FRIDAY, 22 APR 16 • SAPR Walk (1000-1200)


FRIDAY, 22 APR 16 • SAPR Walk (1000-1200)
• SAPR Walk (1000-1200)
Starting that The Great Escape
• SMP Day of Service
Open to all active duty enlisted. To sign up for any of the weekend’s events, or if you have any questions regarding the
UNWASTED WARRIOR WEEKEND, stop by The Great Escape, Bldg. 5305 (in the Hub). You can also
contact us by phone at 858-577-6171, or SMP at 858-577-6283.
Completed Commitment Forms MUST be turned in, by your unit, to The Great Escape, Bldg 5305, no later than 1900 Wednesday, 20 April 2016. I agree to par7cipate in the MCAS Miramar MCCS Department’s UNWASTED WARRIOR WEEKEND.
The Great Escape, Single Marine Program, Semper Fit Department, and Behavioral Health will host a variety of ac7vi7es in which I may choose to par7cipate in. I am making the commitment NOT to drink any alcoholic beverages during the UNWASTED WARRIOR WEEKEND, 22 – 24 April 2016. My commitment will start at 1100 on Friday, 22 April and end at 2300 Sunday, 24 April 2016. I understand that I may enjoy weekend’s ac7vi7es free of charge and if I am caught drinking, and have signed this commitment form I along with my unit will be disqualified from the unit challenge.* I commit to have a safe, healthy, and alcohol-­‐free weekend Print Name (First & Last) Rank Signature Command/Unit Date Signed Name of The GE Staff Member, SMP Coord.., SMP Rep or Unit FRO verifying this form. Date Verified If you have any ques7ons regarding this commitment form or the UNWASTED WARRIOR WEEKEND call The Great Escape at 858-­‐577-­‐6171 or SMP at 858-­‐577-­‐6283 * The unit with the most completed commitment forms turned in by the deadline and the least number of alcohol related incidents during the unwasted Warrior Weekend will win $$ for their Rec Fund 

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