Rural Farming Brochure


Rural Farming Brochure
Trace Elements
Zinc Sulphate Mono
Added to fertiliser to prevent deficiency in crops
and grasses. Supports animal health also (but
will not raise levels sufficient to prevent F.E).
Manganese Sulphate Mono
To help with manganese deficiencies normally
associated with peat lands.
A soluble powder that can be blended with
fertiliser or used as a foliar application.
Copper Sulphate
A soluble crystalline form of copper that can be
used as a direct animal supplement in drinking
water. Also commonly used as a fungicide in
footbaths for footrot and as a spray for plant
fungus protection. Especially useful to organic
growers. Also a common fertiliser additive for
peat soils.
We are continually expanding our range phone us if you’re interested in
products not listed.
Special pricing is available for ‘indent’ orders
of 20+ tonnes ordered
90 days in advance.
Please contact our local representative to
discuss your product needs.
Cobalt Sulphate
Typically added to fertiliser in peat or volcanic
ash soils.
Prevents vitamin B12 deficiency in stock.
Ryegrass - Apollo Gold
Autumn sown/winter feed and then winter/spring
grazed and/or hay/silage.
Spring sown for pasture renovation and
quick feed.
Ryegrass - Voyager
Voyager is a medium maturing, rust resistant
zero endophyte ryegrass. It has a very dense
ground cover with a side leaf and recovers well
from intense grazing.
All products sold in 25kg bags.
Technical Sales Support
Mobile: South Island 021-388182
North Island 021-388086
Free Phone:
Animal Feed Supplements • Trace
Elements • Fertilisers • Seeds
0800 88 66 33
Email: [email protected]
Making Growing
More Profitable
Animal Feed Supplements
Magnesium Oxide (Causmag)
Magnesium Oxide 87% 200 mesh high quality
powder, 52% elemental Mg. A magnesium
supplement to aid in the prevention of
hypomagnesaemia in cattle and sheep. Suitable
for pasture dusting, pasture spraying or addition to
supplementary feed or oral drenching.
Magnesium Chloride - White Flake
High quality flake that is highly soluble in
water. Suitable for addition to drinking water or
supplementary feed or daily oral drenching.
Garlic Powder and Garlic Granular
Popular horse and animal feed supplement.
Zinc Sulphate Hepta
A crystalline white powder. Suitable for addition
to drinking water for the prevention of facial
eczema and also the prevention and treatment
of foot rot and scald. Can be added to feed
Magnesium Chloride - White Prill
Highly soluble. Suitable for addition to drinking
water or supplementary feed or daily oral
Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts)
High quality magnesium sulphate. Suitable for
addition to drinking water or supplementary feed,
or daily oral drenching.
Rural Farming NZ is a newly developed farm
supply company based in the Waikato.
Rural Farming NZ specialises in animal health
products and fertilisers with a wide range of top
quality animal feed supplements, trace elements,
fertilisers and seed.
We pride ourselves on our
great products, great price
and great service!
Granular Urea (46-0-0)
This is the best N source available for plant growth.
Recommended for all pasture and crops. (Also
available in a liquid form).
A high grade N P K granulated product, it has a
neutral effect on the soil pH. Recommended for all
crops and orchards.
RPR (0-14-0)
High grade, finely ground Reactive Phosphate Rock.
Slow release P, ideal for organic farming.
Guano (0-10-0)
Granulated slow release P, ideal for organic farming.
SOA (20.5-0-0-24)
Sulphate of Ammonia. Highly soluble N, less
acidifying to soil than Urea. Blends easily with other
DAP (18-20-0-1)
For all pasture growth providing good N & P.
Recommended for all crops and orchards.

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