekend with festivities, games, exploration, tours, music and food.
Plans continue for renovating the historic
Greenman farmhouse and barn on Greenmanville
Avenue, with work commencing as we write.
Community involvement remains a priority,
and Eagle Scouts, Rotarians, citizens and civic groups have been integrally
involved in projects, including
building and installing a variety of nesting boxes, building trails and bridges,
and clearing around stone walls, including a Paddock and the Stillman foundation.
Veteran Farmer and former West
Mystic postmaster Craig Floyd was
hired as Coogan Farm and Giving
Garden manager in the summer of
DPNC Executive Director Maggie Jones honors
Charlie and Irene Hamm for their dedication
to and their pivotal leadership support of the
Coogan Farm Nature and Heritage Center.
‘Nature’s rototillers,’ Berkshire heritage pigs were
brought to Coogan Farm to naturally clear the land.
In its first growing season, the Giving Garden at Coogan Farm netted
more than one ton of fresh produce
for the region’s hungry families
via the Gemma E. Moran United
Way Labor Food Center. None of
it would have happened without
the single-minded dedication of a
core group of volunteers who came
weekly to plant, sow, hoe, weed,
water and wash.
With a harvest season of Aug. 6 to Oct. 3, the garden produced 2,088 pounds of
radishes, chard, kale, tomatoes, peppers, turnips, beets, and scallions. The produce went to 11 of the Food Center’s feeding sites, in seven communities, and
fed about 3,300 individuals.
The Garden was launched with a grant from the Robert G. Youngs Family Foundation. A major step forward in its development was the decision by Mohegan
Sun Casino to hold its annual Day of Giving there on June 23, 2014. More than
100 casino employees, along with volunteers from Dominion and Pfizer, worked
on site all day, creating three of the garden’s four beds.
All Souls Unitarian Universalist Congregation New London was the first group to sponsor a
garden bed at the Giving Garden in 2014.
2014 Giving Garden Distribution
UW Distribution Site
Jewett City
Norwich - 3 sites
Groton - 2 sites
New London - 2 sites
Avg # Households Served
Avg # Individuals Served
Advancement: Fundraising
Events, & Membership
During the fiscal year 2014 (Oct. 1, 2013 – Sept. 30, 2014), exciting progress
was made in the development arena. DPNC hired its first-ever Development
Director, Linda Thacher Visscher, in December 2013. Linda was a valuable
asset throughout the Coogan Farm acquisition, and her involvement translated
easily to continuing Advancement at DPNC.
Building on the momentum of the Campaign
to Save the Coogan Farm, our board’s Advancement Committee has been matching fundraising activity with Nature Center strategic
plans. These activities include: Wise Owls Society
DPNC’s bequest society was officially named the Wise Owls Society. A reception for members of the Estate and Tax Planning Council of Eastern Connecticut to introduce DPNC and the Wise Owls Society was held at the Coogan
Farmhouse in September 2014. As of this writing, we have 30 members. We
continue to look forward to welcoming new members and recognizing what
for so many Wise Owls will be their most significant gift to DPNC and a
legacy to nature. Wise Owls bequests received in FY2014 included 2 longtime
DPNC members, volunteers, and supporters: Alfred H. (Andy) Gildersleeve
and Harry A. (Bud) Northup Jr.
Corporate and foundation grants support wide-ranging and important initiatives that often span more than one fiscal year. Just a few of these, listed in
this report, include grants for educational classes and outreach, animal rehabilitation programs, classes about plants and pollination designed for first
graders, after school programs for New London and Norwich schools, backpacks filled with tools of exploration that are available for loan to visitors at
our front desk and upgrades to our animal rehabilitation facilities.
For its Coogan Farm, DPNC was awarded major grants to purchase and renovate the 45-acre Farm into a Nature and Heritage Center. Most recently in the
2014 fiscal year, these include
grants from the The John T. and
Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation
and The General William Mayer
Foundation. Also, a grant from
DPNC Executive Director Maggie Jones
and advancement chair Harry White accept
a $20,000 grant from Dominion representative Nancy Bulkley for alternative energy
improvements at Coogan Farm.
the Forrest C. and Frances H. Lattner Foundation is underwriting the Coogan
Farmhouse teaching kitchen. It will provide farm-to-table food preparation
and cooking classes to Giving Garden recipients, volunteers, DPNC members
and the general public.
Coming in 2015 is an innovative and very
important after-school outreach program for
area school children, including those from
low-income families. The program will address our youth’s health crisis and outdoor
recreation deficit by fostering appreciation of
the natural world and healthful eating, recreation and lifestyles. The program will use Coogan Farm, DPNC and other area
outdoor and educational resources. This new program is generously supported
by a lead grant from the National Recreation Foundation and additional support from the James P. Verhalen Family Foundation.
In addition to its wide range of children, family and adult programs, the Nature
Center hosts special events throughout the year. These are carefully designed
to promote our mission, membership and gift income. Perennial favorites
include the Concert for Conservation, generously underwritten by the Castle family, the
Wild Mushroom Festival, Spooky Nature
Trail, Woodland Egg Hunt, and Breakfast
with Woodland Santa.
From left, Irene Hamm, Peggy Schock,
and Pam McGee at Gala 2014.
Our largest annual event and fundraiser is
our Green Tie Gala. In November 2013, the
Green Tie Gala was held at Lake of Isles,
honoring the efforts of Executive Director
Maggie Jones and the Campaign to Save the
Coogan Farm Committee.
The November 2014 Gala celebrated the event’s Silver anniversary! It was
held at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center and honored
Charlie and Irene Hamm for their dedication to and their pivotal leadership
support of the Coogan Farm Nature and Heritage Center. As always the Gala is made possible through the tireless efforts of the Gala
Team, chaired in 2014 by Betty Smith and Jake Hanley, and through the extraordinary support of local businesses and individuals. Thank you.
Violinist Hilary
Castle performing in
her annual Concert
for Conservation in
(continued on next page)
The Connecticut Valley Mycological Society displays their foraged mushrooms
at the 2014 Wild Mushroom Festival.
Looking ahead, the next Green Tie Gala will be held on Friday, October 16,
2015, at the Haley Mansion, part of the Inn at Mystic overlooking Pequotsepos
Cove. Please save the date and join us!
Annual Giving
Annual Giving, including the Spring and Winter Appeals, undergird all that
DPNC does, providing a source of unrestricted income to cover operational costs.
FY 2014 saw a significant increase in annual giving, to $125,000.
Gifts in Kind
From forks to mice; from a greenhouse to
a generator; from office supplies to auction items - gifts in kind greatly support
our efforts at the Nature Center. Local
businesses graciously provide food and
beverages for our events. Individuals
quietly fulfill many of our needs both
large and small. We are most grateful to
these generous individuals and businesses.
Rob Valenti, owner of Valenti Auto Mall,
and Mark Adams, owner of Sea Swirl of
Mystic, joined together to help the Nature
Center procure a badly needed new van
in 2014.
Since 1946, DPNC members continue to be our lifeblood. Members attend
programs, utilize our trails and facilities, spread DPNC news and enthusiasm,
practice our mission and provide important financial support.
We are especially pleased that since conclusion of the Coogan Campaign we have
seen membership grow from 1,100 to more than 1,300, totaling well over 2,000
individuals and 50 libraries.
Mr. Wiggles reports to his
fans on his progress on
94.9 FM.
Marketing & Public Relations
2014 was an exciting year for the Nature Center. Elissa
Bass, a veteran local journalist with both The Day and
Patch.com, came on board in January 2014 to head
marketing and communications. And there was plenty
of news to tell! The Giving Garden and its resident
Berkshire pigs, the grand opening of Coogan Farm,
rehabilitated birds and animals, wildlife releases and
other environmental news, resulted in five visits from
WTNH-Channel 8 and two visits from WFSB-Channel
3 News crews. There were 50 articles, photos and videos
about the Nature Center in The Day in 2014, and 25 in The
Westerly Sun. The loss of corporate donated mice to feed
our many resident raptors and snakes resulted in national
coverage, as media across the country picked up the Associated Press article. To this day, locals continue to bring
frozen mice for our hawks and owls.
WFSB-TV Channel 3
reporter Kevin Hogan
came to the Nature
Center twice for news
stories – once about
mountain lions in Connecticut and once about
our mouse shortage.
In 2014, Maggie Jones was recognized for her contributions to the community
twice: first by the Chamber of Commerce of
Eastern Connecticut with its Board of Directors Award for her work to save Coogan Farm,
and then with the Goodwin-Niering Center’s
Alumni Environmental Achievement Award,
which celebrates Connecticut College graduates who have gone on to make significant
contributions in an environmental field.
Our following on social media has grown exponentially. The Nature Center has
more than 3,000 friends on Facebook (a 41 percent increase from 2013), and
they are an engaged and dedicated group! Our Twitter followers have grown
50 percent, and our Instagram followers have grown 66 percent in the last year.
We are reaching new audiences on social media, and providing potential new
members with reasons every day to feel like they want to get into something
great. We held a contest in the summer for the public to name our 3 new resident birds, garnering nearly 100 entries.
Both Wild Mushroom Festival and Spooky Nature Trail saw increases in attendance in 2014. A partnership with Bank Square Books to bring birding expert
David Sibley and urban forager Ava Chin here also brought us new friends.
The same was true of a very successful Business After Hours reception with the
Young Professionals of Eastern Connecticut.
By the numbers
~ Facebook (facebook.com/DPNCenter):
~ Twitter (@dpnc): 475
~ Instagram (@dpnaturectr): 282
This year the Nature Center took a bold step into the 21st century, converting
our in-house customer database to Altru, a Blackbaud product that resides
in “the Cloud.” Building on Blackbaud’s strong reputation in Customer Relations Management, this system is designed to be accessible to small nonprofit
organizations, and adds program registration, events management, and merchandise functionality. We will continue to discover and master its powerful
management tools - already we have benefitted tremendously by being able to
take online program registrations in addition to memberships and donations. Altru ties these online transactions directly to our constituent records. We are
looking forward to tying in the accounting software as well, and dreaming of
converting the store inventory.
Mgmt & Gen
Gift Shop
Of the expenses classed as “education,” 58% is compensation paid to our teachers.
The balance includes:
* supplies and veterinary bills for our resident animals
* maintenance of exhibits and trails
* a share of building maintenance, utilities, and insurance
* a share of maintenance and supplies for copier and laminator
* bus service for Summer Camp field trips
* supplies and equipment for programs, e.g. nets for pond dipping, bug jars, and
owl pellets
Overall, our Education expenses exceed the program revenue by 46%.
Peace Sanctuary
Many of our programs and
services bring in no revenue
at all. For example, Full
Moon hikes are free, and
Pequotsepos Hikers is free for
members. We don’t charge
for wildlife rescue and care.
We strive to reach as many
people as possible while still
maintaining the quality and
educational content of our
Dues, Gifts, Grants
for current operation
*Program Revenue
*Program revenue includes:
41% summer camp
25% outreach programs
(schools,libraries, etc)
Gift Shop
Admission 2%
18% preschool
16% general programs
Volunteers are critical to the Nature Center’s operation, and we are annually
blessed with dedicated individuals, civic organizations and businesses who give
us their time, energy, ideas and help.
More than 40 volunteers from Dominion in Waterford completed trail improvements, repaired an outdoor stairway and built new raptor enclosures on
their Day of Giving. Others cleaned the museum from top to bottom. Lowes
Home Improvement sent 15 volunteers from their store in Waterford to help
remove fencing and place gravel around the duck pond and build a footbridge.
The U.S. Coast Guard Academy assisted with Coogan Farm opening celebrations, the Annual Gala and the Wild Mushroom Festival. Volunteers from the
Levi’s store in Clinton volunteered at both the Woodland Egg Hunt and the
Wild Mushroom Festival. Interns
from Connecticut College assisted
education and animal care throughout the year. Gala committee and
volunteers devote hundreds of hours
to the event.
Eagle Scouts have played an important role at
Coogan Farm. This Ledyard Eagle Scout made
these birdhouses and cleared the Paddock.
Without volunteers, our mailings would never be mailed, the trails would be
impassable, our animals would miss meals and perennial favorites such as Spooky
Nature Trail, Woodland Egg Hunt
and Breakfast with Woodland
Santa wouldn’t happen. Without
volunteers, we would not have
acquired the Coogan Farm. Volunteer involvement in all aspects of
our planning, implementation and
operation continues to provide vital
support. Our dedicated Animal Care
volunteers come in daily to clean
cages, feed and care for our resident
Members of a Dominion work party tackled trail
animals, from green frogs to redmaintenance during the company’s Day of Action in
tailed hawks.
September 2014.
By the numbers
~ 80 individuals contributed nearly 2,500
volunteer hours
~ Coogan Farm Opening Committee = est 1375
hours by 10 people
~ Gala Team = 12
Animal Care
The Nature Center had its first real superstar in 2014 with the arrival
of Mr. Wiggles, a baby opossum whose entire family was wiped out
by a car strike. Able to lie in the palm of a hand, Mr. Wiggles became
the ward of Lori Edwards, one of our educators who had recently been
licensed as an opossum rehabber. Lori hand-raised Mr. Wiggles, feeding him with a syringe every two hours around the clock. Facebook
fell in love with the little rascal, as Lori regularly shared photos and
videos of his growth.
Scot Haney of WFSB-TV’s Better Connecticut did a feature on Mr. Wiggles.
Mr. Wiggles underscored something that we already knew — what we
do is important, and it resonates with the public. Mr. Wiggles held wine
receptions for adults and Awesome Opossum events for children, and
folks came from as far away as Providence to meet him. He was featured
on Better Connecticut on WFSB-3 with Scot Haney, and in the Mystic
River Press and Westerly Sun. He was truly an ambassador for his species and for the Nature Center. As we write this, Lori is preparing him
for release, because as beloved as he has become, our job is to return
him to nature.
Opossums are omnivorous
scavengers and will eat
almost anything including
carrion insects, grass, bird
eggs, frog, fruit.
Another lesson we relearned in 2014 when it comes to animal care is
never say never. After four years in our care, Great Horned Owl Sam
was released in Preston in December 2014. Sam had been considered
unreleasable because of nerve damage in her feet, but she gradually
regained use of her powerful talons, and we decided she was a prime
candidate to go back to the wild. Her release was front-page news in
The Day with both photos and video.
By the numbers
~ Animals admitted to the Nature Center for
care in 2014: 91
~ Animals determined to be unreleasable: 4
~ Year-round Animal Care volunteers: 15
Support of Nature Center operations and capital projects comes in many
forms and from many different types of donors.
Your generosity gives children a lifelong appreciation of the natural world; rehabilitates injured
animals; allows for school children, families and
adults to discover nature and our heritage; teaches
us all through exploration, classes and experiences.
You make the difference. Thank you.
Rather than a separate list for each type of gift, the
following roster of donors recognizes that we are
all advancing the entity of the Nature Center in its
many dimensions, including: Annual Appeal and
General Donations; Coogan Farm; Giving Garden; Grants; Scholarships;
Event Sponsorships; Publications support; and Matching Corporate Gifts.
The following are pledges or gifts of $50 or more made 10/1/13 to 9/30/14.
In memory of Paul Bartholet
In memory of Louise Brown
In memory of Priscilla Coogan
In memory of Jean C Creedon
In honor of DPNC employees
In memory of Andy Gildersleeve
In memory of James Haley
In honor of Jameson Hewko
In honor of Maggie Jones
In memory of Helen Lyon
In memory of Barbara Manley
In memory of Caryn Nesbitt, M.D.
In memory of Addie Rowe
In memory of Jules Xavier Schneider
In memory of Emily Starr
In memory of Kenneth Burrell Tate
Janice Abrahamson and Brian
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ackley III
Thomas and Patty Adams
AGJO Printing & Copying
Jane Allen
Lou and Cindy Allyn
Rufus Allyn and Roy Bohlander
Charles B Allyn Foundation
Frederic and Anita Anderson
Joellen Anderson
Denzel and Shirley Andrews
Gareth and Stephanie Annino
Anonymous Donors
Antonio Hair Design
Aquarion Water Company of
Gabriel and Denise Asfar
Frances C. Ashley
The Aspinwall Family, John, Debbie
and Marguerite
Elizabeth Atkins
Nancy Avery
John E & Caron G Avery Foundation
Peter Bacon and Evalyn Lee
Bridget Baird
Victor and Christie Baird
Phyllis Ball
Robert and Teresa Banas
Mark and Alex Bancroft
Alan and Patience Banister
Jeffrey and Anne Barnhart
Anne Bartholet
Elizabeth Bartholet
Hugh Barton and David Williams
Laurence Bates
Lisa Tepper Bates and Scott Bates
Priscilla Baxter
Deborah Beal
Shirley C. Beal
Sheilia and Thomas Beattie
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bellinghieri
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Cynthia and Dan Benfield
Gary and Frankie Bennett
Ann and Woody Bergendahl
Vincent and Barbara Bernardo
Peter and Laurel Berns
Bruce and Betsy Biddle
Natalie and Bill Billing
Thomas and Kathrine Bishop
Douglass Bjorn
Leah Blaise
Bob Valenti Auto Mall
Neal and Jane Bobruff
Elisabeth and Frank Bohlen
Penny Vlahos and George Bourganos
Kevin Bowdler and Anne Fix
Ruth and Roger Bowers
Mary and George Boyer
Martha Bradshaw
Todd Brady and Lynn Eglington
Irma Brandt
Jane and Dan Brannegan
Les Bray
Pamela Brewster
Randall Brooks
Meredith and Sylvia Brown
Barry Bryer and Meryl Wiener
Gary Burfoot
Russ and Karin Burgess
Alan Burnett
William and Suzanne Burns
Mollie Burton
Wendy Bury
Joan Butler
Laurel Butler and Chris Daniels
Rodney and Dionne Butler
Michael & Lynne Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Callahan
Lori Calobrisi
William Carboni
Kevin Case
Cask'n Keg
Edward and Diana Cassidy
Gary Caster
Peter and Deborah Castle
Tom and Dorrit Castle
Mike and Dori Charnetski
Holly Cheeseman
Chelsea Groton Foundation
Marilyn Citron
Charles Teaze Clark
Sheila Clark
Stephen and Sharon Clemente
Bev Collier
Evelyn and Fred Commentucci
Community Foundation of
Southeastern Connecticut
Connecticut Department of Energy
and Environmental Protection
Carol and Paul Connor
Fidelma and Patrick Conway
John and Doris Cory
Costco Wholesale
Paul Coutu and Bill Turner
Chris and Marie Cox
KC Crandall
Paul and Kathleen Cravinho
Jim and Lynn Crawford
Cross Sound Ferry Services and the
Wronowksi Family
D. B. Electric
Nancy d'Estang
Curt and Betsie Danforth
Lynda L. Danz
Gaston and Mimi Daumy
David Reid Fales, D.D.S.
Diane and Franklin Davis
Edward and Debby Dear
Michele and John Delmhorst
Harvey and Jeanne Demovick Jr.
The Denison Homestead Board of
Kevin Detwiler and Jennifer Herbst
John and Mary Ann Dillon
Katie Dimancescu
Dime Bank Foundation
Christopher and Barbara Dixon
Steven and Marion Dodd
Deborah Dodds and Greg Smith
Sean and Kelly Donohue
Susan and Matthew Dowling
Deborah Motycka-Downie and Tom
Gleanna Doyle
Victor and Paula Dufault
Jonathan Duncklee
Duncklee, Inc. Cooling & Heating
Craig Dutcher
Eastern Connecticut Community
Gardens Association
David and Wendy Eck
Eder Family Foundation
Owen and Sue Ehrlich
Ernestine and Ruth Elliott
Richard and Laura Ely
Kimberly and Brian Estep
David and Judith Fales
Peter and Barbara Famiglietti
Rudy and Joy Favretti
Ingrid Feddersen
Harry and Susie Ferguson
Fields Memorial School
Frederic and Eleanor Fischer
Alice Fitzpatrick
Marcia and John Fix
Thomas Flaherty and Fran Hoffman
Dr. Dennis Flanagan
Craig and Kathryn Foisie
Richard and Carin Ford
Anthony and Katerina Fossa
John and Kristin Foster
Mark and Diane Fournier
Arthur Fox
John and Erica Fox
Linda Fox
Peter and Ann Freeman
Alexandra and Jonathan French
Henry Freye
Kathy Weinberger and James Friedlander
Patricia Fritzsche
James Funk III and Susan Funk
Susan J. Gabrielson
John B. Gallup
Gallup Family Association
Tom and Terri Garcia
Katharine Garfield
Garvey & Associates
Carl and Kathy Gehring
William and Janet Gibbs
Joseph and Nancy Gilbert
Marion Gilbert
Ann Gilchrist
Andy and Barbara Gildersleeve
R Bruce and Polly Gillie
William and Lois Glazier
Renate and Peter Gleysteen
Constance and Frederick Glore
Elizabeth Gordon
Erica Lindberg Gourd
Henri Gourd
Bob and Betsy Graham
Marilyn Graham
Ingela Gram
Christopher and Carol Granato
Gray Goose Cookery
Alan and Margot Greener
David and Lucia Greenhouse
Ellin and Bob Grenger
Allegra and Brian Griffiths
Royden and Valerie Grimm
Alice and John Groton
Steven Grover and Cathy Klein
Guardian Fuel
Alexandra Halsey
Sally Halsey
Tom and Liz Halsey
Charles and Irene Hamm
Melissa Hammel
James Hands
Jacob and Elizabeth Hanley
Kurt and Beth Hansen
Hilary and Henry Hardaway
Kent and Mackie Harding
John Harland and Lynne Marshall
Robert and Janet Harrison
Charles and Janet Hatton
Michael and Leslie Hawley
Hilary Heminway
Ted and Mary Hendrickson
June Hermann
Stacy Herritt
S. Hertzler
Dr. and Mrs. Barrie Hesp
Dana and Sara Hewson
Barbara and Harry Higgins
Christopher and Fiona Hilton
Mrs. Muriel Hinkle
Lee Hisle and Julie Worthen
Tim Hogen
Paul and Cathleen Holland
Marie and Robert Holman
Elizabeth Hopkins
Susan and Gray Horn
Peyton Horne
Chris and Nancy Houlihan
Alice W. Houston and Arthur
Anne and Charles Hummel
Hyatt Hotels Foundation
Adi Ignatius and Dinda Elliott
Jane M. Imdahl
Jacobson Arts
Helen Jankoski
Jean and Arthur Jerbert
Dr. Tommy Jernigan
Nancy A. Jewett
Diana Atwood Johnson
Jennifer and Doug Johnson
Marguerite Anne and Cameron Johnson
Susan and Robert Johnson
Kit Johnstone
Laurie and Alan Johnstone
Stephen Jones
John Kashanski
Bill Kavanagh and Cynthia Palmer
Liz and Tom Kawabata
Drew and Stephanie Kenny
Marjorie and Donald Kimball
Jennifer Kimenker
Nita and Gary Kincaid
Morgan King and Rebekah Kepple
Stephen and Barbara Kingsland
Patricia Kitchings
Christina Korinek
Norman Krasner
John Krause
Robert and Eleanor Krusewski
John and Mary LaMattina
Jennifer Latici
David Lattizori
The Forrest C. and Frances H. Lattner
Lynne Lawrence and Kurt Cramer
John Leary and Joanne Lukaszewicz
Ledyard Fair
Dorothy B. Leib
Wardwell and Viola Leonard
Diana and Archie Leslie
Robert and Hope Leuba
Charles and Roberta Levandoski
Levi Strauss Foundation
Sheldon Levine
William and Kathryn Lewis
Liebig Roche Architects
Doug and Penny Lind
Bruce and Catherine Littman
Peggy Loar and Bart Voorsanger
Olivia Lovelace
Jeannine and James Lovering
William and Adrianne Loweth
Loweth-Alvord Foundation
Nancy MacDonald
Bob and Martha Mahan
Emanuel Makiaris
Dan Mallett and Marie Claire Ged
Georgette and Charles Mallory
Landine Manigault
Frank and Catherine Marco
Megan Marco
Ellen and Jim Marshall
James Verni and Stephanie Marshall
Susan and Harry Martin
Antonio Mastroianni
The General William Mayer
Carol and Michael McBee
John and Karin McCormick
Janice and John McDermott
Bob and Nancy McDonald
Hugh and Pamela McGee
Brian and Heather McGregor
Barbara McLeod
Tom and Nancy McLoughlin
McQuade's Marketplace
Kitty McVitty
Chris McWilliams and Michele
Gae Melford
Jennifer Meninno
Frank Mennitti and Sandra Miller
Stephen and Patricia Menno
Mercer & Bertsche Architecture &
Engineering, LLC
Robert and Michele Millham
Adam and Jenny Milne
Grace and Anna Milne
Barbara Mitchell
Mrs. Nancy Mitchell
Susan Moffett
Peter and Joy Molloy
Monsanto Fund
Robert and Virginia Montgomery
Alexandra Moore
Beth Moore and Ronald Voelkel
David Moore and Theresa Wilson
Peter and Patricia Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Moore
John Paul Morales
Kim and Bill Mortensen
Deborah Moshier and Mike Dunn
Caroline and Scott Muller
Martha and Donald Murphy
Clyde Myers and Catherine Lewis-Myers
Mystic Cycle Centre
Mystic Garden Club
Mystic Irish Parade Foundation
Mystic River Foundry
Mystic River Marina
Mystic Woman's Club
Mrs. Anne H. Nalwalk
National Recreation Foundation
Karen and Bob Neild
New London Water Authority
Richard A. Newton
Gerrit and Alexandra Nicholas
David and Linda Nolf
Rebecca Noreen and Jonathan Towne
Kevin and Valerie North
North Stonington Board of Education
North Stonington Garden Club
Harry A. Northup
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O'Brien
James O'Brien and Patricia Dugan
John and Joan O'Brien
Martha O'Brien
Olde Mistick Village Martin Olson Trust
Jerry Olson
Elizabeth Osha
Steuart Osha Grover and Sugi Grover
Page and Diana Owen
Brad Painter and Nora MacDonnell
Robert and Marion Palm
Lucius Palmer and Sloane Lederer
Ruth Palmer
Wright and Anna Maria Palmer
Jeffrey P'an
Lydia Pan and Mark Kroneberg
Joyce and Francis Pandolfi
Jennifer Panosky
Crystal Park
Prior Parker
John and Julia Parry
Sally Pawlick
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pearson
The Pearson Family
Anthony and Jane Pellegrini
Darbee and David Percival
Maureen and Michael Pernal
Betty and John Pettersen
Henry and Evelyn Peyton
Beth Pfeiffer McNay
Kim Phillips
Susan Phillips
Pine Point School
Mary Ellen Piserchia
Edward Planeta Jr
Lois W. Poinier
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Jeff Pritchard
Mr. and Mrs. John Hans Pryor
Robert and Janet Purinton
Amy Radzvilowicz and Katherine
Meg Raftis
Elizabeth Raisbeck
Randall Realtors / GMAC Real
Jennifer Randeau
Recovery Unlimited
Ronald and Susan Reeves
Glenn and Vicki Reid
Carl and Dorothy Reiser
Larry and Betty Anne Reiter
Geneva Renegar
Betty Richards
Frederick Richartz
Jack and Sali Riege
Aisha Roberts
Mariel Roberts and Earl Roberts
Mrs. W. A. Robins
Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy Robinson
Carolyn Roderick
Heidi and Howard Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rose
Edythe and Gordon Rose
Peter and Joan Ross
Rotary Club of Mystic
Brian and Ellen Russo
A William and Karen Rutherford
Barbara Sahagan
Judy and Nick Salerno
Barry and Marie Saluk
Joseph Sanda and Cyndy Oxnard
Bill and Sheila Sanders
Candace and Thomas Sanford
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Sassafrass Inc
Robert and Susan Scala
Jane Schaefer
Patricia and Tod Schaefer
Kristine Schmidt
Ana and Jeffrey Schneider
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Jack and Bonnie Scott
Carole M. Scott
J. Irving Scott
Sea Swirl
Sea View Snack Bar
Margaret Seder
Patricia M. Selden
Robert and Linda Shailor
James Sheehan
Shrevie and James Shepherd
James and Penelope Sherrard
Ken Siegel and Sarah Kelly
Kim and Joe Silva
Robert and Heidi Simmons
Victor Sitty and Penelope Miller
Martha and Mike Smiles
David M. Smith, H. J. Baker and
Bro., Inc.
James S. and Laura B. Smith
Kimberly Hoskins Smith
William K. Smith
Sondra and Alex Smith
Theresa Smolarek and Tamim
Martha Snyder
Patricia and Martin Snyder
David and Anne Somers
Linda Somers and Michael
Nancy and Allen Somers
Christopher and Jackie Spiers
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Spillane
Dale and Marilyn Spooner
Raeleen St Pierre-Casati
Marsha Standish
Alix and Janie Stanley
Diana and Ralph Stanzione
Mark and Suzanne Starr
Sarah Starr-Murphy
Steak Loft - Go Fish
Rowland and Carla Stebbins
Susan Steiner
Maureen and Donald Steinhoff
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Stonewear Clothing
Diana Stork
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Karin and Peter Stuart
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Peter and Lee Ann Swan
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Geoff Tasca
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Thames River Garden Club
The Blue Horse Children's Shop
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Barbara Timken
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Trillium Garden Club
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William and Barbara Tufts
Mary and Marc Turgeon
Betty Tylaska
Tom and Gail Tyler
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
United Way
Paul Vaida
Lissa van Dyke
Daniel and Betsy Van Winkle
Sandy and Sidney Van Zandt
David Vance
Grace Vandal
Daniel and Melissa Verdier
The James P. Verhalen Family
Anabella Villalobos and Kevin
John Vincent
George Vinick and Margaret Saxe
Pieter and Linda Visscher
Dirk and Kelsey Vlieks
Edward Waitte
Waitte Insurance Agency
Seth and Joanna Wakeman
Roberta and Stan Walinsky
Ruth and Thomas Waller
R. Scott and Joan B. Warren
John and Barbara Washburn
Chantal and Peter Watrous
Louisa and Walter Watrous
Shelley and Nathan Weiss
Donna Weissman
Nancy R Weissmuller
Joshua and Alejandra Welch
Tom and Katrina Weschler
Westerly Pawcatuck
Chamber of Commerce
Mr. and Mrs. Norton Wheeler
Sidney Whelan
Harry and Liz White
Stephen and Maggie White
Mr. and Mrs. William Blunt White
Blunt White II and Nancy White
Karin Whittemore and Peter Kepple
The John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold
C Lawson Willard
Ann Willauer
Christie Williams and Catherine
Reba and Dave Williams
Richard and Debra Willner
Charles Wustman and Schuyler Hoyt
Carol and Rich Yackley
Kathleen Yates
Eugene and Georgia York
Francis and Gwendolyn Zaborowski
Fred and Pat Ziegler
David Zuckerbraun
Bank of America
ExxonMobil Foundation Inc.
General Electric
Pfizer Corporation
Virtus Investment Partners
The Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center is a member-supported nonprofit
organization. We have approximately 1,400 members supporting our
environmental education programs through donations, volunteerism and
participation. To become a member, volunteer or financial supporter of the
Nature Center, please call 860-536-1216 or visit www.dpnc.org/volunteer
Senior individual (65+) $20
Individual $25
Senior couple $35
Single parent family/couple
Family $50
Add a guest $10
Library/nonprofit $100
Business $125
Benefits of Membership
You support environmental awareness through education.
Free admission to trails and exhibits
The Chickadee newsletter
Natural History calendar
15 percent discount on all programs
Discount on summer camp
Some free programs and hikes
10 percent discount in Nature Store
A voice in the future of a regionally recognized, successful and
friendly nature center
DPNC staff
Maggie Jones, executive director
Rachel Aspinwall, educator
Mary Audette, educator
Elissa Bass, marketing and communications
Al Brown, publications and tech support
Suzanne Burns, educator
Sanny Chacanaca, front desk
Molly Check, education director
Laura Craver-Rogers, educator and animal
Craig Floyd, coogan farm manager
Pauline Gaucher, summer camp director
Marianne Goddard, educator
Rose Huysman Goss, front desk and store
Liz Kawabata, membership coordinator
Andrea Masullo, educator
Joe Sanda, buildings and grounds
Steve Sarnoski, lead educator
Amy Stich, educator
Crystal Taylor, educator
Linda Thacher Visscher, development
Mayada Wadsworth, finance
Crystal-Ann Zeck, educator
Davnet Schaffer, director and head
Mame Courtney, educator
Lori Edwards, educator
Katie McCann, educator
109 Pequotsepos Rd, Mystic, CT 06355
Denison Pequotsepos
Nature Center

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