Solo Brochure - The Great Lakes Solo Series



Solo Brochure - The Great Lakes Solo Series
Road Racing
Race Workers
On any summer Sunday, you may see a local parking
lot barricaded off, with traffic cones strewn about and
cars lined up to drive around the bright orange cones as
quickly as they can. What you are seeing is an autocross,
also called a Solo. It is not a race, but a precision driving
contest. And it is great fun!
If you ever wanted to race your car at high speed, door to
door, fender to fender, and then try to out brake the other
driver for a sharp curve ahead, SCCA road racing is for you.
With over 20 road races held on race tracks in the Great
Lakes Division, youʼre never far from the action.
Getting involved as a worker or official is as easy as going
to a local event and volunteering to help. Workers are issued a license just like competition drivers, and can work
their way up through four levels of licenses by participating at different events. SCCA licensed workers help staff
most of the road racing events held in the United States in
one capacity or another.
Buckle your seatbelts, throw on a helmet, and youʼre
ready to “attack” those cones in an autocross!
Key Ingredients
• Any licensed driver with a safe car and a helmet
may enter for a modest fee ($25-$40).
• The course is usually a large, unobstructed paved area
that permits setting up a miniature road course using
traffic cones.
• Drivers run alone on the course with no wheel-towheel racing.
• Courses are designed to challenge the driving skills
and car preparation of the entrants with turns, slaloms
and gates.
• Drivers are typically car enthusiasts who enjoy this
opportunity to drive hard and smart.
• Since cars are not all equal, there are over 30 classes
of cars. So, Corvettes are not competing against
Honda Civics.
Interested in Solo/Autocross?
Contact Mark Manninen (574) 271-0180
[email protected]
Getting Started
• The first step is to attend two Driverʼs Schools
approved by the SCCA. Once back in school, you
will be assigned an instructor who will assist you in
the proper driving techniques of road racing. Safety
and the proper racing procedures are also emphasized.
• After completing your Driverʼs Schools, you are now
ready to pick a class to compete in. With over 20
racing classes, you can race everything from production-based vehicles like Civicʼs and Mustangs to open
wheel cars like Formula Vee & Formula 500.
• In addition to the car, you will also need the required
safety equipment like a roll cage, racing seat, safety
harness, helmet etc.
• Entry fees for drivers are usually in the $250 range for
the weekend.
Areas of Specialty
Spec Racer Ford(above) and Spec Miata(below) are
two of SCCAʼs most poplular road racing classes.
• Flagging and Communication (F&C). These corner
workers report track conditions and signal the driver
of problems ahead through the use of flags. They
respond first to any on-track incidents.
• Emergency and Medical Services. Medical Safety is
a specialty for medical professionals. Emergency
Services (ES) main job is to move broken race cars off
the track in a safe manner.
• Race Control. Pit workers monitor and assist every
car that comes into the pits, as well as control the
entrance and exit of the pits. Grid workers check for
everything from safety equipment to car problems.
• Registration. People involved in registration process
competitor entries, assign car numbers and collect
entry fees.
• Sound Control. Officials monitor the sound level of
passing race cars during all practice, qualifying and
race sessions.
• Starter. In addition to using flags like the F&C folks,
starters also keep track of the leaders and the number
of laps run.
• Timing and Scoring (T&S). The main function of T&S
is to report the race by recording each competitorʼs lap
time and order of finish for every lap of the race for
every car.
• Technical and Safety Inspector. Scrutineers approve
cars that comply with safety regulations and conduct
inspections of race cars.
• Stewards. Stewards control and oversee the race operation and insure a safe, fair contest for all drivers.
Interested in Road Racing?
Contact Paul McBride (574)289-1398
[email protected]
Interested in being a Race Worker?
Contact Leon Krauss (574) 277-5371
[email protected]
Local Event Maps
Primary Autocross Site
Olive Rd.
Cleveland Rd. / Brick Rd.
80 90
Exit 72
80 90
Vorden Parkway
Old Cleveland Rd.
Nimtz Pkwy.
The Tire Rack Test Track, South Bend, IN
Nearest Road Racing Course
SBR Schedule
April 19
May 17
June 7/8
July 19
Aug. 3
Sept. 14
Oct. 12
Street Survival
Solo #1
Solo Test Nʼ Tune
Solo #2
Solo #3/#4
Street Survival
Solo #5
Street Survival
Solo #6
Solo #7
Street Survival
Road Race
Solo #8
Solo #9
Tire Rack
Tire Rack
Tire Rack
Tire Rack
Grissom Aero.
Tire Rack
Ft. Wayne
Tire Rack
Tire Rack
Lakeshore H.S.
Tire Rack
Tire Rack
Tire Rack
We’ll Show You How against the clock
Be sure to check the website for up to date information.
Membership Information
GingerMan Raceway, South Haven, MI
Club Meeting Location
Individual Member...............................................$75.00
Includes subscription to SportsCar magazine,
eligibility for Club licenses, SCCA decal,
insurance benifits, merchandise discounts.
Spouse Member.....................................................$25.00
Includes all the Individual membership benefits.
Only one issue of SportsCar magazine per couple.
This individual must be the spouse of a member.
Family Membership............................................$115.00
For a husband, wife and all children under 21.
Spouses and children have the same benefits and
priveleges as an Individual member.
First Gear Member...............................................$45.00
Special discounted membership designed to help
those age 24 and under get started.
Military Discount
If you are in active U.S. Military service, you qualify
for a $35 rebate. A copy of your active duty orders or
military identification card required.
SCCA Membership Discounts(55 vendors
AVIS,Barnes & Noble,Choice Hotels,Crutchfield,Eibach
FTD,Hertz,JRZ,MOTORBOOKS,Pace American, etc.
General questions about SBR, SCCA?
Contact Jeff Luckritz (269)429-3676
[email protected]
Club Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at
8:00 pm at Mancinoʼs.
Road Racing...them vs. you
Race Workers...
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