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The Real Stars? You!
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The Real Stars? You!
Thanks to our volunteers, leadership, supporters, and
friends whose contributions of creativity, time, energy
and resources helped make our Annual Benefit such
an amazing success! Cabaret Under the Stars was truly
a memorable event. Todah rabah (thank you) to those
who made it happen.
Event Chair: Christy Jeck
Committee: Karen Alexander, Alex Anderman, Sandeep
Goel, Debbie Goren, Liz Green, Audra Greenspan, Scott
Hartley, Erin Lager, Sheila Lederer, Paula Meier, Anne
Culiner Sipes, Yash Snider, Jodi Zwiebach
Byer Athletic Center Holiday Hours • July/ Aug / Sept 2013
Thursday, July 4 Independence Day 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
Monday, September 2 Labor Day
5:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday, September 4 Rosh Hashanah (Erev) Closed
Thursday, September 5 Rosh Hashanah
Friday, September 6 Rosh Hashanah
Friday, September 13 Yom Kippur (Erev) 5:00 am – 5:00* pm
Saturday, September 14 Yom Kippur
*Pools close 30 minutes prior to the close of the Byer Athletic Center.
Did You Know?
The PJCC is a non-profit organization that relies upon
generous donations to continue serving our community
in meaningful ways. Your contributions help the PJCC provide
a wide range of programs for people in every generation.
Visit Thank you.
Family Favorites!
Fitness Center
and Swim School
It was all smiles at the PJCC’s Annual Benefit Gala, Cabaret
Under the Stars, when Jewish Community Federation staff and
lay leaders presented a check for $332,000 to help fund the
innovative, new Grow Justice: Fight Hunger program.
Social action-focused learning groups for families will start soon.
For information, call Rabbi Lavey Derby at 650.378.2743.
From left: Alison Wagonfeld, Chair-elect ,Jewish Community Federation IGI
Grant Committee; Deborah Pinsky, Executive Director, PJCC; Rick Lenat,
Chair, Jewish Community Federation IGI Grant Committee; and Adina Danzig
Epelman, Program Officer, Jewish Community Federation.
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The PJCC is a proud member of the North Peninsula Jewish
Campus and of the JCC Association of North America.
Peninsula Jewish Community Center Your Center for Life
Summer 2013
Tammuz / Av / Elul 5773
Sitara Lones: “Joining the PJCC was a Game Changer”
Joining the PJCC Sixty pounds later, Sitara continues to use the PJCC to
in 2010 was, to use
her own words,
“a game changer”
for Sitara Lones.
Unlike her shortlived experiences
at other fitness
centers, the PJCC
quickly became
a very important
resource in the life of the Foster City resident.
“The PJCC supplements and supports so many of my efforts
and endeavors,” Sitara said. “Prior to joining, I lost almost
20 pounds through lifestyle and diet changes, but wanted to
get more fit. When I joined the PJCC, I started personal training
with Vicki McGrath, who helped me build foundational
strength and much-needed confidence.”
support her fitness goals. Whether the current UCSF Family Nurse
Practitioner student is studying in the quiet calm of the Adult
Lounge, practicing dance in the Yoga Studio, or sprinting off
student stress on the treadmill, she finds herself inspired at the
PJCC. But there’s more.
“I love that the Center is a source of family togetherness,” said
Sitara, who often enjoys sunning by the pool or spending “spa
days” in the hot tub and steam room with her three daughters,
Saphya (9), Yasmine (8), and Roxana (6). A native of Afghanistan
who is married to Aaron, an American of European descent,
Sitara also appreciates the PJCC’s multicultural community. “As
a ‘Halfghan’ family, we value diversity and teach our children the
joys of celebrating our differences,” she said. “I love that, for my
children, the idea of our Muslim family being members of a Jewish
Community Center alongside other people from all walks of life is
not unusual in any way!”
InnVision Shelter Network
By Stephanie Levin, PJCC Director of Programs
or the past five plus years, the PJCC has partnered with
InnVision Shelter Network (IVSN), an organization dedicated to
addressing homelessness in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula.
Supporting over 20,000 homeless men, women and children
annually, the mission of IVSN is to help these individuals find
permanent housing and return to self-sufficiency.
Our collaborations have occurred in a number of creative
ways. Camp Keff campers cite their yearly visit to the First Step
Family Shelter (to plan a carnival for the residents) as a highlight
of their camp experience. PJCC families have also joined us for
our annual MLK Jr. Service Day, which provides bag lunches for
the Maple Street Adult Shelter.
e ed
As the PJCC explored developing a Justice Garden to grow
vegetables for those in need, we knew that InnVision Shelter
Network would be the perfect partner. Lynnelle Bilsey, Senior
Volunteer Manager for IVSN, was thrilled and assured us that the
organic produce would go to good use.
Community members will have opportunities to volunteer
in the garden as well as deliver produce to local shelters. In
addition, children residing at First Street Shelter will be invited
to visit Justice Garden to experience firsthand the joys of
gardening and enjoy our playground and pools.
Through our partnership, we expect to provide IVSN with
over 500 pounds of fresh, organic vegetables each year to
distribute among shelter residents on the Peninsula.
f g i v i n g a r e th e ver y
ns of the
world.” — Pirkei Avo
t 1: 2
Meet Marybeth Lybrand, Garden Manager
If enthusiasm serves explained. “It’s wonderful to be a part of this process.” In
as fertilizer, the PJCC’s new
Justice Garden will soon
be blooming with fresh
produce. That’s because
Garden Manager, is
passionate about organic
gardening. She cites three
basic tenets:
(1) Caring for people (2) Caring for the earth (3) Sharing
the bounty.
“My goal is to help engender these principles and
create a garden that belongs to, and serves, the entire
community,” Marybeth said.
In this new position, Marybeth will oversee the
process of planning and designing the Justice Garden
and will help community volunteers grow food
organically and sustainably. She also looks forward to
working with the PJCC Preschool and camps.
“Teaching children about growing food, health, and
nutrition is vital to creating healthy communities,” she
addition, Marybeth will serve as a liaison between PJCC
and InnVision Shelter Network (see cover story), the
recipients of the organic bounty. “I’ve been interested
in food justice and equity issues for some time,” she
said. “To help create and cultivate a garden dedicated
to this cause is very exciting!”
Marybeth’s background includes sustainable
farming and food systems, and biointensive farming,
gardening and permaculture. She apprenticed at
Delphi Organic Farm and Garden in Los Gatos where
she learned about a self-sustaining, diversified farm,
and then trained to become a UCCE Master Gardener. A
tenured professor, she now teaches part time at College
of San Mateo. Marybeth lives in San Mateo with her
husband Steven, their daughter Cate, and two dogs.
“Gardening is a great connector,” she said. “It
creates a narrative that helps strengthen communities
as people come together to grow nourishing food that
is shared with others.”
Question on the Street: How Do You Like to Give Back?
Dennis Brown
49er Alumni and Center Guest
“Being involved with organizations such as the
49ers alumni and the NFL Alumni Northern
California Chapter allows me the opportunity to
Care for Kids... and practice the 49ers key principals
of keeping kids safe, on track, and in school.”
Cynthia Gradwohl
PJCC Accounting Manager
“I recently used a vacation day to volunteer in
Hayward to help build a community playground.
My husband and I donate clothing and furniture,
and also do an annual hike in Yosemite to
support research for histiocytosis.”
Rebecca Rodnitzky
Center Member since 2010
“I help raise money by walking in fundraisers like
the recent Arthritis Walk in Livermore. I volunteer
at my son’s preschool, and as a family we recycle,
compost and grow our own vegetables.”
Peter Ho
Center Guest
“I own my business and through this I sponsor
local events such as the Leukemia Run. Also,
when I host my own events, I donate a portion
of the proceeds to local charities.”
Jewish Holidays Explained
Tu B’Av: The Day of Love
6 Iyar, 5773 • July 22, 2013
High Holy Days
As the High Holy Days fall upon us, earlier than usual, Jews throughout
the world will prepare for this time of personal reflection, introspection
and repentance. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, also marks the
beginning of a ten-day period focusing on repentance. Jews mark the
holiday with festive meals and prayer services, and wish each other
“shanah tovah,” meaning a “good new year.”
Rosh Hashanah: The Jewish New Year
Elul 29, 5773 – Tishri 2, 5774 • September 4 – 6, 2013
Yom Kippur: The Day of Repentance
Tishri 9 – 10, 5773 • September 13 – 14, 2013
“Walls” in Your Words
What “walls,” physically or
metaphorically, have you
encountered in your life?
Share your essay (up to 150
words) and the two winning
essays will appear in the fall
issue of CenterView. Honorable
Mentions will be featured online.
Email submissions to [email protected]
org with the subject line “Walls.”
Deadline: Monday, July 15, 2013.
For sample essays and to learn
more, visit
Bring-a-Friend Friday
July 26 • August 30 • September 27
Sukkot: The Fall Harvest Festival
Tishri 14 – 16, 5773 • September 18 – 20, 2013
Shemini Atzeret: A Community Gathering
Tishri 22, 5773 • September 26, 2013
Simchat Torah: Rejoicing in the Torah
Tishri 23, 5773 • September 27, 2013
A New Voice:
Nurturing Jewish Identity
by Rabbi Lavey Derby, Director of Jewish Life
t’s wonderful to see the new Justice Garden in full
bloom in Hamlin Garden, the heart of the PJCC. Now,
we’re ready to focus on our second objective: nurturing
Jewish engagement and identity in families and growing
new Jewish leadership.
The PJCC is partnering with Kevah, an extraordinary
Jewish organization that provides in-home customized
Jewish learning groups. Kevah enables adults to explore
the spiritual and intellectual richness of the Jewish
textual tradition in an informal setting, building microcommunities, and empowering adults to take ownership
of their Jewish and spiritual lives. Kevah staff member, Lea Policoff, will be embedded
at the PJCC so that we can create a real synergy between our two organizations and
establish 30 learning groups over the next three years.
Here’s how the learning groups will work: a family makes the commitment to host
a group once a month in their own home, and invites 10 – 12 participants. These can
be people who are currently active in Jewish life, but particularly those who wish to
become acquainted, or reacquainted, with their “Jewishness.”
For the first six months, the group will learn Jewish concepts of social justice and
Jewish teachings about healthy eating and the environment. After six months, if the
group wishes to continue, they will focus on other topics of their choosing as they
expand their Jewish knowledge. The organizers of each group will also enjoy the
opportunity to take part in a special leadership training class with me.
We are seeking both group hosts and participants for these learning groups, and
invite you to learn more. Please contact me at [email protected] or Stephanie Levin at
[email protected]
Your Center @ Work for You
• Justice Garden grows organic produce
for InnVision Shelter Network
• Casablanca fans in the Lobby help push
heat down in winter and circulate cool
air in summer
• New spotlight illuminates the small
turf field
• Complimentary SPF 30 sunscreen stations
near pool entrance
wellness your way sm
Can You Dig It?
S ure, growing your own vegetable
garden provides tasty produce, but did
you know that the act of gardening itself
is healthy? Think about it: You’re in the
sunshine soaking up vitamin D. You’re
getting an aerobic workout through
digging and fetching. You’re building
muscle from lifting and lugging weighty
supplies, like bags of compost and potted
plants. Little wonder that the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention
and the U.S. Department of Health &
Human Services recognize gardening as
a moderate muscle-strengthening and
aerobic exercise.
But gardening isn’t limited to physical benefits. As master of your
garden, you enjoy control over what pesticides or fertilizers are used,
which promotes healthier eating. Then there’s the pleasure of grassy
aromas and earthy flavors of produce plucked fresh from the vine–
produce that hasn’t spent hours crated in the back of a truck.
Still not convinced? Work off your morning Starbucks or afternoon
Snickers with one hour of planting, digging, weeding, mowing
or pruning. Gardening not only keeps you limber but also burns
approximately 340 calories per hour.
And so, the next time you’re tempted to play another game on
your smart phone or turn on the TV, try the sensory experience of
digging in the dirt. Your world will become a little tastier and a lot
healthier with fresh produce harvested by your hand.
PJCC Artist-in-Residence Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen
The PJCC is pleased to present Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen
as our guest Artist-in-Residence. From the Clinton White House
to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, from the streets of Baltimore
to private collections in China, Jay’s works are worldwide. A
professional artist in Baltimore, Maryland, his subjects focus on
community-based public art, among others. Please join us in
welcoming Jay!
Curator’s Corner
PJCC Art Gallery presents
Art and Soul: Collective
Shabbat Art: Lines That
Cross Lines
C alling all artists! From fledgling novices to polished pros, To experience another facet
we’re inviting everyone to get their creative juices flowing and
of Jay’s artistic expression, check
By Kimberly Gordon, Cultural Arts Director
make a permanent mark on the PJCC — and in the most literal
sense! We want you to help us design and create a new mural for
the wall in the Mark Hamlin Garden.
PJCC Artist-in-Residence Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen’s unique
text-based design approach enables everyone, from children to
older adults, to discover their personal innate creative ability. In Jay’s
public art workshops, which are free, all ideas are essential.
Mural Design Workshops
Sunday, July 28 • 2:00 – 4:00 pm • All Ages • Multi-Purpose Room
Monday, July 29 • 2:00 – 4:00 pm • 18 and up • Board Room
To register, please call 650.378.2703. All participants will
recognize their artistic contributions in the final artwork,
which we’ll paint alongside Jay when he returns to the
PJCC this October.
July 11 – October 13, 2013
out his exhibit that contrasts the
large scale of our pending mural
with a series of stunning, smallscale watercolor sketches. These
sketches were created over several
years during Shabbat services. Since
most synagogues uphold traditional
Jewish laws, which include the
prohibition of writing (considered
work) on Shabbat, few artists are
afforded the opportunity to render
artistic documentation of Jews
at prayer in the sanctuary. Jay’s
moving series explores the potential
for painting to be considered a
companion to, or catalyst for prayer.
Our Caring Community by Michael Berman, President, PJCC Board of Directors
a s you pass through the Center doors, lowering the number of residents who regularly go hungry. You
you might notice elements of our mission can learn more about Justice Garden (Gan Tzedek in Hebrew),
statement and fundamental values that
are featured prominently on the pillars
of our entryway. One of those tenants
is Tikkun Olam, loosely translated from
Hebrew as “Healing the World.” The
PJCC takes Tikkun Olam — our role in the
community — seriously and works hard to
help and support as many lives as possible
through work and positive action.
One of the ways we’re doing this is by addressing one of the
biggest problems facing San Mateo residents: hunger. Many of
us don’t realize that thousands of San Mateo County residents
have insufficient food to feed their families each week. Our new
community garden is dedicated to helping local families and
which is highlighted in this edition of CenterView.
I’d also like to add a very special thank you to the Jewish
Community Federation and Endowment Fund’s North Peninsula
Regional Impact Committee for awarding the PJCC $357,000 in
grants for our new Grow Justice: Fight Hunger Initiative.
I hope the messages inscribed on our pillars will inspire you
to learn more about the many ways you can get involved. As
President of the PJCC, I encourage you to ask at the Welcome
Center for ways the Center can help you volunteer and, in turn,
help our community thrive.
We all have the ability to improve the lives of others. All we
have to do is choose to do so. Tikkun Olam — together we can
heal the world.
Inch By Inch by Stephanie Levin, PJCC Director of Programs
O n a warm spring Sunday in April, over 80 children and adults
gathered at the PJCC to sow the first seeds in our new Justice Garden
(Gan Tzedek in Hebrew). Thanks to the many helping hands, our new
garden will soon be bursting with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes,
watermelons, bush beans, carrots, and more. InnVision Shelter
Network (see cover story) will reap the bounty of the garden.
Working side by side, children and parents tended to the
beds, gently placing each seedling into the ground. Then, they
wrote their wishes and blessings for the garden on rice paper and
sprinkled the wishes into the soil. We ended our first planting with
a popular garden song called Inch by Inch.
As the Justice Garden blooms, we’ve been asked questions
such as:
Why raised beds?
• Raised beds are easier for all ages and abilities since people
don’t have to bend down. We also have two enabled beds that
are wheelchair accessible.
• The ground in Hamlin Garden is decompressed granite, making
it impossible for planting.
Who will oversee the garden?
Our new Garden Manager, Marybeth Lybrand (see page 2) will be
on site 20 hours a week.
How can I get involved?
This garden will be a success with help from many hands and will
have a continuing need for volunteers! Have a question or idea?
Email Marybeth Lybrand at [email protected] or Director of
Programs Stephanie Levin at [email protected] For additional
details, visit
See you in the Justice Garden!
In Appreciation to Our Donors for their Gifts and Contributions
February 1 – April 30, 2013
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Orene Kearn, Image &
Wardrode Consultant
Kenwood Vineyards
Kerns Fine Jewelry
The Kleid Design Group
Korbel Champagne Cellars
L Salon & Color Group
La Honda Winery
Lake Merced Golf Club
Lark Theater
The Late Late Show with
Craig Ferguson
Laura’s Beauty Care
Laurel Street Arts
Lawrence Hall Of Science
Leaf & Petal
Learning with Lindsay
Dr. Hubert Lee
Legoland California
Michal Lenchner, Business
Fran & Bobby Lent
Lexus of Serramonte
Lindsay Wildlife Museum
Little River Inn Resort
Lorry Lokey
Marybeth Lybrand
Mad Science of the Bay Area
Magic Theatre
Malibu Grand Prix
Mandarin Oriental
Marin Symphony
Marriott San Francisco
Airport Waterfront
Max’s Restaurants
Vicki McGrath
McRoskey Mattress Company
Mendocino Coast Botanical
Menlo Park Legends Baseball
Michael Merrill Design Studio
Mollie Stone’s
Tony Morin
Mountain Mike’s Pizza
Mountain Play Association
New Conservatory Theatre
Newport Beach Marriott
Hotel & Spa
Nick’s Cove
Oakland Athletics
Community Fund
Oakland Raiders
Olives Mediterranean &
Greek Cuisine
OPI Products, Inc.
Orchard Supply Hardware
Oren’s Hummus Shop
Oriental Trading Company,
Osteria Coppa
P.F. Changs
Pasta Primavera Restaurant
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
Peninsula Beauty Supply
Peninsula Dermatology
Medical Group
Peninsula Gymnastics
Peninsula Symphony
Perry’s Restaurant
Pet Camp
Peter Storm Jewelry
Piazza’s Fine Food
Pier 39
Pizza My Heart
Play-Well TEKnologies
Podesta Construction
Poplar Creek Grill Restaurant
Lee Port
Presidio Bowling Center
Pressed Juicery
Ravenswood Winery
Real Mex Restaurants
Red Roof Inn, San Francisco
Renda Za’Arour Salon
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
Robert Munsch Books
Rockin’ Jump
Rosewood Sand Hill
Ross Dress For Less
RP Diamond & Gold Imports,
Runnymede Farm
The Sam Mazza Foundation
San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco Ballet
San Francisco Conservatory
of Music
San Francisco Giants
San Francisco Jazz
San Francisco Opera
San Francisco Performances
San Francisco Symphony
San Jose SaberCats
San Jose Sharks
San Mateo Marriott San
Francisco Airport
Sand June Activewear
Scandia Family Fun Center
Ruth Schlesinger
School of Rock
Scott’s Seafood
Sharron & Elias Emergui
Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel
Simco Group
Sling Media
Sofa Outlet
Jeannie Solomon
Sonoma Raceway
Office of Congresswoman
Jackie Speier
Sports Basement
Sports Clips
Sports Gallery
Stanford Athletics
Steelhead Brewing Company
Stern Grove Festival
Stillheart Institute
Surf Spot
Susan & Scott Maltz
Sylvan Learning Center
Kristen Sze/ABC7
Rose Tamler
Ten Toes
The Doctors
The Village Pub
The Writing Coach
TheatreWorks Silicon Valley
Topper Fine Jewelers
Trader Joe’s
Rabbi Moshe Trager
Traveling Tea Parties
John Travolta
Trellis Restaurant
UK Hair
Universe Nail Spa
Urban Bistro
Urban Table
Vastrm, Inc.
Vichy Springs Resort
Vivace Ristorante
VJB Vineyards & Cellars
Wachtell Family
The Walt Disney Family
Wax Museum at Fisherman’s
Wegman’s Nursery
David Weinstein
Weir & Associates Catering
The Westin San Francisco
Wetzel’s Pretzels
Winchester Mystery House
Yank Sing
Yerba Buena Center for
the Arts
Yumi Yogurt
Zander Golf
Zwillinger & Co. Jewelers
Heartfelt thanks to the
Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund’s
North Peninsula Regional Impact Committee
for awarding the PJCC $357,000 (a check for $332,000 plus an additional $25,000) in grants
for our exciting new Grow Justice: Fight Hunger Initiative.

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