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Lenux™ Aluminum-Wood Composite
LENUX™ Aluminum-Wood Composite consist of Aluminum alloy and wood
composite, the outside part is aluminum alloy which meets different requirements of architectural appearance and design, the inside part is composite
wood which has the natural wooden feel and a colorful decorative effect.
It satisfies people’s hankering for clear, nature-like, relax and cozy indoor
We only use high-quality extruded wood that resist fading.
It doesn’t chip or peel, so it never needs to be painted. It
also provides weather tight insulation, which means frames
are very energy efficient. LENUX™ window and door have
exclusive multi-chamber design for increased thermal and
sound efficiency and structural integrity.
Lenux™ Aluminum
LENUX™ Aluminum windows and doors offer extensive choice of styles and
configurations makes it easy to find exactly the right fit for your project.
Since 2005 we have developed and manufactured high-quality windows
and doors and today our product range covers almost any
imaginable architectural style.
Our international profile systems adapts to high-class accessories and
multi-locking mechanisms to achieve better security, waterproofness
and air tightness.
With 1.44mm for windows and 2.0mm for doors our profiles guarantees
reliability and structural integrity. Using crimping Technology connecting
corner joints to ensure window and door systems is tightly connected
and gives heavy duty strength.
Weswin uses state of the art powder coating technology to ensure high
quality of colors that resists fading.
Advantages Of Lenux™
Luxury design and feel.
100% Virgin Aluminum.
Wide range of color choices including wood finishes.
Up to 90% Soundproofing.
Combustion and Aging resistant.
Acid & alkali resistant.
Easy maintenance.
Recyclable & Environmental friendly.
Thermal break energy profile for better insulation.
Excellent corrosion resistant.
Protection against cracking, warping & fading.
Certified British Design Technology.
Passed ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 quality authentication.
Frosted Glass
Clear & Tinted Glass
Reflective Glass
Weswin Company, Inc. can fabricate single and double glazing for
both LENUX™ Aluminum and LENUX™ Aluminum-Wood Composite
windows & doors. With ranges of glass from Annealed (float glass),
Tempered (toughen glass) Reflective (mirrored), Tinted (color glass),
Frosted (patterned glass) and etc.
Our commitment to our customers goes beyond the finished project
we commit to a life time of service, with Weswin Company, Inc.
you’re our customer for life.
Window And Door Ranges
Sliding Window
Casement Window (swing-open)
Awning Window (top-hung)
Swing Door
Sliding Door
Stacker Door
Folding Door (accordion type)
Pocket Door
Our attention to detail goes well beyond our products.
Our Account Executives are local experts available to you at
every point of the window and door buying process.
They are your trusted partners who can help you find inspiration, solve problems, and get the perfect windows or doors for
your project. They are there for you from start to finish.