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Contents Page 1. Welcome Notes 02 2. General
1. Welcome Notes
2. General Information for the Media
3. Press Releases
4. Race Information
4.1 Programme
4.2 Race Office
4.3 Race Regulations
4.4 Spectators
4.5 Prize Money
4.6 Participant Nations
4.7 Race Results 2008-2010
5. Side Events
6. Athlete Services
7. The Ötztaler Ache River
8. Ötztal in Summer
9. Outdoorland Tirol
10. General Information
11. Sponsors and Partners
12. Map of Oetz/ Venue
1. Welcome Notes
Dear media representatives,
Welcome to the 2011 adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship in
Austria’s beautiful Ötztal in Tirol.
You can look forward to a weekend filled with action and to a top-class competition of
the world’s best whitewater kayakers. We are thrilled to host 140 athletes from 26
different countries at this year’s event.
The world’s elite of kayaking has gathered here in Oetz to compete for world
championship honours. Athletes have come all the way from Argentina, Mexico, New
Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, Russia and from all over Europe to
participate this event.
With this adidas Sickline Media Guide we want to give you all the necessary
background information you need for your report about the 2011 adidas Sickline
Extreme Kayak World Championship.
Don’t hesitate to contact our media staff if you would like to schedule personal
interviews with members of the organisation or with certain athletes.
Warm Regards
Sonja Güldner-Hamel
Media Director
Dear journalists,
Impressive mountaintops, crystal clear tarns, lush mountain pastures and the mighty
Ötztaler Ache River in the middle – that is the Ötztal valley. With a length of 65
kilometres, the Ötztal is the longest side valley of the Inn River; it stretches between
green fields at the entrance and glaciers at the top end. Ötztal is one of the last
valleys in the Northern Alps in which the glacier water can follow its natural path.
In 1976 the Wellerbrücke (Weller bridge) saw its first kayak descent. My personal first
descent was in 1999 and Berni Mauracher has paddled this challenging course – the
so-called Eiger Northwall of whitewater sports - countless times at all imaginable
water levels. In the year 2000, the two of us conceived the idea to organise a kayak
extreme race on this part of the river. However, back then the idea could not be
In 2006 Bernhard Mauracher and I had finally set up the first SICKLINE race. It was a
small invitational competition. Everyone was sort of in charge of everything and the
kayak community proofed that despite different characters you can have a great
shared experience
The inaugural race was timed with a normal stopwatch. Considering the tight results
back then, there should have been five people on first place. But winning was not the
point, gaming for it was the key. Only five years later we host a world championship
with 140 athletes from 26 different countries. And I think everyone involved –
athletes, sponsors, partners, volunteers, TV crew and the race organisation – can be
really proud.
Enjoy the 2010 adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship!
Olaf Obsommer
Father of Sickline
Dear journalists,
Welcome to the 2011 adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship!
The Sickline Race, a kayak competition at the famous Wellerbrücke rapids, is an idea
that we already supported in 2006. We liked the concept so much that we sat down
with Olaf Obsommer after the event to discuss how we can further develop this great
sport and display it in a bigger and more media potent manner. This is how the idea
of the Extreme Kayak World Championship was born – an international battle of the
best whitewater kayakers in the world.
For decades, the kayak sport has been close to adidas’ heart. In the seventies, we
introduced our first kayak shoe. Today we support an entire extreme kayak team with
fifteen top athletes from nine different countries.
Whitewater kayaking has come a long way. The level has been stepped up
immensely. With the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship we wanted
to create a new platform for athletes to present this fascinating sport to the world.
This year, the event will be broadcasted LIVE in 11 countries and kayak enthusiasts
around the world can follow the race live on I think we are on the right
Kind regards,
Axel Burkhardt
adidas Global Sports Marketing
Olympic Sports, Cycling & Outdoor
2. General Information for the Media
Accreditation of journalists and photographers
The accreditation for all journalists takes place onsite at the adidas Sickline Press
Office. Photographers who would like to take pictures down at the riverbank must
sign a liability form and wear a life west.
Press Office
The press office is located at the FeelFree Nature Resort in oetz. Just follow the
signs ‘Press Office’.
FeelFree Nature Resort
Piburgerstr. 6
A-6433 Oetz
Tel.: +43 5252 20248
At the media office you will have free access to W-LAN. There, you can also pick up
your start and result lists before and after the race as well as images of our event
photographers Jens Klatt and Manuel Arnu.
Opening Hours Media Office
10h00 – 20h00
09h00 – 20h00
09h00 – 20h00
09h00 – 12h00
Media Contacts
Media Director
Sonja Güldner-Hamel
Planet Talk GmbH
Marienplatz 12
D-83043 Bad Aibling
TV Distribution
Susanne Lenz
quattro media
Wolfgang-Wagner-Str. 9d
D-85625 Glonn
Phone: +49 8061 3 50 59-12
Fax: +49 8061 3 50 59-10
Mobil: +43 681 2037 0950 (Event)
Mobil: +49 170 27 50 510
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 8093 572-21
+49 8093 572-29
Mobil: +49 177 736 36 72
Email: [email protected]
Contact persons at Press Office:
Fabian Rennack
Photos/ adidas Sickline Webmaster
Mobil: +49 179 53 97 298
Mobil: +43 681 2039 6610 (Event)
Email: [email protected]
Lisa Rauchbüchl
Accreditation/ Enquiries/ Photos
Mobil: +43 650 301 0795
Email: [email protected]
3. Press Releases
International whitewater elite to meet for
5th adidas Sickline Kayak World Champs
For the fifth time in a row, the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World
Championship takes place on the legendary “Wellerbrücke” rapids in Austria’s
Ötztal Valley. Between the 29th of September and the 2nd of October, 140 of the
best whitewater kayakers on the globe will battle it out on the Ötztaler Ache
River in Tirol’s longest alpine valley to determine the Extreme Kayak World
Champion 2011.
With an incredible time of 58.85 seconds, 23-year-old Sam Sutton from New Zealand
not only claimed the gold medal last year, he also set a new course record. Sutton
was the only one in the super final of the TOP 15 to break the one-minute-barrier. In
contrast to 2009, when only hundreds of a second separated first from second place,
Sutton secured his title with a comfortable gap of 2.14 seconds to Michele Ramazza
from Italy who claimed silver (1:00.99), and 2.28 seconds to Lukas Kalkbrenner from
Germany who won bronze (1:01.13).
For the fifth year in a row, the world’s best whitewater kayakers will meet in the small
town of Oetz at the entrance of Tirol’s Ötztal to determine the fastest extreme
kayaker. This year, around 140 athletes representing no less than 26 different
countries participate in the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship,
including Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States,
Russia and all of Europe. The top class field also includes slalom and freestyle world
„When focusing on outdoor sports you can’t get around a sport that is as fascinating
as kayaking“, says Axel Burkhardt, head of Olympic Sports, Cycling and Outdoor at
adidas Global Sports Marketing. „That’s why we created the adidas Sickline Worlds
in 2007, offering the best paddlers on the globe a new competitive platform. A topclass race on a challenging course that’s is called the „Eigher North Wall“ of
whitewater sports for a good reason. Of course, we run an extensive safety operation
to secure the athletes’ highest possible safety.“
Wellerbrücke – The Eiger Northwall of whitewater sports
This year, too, the so-called »Wellerbrücke« section of the glacier-fed Ötztaler Ache
River – that has the reputation of being the Eiger Northwall of whitewater kayaking –
will be the centre of the race action. In total, only 150 competitors will be admitted to
the World Championship. Last year’s Top 25 will be automatically seeded, the
remaining 125 entries will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis to kayakers
who master whitewater class 5. So far 90 extreme paddlers from 20 different
countries have entered the race, including athletes from all over Europe, Australia,
New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada and Russia.
“We are pleased that also in 2011 the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World
Championship draws kayakers from all over the world into the Ötztal Valley”, says
tourism director Oliver Schwarz. “Among insiders the Ötztal has been known for
many years as one of Europe’s most beautiful kayak grounds. With its glacier rivers
the Ötztal offers whitewater in all facets between May and October and here,
depending on the water level of the Rofener-, Venter- and Ötztaler Ache River,
kayakers of all classes can find their personal challenge. Each year more and more
kayakers arrive one or two weeks and advance to train in our alpine valley.“
Only the best advance to the next round
The legendary 280m long race course on the glacier-fed Ötztaler Ache River is solid
class 5 whitewater, both technically difficult and dangerous, so there are
consequences to mistakes. Therefore the field of 150 international whitewater
kayakers is filtered in two qualification rounds to determine the 45 best paddlers who
compete in the world championship race. The top 3 of the previous year are
automatically qualified for the finals. The 48 finalists who race at Wellerbrücke first
compete in a ‚head-to-head’ format, i.e. the fastest of the qualification battles the
48th, the second fastest competes against the 47th and so on. The order of the
respective heats is based on a classic tournament ladder.
The faster kayaker of each heat advances to next round, together with two ‘lucky
losers’ (the two fastest of the eliminated top 48 athletes). Then the top 26 compete
once again in a knockout system. The 13 remaining athletes and two more ‘lucky
losers’ then advance to the super final where they compete for world championship
honours. The top class field of the final 15 usually includes everything from creeking,
slalom and freestyle world champions to winners of prestigious extreme races. Each
of the top 15 has one try to secure a place on the podium. The kayaker with the
slowest race time of the previous run is the first to start. He climbs into the ‘hot seat’
whirlpool, the throne of the fastest athlete until his race time has been beaten. To
claim the prestigious champion’s belt the finalists need a very clean, technically
accurate and perfect run.
World’s elite of kayaking at the start
There are no official federations and organisations within extreme kayaking. The best
whitewater kayakers can be found more on expeditions and first descents than at
races, but they are very athletic and very skilled, which is why there had been a
strong desire amongst extreme kayakers to have a World Championship. The adidas
Sickline tests the kayakers’ ability to not only get down one of the world’s most
challenging rapids in one piece, but to do it fast as well. In addition to the world’s best
whitewater kayakers the adidas Sickline attracts many of the best slalom and
freestyle paddlers, because they can combine their technical skill and fitness with
adrenaline. This is why the start list reads like the who’s who in kayaking.
Dane Jackson (USA), three time gold medallist at Freestyle World Championship
2011, Grand Prix Champion 2011, 12 time National Champion; Sam Sutton (NZL),
adidas Sickline World Champion 2010 and silver medallist 2008, Team Race World
Champion 2009/2010, 1st Vail Mountain Games 2010; Michele Ramazza (ITA), 1st
Extreme Sport Veko 2009/2011, adidas Sickline siver medallist 2010, bronze
medallist adidas Sickline 2008; Nick Troutman (CAN), Freestyle World Champion
2010/2009; Fabian Dörfler (GER), multiple Slalom World Cup Champion, World and
European Champion as well as Team World Champion 2010; Vavrinec Hradilek
(CZE), Slalom World Champion 2009 and silver medallist 2010; Isaac Levinson
(USA), 2nd Green Race 2009/ 2010, 4th Teva Mountain Games Steep Creek 2010,
6th Teva Mountain Games Steep Creek 2011; Mike Dawson (NZL), adidas Sickline
silver medallist 2009, Team Race World Champion 2009/2010, 1st Extreme Sport
Veko 2008, 2nd Teva Extreme Mountain Games 2009; Eric Déguil (FRA), 1st Green
Race 2008/2009, 1st Cantabria Extreme Race 2008 and Team Race silver medallist
2009; Dejan Kralj (SLO), 1st Teva Extreme Outdoor Games 2009, 5th adidas
Sickline 2010, 4th adidas Sickline 2009/2008, Jakobus Stenglein (GER), bronze
medallist adidas Sickline 2009, Slalom Team World Champion 1999; Ron Fischer
(SUI), 1st King of Falls 2011, 1st Egua Freeride 2011, 1st Futa Downriver Race
2011; Rafa Ortiz (MEX), second tallest waterfall rund in the world (128.6 ft); Rush
Sturges (USA), Freestyle Junior World Champion, 3rd Whitewater Grand Prix 2011;
Severin Häberling (SUI), 2 time Swiss Champion Freestyle; Lukas Kalbrenner
(GER), bronze medallist adidas Sickline 2010; Fabrice Poueyto (FRA), Team Race
silver medallist 2009; 1st Acececa River Mexico 2011, 14th adidas Sickline 2010,
10th adidas Sickline 2009; Honza Lasko (CZE), overall winner Teva Extreme Games
2008 and 1st Ula Extreme Race 2010.
Eleven countries broadcast adidas Sickline Worlds live
Due to the high demand of various TV stations to cover the adidas Sickline World
Championship real-time, the organisers have decided once again to run a full HD TV
live production. A total of eleven countries take the live signal of the Extreme Kayak
World Championship. The live production format also allows for a global live webcast
in collaboration with "The opportunity to report LIVE from the adidas
Sickline Worlds is one not to be missed,“ says Raymond Dulieu, founder of, the world's premier video site covering action sports live. „Together
with Planet Talk, the organisers, we will be pulling all the stops to offer kayak fans
around the world LIVE and VOD action in the highest quality."
Steve Fisher to commentate live stream on
Kayaking legend Steve Fisher, one of the best all-round paddlers in the world, will
once again commentate the live broadcast of the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak
World Championship on Known for his fierce ability to discover and
ride some of the world’s largest standing waves, the South African has also run over
400 rivers worldwide including dozens of first descents. Viewers around the world
enjoyed Steve’s proficient commentary so much, that the organisers are thrilled to
have him back this year.
First class safety operation
For safety reasons, public authorities have officially closed the Wellerbrücke. The
section is only open for the adidas Sickline World Championship. To secure athletes’
highest possible safety, the organisers run an extensive safety operation. Water
rescue services, mountain rescue services, and the Austrian Red Cross work hand in
hand with the event-own hf Safety Crew that consists of ten kayaking experts, many
of which are legends within the sport. The riverbanks are virtually littered with
extremely qualified safety staff that use innovative life saving tools, like ropeways,
and turn the Wellerbrücke rapids – at least for one weekend – into the safest rapid in
the world.
Hanhart – New Official Watch and Timing Sponsor
The Swiss manufacturer of precision timepieces Hanhart is the new official watch and
timing sponsor of the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship.
The name of Hanhart, more than any other, has long been synonymous with
precision timekeeping. With its own innovative developments, the Swiss-German
brand was a pioneer in the manufacture of stopwatches and wrist chronographs.
Thanks to cutting-edge knowledge and skills, the long-standing tradition and
expertise of its own manufactory in Gütenbach, Germany, which has its origins in the
watch business established by Johann A. Hanhart in Diessenhofen in 1882, and the
first-class functionality of all products, Hanhart is today a worldwide market leader
and the most important producer of precision timepieces. The brand slogan,
"Mastering the Elements", is an unequivocal obligation.
„Since the first mechanical stopwatch has left our manufactory in 1924, stopwatches
and wrist chronographs by Hanhart are highly functional and reliable precision
instruments characterized by great robustness. This makes them ideal accessories
for use in the air, on the land on the sea – they are used by pilots, the navy, and
athletes during sports competitions”, says Thomas Morf, CEO of the company. „Since
the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship is about finding the best and
fastest way under very extreme conditions in one of our elements – the water – the
liaison works perfectly for us.”
Big-O Movie Night with 3D Movie and Live Rap
Once again the organisers have come up with a vast variety of side events for the
race weekend. From Friday to Sunday, athletes can enjoy free sports massages and
physio treatment at the adidas Reload Centre. During the hf Safety Practice on
Saturday afternoon participants and fellow kayak enthusiasts have the opportunity to
refresh their know-how about rescuing and resuscitating an injured kayaker under the
direction of an emergency doctor. At the Big-O Movie Night on Friday evening the
participants can look forward to a very special goody: Steve Fisher will present his
new 3D movie and Rush Sturges announced to do a live rap on stage after his film
Secure your tickets for race day
Due to the limited access of the Wellerbrücke race course – local authorities allow a
maximum of 500 spectators – visitors must buy a ticket to watch the finals on
Saturday. Tickets cost 5 Euros and can be purchased in advance at the tourism
Office in Oetz, at the adidas Sickline Race Office on Friday, or at the entrance on
Saturday. The revenue is donated to social facilities in Oetz.
4. Race Information
4.1 Programme
Thursday, 29 September
14:00 - 21:00
18:00 - 20:30
20:30 - 21:00
Registration at Saal EZ
Dinner at Saal EZ
Race Briefing at Saal EZ (mandatory for all participants!)
Welcome at Saal EZ
Friday, 30 September
09:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:05
10:05 - 10:30
10:30 - 11:30
11:00 - 19:00
11:30 - 12:00
12:00 - 13:00
13:30 - 13:35
13:35 - 14:30
15:00 - 17:00
18:00 - 20:00
19:30 - 20:00
20:00 - 23:00
Training/ mandatory run, group 1 (numbers 71-200) + women
1st run women
1st quali run, group 1 (numbers 71-200)
Training/ mandatory run, group 2 (numbers 1-70)
adidas Reload Center
1st quali run, group 2 (numbers 1-70)
2nd run women
2nd quali run, Top 90
Training "Wellerbrücke" (2 runs)
Dinner at Saal EZ
Race Briefing at Saal EZ (finalists only!)/ Sickline Queen Awards
Big-O Movie Night at Saal EZ
Saturday, 1 October
08:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 12:15
13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:00
15:00 - 16:30
18:00 - 20:00
20:00 - 20:30
Training "Wellerbrücke"/ mandatory run (only finalists!)
adidas Reload Center
Quarter final, Top 48
Semifinal, Top 26
WC finals followed by the flower awards (LIVE)
hf safety practice
Dinner at Saal EZ
Award ceremony at Saal EZ
Champions Party at Jay's Cantina in Oetz
4.2 Race Office
The Race Office is located in a small wooden log cabin next to the Expo Area. It is
your contact point for all race-related queries! In the evenings there will be a Race
Office Counter at Saal EZ.
Opening Hours
14h00 – 21h00 (Saal EZ/ Registration)
08h00 – 20h00
08h00 – 20h00
09h00 – 10h00 (finalists only)
4.2 Race Regulations
The adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship takes place on the
Wellerbrücke rapids, a section of Austria’s glacier-fed Ötztaler Ache River in Tirol.
The water temperature of the river is about 4 degrees. The adidas Sickline WC tests
the kayakers’ ability to get down in one of the world’s most challenging rapids
successfully and safely. The rapids are solid class 5 whitewater, both technically
difficult and dangerous. The whitewater classification of the degree of difficulty
ranges from 1-6 whereas 6 is the limit of navigability.
1. Participation
1.1 Starting field
The number of participants is limited to 150. Participating athletes must be verifiable
at least 18 years old and master whitewater level V (5). The organizers reserve the
right to disqualify any participant whose capabilities do not meet the difficulties of the
course. The participants must have a sufficient insurance (accident, travel health
insurance). In addition, the organizers have taken out an accident insurance for the
competitors, which is included in the start fee.
1.2 Exclusion of Liability and Medical Form
Every participant has to read, understand, fill in and sign the exclusion of liability and
the medical form.
1.3. Equipment
Only mass-produced creeker/ whitewater kayaks of serial production with a length of
270cm, that meet the latest safety standards are allowed. The race organizers
reserve the right to refuse admission to certain kayaks i.e. Eskimo Kendo, Dagger
GTX, GT etc.
All participants must wear:
- a helmet conforming to EN1385 Norm
- a whitewater buoyancy aid conforming to EN393 Norm or ISO 12402-5 Norm
- sufficient protection against cold water, i.e. a dry suit or a neoprene suit
- boats with a foam wall need two airbags on each side in the back, boats without a
foam wall need 1 big airbag
1.4 Race Briefing
The Race Briefing on Thursday evening from 20h30 to 21h00 at Saal EZ is
mandatory for all participants! Absence can lead to qualification of the race.
2. Race Jury
2.1 Structure
The Race Jury consists of the following persons:
- Race Director
- Timing Representative
- Kayaking Expert
- Safety Director
The majority of votes applies. The bare majority is sufficient. In case of a voting tie
the Race Director makes the decision.
2.2 Function
The Race Jury has the following functions:
- implementation of the race
- monitoring the compliance of regulations
- preparation of results together with the timing team
- handling of protests
- vote in cooperation with the safety commission
- race start and race termination
3. Race
3.1 Equipment
Each participant has to wear the following equipment:
- bib: modifications, changes, or bib exchange are not allowed
- helmet
- life vest
- refer to 1.3
3.2 General
Instructions from the Race Jury and its assistants have to be obeyed.
The course is only opened by an official starter.
Any danger on the race course is signaled by flags.
If a participant is hindered by a prior starter, he is allowed to do a restart (rerun).
3.3 Format
The adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship is carried out as a single
sprint race. The participants have to complete several rounds. These are:
Qualification run 1 and 2
The Top 3 of the previous year are automatically qualified for the finals at
Wellerbrücke but have to compete both qualification runs and according to their times
added into the racing grid.
Due to official requirements and for safety reasons, all participants have to qualify for
the finals (quarter, semi, and final) on the Wellerbrücke race course.
This is the reason why female participants do not have their own WC category and
are included in the qualification runs of all participants. In case a female participant
makes it into the top 45 of the qualification, she is allowed to race the quaterfinal. In
addition to that, women are evaluated in a separate result list.
All participants must arrive punctually with all the necessary equipment. Participants
arriving late are not approved to compete. Furthermore the organizers reserve the
right to stop the contest at any time in the interests of the safety of everyone involved
incl. spectators, camera teams, first aid, and staff.
to A)
The qualification is carried out in 2 runs. The qualification runs are split into 2 groups,
group 1 bibs: 71-200, group 2 bibs: 1-70.
Qualification run 1: all participants are permitted to race
Qualification run 2: the top 90 of both qualification groups qualify for the 2nd
qualification run
to B)
Quarterfinal: to determine the result, both qualification runs are added to one total
time. The top 45 of the qualification are allowed to start. In addition to the top 45 the
top 3 of the previous adidas Sickline WC (places 1-3) are automatically set.
Therefore a starter field of 48 participants are permitted to compete in the final. The
48 participants are ranged into the racing grid (race ladder) according to their results
in the qualification, creating 24 pairings (heats).
For example 1 vs Platz 48, 15 vs 24, 13 vs 36, 37 vs 12, 7 vs 42, ...
The quarterfinal is carried out in a “head-to-head-format“. Two kayakers form one
heat (pairing). While competing both kayakers are alone on the course and the time
of both kayakers is measured. The faster kayaker of each heat advances to next
round (semifinal) together with two “lucky losers”, i.e. the two fastest paddlers of the
24 “eliminated” athletes, who lost their heat. Hence 26 kayakers advance to the
to C)
Semifinal: in the semifinal, the top 26 compete once again in a head-to-head mode
(13 heats). The winner of the quarterfinal heat 1 competes against the winner of
quarterfinal heat 2, the winner of the quarterfinal heat 3 races against the winner of
the quarterfinal heat 4 etc. While competing, both kayakers are alone on the course
and the time of both kayakers is measured. The faster kayaker of each heat
advances to next round (final) together with two “lucky losers”, i.e. the two fastest
paddlers of the 13 “eliminated” athletes, who lost their heat. Hence 15 kayakers
advance to the final.
to D)
Final: in the final 15 kayakers compete in a single race (13 winners of heat 25-36 and
2 “lucky losers”). The finalists will start in reverse order; meaning the kayaker with the
slowest race time of the semi final (15th) will be the first to start. The athlete with the
fastest time climbs into the hot seat whirlpool and stays there until his time has been
beaten. The fastest athlete of the final is the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World
Participants are informed on the specific training, qualification and final times during
the Race Briefing.
3.4 Timing
Timing is carried out by two light barriers. Once the participant activates the first light
barrier at the start the timing starts. The second light barrier is mounted at the finish
line. Once the participant crosses the second light barrier the finish time is triggered.
The competitor must pass the two light barriers sitting upright. The participant may
not throw the paddle to break the finish light barrier. This would be a reason for
immediate disqualification. The race timing is also measured manually as a backup.
3.5 Results
All results are displayed on the official result board. Only result lists signed by the
Race Jury are valid. To determine the total result the following scheme is applied:
Place 1 - 15 result final.
Place 16 – 24 result semifinal.
Place 25 – 48 result quarterfinal.
Place 49 – 150 result qualification.
A separate result list for women is created. The fastest woman is awarded with the
title “adidas Sickline Queen“ and is honored with a separate award ceremony. For
men an award ceremony fort he top 3 is held immediately after the race. The official
award ceremonies take place in the evening. In case of unexcused absence, the
winners lose their claim for prize money.
3.6 Protest
Any protest must be submitted to the race organizer within 30 minutes after the end
of each run.
The protest is discussed by the Race Jury. In case of a protest, a fee of €100 is
charged and is only returned, if the protest is granted.
4. Course
All participants must compete a mandatory run within the scope of the official training
prior to qualification on Friday. The same applies for participants on the final race
course. The Race Jury documents participation in the two mandatory runs. In case of
absence the competitor is automatically disqualified.
The qualification and final race course are presented in detail during the Race
Briefing. There the course, start and finish are defined precisely. The qualification
and final race course may vary based on the water level.
Running the Wellerbrücke rapids outside official training and qualification times is
legally prohibited. The organizer does not assume liability and responsibility for the
participants, who defy this prohibition.
Qualification race course
The qualification course starts at the eddy, river right, around 8m above the 3m-exitdrop of the Wellerbrücke, called "The Champions Killer". The finish is at the put-in of
the slalom course near the wooden steps towards the river. The degree of difficulty of
the qualification course is class 4, the “Champions Killer” and the rest of the course is
class 3. The course has a total length of about 270m.
Final race course
The “Wellerbrücke“ rapids rank among the most difficult whitewater courses in the
world. Thus they are called “the Eiger Northwall” of whitewater kayaking. The adidas
Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship takes place on a 280m-long course.
The competitors have to master a gradient of 10%. Degrees of difficulty ranges
between class 5 (extremely difficult) and class 6 (only runnable under ideal
circumstances) according to the international whitewater standard from class 1 to
class 6.
Main difficulties
1. “Seal launch” 6m-rock-drop
2. “Entry falls”, entry cataract, 3m gradient
3. “Mandatory Line”, 3m gradient, entry cataract to core section
4. “TNT Rapid”, 5m gradient, core section with a S turn
5. “The Champions Killer”, 3m exit drop
5. Safety
In cooperation with local authorities, safety organizations and an event-own safety
team the organizer has created a first class safety and rescue operation for the
event. A special safety concept created by an official safety commissary manages
particulars. Therefore a high safety standard is guaranteed.
Furthermore a safety commission is appointed for the event, which manages safety
issues during the event on land and water.
It consists of the following persons:
- Safety Commission President
- Race Director
- Event Director
- Safety Director
- Water Rescue
- Mountain Rescue
- Athletes Representative
The saftey commission decides unanimously on the execution of the event. The
water level of the Ötztaler Ache River at Tumpen is decisive for the execution of the
race. The water levels are measured online and on site and documented in a report,
which has to be signed by the members of the safety commission.
4.4 Spectators
For safety reasons the number of spectators along the course is limited by local
authorities to 500 people, which is why the organisers charge admission on the final
race day. Tickets are 5 Euros and can be purchased at the entrance. The proceeds
are donated to the kinder garden in Oetz. Registered journalists do not have to pay
any admission, of course.
4.5 Prize Money
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
1500 €
1000 €
500 €
The so-called flower awards for LIVE TV take place next to hot seat right after the
4.6 Participating Nations
Czech Republic
Great Britain
New Zealand
4.7 Race Results 2008-2010
5. Side Events
Sickline Festival
Kayak enthusiasts who don’t feel fit enough to participate in the Extreme Kayak
World Championship can still enjoy the adidas Sickline Festival. They have the
opportunity to refresh their knowledge about rescuing and resuscitating an injured
kayaker during the hf Safety Practice on Saturday afternoon. On Friday evening they
can enjoy some of the most recent kayak film productions at the Big-O Movie Night
between 20h00 and 23h00. On Saturday, the focus will be on the finals at
Wellerbrücke when the top 48 kayakers compete for world championship honours.
Last but not least kayaking fans can enjoy the legendary Champions Party on
Saturday evening with DJ Chainsaw. This year the party takes place at Jay’s Cantina
in Oetz.
Expo Area
Whether athletes want to enjoy a free massage or physical treatment at the adidas
Reload Center, buy some adidas Sickline merchandise, enjoy a freshly brewed
Segafredo Espresso, a RedBull or Pepsi in the Ride Lounge or grab a soup at the
complimentary athlete’s lunch, the Expo Area is the place to go. It is located close to
the race venue at Wellerbrücke. Please note that refreshments are only given out at
the Expo Area and not along the river. We decided to create an “eco friendly”
environment by limiting the chances for littering.
hf – Safety Practice
Due to the fact, that the free safety exercise has been extremely popular and well
received last year, we will put the 1 ½ hours event once again on the agenda.
Swift Water Rescue Expert Neil Newton Taylor will conduct the safety exercise,
which is sponsored by hf. Under Neill's direction world championship participants and
kayak enthusiasts can refresh their knowledge about rescuing a kayaker from the
water including resuscitation. The hf Safety Practice will take place on Saturday, 1
October between 15h00 and 16h30 near the Expo Area. A registration is not
necessary. In order to participate you only have to appear in time at the meeting
Big-O Movie Night
Participants of the fifth adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship can once
again look forward to the populer Big-O Movie Night. This year the kayak movie
screening takes place on Friday, 30 September between 20h00 and 23h00 at Saal EZ
in Oetz. Kayak enthusiasts can look forward to a very special goody: Steve Fisher will
present his new 3D movie and can’t wait to see a hall full of extreme kayakers
wearing red-cyan glasses while Rush Sturges announced to do a live rap on stage
after his film presentation. This is the programme:
"Convergence" – Combining 3D filmmaking and whitewater action, Steve Fisher is
changing the way we view paddle sports. 10 min
"Rain Drop" award winning short movie by Stéphane Pion. 5 min
"Searching for the RIVER GOD - The journey continues" – The latest movie of
Olaf Obsommer and Jared Meehan directed by Mike Hamel. 26 min
"Rider of the year" The Rider of the Year Awards celebrate and showcase the best
in whitewater kayaking from around the world. 12 min
"Frontier" by Rush Struges. Austria and Germany premiere. Frontier follows up
where Dream Result left off, following a group of kayakers on another adventure
around the globe, featuring footage from Mexico, China, Iceland, Norway, Northwest
U.S.A., British Columbia and Quebec. 50 min
Award Ceremony
The official award ceremony takes place on Saturday evening, 1 October 2011 right
after the athletes’ dinner at 20h00 at Saal EZ in Oetz.
Champions Party with DJ Chainsaw
This year the adidas Sickline Champions Party takes place at Jay’s Cantina close to
the Expo Area in Oetz. Even if kayakers don’t really need to be stimulated to have a
good time, with DJ Chainsaw at the tunes a great party with your kayak buddies from
around the world is guaranteed. Chainsaw will rock the house for all those who just
can’t get enough, even after a long day of racing.
6. Athlete Services
adidas Reload Centre
The adidas Reload Team provides free physical treatment and massages for all
competitors of the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship.
Opening Hours
11h00 – 18h00
10h00 – 18h00
10h00 – 12h00
Sickline Dinners
There are three complimentary dinners included in the entry package. These dinners
are served at Saal EZ in Oetz on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 18h00 to
20h00. As it has been tradition, former canoe world champion and master butcher Uli
Knittel from Fulda will cater for the hungry kayakers.
Red Bull Rider Lounge
This year competitors can look forward to a first class chill zone in the Expo Area as
Red Bull is setting up a rider lounge for all competitors. There the athletes can
unwind and reenergise prior to their next run.
Segafredo Coffee Station
All those who like to start or end the day with a true Italian espresso or cappuccino
will be thrilled that Segafredo came on board as the official coffee partner of the
event. Media is also welcome to stop by for a freshly brewed Espresso.
Pepsi Cola and Vöslauer Water
Most athletes enjoy water and cola as a thirst quencher – that’s why we are happy to
announce that Pepsi and Vöslauer water are the official beverage suppliers of the
adidas Sickline WC and that there’s plenty of water and Pepsi for competitors and
media throughout the race weekend.
Live Broadcast on
Due to the high demand of various TV stations to cover the adidas Sickline Extreme
Kayak World Championship real-time, the organisers have decided once again to run
a full HD TV live production. A total of eleven countries take the live signal of the
Extreme Kayak World Championship. The live production format also allows for a
global live webcast in collaboration with Internet users can watch the
final of the TOP 15 on Saturday between 13h00 and 14h00 CET. The live webcast
may also be embedded on other websites via embed code.
7. The Ötztaler Ache River
Wellerbrücke section – The Eiger Northwall of whitewater sports
There are a couple of whitewater rivers in the Alps which are known from its myth.
Their mere names let kayakers shiver in reverence. So it’s quite natural that at least
90 percent of all kayakers have already heard of the Wellerbrücke (Weller Bridge)
section of the River Ötz. Many of them have had the opportunity to take a look at it.
But only a few kayakers have ever put in their kayaks at the bridge of Habichen,
below the infamous Ach falls. A long, long time ago, a huge mountain slide blocked
the Ötz valley forming a lake. When this lake overflowed it lead to a series of
cataracts, the so-called Ach falls. In former times, these falls only were traffic
obstacles on the way to the upper valley. But with rising tourism they became sights.
A hiking trail and a bridge-walk, the so-called Wellerbrücke, were built. Then, at some
stage, the first whitewater kayakers came to have a closer look at the Wellerbrücke
section. Since its first descent in 1976 the Wellerbrücke saw numerous runs at all
kinds of water levels. And despite a lot of changes due to floods it has remained one
of the outstanding challenges in alpine kayaking. At the beginning, the river flows
quite calmly along but around the first corner the heat is on: all of a sudden, the
gradient rises enormously. The following section seems to be a wild stairway with
one drop after the other between one and three meters. At the end of this part you
should turn right into a side line. Otherwise you bomb right into the core rapid.
Text: Nils Kagel,
Flow Conditions
The Ötztaler Ache is a truly massive glacier river. Therefore the difficult parts of the
Wellerbrücke course depend extremely on the water level. At a low gauge one
considers oneself to be on a Corsican pool ’n drop-like creek (WW V), at medium
gauge it gets sportier and with a high water level the Wellerbrücke turns into a roaring
cascade with few pulsating eddies (WW VI).
The individual parts of the river Ötztaler Ache
The grades of difficulty are indicative values and depend strongly on the rate of flow.
The grading of the river Ötztaler Ache is based on an average rate of flow.
Lower Ötz (Ötz village to river Inn)
WW IV – V (X) very difficult, slope 14‰, 7,5 km
The most frequented portion of the river can also be navigated by rafts. Demanding
WW stretch with very high water power and frequent stoppers, very long swells,
moderate boulders and few eddies. Very high velocity of flow. An unridable weir
Brunnau requires a very difficult landing manoeuvre at the bank of the river.
DANGER TO LIFE! Previous inspection strongly recommended!
Middle Ötz (Längenfeld / Au to Ötz-village)
WW IV – V (X), IV exceedingly difficult to unnavigable, slope 50 ‰, 13 km
Extremely difficult to unnavigable WW stretch with very high slope, big boulders,
enormous water power. Long swells, many stoppers with strong reverse-flow, very
high velocity of flow, few eddies. The so-called Achstürze falls near Tumpen are
absolutely unridable, while the Wellerbrücken-part can be navigated only at
extremely low water, WW IV. DANGER TO LIFE! (most difficult part of the river).
Under no circumstances can the river be navigated belong the toad-bridge near the
water gauge at Tumpen. Previous inspection absolutely essential! No rafting!
Upper Ötz (Zwiselstein – Längenfeld /Au)
WW V – VI (X), V – III extremely difficult, partly unnavigable
Kühtrain gorge, WW V – VI, (X) 3,5 km, slope 32 ‰
Deep gorge with extreme slope, very high falls, extremely narrow passages between
boulders and often impeded by fallen trees. Extremely difficult WW with unnavigable
passages. Can be navigated only by specialists at extremely low water.
Sölden Schlucht, WW IV – V, III, 4 km, slope 22 – 10‰
Water gorge partially with big boulders, increasing water power, long rapids. Previous
inspection absolutely essential!
Huben – Längenfeld / Au, WW I – II, 10 km, slope 10 ‰
Open river stretch with embankments on both sides along most of the way, at very
high rates of flow hardly any eddies. Easiest part of the entire river. No rafting!
Upper Ötz
Middle Ötz
Lower Ötz
8. Ötztal in Summer
Leisure time and unlimited mountain exploration!
250 peaks higher than three thousand meters make a wonderful backdrop for
unlimited summer holidays full of superlatives with plenty of adventures and
recreation, white waters and crystal clear lakes. What's best, the ultimate Ötztal Card
grants a variety of discounts, including countless Ötztal highlights and special
package deals for families, gourmets and sportsmen at real bargain rates.
Watch out mountaineers
The Alps have a challenging new Haute Route – the scenic Ötztal Trek featuring 22
stages and 15 alternative routes with no less than 30,000 meters altitude gain and a
total distance of 400 kilometers. The majestic Ötztal Alps make an outdoor paradise
not only for expert alpinists and advanced climbers but also for more leisurely
walkers and ambitious mountain bikers: some 1,300 kilometers of perfectly
signposted hiking trails and 700 kilometers of breathtaking mountain bike routes are
spread all over the valley's summits, slopes and plains.
Colorful landscape full contrasts
Tirol's longest Alpine valley stretches 67 kilometers southwards between the Ötztal
autobahn exit and the upper valley with the biggest glacier ski area in the Eastern
Alps. Throughout the summer a variety of highlights are scheduled within the valley's
eight lovely holiday resorts - Haiming, Sautens, Oetz, Umhausen, Laengenfeld,
Sö lden, Vent and Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. They all have a very special flair, ranging
from sporty and stylish tourist centers to secluded mountain villages off the beaten
tracks where you can still spend authentic summer holidays amid unspoilt nature.
The villages are spread over three terraced areas with different altitudes. Therefore
the contrasts are really unique! Right at the entrance to the valley you can discover
Haiming's Apple Route, the central Ötztal boasts lush green meadows and fields, and
in the upper part you find the mountain villages of Vent and Obergurgl- Hochgurgl at
almost 2,000 meters above sea level, embedded in flowering Alpine pasturelands.
Obergurgl has the most beautiful Alpine Rose fields in early summer, marsh
marigolds and magic blue gentian cover the entire landscape of awesome beauty.
Additionally the air is crisp and clean, almost pollen-free and therefore ideal for
allergy sufferers thanks to the immediate vicinity of the glaciers.
Nature trails & culture paths
Even more breathtaking nature experiences can be made on guided theme hikes to
the Ötztal Nature Park where rare herbs and medicinal herbs can be found or where
nature fans enjoy bird watching in high Alpine regions. Interesting archaeological
routes take you to the former hunting grounds and Stone Age shepherds places,
following the tracks of Ö tzi the Iceman who was discovered by chance at the
nearby Hauslabjoch ridge in the border area between the Ö tztal and South Tyrol.
The wonderful Ö tzi Village in Umhausen displays everyday life and work in the
Neolithic period, providing a great variety of information on Ö tzi and his fellows.
While the high-altitude pasturelands and grazing areas in the surroundings of Vent or
Hochgurgl give an insight into the daily life on a farm in the 21st century.
Ötztal water games
The splendid Stuiben Falls - Tirol's biggest waterfall – feature a total height of 159
meters. A wonderful trail along the waterfall takes passionate walkers to the nearby
via ferrata towering high above the rushing mountain waters. From five panoramic
platforms hikers can watch this nature spectacle close-by. Real dare devils should
not miss an exciting river rafting tour on the Ötztaler Ache brook, across the Imster
Schlucht gorge or on the river Inn. Trend sports such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking
or canoeing are scheduled here!
The mighty and healing power of water can be experienced at the ultimate Aqua
Dome, Laengenfeld's Spa Center offering plenty of get- wet fun and healing spas for
the whole family. Passionate swimmers or fishing fans are strongly recommended to
head for the picturesque Piburger See near Oetz, one of Tirol's warmest swimming
A wonderful dragon's land for kids
Water and adventure parks, outdoor swimming pools, journeys back in time at the
Ö tzi Village, Freizeit Arena leisure center in Sö lden and Aqua Dome Alpine Spa
are top-notch attractions for families and young guests. The little green dragon
Tabaluga stands for unlimited holiday fun throughout the Ötztal Valley. An
entertaining program is scheduled all summer long (booking required one day in
advance) – such as doing crafts, swimming, visiting the Oetzi Village, searching for
gold nuggets, taster climbing, llama trekking to Alpine pastures or adventurous cave
trekking. Lunchtime snacks are available for € 4, sometimes drinks are already
included. What's best, Ötztal Card holders enjoy a 10% discount on all Tabaluga
One valley, one card
The convenient Ötztal Card can be purchased for three, seven or ten consecutive
days between June and September - for children and adults alike. This ultimate
holiday pass comprises 40 attractions and highlights throughout the valley. Discounts
are granted for Tabaluga and Nature Park programs. Furthermore a wide range of
summer mountain lifts, hiking shuttles, public bus lines, swimming pools, recreational
centers, museums and toll roads – such as the Glacier Road or the Timmelsjoch
High Alpine Road - are already included.
Alpine glow on your doorstep
All those who follow the call of the mountains in the morning, make it in time to
witness the awe-inspiring sunset in the upper Ötztal Valley. Glacier fields covered in
white during the day are colored in red when the last sunrays touch them.
Of course, the Ötztal is also easily accessible: either by car via A12 Inntal Autobahn
(exit Ötztal) or via Garmisch-Mittenwald-Seefeld or Garmisch-Fernpass-Imst. All
trains stop in Ötztal Bahnhof. The nearest airport is in Innsbruck from where the
Ötztal Shuttle service takes you right to your hotel's doorstep.
Media Contact Ötztal Tourism
Leopold Holzknecht, BA (FH)
[email protected]
T +43 (0) 57200 219
F +43 (0) 57200 201
9. Outdoorland Tirol
All signs point to ‘sport’ in the outdoor land of Tirol
Whether in summer or winter: the ‘heart of the Alps’ beats for sport – of every kind.
Events such as the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship make the
hearts of any extreme sports fans beat faster! Perfect accompanying offers and
numerous other top quality events can be found in the outdoor land of Tirol.
Cliffs, mountains or water?
The mountains are not just there for hiking; they are also a hotspot for anyone
looking for pure action and a special adrenaline boost. Downhill mountain bikers
appreciate the perfect single trails e.g. in Ischgl and the refined bike parks e.g. in
Hopfgarten and the Wipptal valley and they gather at events such as the NordkettenDownhill race in Innsbruck.
The marathon and mountain skiers also adopt a fast tempo! The classic marathon
distances and up to 2,000 m altitude difference with a gradient of over 40% have to
be overcome at top events such as the Achenseelauf race and the Harakiri mountain
run in Mayrhofen, taking participants through the unique landscapes to the finish line
– often at some of the most beautiful peaks and meadows in Tirol in the case of the
mountain races.
The climbing offers available in Tirol make the mountains and cliffs close enough to
touch. With over 5,000 Alpine climbing routes, 3,000 sports climbing routes, 1,500
boulder challenges and numerous climbing trails on offer, there are plenty of
opportunities already here with new areas being opened up all the time. High ropes
courses and climbing fun parks present some exciting new possibilities for exploring
this sport. Everyone can easily find their own personal hotspot thanks to the
‘Climbers Paradise’ site ( – a must among the many
climbing websites of Tyrol. All of Tirol’s climbing options are listed here on one
website by professionals.
Anyone wishing to spend a ‘concentrated’ day submersed in the pleasures of the
outdoors has come to the right place with Tirol. Nature and high-tech are combined
at AREA 47 to form an exceptional leisure experience. The world’s largest adventure
playground offers action and pure adrenaline. The outdoor, water and climbing arena
leaves no wish unfulfilled – and likewise the events area which impresses with its
high calibre sport and music event highlights.
Snow, snow and more snow...
General Winter takes command at the ‘heart of the Alps’ as soon as the first snowcovered peaks emerge in the valley and the ski season starts in the 5 glacier regions
of Tirol. Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder – it’s all about making the perfect
mark in the sparkling snow. And there is something to suit every taste in Tirol:
freeriders, skicrossers, freestylers and piste enthusiasts will find the perfect place on
more than 4,000 km of pistes in more than 80 varied ski resorts and 30 perfectly
shaped snow parks.
The numerous events held here prove that Tirol is the no. 1 land for new trends in
winter sports:
At the FIS Skicross World Cup in St. Johann (05. – 07.01.2012), the motto may as
well as ‘extreme adrenaline’! Virtually no other race series offers a challenge of this
level to athletes or such spectacular scenes to spectators. 4 skiers start at the same
time with jumps, bends and serves along the snowy course.
The Air&Style Contest Bergisel (04.02.2012) in Innsbruck has become a cult event
and requires no more description! The world’s best snowboarders will again be
gathering to demonstrate their most daring jumps and sporting highlights here with
musical live acts creating the perfect party atmosphere at the Billabong Air & Style
Contest 2012.
At the Scott Big Mountain (08. – 15.03.2012), Austria’s parade freeriding
competition, the crème de la crème of the international scene will be battling it out on
the uncompromising fall line in Fieberbrunn. The person who performs best under the
watchful eye of the judges, battling against time, will be crowned the freeriding king!
In Westendorf, the local snowboarding elite will be battling it out at the Shred Down
Austrian Masters (09. – 11.03.2012) for the title of Austrian champion and valuable
TTR world ranking points in various slope-style competitions. The exciting
snowboarding action and numerous side events guarantee an unforgettable
Olympics for the 3rd time…
Olympic – and trendy: over 1,000 young athletes will be getting to know Tirol over the
coming winter. The Olympic flame will be burning in the ‘heart of the Alps’ for the third
time from 13 to 22 January 2012 (following 1964 and 1976). At the first Youth
Olympic Games (YOG), 1,059 athletes from 60 countries will be taking part in 63
competitions against and with one another, making Tirol the official centre of the
winter sporting world. In addition to the traditional competitions, new competition
formats and ‘mixed team’ challenges will be organised here – perfect for the outdoor
land of Tirol. provides an overview of all things sport: the many dates and
interesting articles on top events are sure to make you want to make the ‘heart of the
Alps’ your own personal land of sport.
Media Contact Tirol Werbung
Vanessa Rupprechter
PR & Media
Tel. +43.512.5320.656
[email protected]
10. General Information
Tourist Information
Ötztal Tourism Information
Hauptstraße 66
A-6433 Oetz, Austria
Tel. +43 57200 500
Fax. +43 57200501
E-Mail: [email protected]Ö
Opening Hours
Mo – Sa:
08h00 – 12h00
13h00 – 18h00
The Tschirgant protects the valley to a large extent against cold North winds and
South winds warm as they cross the mountainsides so that Ötztal features
remarkably mild climate. The altitude difference of the various layers of the valley
affects the climate and the vegetation. Sporadically you even find prospering vines
and sweet chestnuts in Sautens and Ötz. Due to its location in the rain shade of the
Alps this valley is one of the driest areas in the entire Alpine region.
Daily Weather
(search: Ötz)
Raiffeisenbank vorderes Ötztal
Hauptstr. 64, Oetz
Tel.: +43 (0) 5999 36291
Sparkasse Oetz
Hauptstr. 45, Oetz
Tel.: +43 (0) 50100 77144
Public Phones
Ötz – Post office, phone cards, handicapped accessible
Parking area – Hauptstr./ Kühtaierstr., phone cards
Habichen – village boundary
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Emergency call
Fire department
Mountain rescue service 140
+43 664 7391 0270
Water rescue Service
+43 676 790 5156
Police Oetz
Hauptstr. 3, Oetz
Race Director/
Mike Hamel
133 Emergency Call
+43 59 133 7106
(right at the village boundary, direction Sautens)
Reporting point for alpine accidents
+43 676 44 64 926 during the event
Medical Care Race
Emergency Doctor
Dr. Michael Eiter
Tel.: +43 664 733 061 50
Kayak Safety Director:
Peter Lintner
Tel.: +43 680 125 7981
Dr. Med F.J. Wilhelm, general practitioner
(Doctor's dispensary)
Platzleweg 12, Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 6786 0
Dr. Med. R. Pöll, dentist
Hauptstr. 44, Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 6192 0
Dr. Med. M. Larcher, general practitioner
(Doctor's dispensary)
Dorfstr. 32, Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 6314
Dr. M. Wagner, dentist
Hauptstr. 61, Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 2500
Dr. Med. Ch. Hallbrucker, internal medicine
Hauptstr. 53, Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 20244 0
Pharmacy (Doctor’s dispensary)
You receive all medication during business hours at our medics and weekends at the
medic on duty. Treatments by the doctor are invoiced directly (private patient). Ask
for a detailed invoice, which you can submit to your health insurance in order to be
Zams/ Landeck
Sanatoriumstr. 43
6511 Zams
Tel.: +43 5442 600 0
Anichstr. 35
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: + 43 5 0504 0
Innsbruck Airport
Tel: +43 512 22 52 50
Email: [email protected]
Munich Airport
Tel: +49 89 9 75 00
Email: [email protected]
Autowerkstätte Plattner Erwin jun.
Hauptstr. 17, Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 6852 0
Service and repair of all brands
Gas Stations
SHELL Station Wachter
Hauptstr. 26, Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 6349
Train Station
Ötztal train station
Information desk, rates, reservations etc.
Tel.: +43 512 93000 0
Train and Bus Connections
(schedule also available at the tourist information)
Car Rentals
LaudaMotion GmbH
Autovermietung Innsbruck Hbf.
Südtiroler Platz 7
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 900 240120
Autoverleih Buchbinder
Burgenlandstr 8
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 348565-0
Avis Autovermietung Innsbruck
Flughafen Kranebitten
6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512 571 754
Baumann Peter
Habichen 5
6433 Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 6249
Taxi Tipotsch
Ötztal Bahnhof
6430 Ötztal Bahnhof
Tel.: +43 5266 88216
Schöpf Ulrich (also shuttle service!)
Olympstraße 17
6430 Ötztal Bahnhof
Tel.: +43 5252 6006
Mobile: +43 664 101 58 22
Shuttle Service
The Ötztal Shuttle takes you for a good price, flexible, fast and comfortable from
Innsbruck Airport to your holiday destination in Ötztal valley and back. 40 € per
person from the exit of the terminal to the front door of your hotel.
Important: request the service in advance by telephone +43 5254 3550 or via mail:
[email protected]Ö
Lost and Found
In case you find any belongings, please drop them off at the Race Office. The same
goes for you, missing something.
Post Office
Hauptstr. 51, Ötz
Tel.: +43 577677 6433
Opening Hours:
Mo - Fr
08h00 – 12h00
14h00 – 17h30
2 Spar Markt
Kühtaier Str. 2, Ötz
Tel.: +43 5252 25700
1 M-Preis
Hauptstr. 31, Ötz
Tel.: +43 50321-8196
Opening Hours
Mo – Thur 07h00 – 19h00
07h00 – 19h30
07h00 – 18h00
Opening Hours
Mo – Fr
08h00 – 18h30
08h00 – 18h00
11. Sponsors and Partners
For over 60 years adidas has been part of the world of sports on
every level, delivering state-of-the-art sports footwear, apparel and
accessories. Today, with total net sales of 11.9 billion euros and net
income of over 800 million euros, adidas- is a global leader in the
sporting goods industry and offers the broadest portfolio of products.
adidas products are available in virtually every country of the world.
Ötztal Valley is a superlative holiday region: With its 67km it is the
longest side valley of the Inntal. The glacier ski area, covering a total
area of 140 km, ranks among the biggest of its kind within the Eastern
Alps. Obergurgl-Hochgurgl (1,930m) is Austria's highest, permanently
settled mountain village with its own parish church. The rushing
Stuibenfall is Tirol's highest waterfall with a height of 159 meters.
Majestic Wildspitze peak (3,774m) is Austria's second highest
mountain, and crystal clear Piburger See lake is one of Tirol's
warmest swimming lakes with an average summer temperature of
Tirol – the holiday resort in the midst of Europe, the Heart of the Alps,
leaves no wish unfulfilled. Over 1,000 state-of-the-art lift installations
prepare skiers for some 3,500 piste kilometres of enjoyable skiing.
Those who appreciate the soft side of winter find 5,700 km. of
superbly groomed cross-country trails. In the summer 22,000 km. of
walks are enticing, so is Tirol's famous long-distance trek, the
"Adlerweg". Those who like pedalling up mountains find marvellous
mountain bike routes on the Bike Trail Tirol, the longest continuous
round biking course in the Alps. Guests can relax and recuperate
during all seasons in Tirol's top hotels.
The name of Hanhart, more than any other, has long been
synonymous with precision timekeeping. With its own innovative
developments, the Swiss-German brand was a pioneer in the
manufacture of stopwatches and wrist chronographs. Ever since the
company was first established, all of Hanhart's timepieces have been
geared towards a few simple principles: maximum precision and
reliability, perfect readability, simple and secure operation, and the
greatest possible robustness. And the brand is still conforming to
these standards today in the development of all stopwatches and
chronographs. This makes them ideal accessories for use in the air,
on the land on the sea. The brand slogan, "Mastering the Elements",
is an unequivocal obligation.
Thanks to cutting-edge knowledge and skills, the long-standing
tradition and expertise of its own manufactory in Gütenbach,
Germany, which has its origins in the watch business established by
Johann A. Hanhart in Diessenhofen in 1882, and the first-class
functionality of all products, Hanhart is today a worldwide market
leader and the most important producer of precision timepieces.
°hf was founded by the canoe teacher Horst Fürsattel in the year
1984. His homemade products were first only intended to serve his
fellow canoe teachers but the demand was too big and so the
company started to grow very quick.The executive Horst Fürsattel
was born in the year of 1958 and when he grew up, he spent most of
his time in a canoe. He used to earn his living as a canoe teacher and
knows every single exercise from his trips to the rivers of the world. It
was him, who influenced the canoe safety equipment the most.
„Simple is better“ – The shapely and soft portable spas by SOFTUB
are the state of the art. They guarantee enjoyable wellness pleasure
and fun at your home, inside and outside…365 days, 24/7. Whirling at
any place, during the summer or winter – that’s the unique concept by
Philipp & Otto Heck.
From its humble beginnings over a century ago, Pepsi-Cola has
grown to become one of the best-known, most-loved products
throughout the world. And the company behind it - PepsiCo - has
grown as well, standing today as the premier marketer of refreshment
beverages, juices and snack foods. PepsiCo got its start in 1965,
when Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay merged to create a new company.
Since then, PepsiCo, Inc. has continued to grow, adding new brands
and product lines. Tropicana Products, Inc. joined the PepsiCo
portfolio in 1998 and gives PepsiCo the strongest brand name in
juice. The company hit a grand slam with its merger with The Quaker
Oats Company in 2001, bringing together two incredibly strong and
successful food and beverage companies. The PepsiCo-Quaker
union added the powerful Gatorade thirst quencher and its Quaker
brand, a symbol of healthy eating that extends PepsiCo’s reach into
breakfast, on-the-go foods, and snacks for kids. Today, PepsiCo is a
$29 billion company, employing more than 150,000 people speaking
more than 40 languages around the globe. The company is
consistently recognized for its corporate citizenship, philanthropic
efforts and diversity programs. It is the world’s fourth-largest food and
beverage company— and is staking its claim as the global leader in
convenience foods and beverages. PepsiCo has a strong plan to
continue to expand with an enormous lineup of convenience foods
and drinks that provide great taste, nutrition and fun around the clock.
Segafredo Zanetti is the leading Espresso producer in Italy and
throughout the world, with more than 70,000 clients and 50 million
cups of espresso drunk each day. Its mission is to spread the taste,
the culture and preparation method of the true Italian Espresso to the
whole world. Translating this objective into action means offering a
product of the utmost quality, quality that is guaranteed from the
coffee plant to the cup, as only Segafredo Zanetti knows how.
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