Aprial-2014 - Denmark Surf Club


Aprial-2014 - Denmark Surf Club
Hi team,
State States
It has been a couple of months since the last newsletter.
This is my fault. Getting married and learning the 8000
page manual on marriage has been time consuming.
Please read on for some of the end of season events that
have recently happened, or are about to happen. It will be a
short and sweet newsletter so that not too much information
goes into the male readers brains, pushing out crucial information from pages 3-7999 of the manual.
Is it ironic it is called a ‘manual’? There doesn't seem to be
a womanual?
The wind up (DSLSC season 2013/14) is on May 17th. Invites coming in the (e)mail.
DSLSC Newsletter editor
“What was on page 7233 again? .....something about
chain sawing?”
Lleyton Hewitt- A great Australian married hero
Contact George on 0432 955 436
A keen group of ocean water
swimmers from around Western Australia.
All willing and able
DSLSC Members
The southern most swim on
the Open Water State Swim
Helping hands at our biggest event of the year.
Easter Sunday, 20th April
Easter Sunday, 20th
Ocean Beach, Denmark
Ocean Beach, Denmark
Ocean swimming is a healthy
pastime that lowers the risk
of inactivity related disease.
Making for a successful
weekend and pull in lots
of dollars for DSLSC
A clean offshore day and no
fatal shark attacks
Water Safety
Rego people
Food preppers
Event is too far away for an
accurate forecast
Event is too far away for
an accurate forecast
A spritely group of Nippers went to the SLSWA Country State
Carnival on the Labour Day long weekend. Here are our
medal winnersGus– 3rd in the u/12 sprint
Kyle– 1st in the u/13 flags and print
Gidget– 3rd in the u/15 sprint
Flynders– 1st in the u/11 boards
Laura– 3rd in the u/12 sprint and 2nd in the 1km run
Ella– 3rd in the u/12 1km run
1st in the u/15 mixed relay and 1st in the all age relay
Well done to all those who went up had a fat time with their buddies!
DD Atkinson seems to take great pleasure in making the rest of us look bad. Swim training at
ALAC before school?– easy. Extensive Year 10 studies?– easy. Participating in every open water
swim comp on the calendar– why not?
DD trekked it up to Perth at the end of March to test her mettle against the best in the whole of
WA. She suffered some bad luck in her two favourite water events, narrowly missing the final of
the swim and the boards. This bad luck went full circle with DD achieving better results at Nationals! (below).
The National Surf Life Saving Titles were held in Perth last weekend at Scarborough beach.
DD was the sole DSLSC competitor at the event, unless we lay stake to ex-DSLSC member, Anabel Robinson , who now competes for Fremantle.
Who knew that the 2km beach run was swimfreak DD’s pet event, after finishing 8th in the u/17
race. Anabel finished a very credible 7th in the same event. DD just missed the final of the swim
race, board race and Iron lady.
We thank DD for making the effort to attend the titles in Denmark colours, and we will miss her
when she goes to boarding school in Perth next year.
Hawthorn made the Dockers look like under 14’s last weekend in the Grand Final rematch. If you were showing a non– Australian what good football looked
like, you would show the clinic they put on last Friday night.
I still think Ross Lyon can get them back to the GF in 2014, but they will
suffer a haunting from the ghosts of 2013 and Ballantyne will go foetal.
Against all the adversity, the Bombers are looking sharp and strong across all
the lines. Dustin Fletcher broke the all time games record the other weekend.
One of his team mates was born the day of his first AFL game. Respect.
I know how Buddy Franklin feels. I have been giving don’t argues and kicking
bags against the Year 5/6’s at school lately. But Buddy Franklin got paid
$12 000 a goal in round 2. I did not. I hope he invests it in blue chip shares.
Something seems to be happening at Port Adelaide. The story makes for a good movie:
busted ass club takes it to the powerhouses after recruiting interstate stars against their
will. Brad Pitt to play Brad Ebert. Tom Cruise to play Kane Mitchell. Filmed in Adelaide.
Uncle Phil reckons the WCE’s will make the top 4 this year under new coach,
Adam Simpson. Big ask for the same list that came 11th or whatever it was
last year. But they got a confidence boost beating Melbourne by 10000pts.
The days of Geelong holding down a top 4 spot at will seem to be over. What an
era they had though. They still have some talent and big game players running
around, so who knows what they will be capable of? Go ask Jimmy Bartel.
Patrick Hazardpaddock knows how to cut grass. With a football. Trimming
daisies onto the chest of Tex Walker. Can he win the Brownlow this year?
Adelaide need to win a few more games to do so. And when is Andrew
McLeod going to take over the coaching role? He is all class.
A big fat question mark sits next to the Kangaroos. Not sure about the light
blue and white get up. Bit too peaceful for my liking. It must be hard to get all
cutthroat walking around like a Blue Wren.
Some early predictions to do with the bottom 91.
The Suns get near the finals for the first time
Carlton beat 4 top 6 teams, but lose to 4 of the bottom 6.
Nathan Buckley will cry before round 18.
Name: Philip Cogan
Nicknames: PC, Captain, Philly
Age: 60 something
Marital Status: Married to Nicki for 30 odd
Likes: Watering grass, cutting grass, chopping wood, oiling wood, watching footy, beer
Dislikes: Speeding, Eagles losing, unfairness
Key principles: Discipline, hard work, quality workmanship, car maintenance
It is in the air......Autumn. The mornings are
chilling down, days are getting shorter, the
winds are good and the swells are groomed.
I remember one of the best surfs I have had at
Ocean beach was in Autumn circa 2003 and
BJ and I surfed a right just left of the surf club
that seemed to be on a sandbank held in place
by a seaweed web.
What is kicking around the corner in barrow
loads at the moment? Seaweed.
NE’ly today. Nothing yesterday. SW last weekend.
Only wind we have not had in the last two weeks is
probably a NNW’ly. In good time......In good time.
Wind Up
17th of May
State Round
May Something
Every weekend
Easter Sunday
Michaela is
Check out the charcoaled
Denmark Surf Life Saving Club
PO Box 253 Denmark WA 6333
[email protected]

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