Fantasy Castles of King Ludwigs Way 2010



Fantasy Castles of King Ludwigs Way 2010
Fantasy Castles of King Ludwigs Way
Outlandish Schloss Neuschwanstein
Follow the trails of King Ludwig
Amazing Bavarian Alpine Scenery
SELF-GUIDED Departures for a minimum of 2 persons travelling together
Tour Grade – B/C (dependent upon walks chosen)
Tour Code - TKLW
For dates and prices visit:
It is entirely controversial that King Ludwig II, the ‘Swan King’, was mad, but one thing is for sure, this
somewhat eccentric King of Bavaria left behind a legacy intertwined with the history of art and
extravagant architecture. The Swan King is probably best known for creating the fantasy castle of
Schloss Neuschwanstein, which is without doubt the most famous and iconic landmark in Bavaria.
During the course of this amazing walking holiday through the stunning scenery of Bavaria you will
see and discover more about the fascinating Swan King. From the outset, a short stroll on the
‘Panoramaweg’ sets the tone with delightful distant views of Neuschwanstein, as well as the Bavarian
and Tyrolean Alps. Walking through delightful Bavarian villages, there are more fantasy castles to
enjoy, including Falkenstein, the highest castle in Germany. Reaching Füssen, it’s time to pay a visit to
iconic Neuschwanstein and if you have the energy a stiff hike to the top of Tegelberg (1730 metres) for
fine Alpine views.
Moving on, the trail of the Swan King continues upwards to King Ludwig’s old, historic hunting cabin at
Bleckenau (1167 metres) and beyond to the Alpe Jägerhütte (1435 metres). Descending to another
fairytale castle of the Swan King, Schloss Linderhof you spend the night in a true Schloss Hotel, very
close to the castle itself. As hard as it may be to leave here, there is more to look forward to as you
then walk along the scenic ‘Via Alpina’, through delightful Bavarian Alpine forests, where eagles dare
to reach the Bavarian resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here alpine charm meets modern comfort, in
the old part of Garmisch. From Garmisch you can take a ride up to Zugspitze (2964 metres), the
highest mountain in Germany for utterly sublime views over the Bavarian Alps, take a swim in the
crystal clear Eibsee and appreciate the beautifully painted, colourful Bavarian homes. Your final day of
hiking is a choice between a challenging walk up, up and up to Schachen Schloss, King Ludwig’s high
Alpine castle, or to Mittenwald. This easier walk is one of the most scenic in Bavaria passing Schloss
Elmau and glittering lakes along the way to reach the exceptionally attractive, traditional village of
Mittenwald, famous as the home to violin craftsmen in a picture postcard setting surrounded by high
mountains. Whichever you choose, both are a wonderful way to end an even more wonderful week on
our Bavarian walking discovery.
You may also be interested in our “Bavaria In Style- In Search of the Swan King” walking holiday that
follows an identical route whilst staying in upgraded accommodation along the way.
The Holiday
Routine As this is a self-guided holiday you
can of course dictate your own schedule. As a
general rule, usually you will walk for 2-4 hours
in the morning, and then halt for a leisurely
lunch (either at a café/restaurant en route, or a
picnic lunch in a scenic place). After lunch
you’ll walk for 3-4 hours to your next overnight
accommodation. Your main baggage is
transferred to your overnight accommodation,
so during the day you will only need to carry
your usual daypack.
Walking conditions
From lower level valley walks to higher walks
in the mountains you’ll be following waymarked
trails, primarily with good conditions underfoot.
These can vary from rocky trails to forest trails.
There will also be sections of both ascent and
descent, which may be steep at times, but
rarely sustained. The walk to the summit of
Tegelberg involves 950m of ascent and
descent on a steep, winding trail. There is the
option to take the Gondola up and/or down.
Average daily walking distance is approx.
15km, with an average daily walking time of
around 5-8 hours.
A full explanation of the trip grading can be
found in our brochure or online at You should ensure
you are comfortable walking at this level of
grading and are physically prepared for the
Our self-guided holidays are operated by our
local agents. You will be provided with detailed
route notes and maps, which will have been
prepared by our local agent upon arrival.
Please note is not possible to send route notes
and maps in advance. Route notes will
naturally vary from country to country. Maps
provided are usually not as detailed as
Ordnance Survey maps in the United
Kingdom, but will be the best available for that
particular country. Your route notes will also
explain the arrangements for baggage
transfers etc along your route. On the majority
of self-guided walking holidays you will often
be following way-marked trails (either signed
or with frequent symbols). However you should
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
be confident in your navigational and mapreading skills and knowledge and experience
of using a compass (and taking one with you)
can be helpful. In your final joining instructions
we will send you contact details of our local
agent (day time and emergency), as well as
your first night’s accommodation. Details of
your onward accommodation arrangements
will be contained within your route notes. Our
local agent should be able to provide local
advice and assistance if required. You should
always carry your mobile/cell phone with you
at all times. In the unfortunate event of
inclement weather we would advise you
contact our local agent to check whether that
days particular walk presents any increased
difficulty before deciding whether to proceed.
What you need to provide Your personal
equipment as detailed in the clothing and
equipment list later in this trip dossier.
IMPORTANT-Due to the specialist nature of
our holidays, day to day itineraries should
be taken as a guide only, and as statements
of intent and not contractual obligations.
We regularly update our trip dossiers to
take into account changes to trekking
routes, accommodation, local transport etc.
Such changes are a factor of this type of
holiday and when made are out of
necessity. Other factors such as adverse
weather, unforeseen circumstances and
other matters entirely out of our control etc
can also lead to enforced changes during
the course of the holiday. It is not possible
to guarantee that any of our holidays will
operate exactly as per the anticipated
itinerary. The most current trip dossier will
be made available on our website. We will
also send you the most up to date trip
Instructions” approx. 2 weeks before
departure and you should carefully check
this for any changes that may affect your
plans. We also recommend you read the
“Useful Information” section on our
website and in our current brochure.
Outline Itinerary
Day Your 'at-a-glance' Itinerary
1 Arrive Munich and take train to Oy-Mittelberg
2 Walk through Bavarian villages to Lake Grunten
3 Hike to the Falkenstein to Lake Forggen
4 Visit Schloss Neuschwanstein and climb Tegelberg (or take the Gondola)
5 Walk up to the Alpe Jagerhutte and descend to Schloss Linderhof
6 Follow the "Via Alpina" to Garmisch-Partenkirchen
7 Walk to Schachen Schloss, or visit the scenic village of Mittenwald
8 Take train back to Munich
Meal plan
Burg Hotel Baeren
Schloss Linderhof** Hotel Linderhof
B – breakfast, L – Lunch, D – Dinner.
** Please note that the Oberammagau Passion Play takes place during 2010, the next Passion Play not being until 2020! This
incredibly popular event means that it may not always be possible to secure accommodation at the Hotel Linderhof on Day 5 for
your preferred dates. If this is the case you would walk to Linderhof on Day 5 and then transfer to Garmisch, subsequently
omitting the Via Alpina on Day 6. However, this extra day in Garmisch does mean you can have the option now to take the train
and cable car to the top of Zugspitze (2964m), Germany’s highest mountain for an incredible Alpine panoramic view!
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
Day 1
Arrive at Munich (or Memmngen) and travel to
the Bavarian village of Oy-Mittelberg by train or
bus (see joining arrangements and transfers
section). Upon arrival at Oy-Mittelberg you’ll be
met and then visit the offices of our local
agent’s where you will be given route notes
and maps, as well as advice as to some of the
options available. Depending upon your arrival
time, a great short afternoon walk would be to
take a stroll along the ‘Panoramaweg’ (2-3
hours) beneath the Bavarian and Tyrolean
3* Gasthof, Oy-Mittelberg
Day 2
A fairly easy day to get things started with
some low level walking to pass through several
delightful Bavarian villages. Along the way
you’ll come to the lovely Lake Grunten where a
dip in the lake will cool you down on warmer
days. One option is to pay a visit to the
Klettergarten by another small lake where you
can have a go on an aerial walkway high in the
tree canopy, or simply relax and take a light
snack etc at the café. You then head towards
the tiny villages of Eisenberg and Zell, where
tonight’s hotel is located beneath the ruins of
Freyburg and Eisenstein. From the sauna of
your hotel you can enjoy breathtaking views of
the Bavarian Alps. Walking distance approx.
15km, walking time approx 4-5 hours, approx
300m ascent.
Burg Hotel Baeren, Eisenberg-Zell
Day 3
You now head across countryside of the Allgäu
towards the mountains across the valley floor
and to the small town of Pfronten. Here you
ascend 400m up to the ruined castle of
Falkenstein (1203m) where you can look
forward to wonderful panoramic views. The
Falkenstein was intended to surpass
Neuschwanstein in splendour, however a
“credit crunch” halted this! There’s also a great
restaurant at the top too. Skirting the border
with Austria the route descends to the beautiful
alpine pasture area known as Salober Alm,
where a mountain café does great coffee and
cake. Following the ridgeline of this small
mountain you continue to descend to the
medieval town of Füssen, home to two castles
of King Ludwig. Walking distance approx.
16km, walking time approx. 5-6 hours, approx.
450m ascent.
Pension, Füssen
Day 4
The number one and ‘must see’ attraction here
is the most famous landmark in the whole of
Bavaria (and probably Germany too), the truly
Neuschwanstein. Here you can take a guided
tour (in English) of this truly amazing castle, a
mere 45 minute walk up from Füssen, as well
as take a visit to Hohenscwangau where King
Ludwig spent much of his childhood. In the
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
afternoon it’s time to ascend to the 1730m
summit of Tegelberg. The hike is around 6km
and a steep up, up, up, with 950m of ascent
and will take you between 3-4 hours to climb to
the top. There’s always the option of taking the
cable car up and hiking down, or taking the
cable car both ways. The views from the
summit are genuinely breathtaking as you look
over the Alps of both Bavaria and Tyrol and
down to the forests, valleys and lakes below.
Walking distance 16km, walking time approx. 7
hours, ascent 1150m (Neuschwanstein and
walking ascent of Tegel, cable car descent).
Pension, Füssen
Day 5
It’s now time to head into the Bavarian Alps
proper. Leaving the lake behind you head into
a valley surrounded on both sides by the steep
mountain slopes of Tegel and Säuling. The
trail rises steadily to reach the old, historic
hunting hut of the last Bavarian King at
Bleckenau (1167m). Close by is the Berg
Gasthaus where you can get a delicious meal
and refreshments. The route continues
upwards to reach a pass and the Alpe
Jägerhütte (1435m) before beginning to
descend quickly down into the Ammerwald
valley and onto the Hotel Ammerwald. From a
here a short public bus ride brings you to yet
another fairytale castle, Schloss Linderhof.
Tonight you will stay ‘next door’ to the castle in
a true Schloss Hotel (980m). Walking distance
19km, walking time approx. 6-7 hours, 600m
Schloss Linderhof Hotel, Linderhof
*please note that should the Hotel be fully booked for
your preferred dates (due to the 2010 Passion Play at
Oberammagau) you will need to transfer to Garmisch
after today’s walk)
Day 6
Before leaving Linderhof, highly recommended
is a visit to Schloss Linderhof itself. You can
always visit it the previous day too and enjoy a
stroll around the landscaped parkland
surrounding the Schloss. You’ll then hike to
Garmisch through the mountain valleys and
forests following the “Via Alpina”, that runs all
the way from Trieste to Monaco along old
forest tracks. Walking distance approx. 14km,
walking time approx. 5 hours, 500m of ascent.
* If you transferred from Linderhof to Garmisch
the previous evening then the delightful market
town of Garmisch (birthplace of composer
Richard Strauss) presents several great
options for hiking and other activities. Certainly
if the weather is clear a trip to the summit of
the highest mountain in Germany is highly
recommended. Zugspitze summit (2964m) is
reachable by either Gondola cable car all the
way to the summit, or by taking the cog
mountain railway (Zugspitzbahn) up to the
Zugspitze Glacier and then up to the summit
by Gondola. Needless to say, the 360º summit
panorama is “Alpine Splendour” with views
extending across both the Alps of Bavaria and
Austria. Alternatively you could hike to the
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
crystal clear waters of the Eibsee (1000m),
which lies beneath Zugspitze, and take a
swim. From Garmisch itself this round trip walk
is around 12km with approx 300m of ascent to
the mountain lake.
Hotel, Garmisch
Lying at an altitude of 1866m in the shadow of
Dreitorspitze peak (2633m), the strategically
located Schloss commands magnificent views
of the valleys below. This challenging hike of
some 20km involves around 1200m of ascent
and descent and takes approx. 7 hours. The
more moderate option is arguably one of the
most scenic walks in Bavaria to the utterly
charming village of Mittenwald. Along the way
as you walk along the valley floor to Mittenwald
you pass Schloss Emau and a couple of
delightful alpine lakes.Reaching Mittenwald
you can discover at the museum here why
Mittenwald is world renowned for Violin
makers. Exploring this colourful Bavarian
mountain village with its bright fresco painted
homes, elegant shops and cafes is a delight.
Day 7
Today you have more choices from Garmisch,
one moderate and one more challenging. The
challenging hike (and remaining true to the
theme of “In Search of the Swan King”) is to
walk to King Ludwig’s High Alpine Castle,
Schachen Schloss.
Another option would be to take the Karwendel
Cable car from Mittenwald to quickly whisk you
straight up to 2244m for stunning alpine views.
The walk to Mittenwald is 18km and should
take around 5-6 hours with approx. 400m of
ascent. To return to Garmisch simply take the
train (cost approx.€6)
Hotel, Garmisch
Day 8
Depart Garmisch by train/bus back to Munich
or Memmingen
See for train and bus
times from Garmisch to Munich/Memmingen
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
Practical Information
Passports and Visas
British passport holders (and other EU
passport holders) do not require a visa for
stays up to three months for visit to Germany
(please ensure your passport has at least 6
months validity).
Accommodation will be reserved for you on a
twin share basis unless you have already
requested a single room. The accommodation
you will stay in during the course of this trip is
of a good standard staying in Hotels, Pensions
and Gasthofs. Most places are independent
family owned and operated and provide a
warm Bavarian welcome and hospitality, as
well as great traditional regional gastronomy.
All breakfasts are included in the Land Only
price of this holiday. Lunches and dinners are
intentionally not included to afford the
opportunity to enjoy the wide variety of
wonderful Bavarian cuisine to suit your own
particular tastes and budget. During the course
of the walking you will pass by villages and
towns, mountain restaurants, cable car
stations etc where you can take lunch, or
simply carry a picnic with you to enjoy in a
scenic place, which you can obtain from your
overnight accommodation or village shop.
It is of course impossible to predict the precise
weather conditions you will encounter during
the course of your holiday. However, we do
schedule our holidays to coincide with what
should be the most suitable weather periods
for walking. Summer in the Alps is usually
quite warm, with frequent dry periods, although
rain and thunderstorms can occur at anytime.
Mountains are notorious for creating their own,
localised weather conditions, so you should
always be prepared for inclement weather
conditions. For climate statistics visit
Roughly speaking temperatures decrease by
approx. 1ºC for every 200 metre increase in
The altitudes on this trip are modest and you
should not anticipate any problems.
Please make sure that your baggage is clearly
marked with your name, inside as well as
outside, in case the labels get detached.
Please note that as from July 1st 2009 we are
no longer providing complimentary Walks
Worldwide kitbags. Your main baggage will be
accommodations. Please restrict your main
baggage to one piece per person. As your
main baggage will be transported by vehicle a
normal suitcase can be used for your main
During the walking day you will simply carry
your usual walking daypack.
Responsible Tourism
Acting responsibly in the way that we operate
our holidays is very important to us at Walks
Worldwide. In recognition of our Responsible
Tourism values and practices, we have been
awarded 3-star status in AITO’s Responsible
Tourism scheme. We would also request that
as a client you endeavour to take part in any of
our holidays with a positive attitude to
Responsible Tourism and travel in a socially
responsible manner. Many of our holidays
travel to ecologically and culturally sensitive
areas, where it is important to minimise any
negative impact. We would especially
recommend that before you start your chosen
holiday you take the time to learn more about
the country you are visiting, especially with
regard to local culture, religion, customs,
taboo’s, acceptable modes of dress etc. Bradt,
Lonely Planet and Rough Guide publications
are an excellent resource for this and much
more too. We are of course always happy to
help and advise with regard to the country you
are visiting.
Vaccinations and medical precautions
We always recommend visiting your doctor
and dentist for a check up before travelling.
Your doctor will also have access to the most
up to date information on vaccinations and
medical precautions for the country you are
about to visit. In general, no vaccinations are
necessary for Germany and health problems
here are quite rare. A useful travel health
online resource is
Please make sure that you obtain form
EHIC either online or from
your local post office – you will need to
produce this if you have to see a doctor.
First Aid
You should always carry your own small,
personal first aid kit. This should consist of the
following: A general anti-biotic, throat
lozenges, painkillers, plasters (band-aids),
blister treatment, insect repellent (DEET),
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
rehydration salts, antiseptic cream, diarrhoea
treatment (e.g. Imodium).
The currency used in Germany is the Euro (€)
Please refer to for up to date
ATM machines are common in the main towns
visited during the course of this holiday.
The language spoken in Germany is German.
In many of the places you visit English may be
understood, but this may not be the case
everywhere. It is always a good idea to learn a
few simple phrases, common greetings and
courtesies in both German and taking along a
phrasebook can be very useful in this respect.
Know before you go Walks Worldwide are
fully committed to the British Foreign and
Commonwealth Office’s “Know before you go”
campaign. We thoroughly recommend that all
Walks Worldwide clients visit the FCO website
If you have any questions or concerns about
government travel advice to your chosen
country please contact the Walks Worldwide
Contact details
It is not our policy to provide addresses and
telephone numbers of every location that you
will be staying at on this tour, as, due to
frequent changes in contact details, it is very
difficult to provide an accurate list for all our
tours. Your Final Joining Instructions, which
you will receive 2 weeks prior to departure, will
show any local contact details that are required
for your tour. However we will endeavour to
provide you with further details if you have a
specific reason.
Mobile phones do work in some of the areas
you are trekking in, however at some stages
there maybe no signal. If you have not used
your mobile outside the UK before you will
have to contact your operator to enable
international calls. Please ensure your phone
is set for roaming if you are taking a mobile.
Please note that it is expensive to phone both
to and out of a mobile when abroad. We do not
however encourage mobile phone use whilst
walking on any of our trips – out of courtesy to
other clients please use you mobile phone
discretely. If you do need to get in touch, or if
anyone needs to get in touch with you, please
contact the Walks Worldwide office (0845 301
4737) during office hours.
Tipping is at your discretion. However, if you
have received good service a tip is the normal
way of saying ‘thank you’.
We recommend either: The Map Shop, 15
High Street, Upton-on-Severn, Worcs WR8
0HJ (Tel: 01684 593146) or Stanfords at 12-14
Long Acre, London WC2E 9LP (Tel: 0207 836
Joining Arrangements and Transfers
You will be met on arrival at the train/bus
station in Oy-Mittelberg on day 1 of the trip
itinerary. The nearest Airports to Oy-Mittelberg
are Munich and Memmingen.
It is very easy and straightforward to travel
from Munich and Memmingen to OyMittleberg.
From Munich there is a regular train service to
Oy-Mittelberg (journey time approx. 2hrs
30mins, cost approx. €15).
From Memmingen there is a regular bus
service to Oy-Mittelberg (journey time approx.
1 hour)
To arrange your pick-up at Oy-Mittelberg, you
would simply telephone our agents office
(number supplied in your Final Joining
Instructions) just prior to boarding whichever
train or bus you subsequently take to OyMittelberg to advise our agents (who are based
in Oy-Mittelberg) with your scheduled arrival
Train times and bus times for Munich and
Memmingen to Oy-Mittelberg can be found at:
Land Only
You will need to book flights that enable you to
arrive in Munich or Memmingen, no later than
mid-afternoon on Day 1 of the trip itinerary in
order to subsequently arrive in Oy-Mittelberg
no later than early evening by train or bus on
the same day. Return flights should be booked
to depart from Munich or Memmingen Airport
no sooner than the afternoon of Day 8 of the
trip itinerary.
In 2010 Ryanair ( are
introducing flights from London Stansted to
Memmingen Airport, which is considerably
closer to Oy-Mittelberg than Munich. You may
require extra nights both at the start and end of
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
the trip if you choose Ryanair
dependent upon their flight schedules.
Useful online search engines for International
air travel to Munich are:
scheduled - provides
information on low cost airlines flights.
Please contact the Walks Worldwide office to
check the status of your chosen holiday
BEFORE purchasing your International Air
ticket. You should not book your International
flight tickets or make any other travel
arrangements until your chosen holiday is
guaranteed to run. If you are purchasing your
own air ticket, you should be aware that most
of the cheaper airline tickets available for sale
on the Internet or from low cost carriers are
non-refundable in the case of cancellation. For
this reason we strongly advise you check the
rules of the ticket when you make a flight
booking, and check the limitations of any
cancellation insurance policy you have. We
cannot be held liable, for losses incurred
relating to any flight bookings or subsequent
travel arrangements you have made yourself.
You may arrange either single-trip or annual
multi-trip travel insurance through our
Campbell Irvine, for example, underwritten by
AXA Insurance (UK) plc. This cover has been
specifically designed to cover our type of travel
and we strongly recommend that you use it.
·Apply online at
Inclusions and exclusions
All breakfasts
All accommodation
All baggage transfers in the itinerary
Route Notes and Maps
Local advice on arrival in Oy-Mittelberg
Gondola/Cable Car Fee’s, public transport
used in the itinerary.
Entry Fee’s
Lunches and Dinners
Souvenirs and personal items
International Travel
Travel by Train If you would prefer to travel
to/from Munich by train
provides an online booking service for
European rail services, including Eurostar. You
should not book your International rail tickets
or make any other travel arrangements until
your chosen holiday is guaranteed to run.
Travel Insurance
It is a condition of booking any of our holidays
that you have comprehensive travel insurance.
It is your to responsibility to ensure you are
covered for medical and personal accident
risks for the part of the world you intend to
travel and the activities involved. This cover
ambulance and helicopter rescue. It is also
advisable to take out cancellation insurance as
all deposits paid are non-refundable.
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
Clothing and Equipment Lists
At least one set of casual / non-walking clothes will be useful for wearing in hotels on this holiday.
Whilst walking you must not worry about how you look: comfort and protection against bad weather
are of prime importance. Because mountain weather is so very variable, we recommend a number of
thin layers rather than a few thick ones. The following list is our suggested guide to help you with your
packing based upon our many years of travelling/walking. Using your own judgment for packing is of
course important, especially with regard to casual clothing etc but please do not hesitate to contact us
if you have any questions about packing for your holiday, or are uncertain as to the suitability of your
clothing and equipment.
Walking boots and spare laces
Lightweight Trainers/approach shoes
Socks – 3+ pairs (Walking and Casual)
Underwear 3+
T-shirts 3+
Trekking Pants
Short trousers 1+
Light fleece 1-2
Thick fleece 1
Thermal Baselayer shirt 1-2
Waterproof jacket with hood
Waterproof trousers
Warm Gloves
Sun Hat
Warm Hat
Gaiters (optional)
Swimwear (for saunas and the lakes)
Daypack/rucksack (25litre-35litre capacity)
2 Large water bottles ( 1 litre each)
Torch (and spare bulb and batteries)
Camera & accessories
Binoculars (optional)
A variety of dry bag/plastic bags (kitbags are not waterproof)
Trekking poles (highly recommended)
Reading material (optional)
Washing/Shaving kit
Insect Repellent
Small personal First Aid kit (see section above)
Anti-Bacterial Handwash
Water purifying tablets (iodine based are best)
Sun Cream & lip salve
Blister plasters – i.e. Compeed
Tickets/E tickets
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
The following items should also considered as being useful on a walking holiday
Penknife/small scissors (DO NOT PACK IN HAND LUGGAGE)
Moisturising cream
Baby wipes
Snacks/Energy bars
Padlock for your kitbag
Small sewing/repair kit (DO NOT PACK IN HAND LUGGAGE)
Small mirror
Spare glasses/contact lenses
Earplugs (against snorers)
Cold water Travel Wash (preferably biodegradable)
Travel adaptor
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way
What to do next We hope that you found this trip dossier helpful and informative. If you would like further information,
our friendly team would be delighted to help and advise with any questions you may have. As an independent walking
specialist company staffed by widely-travelled walking enthusiasts, we pride ourselves on being able to provide an
informal personal service to our clients, many of whom travel with us on a regular basis.
How to book this trip To check availability for specific dates and to receive a flight quote please contact us, also if you are
looking at a group trip please check the trip status with us before you book.
The easiest way to book your holiday is via our website: or to go directly to the online booking
form please CLICK HERE.
There is also a booking form on the website and in the brochure which you can complete and post to us.
Alternatively you can telephone (0845 301 4737) us and we can accept your booking over the telephone.
Deposit We require a deposit of either £100 per person or 10% of the total cost of the holiday (whichever is greater),
including extensions, single supplement and flights if we have quoted these separately to you.
Certain non-refundable, instant purchase flights will require full payment – we will advise you this at time of enquiry.
Your deposit can be paid by cheque, debit or credit card.
We are an ATOL bonded tour operator authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Every holiday we
sell that includes a flight element is protected under our ATOL licence number 10186. In the unlikely
event of our insolvency, the CAA will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will arrange to refund
any money you have paid to us for an advanced booking.
We protect all UK customers who purchase tours that do not include flights from the UK through the
AITO-arranged AITO Trust Ltd (AITOT). AITOT work closely with the CAA - they share much of their
information. Their financial requirements are as rigorous as those of the CAA
IATA is the Trade Association of the world’s international airline industry. To become an Accredited IATA
Agent we have to demonstrate financial soundness, and proficiency of staff
We are a member of the Association of Independent Tour Operators. AITO represents Britain’s leading
independent tour operators and encourages high standards of quality and service. We abide by the
Association’s Code of Conduct and adhere to the AITO Quality Charter which can be viewed at
Climate Care is the organisation through whom we offer people the opportunity to offset their
carbon emissions. We were one of the first travel companies in the UK to provide this facility.
In recognition of our Responsible Tourism values, we have been awarded 4-star status in AITO’S
Responsible Tourism Scheme
Up to £100 off
If you’ve already experienced the magic of one of our holidays, you automatically qualify for a
discount on holidays offered by the other specialist travel brands in our group. See our website
or brochure for details.
Germany-Bavaria- Fairytale Castles and King Ludwigs Way

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