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Fall 2016
Beyond Dreams
The Urantia Book
Pathways to Deep Relaxation
Redefining Spirituality in the 21st Century
By Hennie Bekker
Over 800,000 in print
eyond Dreams - Pathways
to Deep Relaxation
is a new release by multiplatinum-selling, master composer
Hennie Bekker. With this album,
Hennie Bekker’s goal was to
combine rhythmic entrainment with
melodies that listeners could enjoy
while preparing for sleep, meditating,
or practicing yoga or general selfAbbeywood Records
exploration. This album reflects Bekker’s
$15.98 CD
expertise and years of ongoing work in
UPC 829492400620
the growing field of ‘music medicine.’
“In a departure from the more worldly
Available from New Leaf
music that has characterized Hennie
Bekker’s recordings in recent years, his latest album, Beyond Dreams
reflects a more otherworldly sonic dimension. Based on the latest
scientific research in brainwaves and body response, the music is
specifically created to facilitate a state of deep relaxation. Dreamy
synthesizers, piano, soft rhythmic pulses, and ambient atmospheres
gently entrain the listener into a profoundly peaceful state. As a soundhealing tool, Beyond Dreams creates the perfect ambiance for a rejuvenating inner journey.”- Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus
Asking For More
elcome to the literary
masterpiece that answers
questions about God, life in
the universe, the history and future of
this world, and the life of Jesus. The
Urantia Book harmonizes history,
science, and religion into a philosophy
of living that brings new meaning and
hope into your life. If you are searching
for answers, read The Urantia Book!
The world needs spiritual truth that
provides individuals with a pathway
into a personal relationship with God.
Urantia Foundation
The book describes an endless destiny
$19.95 Softcover
for humankind, teaching that living
ISBN 978-0-911560-51-0
faith is the key to spiritual progress
$24.95 Hardcover
and eternal survival.
ISBN 978-0-911560-07-7
The last part is the inspiring story of
Jesus’ life and teachings as never told before. It includes his birth,
childhood, teenage years, adult travels and adventures, public ministry, crucifixion, and 19 resurrection appearances. When you read his
story, you’ll find your own life purpose invigorated and transformed.
The Book That Will Change Your Life
Understanding Energy and Self
By Elizabeth Cook &
Laurie Stimpson
Take “Going Within”
to a Whole New Level
sking For More offers readers
new information to process,
personalize, and ultimately
Co-Create the Feeling Experience
that IS Understanding, Peace, and
Unconditional Love.
This is an Opportunity to Understand
Energy and Self in ways you couldn’t
imagine. What can you expect to learn
from these Higher teachings? The possibilities are endless, really.
Asking For More is not about religion, and it is so much more than an
informative Q&A experience from a new perspective. This is a “How
To” example in Truly knowing thyself, Remembering Who You Are.
In this very honest and detailed dialogue of documented conversations Elizabeth Cook has had with the energies known as The Blessed
Mother Mary and The Holy Spirit through Medium Laurie Stimpson,
we have been given assistance for our journeys through life.
Balboa Press 528 pages $33.99 Softcover ISBN 978-1-5043-6040-1
$44.95 Hardcover ISBN 978-1-5043-6038-8 $3.99 Ebook
Once every decade a book is
published that changes the way we
think about our lives.
Internationally acclaimed author and
motivator Tim S. Marshall’s ground
breaking philosophy has been hailed
series of self-motivation books, The
Power of BREAKING FEAR forces
us to break down the walls holding
us back.
Available in paperback and eBook,
“ ... one of the most fascinating books I have
seen. A new fresh look at how to end the fears
that hold us back from true success.”
--Kenneth Blanchard, #1 Best-Selling Author
of The One Minute Manager, 13 million
copies sold.
Author Tim S. Marshall is a legend in the technology industry. He
started his company with a discarded desk and a phone. His extraordinary success was featured in major business publications. Tim is now a
corporate coach for Fortune 500 companies and a motivational speaker.
Order from your local body/mind/spirit bookseller
Books & CDs
“The Pleiadian Trilogy” by William A. Guillory, Ph.D.
The Pleiadian Trilogy combines metaphysics, extrasensory phenomena, extraterrestrials, foreign espionage,
human drama, and planetary transformation. It is a series which foreshadows the fate of humankind on Planet
Earth. In a sense, it is a wake-up call about how each of us can play a unique role in designing the future of
human existence. It is literally impossible to come away untouched by the extraordinary action drama of this
series; and possibly transformed in the way you perceive the human experience.
The Pleiadians
The Pleiadian Trilogy
begins with the
arrival of an extraterrestrial from the
Pleiades Star
System. Under the
guise of serving as a
mentor to Dr. William
Bradley, John and
the delegation of
six, from Pleiades, have come to enroll
selected Earthlings to participate in the
Quest—the transformation of the Earth
consciousness from Survival to
Compatibility. Powerful forces oppose
this movement and set out to eliminate
anyone associated with it, including the
President of the United States.
$10.95 ISBN 978-0-933241-26-7
The Hunt For The
Billionaire Club
The President assigns
a special team to
avenge his assassination attempt by the
Billionaire Club—
a small group of ultrawealthy business men
who maintains Earth’s
status quo through the
power of wealth, control, and force. The
President joins forces with Dr. Bill Bradley
and the Star Network, a special group
Earthlings who communicate telepathically,
to continue the work of the Quest. In the
midst of this pursuit, the President learns
of the group who is really controlling the
affairs of Planet Earth—The Consortium.
$14.95 ISBN 978-0-933241-27-5
The Consortium
controls the major
events on Planet
Earth through the
power of influence.
However, when
events get out of
control and threaten
the Pleiades Star
System, the Pleiadians respond by
taking drastic measures to protect
themselves. These measures involve
unprecedented actions by the Pleiadians
that will permanently transform the
consciousness of humankind in a way
that no one could have predicted!
$17.95 ISBN 978-0-933241-28-2
Published by The Center for Creativity and Inquiry, Salt Lake City, UT
Available at: Local Bookstores, (PayPal), Amazon: Paperback and e-book
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Paradigm Busters
Reveal the Real You
By Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT
his book contains a
lifetime of wisdom
and insight into the
mind-body-spirit connection of healing and
wholeness for self-love.
Marilyn Redmond is
one of the planet’s true
uninhibited spiritual
warriors on a unique
mission to help rid
Mithra Publishing
humanity of negative
$24.95 Pbk 600 Pgs
forces and embrace
ISBN 9781530940110
the light and healing
desperately desired.
This book is a must Available at Amazon
for anyone interested in the relationship
between spiritual, psychological, and medical healing. It is a true and inspiring story
of injury and the search for physical, mental,
and spiritual healing. It is a life workbook at
University Earth. Marilyn’s teachings and
techniques for spiritual, psychological, and
medical healings speak to your higher purpose in life—the unlimited potential all of
us have to empower others and ourselves.
The Trauma Tool Kit
Now on Audio!
Healing PTSD From The Inside Out
he Trauma
Tool Kit: Healing
PTSD From the Inside
Out is now available
as an audio book on!
Since publication
in 2012, The Trauma
Tool Kit has won
several prestigious
awards including the
Silver Nautilus Award
and has become an
Audio Edition
indispensable part of Audible
many people’s journey
10 hours, 9 min.
in healing from PTSD
$18.95 Pbk
ISBN 978-0835608961
and traumatic stress.
Quest Books 312 pgs
This audio recording features the author
Susan Pease Banitt, LCSW, narrating in
her own voice and providing exercises and
meditations for healing.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – ForeWord Reviews
“The Trauma Tool Kit is a strong
addition to psychology and self-help
collections, highly recommended.”
– James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review
The Resume of Life
A Guide to Realizing Your Purpose Through Spirit, Mind and Body
By Terry J. Walker, MA
uthor and motivational speaker Terry J. Walker poses a simple question: if it’s true
that we only have one life to live, why not live it in the most positive, productive,
and fulfilled way possible? In this second edition of her groundbreaking book she
helps readers learn how to find their own answers, their own truth, and their own purpose.
Walker explains that her book was born from the realization that there are basically two
core energies in life – love and fear. The Resume of Life outlines these energies, explains
the role they’ve played in her life, and reveals how to recognize, understand, and put them
into proper perspective. The end result is release from self-sabotaging behaviors and to
embrace true love and acceptance from where it matters most – from within, or what she
calls “the Source.”
Throughout her book, Walker uses the concept of a job resume to explain how, much like
individuals build their resumes in order to grow in their careers, their task in life is likewise
to build their personal resumes by experiencing, sharing, growing, and creating better lives
for themselves and their families.
“We are all connected, and we’ve all experienced judgment, pain, shame, loss, and
rejection, but also love, joy, peace, light, and acceptance. These experiences are all part
of our journey and in fact are why we are here. We have come to this physical realm to
experience, create, improve, and help one another.”
Terry holds a master of arts degree in educational psychology and counseling. She is a
Life on Purpose Publishing
speaker and business owner of Inspire and Motivate, IAM, LLC.
$16.95 SC ISBN 9780972925020
“As informative and thought-provoking as it is insightful and inspiring,” – Midwest Book Review
$4.99 Ebook $7.99 Nook
“The author shines a spotlight on some of her darkest times in a very humble and positive
Available: IngramSpark, Amazon,
way. The book challenges me to look at some of my own life stories and consider what lessons
Books A Million, B&N
I have learned.” - a reader
“This life-changing book is for anyone looking to transform their life and elevate their conFacebook page blog:
sciousness.” – a reader
Fall 2016
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Leading Edge Review 3
The Technology of Joy Stepping into Presence The White Cat’s Book
The 101 Best Apps, Gadgets, Tools, and
Supplements for Feeling More Delight
By Jonathan Robinson
et this book show
you new and
powerful ways to awaken
ever more joy in your
life.” - John Gray,
“Men are From Mars,
Women are From Venus”
This book gives you a
tour of all the best ways
to feel fantastic. You’ll
learn about tools ranging from a $1 gadget for
feeling intense pleasure, to apps and supplements that lead to more peace, love, and gratitude. Oprah says these methods are “great.”
$12.95 Pbk ISBN 9780692616253
$7.99 iTunes/Kindle
Cosmic Conscious
A True Story of Reunion with a
Celestial Intelligence
ake an alluring journey
with Vicki Mauer as she
travels through her inner
vision beyond present reality.
A predestined meeting with
her twin soul and mentor
sadly ends too soon, leaving
her alone to maneuver complex mind-body changes.
She prepares for the opening
of an internal gateway leading to communication
with The Mystical Great White Brotherhood. These
celestial entities trained Vicki to hear their vibrational
words and deliver an urgent message of preparedness
to humanity to survive the changing times.
By Sydney Platt
hat does it take to be
Present? Sydney Platt
takes us on an inner journey
exploring the many facets
of Presence. Understand
why the Personality is the
most powerful force blocking the full expression of
who you truly are. Learn
Balboa Press
ways to resonate with the
$19.99 SC
qualities of Presence, so
ISBN 9781504358057
$3.99 E-Book
you can be happier, calmer,
and more fully present.
By Marjo-Kaisu Niinikoski
Illustrated by Sirkka Shayan
n Absolutely Fabulous
Storybook for Adults!
This collection of spiritual
fairy tales, inspired by
A Course in Miracles, is
connected by an enchanting
white cat. Her message is:
”By changing your mind,
you change your life. And
by true forgiveness you will wake up from
your dream and meet your true Self.”
Balboa Press $26.99 Softcover & Kindle
ISBN 9781452530284
One World Renaissance The ABCs of Yoga for Kids
Holistic Planetary Transformation
through a Global Social Contract
Glen T. Martin, Ph.D.
“Incredibly rich with
insights, wisdom, and
scholarship...this remarkable
book offers profound solutions
to our global predicament.”
- Barbara Marx Hubbard
“This book is visionary
and appears at a time when
the…perceived failings of
current institutions call out
IED Press, 2016
for just such a vision.”
$21 pbk e-book $7
ISBN 978-1-933567-50-1
- Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D.
A Guide for Parents and Teachers
Written by Teresa Anne Power
Illustrated by Kathleen Rietz
his award-winning guidebook supports parents and
teachers who wish to learn
more about yoga for kids.
Among other things, readers
will gain an understanding as
to how yoga can alleviate
many childhood challenges
and have access to a sample
children’s yoga routine.
Stafford House Books, Inc. $9.95 SC (Bonus CD included)
ISBN 978-0-9822587-7-4
Order: New Leaf, B&T, Ingram, & Bookmasters
Orders: & Amazon
$16.99 SC ISBN 978-1-5043-5997-9
$33.95 HC ISBN 978-1-5043-5998-6 $9.99 Ebook
To Hell With Hell
It’s About Time!
By Ellwood W. Norquist
he author presents the
scientific basis of understanding God’s love. He
addresses such concepts as:
the universe as a holograph;
parallel universes; time (per
Einstein); the past, present
and future happening simultaneously; quantum physics; the mind creating
reality; reincarnation, and global consciousness.
“God’s love is all inclusive, unconditional
and everlasting . . . The Greek new Testament
teaches the truth of Christian Universalism.”
- Boyd C Purcell, Ph.D.
“I give it a double thumbs up.” - Larry Swartz,
Unity Pastor, Tucson Az.
Cosmic Connection Pub. Available from New Leaf
$17.95 Pbk ISBN 978-0-9646995-4-0 162 pgs
4 Leading Edge Review
Order from your local body/mind/spirit bookseller
Fall 2016
“Life is Great Even When
It Sucks” helps you with old and
new challenges we face everyday.
It helps you move forward past
fears and behaviors that block you
from being who you truly are and
doing what you really want to do.
This book is all about how we
come to make life choices by using
a five-point system.
• Combining this five-point system
with influences from family societal, and media cultures sheds a new
light on all relationships.
• Uncover and address your strengths
and weaknesses in the form of your
beliefs, habits and patterns.
New Books by John Diamond, MD
ohn Diamond, M.D., is a pioneering figure in holistic
Past President of the International Academy of Preventive
Medicine, he is a bestselling author of over thirty-five books,
including the classics Your Body Doesn’t Lie and Life Energy.
One of the foremost senior holistic healers, his work
combines a wide array of medical, cultural, spiritual, and
philosophical disciplines into a powerful approach
for health, healing, and life.
Medicine and Beyond Vol. 1
Presenting research over many years, this first volume of the series shares profound insights into healing
through examples of life and clinical experience.
$19.95 Soft Cover ISBN 978-1-890995-97-3
The Meridians and Beyond Vol. 2
Presents research over many years with the
focus of this second volume on pioneering work on
the acupuncture meridians and the emotions.
$19.95 Soft Cover ISBN 978-1-890995-65-2
Creativity and Beyond Vol. 3
The final volume of this series of three focuses on
the therapeutic potential of creativity in all its forms.
$14.95 Soft Cover ISBN 978-1-890995-63-8
• Look at and deal with your inner
• Go from fear to love.
• Embrace your uniqueness. Using
the toolbox is the key to unlocking
stagnant or outdated relationships,
especially the one you have with
Acknowledge and use your potential, and let your light shine on your
life and those of others. Remember
you are worth it.
$19.99 SC ISBN 978149901198
$29.99 HC ISBN 9781503552678
$9.99 eBook
Amazon , B&N, bookstores, McNally
Fall 2016
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Leading Edge Review 5
Holiday Gift Ideas
The Alchemy of
Primordial Memory
By Dorothea M. Mills /
elizabeth walker
$8.99 SC $3.99 Ebook
ISBN 9781504357272
“They will publish this
only after you are dead
and gone.” ~ Former
Benedictine Monk
Blessed By
Light Filled Love
The Celestial Teachings
Of Ashento
By Mariam Massaro
An autobiography of
Mariam’s awakening as a
spiritual medicine healer and
creatress of the arts. Mariam
meets her Twin Flame,
Ashento, an ascended being
from the celestial realms,
$15.99 SC $3.99 Ebook who has been united with her
in love for eons.
ISBN 9781524605223
through Music
The Odyssey
of a Music Healer
By Joel Andrews
$20 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-62620-744-8
The definitive book
on Sound Healing!
Also available: Master Harp CDs for Healing
Sharon A. Brunink, Ph.D.
Lessons from My
Inner Teacher
Lessons From My
Inner Teacher
Intuitive Journaling as a
Tool for Growth
By Sharon A. Brunink, Ph.D.
Intuitive Journaling as a
Tool for Growth
$17.99 Softcover
ISBN 9781452581941;
also on Amazon, B&N
Learn to access unlimited,
higher wisdom & knowledge
through the soul’s inner
guidance using intuitive
a wholistic new political paradigm party,
is a synthesis of the Democratic, Republican,
Libertarian and Green Parties. We have formulated
a comprehensive, synergistic 7-Point Platform
which serves to address and resolve our
current socio-economic and ecological challenges.
“Now Is The Time To Lighten Up, Enjoy the Music,
Simplify Our Lives, Accentuate The Positive,
Choose Peace, Choose Freedom, and Choose To Go To Health”…
and Myrricals
“Health, Peace And Freedom For All”
Specializing in
high vibrational oils 415-381-2357
Direct 407-948-9873
$10 Pbk
6 Leading Edge Review 415-381-4061
Order from your local body/mind/spirit bookseller
Fall 2016
Holiday Gift Ideas
Coloring Into Harmony Mandalas
Hand Drawn Designs for Coloring
By Jody Cooke
Balboa Press
$8.99 Perfect Bound Softcover
108 pages, 8.25x11” ISBN 978-1-50435-468-4
Available from booksellers, B&N, Amazon
ifty mandalas to color - fifty opportunities to relax and let the tensions
of the day fade as you focus on symbols of nature and geometry.
Let your analytical mind take a back seat as your creativity moves to
the forefront.
Just be yourself, relax,
and enjoy the tranquility
as you flow into the
natural rhythm of coloring around the circle.
Coloring Into Harmony Mandalas is the
perfect gift for those on
your list who enjoy
a little bit of a challenge
in their coloring as it
offers an ideal platform
to launch countless creative color combinations
to fill the most intricate
of patterns.
Ryken’s Journey
By Pamela Larocque
he sole purpose of
Ryken’s Journey is
to help other souls
to grow, expand and learn.
Really, that is why each of
us chooses to be here.
It is a candid, biographical
story of one baby’s life, told
through his mother’s eyes…
and the life he continues to
lead on “the other side”. It
may even lead you on your
own quest in search of your
own life purpose and to help
you on your own journey
towards peace, love and joy.
Though Ryken’s life was
brief, he taught the world around him so much about love
and life. One thing that I know for sure is you will see things
differently…life and death…after reading Ryken’s Journey.
October is International Awareness Month for Pregnancy
and Infant Loss. Light a candle at 7 pm local time on Oct. 15
to honour the babies who are now with their "angels on the
other side".
$18.99 SC ISBN 978-1-50435-724-1 $33.95 HC ISBN 978-1-50435-726-5
$10.99 ebook Balboa Press - A Division of HAY HOUSE
Fall 2016
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Leading Edge Review 7
Holiday Gift Ideas
Returning to Happiness
The Fairytale Oracle Deck
Overcoming Depression with
Becoming Sacred Space
Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
By Michelle Anne Hobart, MA
By Nicole Feltovic
$11.99 SC $3.99 eBook
by Patricia Gaviria / Moving Energies
$25 Card Deck ISBN 978-1-68419-683-8
ISBN 978-1-50435-436-3
$16.99 pbk ISBN 978-0-9910997-6-4
Balboa Press
$7.99 e-Book
These cards are colorful,
An exploration to find your
Amazing testimony with a NEW VISION
unique and easy to use.
deepest truth, live sustainably, and to understand and face depressive states.
They come in a drawstring bag.
Also available in Spanish & Portuguese
reconnect to your heart.
It’s Your Life...Own It!
(With Live Symphony Orchestra)
By Anaya Music,
$12.99 CD UPC 015882074261
Available from
By Christie Bakeman
$8.99 SC ISBN 978-1-5043-4948-2
Orders: & Ingram
Unique collaboration in cyberspace
between Anaya Music in Brazil and
a live symphony orchestra in Prague.
Sound and sage advice for
anyone who’s ready to live more
fully and intentionally.
“Get the book now that is already changing your
life in the future.”
—Dustin Vice, Author of Making Waves
The Art of
Quantum Leaping into Your Future Self
One Divine Universe
We All Have Guardian Angels
By Gina Burns
By Phyllis Reid
Illustrated by Sara Burrier
$14.95 US Hardcover $16.95 Canada
$13.95 Pbk ISBN 978-1-5043-5908-5
34 pgs ISBN 978-0-9795962-2-3
Balboa Press
A wonderful book for every child
The message of Multi-Cultural
in your life to encourage a
Diversity - Love, Acceptance, Unity,
relationship with their Angels.
is timeless for today. PASS IT ON.
The Art of Becoming Dancing at Angel Abbey
Quantum Leaping into Your Future Self
By Corey Lee Lewis Ph.D.
By Lauren M. Bloom
Part epic tale and part instruction manual,
this book takes you with Mind-Body
Master Dr. Lewis as he leaps through time
to gain guidance from his future self.
You will learn how to transform your life
with meditation, Neuro-Linguistic
Programming and the Universal Laws
of Attraction, Change, Contrast and more.
$17.99 Pbk ISBN 978-1-5043-5956-6
Balboa Press
Mediums Not So Rare
Psychic Gifts of the Mediums
By Edward Rogers
Suddenly being flung into a messy
divorce, Edward spent his last money on
a ‘reading’ with internationally-known
psychic, Rosemary Altea, changing his
life forever. Never looking back, Edward
continued this spiritual path befriending
many mediums as he now shares with you,
as you enter into the world of spiritual
Balboa Press
$21.99 Pbk ISBN 978-1-5043-5234-5
8 Leading Edge Review
y worldly standards, Kate
Cunningham is a success.
Driven by her demanding
father, Kate has won partnership
at a prestigious Manhattan law
firm. Her professional success
has come at a terrible price,
leaving unhappy Kate with only
her cat for companionship.
Then, an anonymous note
summons Kate to her dying
father’s bedside. Embarking on
a wild journey orchestrated by
the great Archangel Gabriel,
Kate discovers that angels are
real, miracles happen, and her
life is more magical than she ever imagined.
Dancing at Angel Abbey shares the heartwarming, humorous,
and inspiring story of one woman’s journey into a realm where
Heaven and Earth intertwine, archangels eagerly share their
wisdom, and Divine destiny awaits.
Balboa Press
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 978-1-5043-5331-1
$39.95 Hardcover ISBN 978-1504353335
Order from your local body/mind/spirit bookseller
Fall 2016
Holiday Gift Ideas
A Manual for the Graduating Class
Creating an Authentic Platform
Soul Excelsior
A Clear Blue Mind
and Transcending the Lower Matrix:
By Gabriella Flores
By Dawna Flath
$8.99 SC ISBN 9781504356855 $11.99 Pbk ISBN 978-1-5043-5616-9 A Manual for the Graduating Class
Margaret Doner
Balboa Press Balboa Press DAWNAFLATH.COM By
$33.99 SC ISBN 978-1532001291
Soul Excelsior is the self-help
Through meditation came the
This book is designed to challenge
book for anyone who wants
guidance to write and inspire
and expand your ideas about yourself
to improve their lives.
others to find their true selves.
and your world.
The Law of Attraction Bible
If Joan of Arc Had Cancer
Sacred Light
Master Your Inner World
Finding Courage, Faith and Healing from My Journey from Mormon to Mystic
By Dr. Stan Gravely
Embrace Your Power with Joy
$12.99 Softcover ISBN 9781452520766 History’s Most Inspirational Woman Warrior
By Myndee Joan Garrett
By Tracee Dunblazier
By Janet Lynn Roseman, PhD
$3.99 E-Book ISBN 9781452520773
$21/99 Softcover $3.99 Ebook
$16.95 Pbk ISBN 978-0-9963907-4-3 $15.95 Pbk ISBN 978-1- 060868-318-5
ISBN Spanish Edition: 978-0-9963907-7-4
ISBN 978-1-5043-5623-7
A compilation of truth that the universe
GoTracee Publishing
has delivered to us in these exciting days Reclaim inner strength with the icon of This is a source of inspiration for those Gain power over the negative forces that hold
you back by harnessing universal support.
feminine courage and faith, Joan of Arc. who are experiencing a crisis of faith.
of transformation & awakening.
Spirit Answers
(A Primer To Understanding
Spiritual Growth)
By Jacqueline McNeil Watts
Using simple, easy to understand language,
and the “knowing” of the Ageless Wisdom,
Spirit Answers explains God, his/her relation
to man, and humanity’s evolutionary journey.
Without becoming overwhelmed, the reader
gains much insight into who we are, why
we are here, and the salvation that awaits us.
Incredibly enlightening! A must read!
A Road to Fearlessness
and Transformational Recovery
By Leena Maria Markkanen
Author chronicles
how shift in
healed her
from cancer.
Balboa Press
$8.99 SC $3.99 E-book ISBN 9781504359009,,
Amazon, B&N, and other booksellers
$19.99 Pbk ISBN 9781504351959
Orders: Balboa Press, Amazon
Listening For
Ancient Gods
The Awakening of
The Universal Mind
By Linda C. Eneix
A game-changing study of the world’s
oldest buildings and the archaeology of
sound. Relate monumental sites and
their artifacts to explore the ancient
people that shaped the western world.
Original photos and illustrations, with
information that has never before been
made public. Non-fiction.
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 978-1533538116
Fall 2016
Keys to Your Divine
Like us on Edge Review
By Shireen Violett
If you are interested in “Mindful Science” or
“Mental Transmutation,” you will find this
book a great teaching tool for inspiration and
opening spiritual gateways. These gateways
are within just waiting to unfold in your
daily life as you search for truth and a higher
purpose. These writings are filled with life
style choices and affirmations encouraging
love, empowerment, and self-realization.
Balboa Press
$16.99 SC ISBN 978-1-5043-6055-5
Leading Edge Review 9
Holiday Gift Ideas
Just Be Love
Rusty: A Dog and His Angels
By Cindy Devereaux
Messages on the Spiritual and Human Journey
$12.99 SC $3.99 eBook 132 pgs
By David Schroeder
ISBN 978-1-45257-449-3
$17.99 Softcover
$28.95 HC 978-1-45257-451-6
978-15043-4245-2 $3.99 E-Book Amazon, B&N ISBN, Amazon B&N
A true, heartwarming story about
Vignettes on human love and the intent
a loveable, funny dog and how angel
of divine love - to remember we are love.
messages saved him.
Embracing Healing
A Slow Down Thirty Day Practice
Meditations of a Modern Mystic
By Maurine Doerken
By Christina Murphy, CHC, AADP
$17 Soft Cover ISBN 9780971988927
$8.99 Pbk ISBN 978-1-5043-4861-4
Wonderful book with healing mandalas
An intimate journal memoir about
helping reduce stress and
living from a spiritual core.
embracing positive change for all ages.
A Soul Journey
Chronic Illness & Disability
Darrell LLy
ynn Jo
ones, M.
Spiritual Balancing
A Guidebook for Living in the Light
By Diana Burney
$17.99 Pbk ISBN 9781583949887
North Atlantic Books
Spiritual wisdom and techniques
for healing and self empowerment
of body, mind, and spirit.
Angel Works
Becoming MySelf
Templar Tarot: The Journey
A Soul Journey with
By Barbara Anne Rose
Artist: Allen Chester
Chronic Illness and Disability
$16 Paperback E-Book $3.99
Author: Stephen Dafoe
By Darrell Lynn Jones Balboa Press
ISBN 978-1-4525-5445-7
$15.99 Pbk ISBN 978-1-5043-4056-4 $39.95 / 101 Card Deck & 176 pg Book
Order now at
Spiritual Evolution, Angels, Love & Forgiveness. One woman’s story of finding wholeness
A true story of a sexually abused woman. by discovering the gift in chronic illness.
Email for quantity discount.
The Timeless Love
of Twin Souls
By Janet Kay Darling
Evolving The Human Race Game
A Spiritual and Soul-Centered Perspective
By Carroy U. Ferguson, PhD
hat if human nature was more than you
think it is? What is the mirror effect, and
how does it help you to evolve the human race
game? This award-winning book provides an
alternative spiritual framework for new understandings and for becoming conscious creators in our individual
and collective soul-linked dramas.
Tate Publishing
$28.99 Pbk, $15.99 eBook
IBSN 978-1-62902-905-4
Available: Amazon & B&N
10 Leading Edge Review
uch more than just a
remarkable real-life
story, readers will…
• Gain a deeper understanding
of relationships and how to
improve yours
• Discover how your decisions
directly influence your destiny
• Appreciate that the life lead at
this time is only a tiny part of
a much bigger picture
• Receive insight into the
eternal nature of your soul
• Find a valuable twelve key
process to help bring greater happiness into life
“As informed and informative as it is thoughtful and thoughtprovoking, “The Timeless Love of Twin Souls” is engaging
and inspired reading from beginning to end, making it highly
recommended for personal reading lists and community library
collections…exceptionally well written, organized and presented.”
- Midwest Book Review
Thorne Publishing
$14.95 Pbk ISBN 978-0-9926094-0-5
Available: New Leaf, B&T and at local and online bookstores
Order from your local body/mind/spirit bookseller
Fall 2016
Congratulations 2016 COVR Visionary Award Winners! Best of Body/Mind/Spirit!
Deep Wave Body Healing CD
The Lost Waves of Time
By Jill Mattson
$15 CD ISBN 9780982281451
By Jill Mattson
$24.95 ISBN 9780982281451
Winner: Sound Healing Music,
Retailers’ & People’s Choice
Winner: Book of the Year,
Alternative Science,
Retailers’ & People’s Choice
Earth Song
Celestial Resonance
By Michael Moon
$15 CD UPC 84466703442
By Paradiso & Rasamayi $21.95 CD
Winner: Visionary Music
& Music of the Year
5th Element Music
Double Winner:
Frequency & Transformational,
and Meditation Music,
Retailer's & People's Choice Awards
See ad on page 2
Creative Awakening
Soul Touch
Coloring Journal
Desert Dawn
By Dean & Dudley Evenson
By Deborah Koff-Chapin
$15.98 CD
UPC 096507722323
Soundings of the Planet
$13.99 Coloring Journal
ISBN 978-0-9645623-8-7
Coloring Books:
Finalist & People’s
Choice Award
Iconic Music:
Finalist & People’s
Choice Award
Discover Your
Soul’s Path Through
The Akashic Records
By Linda Howe
$14.99 Paperback $1.99 Kindle
ISBN 978-1-4016-4613-5
Hay House
Winner: Contemporary
Spirituality Books
Plus Retailers’
& People’s Choice
The Coalition of Visionary Resources
Fall 2016
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Books & CDs
Two New Books
By Ruth Cherry, PhD
Living in the Flow
If you've had a
trauma, accident, or
shock, then Unify
is for you!
A Soul
Download & CD
By Maureen St. Germain
hen we open
to heal, we
invite the power
that creates worlds
to move through us
and guide us. We
practice presence,
we pay attention,
and we allow.
ISBN 978-1-5043-2893-7
Living in the
Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment
illustrates this process with journal writing,
psychological insights, meditation instruction, and spiritual awareness.
Rev. Michael Maday says:
Living in the Flow: Practicing
Vibrational Alignment is a large and unexpected blessing, a book that speaks both to
our hearts and our minds, a book that illuminates how spirituality and psychology
are truly married. The journal section is
uncommonly honest and revealing. This
book is a gem!
Unconditional Love
hen we allow
ourselves to
accept Source’s
unconditional love
for us, we release
limitations on our
healing and expansion. We trust a
Wisdom greater
than our mind’s to
guide us and we
pay attention. We
realize that reality
is greater than we ISBN 978-1-5043-6207-8
have known. Joyfully and creatively we
move through our days, always available to
receive miracles.
Accepting Unconditional Love carries
readers to a depth and appreciation of possibilities available in each second. This workbook explores previously unnoticed paths of
vibrational practice that will support sincere
seekers all their lives. Truly, this is a book to
read and re-read.
nify! guides you through an amazing
set of meditations that allow you to
bring back lost parts of yourself.
Trauma - from abuse or neglect, an accident, natural disaster, death or disability
in the family, sudden hurtful news or any
emotional wound or shock that has left a
scar - can
often lead you
to split off a
chunk of
yourself to get
through the
shock or grief.
Now is the
time to get
your self all
back together!
Download & CD contains Soul Retrieval
Introduction, Soul Integration Ceremony,
Unity Breath and Soul Retrieval Meditation.
$9.99 MP3 Download $15.95 CD
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