Ocean Safety Tips


Ocean Safety Tips
Ocean Safety Tips
HOW TO STAY SAFE! If in Doubt, Don’t Go Out!
• Only swim at beaches with lifeguards and when they are on duty. Avoid swimming alone.
Pililaau Waterfront Lifeguards: Hours 0830 to 1630
• Ocean conditions can change from day to day and even in minutes depending on the
environment. Go to www.hawaiibeachsafety.com for current beach conditions.
• Consult with PARC Lifeguards before you go into the water and heed all warning signs.
• Watch for others (swimmers, surfers, paddlers, boaters, fisherman, etc.) in the ocean.
Many injuries occur by collisions with others.
• If you see someone in trouble, call for a lifeguard or 911 and wait until they arrive to help!
• Avoid Alcohol….Don’t drink and swim.
• Never swim against the rip currents – they can flow extremely fast, so don’t try it. Stay
afloat, conserve your energy and signal to the lifeguards that you need help.
• If you do get caught in a rip current, follow the direction of the shoreline and swim out of
the current. Once you are out of the rip current, swim towards the shore.
• Avoid touching Marine Life: Look, but do not touch.
• Safe Sun Tips:
• Wear a hat and shirt
• Apply sunscreen frequently
• Drink water
• Seek shade
If lifeguards are not present, visit the Pililaau Staff at the Main Office for more information
about lifeguard hours and/or ocean conditions.