JDS Wave Jan 2015 - Dublin Unified School District



JDS Wave Jan 2015 - Dublin Unified School District
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!
By: Jacob Yadao and Vivian Tseng
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are the new Pokemon video games that came out Nov 21, 2014. According to trusted Pokemon source Serebii, the serial code is unique from previous distributed codes in that it can be
used by multiple players in the event. The code can be redeemed from Jan. 9 until Nov. 30. Apart from this, the
demo for "Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" has also been made available over at the Nintendo 3DS
eShop even if you don't have a code.
There are some new features to the game. First, you can make a secret base after you progress farther in the game.
Second, you can a get a pikachu with a costume for free. Third, there are legendary Pokemon from the previous
games. You can choose from three starter Pokemon. They are Treeko, Torchic, and Mudkip.
Some say there is going to be a FROZEN 2. Disney’s FROZEN is pretty popular. Elsa is the most popular character, especially for the little kids. It’s also sends a very good message:
men don’t always save girls! Just kidding! It makes sense,and
many kids love Elsa, Anna, and so on.
There has been a few theories about what would happen in
FROZEN 2. Maybe Anna gets powers! What would happen to
Elsa’s ice palace once it becomes summer? So many people
love FROZEN for many reasons. Of course, so many people
like it that there are apps on it, shirts, bags, purses
,backpacks, books and so much more!
Even if there isn’t a FROZEN 2, here is a comic to keep you
hanging! (And for even more excitement, Big Hero 6 is from
the creators of FROZEN!)
Here’s our cliffhanger comic… It may be confusing, Anna gets powers that were passed
on by Elsa. They look for a solution. Send me your ideas and it
could be in the newspaper! Drop
notes off in the newspaper box in
the office. Good luck!
have a
nice day!
The School Spelling Bee
By: Bornali Khondker & Vivian Tseng
For those who do not know, Dougherty Elementary School has a Spelling Bee every year.
Only 3rd graders and above participate in the Spelling Bee. This year’s Spelling Bee was on
January 14, 2015. Each class from 3rd grade and above had their own Spelling Bee in their
class. The last 2 people that kept on spelling words correctly went to the Dougherty Elementary School Spelling Bee. Mrs. Neuschwander hosted the Dougherty Elementary
Spelling Bee for the past 15 years. The last person to spell the word without a mistake was
Saachi Binani. She won Dougherty’s Spelling Bee. She gets to go to the Alameda County
Spelling Bee. If a 3rd grader won at the Dougherty Spelling Bee, he or she can not go to
the Alameda County Spelling Bee because they are not old enough. You must be in 4th or
5th grade to go to the Alameda County Spelling Bee.
Mrs.Neuschwander’s Interview
By: Bornali Khondker, Vivian Tseng, Melia Hsu, Michael Carrillo & Samira Sinha
Mrs. Neuschwander has been hosting for 15 years. She says it has been lots of fun. There
is a range from simple to painfully difficult words. The spelling bee has 3rd, 4th, and 5th
graders. She also runs the district spelling bee. She said spelling words are extremely fun.
First place winner, Saachi Binani (Ms. Lettau’s class) and second place winner, Nathaniel Carag
(Mrs. Molzen’s class) win the Dougherty Elementary Spelling Bee. Students are accompanied by
Mayor David Haubert, Mrs. Rankin, Mrs. Neuschwander, and Mrs. Cildir.
By: Melia, Samira, and Michael
Have you heard of Dashin’ Dolphins? It is a great way to get a experience of
running, like a mini morning marathon, and you have fun, too!
Mrs. Pettit gives you a card to keep your score. When you run a lap, an adult
crosses off a number. Try to run as many laps as you can!
You run eight laps and then you’ve ran a mile.Congrats! At the end of Dashin’
Dolphins, you get a red, blue, green, silver, sparkly, and glow in the dark foot and silver chain (if
you have only started) if you ran one mile, two for two, etc. If you run 10 miles, you finish your card,
get a new card, and receive a green or blue dolphin to put on your “necklace”.
Dashin’ Dolphins is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It starts at 7:50 in the morning.
Mrs. Pettit will be glad to have you join anytime! Dashin’ Dolphins is a great opportunity to run for
We’ve interviewed Mrs. Pettit on Dashin’ Dolphins. (It’ll be in the next issue.) Read the comic below to see how it works-in cartoons; the quirky version!
Warm Coat Drive
By Saachi B.
Hello, Dougherty! The Warm Coat Drive is finally here! Now, most of you might not be that excited about it because who wants to give away their warm coats during the harsh winter? That’s crazy! But it’s for a really good cause. The warm coats that you give will be donated to children who
don’t have coats so that they can stay warmer during the freezing season. Plus, you don’t have to
donate the coats that you are wearing now, just the ones you outgrew. To donate your coat, you
have to do some things. First, you’ve got to wash the coat so you don’t spread germs. Second,
make sure that it’s clean and warm before turning it into the office. Last, your warm coat will be
worn by a child in need. Also, you might get a lollipop! Just kidding. But still, you get the reward of
knowing that you did something good. You might not know it at first, but trust me, it’s there! See
you next month!
Introduction To The Advice Column
By: Miss Cookie Bear
Hi! I am Ms.Cookie Bear and I will be giving advice in the Dougherty school newspaper. There will be
one box in the office where you can drop off a note stating your problem. At the end of your note please
make up a name and sign with the name you thought of. The next time the newspaper comes out we will
have written you an answer!!!!
Mrs. Petit and a few of her Dashin’ Dolphins!

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