Harry Turker Khiran Ebony Natalie Sylvia Derice Anthony H Last


Harry Turker Khiran Ebony Natalie Sylvia Derice Anthony H Last
Matong Street Dareton
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Welcome to our last week of Term 2 where this week our Key Value and Goal is:
Being Strong—Being In Class and Making Good Choices’. Teachers will be
discussing this Key Value in class and in Yarn Ups this week focussing on what Being
Strong looks and feels like in action, not just words. You are encouraged to have
follow-up talks at home; supporting not just the work being done at school, but in the
growth and development of your child. In anticipation, thank you for the great work
you all do in encouraging your child to follow our school expectations and Key Values.
Science Day—tomorrow. I look forward to you joining us share practical aspects of
Science and having fun learning! Mr Brown, Ms Steel and some Year 9 students from
Coomealla High will be leading the Science Experiments with each group as they
rotate through a number of experiments. At the conclusion of our Science Day
morning, we have a School-Community BBQ lunch to thank everyone. Many thanks to
Ms Curtis for organsing our Science Day and to Coomealla High School for facilitiating
the practical aspects of Science and for supporting Dareton Public School.
School Holidays. This Friday is our last day of term, and even though everyone
looks forward to having a great holiday, you are reminded that we are at school this
week, unlike the Victorian Schools which broke up last Friday. Students are expected
to attend school each day this week.
Student Reports. Reports outlining the progress each student has made over the first
two terms of 2016 (Semester 1) will be available to Parents/Carers from the School
Office on Friday. Reports will not be sent home with students. Uncollected Reports
will be posted home Friday afternoon. If you wish to discuss your child’s report, please
arrange a suitable time with your child’s teacher early next term. Thank you.
Saturday 2nd July—federal election. This Saturday a Federal Election will be held
and again our School will be a Polling Booth in the Staff Room of our Office Block.
School Grounds. I remind everyone that out of hours our School is not open for
public use or thoroughfare without prior permission from me as the Principal. Our
school, like all NSW Public Schools, is covered by the Inclosed Lands Act and protects
school property. All acts of damage and vandalism will be reported to the Police. This
covers all school property and includes the School Residence. After hours and
especially during the school holidays, please do not use the school grounds and
please report any suspicious activity or damage. We want to keep our school looking
and being a great Public School. Thank you for your support and vigilance.
Have a great week followed a wonderful and safe holiday.
Hugh Twaddle
Anthony H
Shylah x 2
Harry Turker Khiran Ebony
Natalie Sylvia Derice Anthony H
Ciera Missy
Last Day of Term 2—Friday 1st July
First Day for students Term 3—Tuesday19th July
Anthony H
When: Tuesday 28th
Where: Dareton Public
Why: because we LOVE
Come and join us in
investigating and
exploring our world.
We have had a very rewarding time with the students in K/1 this term.
We continue to see students stay on task and try their best.
We will miss the students that have moved away but keep them in our
thoughts and memories.
We would like to thank families for ensuring their child is at school
everyday to ensure optimum learning experiences.
I would like to thank Lisa for the ongoing support she provides.
This Friday all K/1
students will be preparing
and making a special end
of term celebration lunch.
Today we spent some
time brainstorming and
voting on what we would
like for our end of term
celebration lunch
Last week K/1 students listened to the story, ’Hattie and the Fox.’ Following the story we looked
at how Hattie was safe from the fox in her home and what things made her home safe.
Following this discussion students were given a plastic teddy bear and provided with a range of
materials to select from. They were asked to build a shelter / home that would keep their teddy
bear safe from a fox. I was impressed with all students attitude towards this task.
Murray Cod
What a fantastic term from the Murray Cod class. Well done Skye, Derice, Anthony, Rowena
and Marcus.
Michael Weinert, Wendy Searle, Dawn King and the Murray Cod class.
Greetings from the Goannas room for the last
week of Term 2 ! Last Friday was assembly as
usual and our class did a fantastic job of
hosting the ceremony in our room.
Congratulations to Dion, Jasmine and
Nicholas who were excellent leaders. As part
of the assembly the Goannas class also did a
music and dance performance which
everyone enjoyed. Well done to everyone
who participated and made us PROUD as
usual. Our merit awards went to Knomi and
Sylvia, and our Student of the Week is Natalie.
Lamia received a Principal’s award and
enjoyed exploring her new Minions
seek-and-find book with Tyler and Anthony.
The artwork which is displayed on our page this
week and in the front office is a competition
conducted by the culture class staff - Dawn,
Naomi and Ros - and was judged today.
Don’t forget Science Day tomorrow with lots of
fun planned and a special lunch too. Have a
safe and happy holiday and we’ll see you for
the first day of Term 3 on TUESDAY 19TH JULY.
Fiona Turner, Susan McGlynn and the Goannas.