Malaysia`s No. 1, with 12.87 million Listeners! AMP Radio Networks


Malaysia`s No. 1, with 12.87 million Listeners! AMP Radio Networks
Friday, 4 May 2012
Malaysia’s No. 1, with 12.87 million Listeners!
AMP Radio Networks Hits Record High Reaching
79% Radio Listeners
AMP Radio Networks (AMP) delivers the best results ever in the latest Nielsen
Audience Measurement, Wave 1, 2012. AMP now has the strongest base of 12.87
million listeners out of the 16.35 million radio listeners, a solid increase of 1.2 million
from the previous survey. 1
According to the results, the Top 3 radio ranking is conquered by AMP with ERA fm
at No.1, SINAR fm at No. 2 and THR (Raaga & Gegar) at No.3. Sister radio stations,
MY FM &, join the list to make it into the Top 10 most-listened-to radio
stations in the country.
Undisputedly Malaysia’s leading radio broadcaster, AMP upholds its status quo in
the main language categories – No. 1 Malay station with ERA fm; No. 1 English
station with; No. 1 Chinese with MY FM; and No. 1 Tamil with THR Raaga –
thus reinforcing its leadership in every market.
The survey also reaffirms the significance of radio in Malaysians’ lifestyles, as 92
per cent of Malaysians aged 10+ listen to radio. 79 per cent of the total number of
radio listeners tune in to one or more AMP radio stations. Overall, people spend
more time listening to radio, from 20hrs 44mins in the previous survey to now 22hrs
So what sets AMP apart?
Executive Director of AMP Radio Networks, Dato’ Borhanuddin Osman shares,
“Being different means to possess the guts to take down the bricks and boulders
that keeps you from striking out. At AMP, we don’t settle, we strive.
“This is one of AMP’s proudest moments, where we have achieved beyond our own
expectation. We are continually excited with the consistency and growth of our
networks, and this achievement is a tribute to the vision of everyone in AMP as well
as the never-ending support we receive from both listeners and clients.”
Source: Nielsen’s Radio Audience Measurement (RAM), Wave 1, 2012
• The top 3 ranking stations in the country – ERA fm, SINAR fm & THR
(Raaga & Gegar) – belong to AMP
• ERA fm is the nation’s No. 1 station and has the No.1 Breakfast Show.
• SINAR fm is the No.1 station for listeners 30 years and above and has
the No.1 Drive Show overall.
• is Malaysia’s No.1 English station, with No.1 English Breakfast
and Drive Shows.
• MY FM retains No.1 Chinese station spot with 16 per cent listenership
• THR Raaga is a stronger No.1 Tamil station, with 26 per cent
listenership increase.
• THR Gegar unshakable as the No. 1 East Coast station
ERA fm: Back in the Reign
A respected pioneer in the commercial radio broadcasting industry, ERA fm reclaims
the title as the nation’s No. 1 radio station. A rise from 3.55 million in the last survey
to currently 4.76 million listeners, ERA fm moves two spots up to be Malaysia’s
favourite all over again. To add to the sweet victory, ERA fm shows impressive
increases across all time belts, with JoHaRa Pagi ERA leading the Breakfast
Shows, with 2.56 million listeners.
SINAR fm: Uptrend No. 2
SINAR fm proves that ‘Retro is Gold’, as it gains close to 500,000 listeners, now with
4.71 million and it is the No. 1 radio station for listeners aged 30 years and above.
This is a record high for the eight-year-old radio station that continues to amuse
listeners with its unique and appealing content. Out of the 4.71 million listeners, 2.28
million listen to SINAR fm’s Seleksi SINAR, the No.1 Drive Show in the country.
MY FM: Malaysia’s No. 1 Chinese Station
For the Chinese radio audience, no other station does it better than MY FM in
providing the most compelling content. This is evident in the station’s 16 per cent
increase of listenership, to now 2.54 million. MY FM boasts a line-up of vibrant
talents, particularly Jack Lim, Gan Mei Yan and Jeff Chin from the MY FM Breakfast
Show, the No. 1 Chinese Breakfast show in the country with 1.48 million listeners, a
sharp increase of 165,000 after the last survey. MY FM also has the No.1 Drive
Show that reaches out to 1.30 million listeners. Malaysia’s English No. 1
Malaysia’s No.1 Hit Station strengthens the lead amongst the local Englishlanguage radio scene with a jump of listenership from 1.92 million to 2 million. serves the best dish of the day, its No. 1 English Breakfast Show with wacky
duo, JJ and Ean attracts 760,000 listeners weekly. This station promises to offer
nothing less than the coolest entertainment all day long.
MIX fm: Variety burst!
Offering the nation with the most exciting music of various genres, Malaysia’s Best
Variety station, MIX fm inspired by contemporary modern lifestyle reaches 523,000
listeners per week, with more listeners between the age of 25 and 39 listening to the
station. Amongst its audience, 210,000 are in MIX fm’s target age group of between
25 and 39, a jump of 27, 000 from the last survey.
LiteFM: The choice of Malaysia’s most affluent
LiteFM continues to be the No. 1 English station for the most affluent and discerning
audience, with 16 per cent increase, reaching out to 387,000 listeners. The station’s
listeners spend the longest time tuning in compared to all other English stations, at
7hrs 24mins. LiteFM’s Drive Show has a significant rise of 48 per cent in its
listenership, from 160,000 to 236,000. LiteFM also highlights a momentous growth
in its exclusive audience, from 68,000 to 92,000.
THR Raaga: Malaysia’s No. 1 Tamil station
THR Raaga is indeed Malaysia’s No.1 Tamil station that reaches out to 2.20 million
listeners weekly. With an increase of 26 per cent listeners in the previous survey,
THR Raaga stays on top amongst the Tamil listeners. Its Breakfast Show is followed
by 1.20 million listeners and its Drive Show is tuned-in by 1.37 million listeners.
THR Gegar: East Coast’s No. 1 station
Retaining its crown as ‘Jewel of the East’, THR Gegar once again rules the states of
Kelantan, Terengganu & Pahang, seizing an additional of 140,000 listeners to the
total of 1.73 million listeners weekly. Its Drive Show also continues to expand from
970,000 to mark its 1 million listeners. On top of the most popular Malay music, this
No.1 East Coast radio station serves a diverse selection of English, Hindi and East
Coast dialect music as well!
XFM: Supporting local music all the way
XFM, the ONLY station that plays 100% Malaysian-made music, is tuned in by
145,000 listeners. Focusing on fresh new music, XFM attracts young listeners aged
15-25 years old by giving young talents the platform to shine.
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