Weekend Packet - Fisher Hall



Weekend Packet - Fisher Hall
Fisher Hall
The Cadillac of Dorms
Welcome Weekend
First Year Student Guide
Table of Contents
Letter from Welcome Captains…………………….….3
Hall Staff Introductions………………………..…..…4-10
Welcome Weekend Staff Bios…………...…………10-18
Fisher Hall Information……………………………..18-22
Fisher Event Information……………...……………22-24
Notre Dame Jargon Dictionary………………….…25-29
Places to eat/shop for Welcome Weekend………30-32
Letter from the Captains
Welcome, New Fishermen,
Foremost, welcome to the University of Notre Dame. Each
accepted class of incoming First Years seems to be more accomplished than the one before it, and you’ve made it. You
belong here.
Next, welcome to Fisher Hall, the reigning Men’s Hall of
the Year. Every residence hall will claim to be the best on
campus, but there’s a certain unexplainable aspect of Fisher
that makes your new home a special place. Some try to explain it using the word “community,” but it goes beyond that.
You’ll be joining a group from a variety of different backgrounds and stories. You’ll discover that your new friends in
Fisher mostly work hard, are occasionally serious, and love to
play Spikeball. Above all, they are proud to be residents of
We look forward to an incredible Welcome Weekend
with y’all. It’s a time you’ll remember vividly for a long time,
and we (the Fisher Hall Welcome Weekend Captains) plan to
do our best to make sure Fisher Hall is your home, and its
residents are your friends.
See you soon,
Brendan and Jordan
Meet the Staff: Mazz
Rick Mazzei was a 1978 graduate of Notre Dame and played lacrosse
while earning his BBA. Mazz also has a Masters Degree in United
States History from Salem State University in Massachusetts. For 36
years, Mazz was a Catholic school educator outside Boston; serving
6 years as Principal of Our Lady of Grace Elementary School in
Chelsea, and 30 years at Malden Catholic H.S. serving as Athletic
and Admissions Director and US History teacher. For 33 years Mazz
coached lacrosse at three different schools, and was the first
Massachusetts Lacrosse Coach to reach 400 wins. In July of 2014
Mazz came home to Our Lady's University when he became Rector
here at Fisher.
"Freshmen Fishermen: welcome to your new home. Fisher is a Hall
where we stress Family, Spirit, Honor, and Respect. Last year's Male
Hall of the Year, Fisher is a place where doors are always open, everyone is known by name, and we are proud of our Fisher Brotherhood. Soon you will receive an email from me with more information. Enjoy your summer." -Mazz
Meet the Staff: AR Vince
My name is Vince Leone and I am
in my last year of law school here at
Notre Dame. Along with Michael Szopiak, I will be your Assistant Rector this
year. We are really excited to meet all
of you guys and formally welcome you
to Fisher Hall in the coming weeks.
This really is the greatest Hall at Our
Lady’s University. I promise it won’t
take long for you to feel that way too.
Your Welcome Weekend will likely be a whirlwind, with all kinds of different events and activities for you to
attend. So before all that, allow this
packet to at least initially introduce
you to the place you will come to love
and call home. We’ve included some
information about our hall staff and government, our signature
events, as well as some Fisher Hall history to give you a better feel
for what Fisher is all about. Once you get here, you will realize the
pride we have in our community, and become a part of our brotherhood. I’m willing to bet that you will meet your best friends from
college here at Fisher. Now don’t be fooled, Fisher isn’t the greatest
place because it is a brand new hall with fresh paint on the walls…
not even close. It honestly might be one of the oldest and worstlooking halls. But believe me, it will be easy for you to look past
those ‘cosmetic’ concerns once you meet your neighbors and start
hanging out with your fellow Fishermen. We all love and look out
for one another, have each other’s backs, and feel the spirit and
pride about our community. We all want to be here, and soon you
will too.
These are going to be the best years of your life. I know we
haven’t formally met yet, but feel free to call or text me at (815) 6850952 with any questions you may have.
Meet the Staff: RAs
John-Paul Drouilhet, Basement
Hey guys, I’m John-Paul
“Pope” Drouilhet, and I’ll
be your basement RA. I
am a Mechanical Engineering major from the
Mississippi Gulf Coast,
less than an hour from
New Orleans, but I have
called Fisher home since
my arrival as a freshman
in the fall of 2012. In Fisher, I play guitar with the
Chapel Band, and have
served on the Fisher Welcome Weekend and
Regatta staffs. Freshman
year I wandered into a lax game (match? Still not really sure how it works), and I was also on this year’s
Championship Fisher baseball team. There are less
than 300 days until the Fisher Regatta, and less until
we see some freshly trimmed Regatta Hawks.
You Gotta Regatta.
Meet the Staff: RAs
Josh Tadevich, 1st Floor
Hey guys, I’m Josh “Shooter” Tadevich and I’ll be
your 1st Floor RA for the coming year in the Cadillac of Dorms, Fisher Hall. I’m from just down
the road in Granger, Indiana but for the past few
years I’ve been blessed to call Fisher my home.
I’m a senior Science-Business and Economics
major here at ND. The community in Fisher is truly second to none and I can’t wait to get to know
all of you. You gotta regatta!
Meet the Staff: RAs
Doug Clanton, 2nd floor
Hey y’all, I’m Doug Clanton and I’ll be the 2nd
floor RA for this year. I am a senior aerospace engineering major, from Austin, TX. In the dorm I
am a part of Fisher Hall’s interhall volleyball and
soccer teams. I’ve been named team MVP at
least one time. On campus I am very involved
with the Notre Dame chapter of College Mentors
for Kids. I have been a part of the club since my
freshman year and I am now fortunate enough to
take over the role of Vice President of Programming next year. I enjoy playing sports, watching
TV, and being able to relax and enjoy a good
book. I look forward to meeting each and every
one of you come Welcome Weekend.
Meet the Staff: RAs
Ryan O’Donell, 3rd floor
Ryan (aka Hawk) is a senior
(obviously) from Plymouth Meeting,
PA, a suburb of the city of Philadelphia. He is a Biology and Psychology
double major with a concentration in
Evolution and Genomics (but mostly
evolution). Outside of the classroom,
Ryan works in the Student Union
Board—the cool younger brother of
student government which programs
events like concerts and comedian shows—and is in the Improv comedy group at Notre Dame known as the Humor Artists (the anagram spells HA, get it?! Cause I'd really like it
explained to me...). Within Fisher, Ryan has been on the
Fisher Regatta staff the past three years, which included being in charge of it last year (if you haven't heard of the Regatta yet... don't worry, you will). Ryan likes to think he is
athletic, and plays soccer, spikeball, and Frisbee in his
spare time. Things that interest him include: soccer
(including a recent love for the Icelandic national soccer
team), baseball, football, movies, random facts about movies, television, random facts about television, video games,
card games, alternative rock, and parenthetical remarks.
Meet the Staff: RAs
Phil Wilson, 4th floor
Welcome to Fisher Hall and the scenic views from the fourth
floor! My name is Philip Wilson and I come from Clarksburg,
West Virginia. Here at Notre Dame I am studying biology
and peace studies, and am involved with our Center for Social Concerns and research in the biology department. I'm
always looking for pick-up basketball games at the Rock,
new music discoveries, outdoors adventures, and KizerZaire starting quarterback debates.
Meet the Staff: Captains
These two guys are Juniors who will be leading your
welcome weekend experience
Name: Jordan Foster
Major: Economics
Hometown: San Antonio,
Hobbies/interests: Soccer,
football, music, podcasts,
Italian culture, reading
Fisher Section: 2A
Name: Brendan Hallinan
Major: Economics
Hometown: West Chester,
Hobbies/interests: Golf,
basketball, hanging with
friends, movies, reading
Fisher Section: 4B
Meet the Staff:
Name: Alex Raymond
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Whitehouse, OH
(Suburb of Toledo)
Hobbies/interests: Anything related to sports and video games
Fisher Section for 2016-2017: 3A
Name: Alexander Short
Major: Finance
Hometown: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Hobbies/Interests: Basketball,
video games, trivia, Shakespeare
plays, fantasy sports, indie music.
Fisher Section for 2016-2017: 3A
Meet the Staff:
Name: Brendan Campbell
Major: Finance
Hometown: Huntington, NY
Hobbies/interests: Basketball,
baseball, fishing, golf, running
Fisher Section for 2016-2017: 2A
Name: Brian Ayers
Major: Finance and Math
Hometown: Glen Rock, NJ
Hobbies/interests: Lacrosse,
hockey, pick up basketball,
Fisher section: Basement
Meet the Staff:
Name: Daniel Blackburn
Major: Business
Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ
Hobbies/interests: Baseball, football, soccer, history, fan of New
York Giants and New York Yankees
Fisher Section for 2016-2017: 2A
Name: Domenic Misiti
Major: Pre-Med student majoring
in Neuroscience
Hometown: Mentor, Ohio
Hobbies/interests: Playing basketball, soccer, running, going to
Fisher Hall Mass, Cleveland sports
Twenty-one Pilots and Imagine
Dragons, Fisher service
Fisher section: 1A
Meet the Staff:
Name: Eddie Duffy
Major: Finance
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Hobbies/interests: Hockey, Football, COD, Maple Syrup
Fisher Section for 2016-2017: 1A
Name: Herman Tong
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Hong Kong
Hobbies/interests: Spikeball
Fisher Section for 2016-2017: 3B
Meet the Staff:
Name: James Kelsey
Major: PLS (Program of Liberal Studies)
Hometown: South Bend,
Hobbies/interests: Basketball, Ceramics, COD
Fisher Section for 2016-2017: 4B
Name: Jim Deitsch
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Hobbies: Sports, Music, Losing at
Video Games
Fisher Section: 4A
Meet the Staff:
Name: Kevin Lee
Major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Hobbies/interests: Basketball,
Hanging out
Fisher Section for 2016-2017: 3A
Name: Matt Piwko
Major: Business
Hometown: Sparta, NJ
Hobbies: Basketball, Rollerblading,
Fisher Section: 4B
Meet the Staff:
Name: Samuel Ufuah
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Brownsburg, Indiana, but born in Nigeria
Hobbies/interests: Basketball, tennis, ping pong, singing, guitar playing
Fisher Section for 2016-2017:
Name: David Carmack
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Veazie, Maine
Hobbies: Ice hockey, football,
tennis, basketball, books, golf
Fisher Section: 1B
Rooms/General Fisher
There are both quads 9(4 man rooms) and singles in
Fisher, but First Year rooms for Fishermen are always
doubles. Each double has 2 beds, two wardrobes, and
two desks. The furniture is modular, which means it is
“designed with standardized units that can be fit together in a variety of ways”
A typical setup for a move-in weekend room looks
something like this:
(picture not to scale)
but braver first-years will bunk their beds or find a
new, creative configuration
Imagine sinking your teeth into a
succulent, steamy artisan panini
every night without having to
leave the friendly confines of Fisher Hall. At Ellie’s
Deli, your dreams become a reality! Strategically located in the basement 24-hour lounge, Ellie’s Deli has
become a must-see attraction for guests and residents
of Fisher Hall alike. Ellie’s, affectionately named after
a former rector’s beloved dog, is a student-run, latenight sandwich counter specializing in modestly
priced grilled cheese and other hand-crafted sandwiches. Ellie’s offers a highly desirable on-campus
employment opportunity and is the premium choice
for Fishermen craving a midnight snack and some
Fisher brotherhood before bed. So stop by the basement, play a game of ping pong or billiards, and try a
world-famous artisan panini from Ellie’s Deli!
Service is a big part of who we are here in Fisher Hall,
and in the past, we have been a part of some great relationships within the South Bend community. One of our
most meaningful relationships has been with St. Adalbert’s School, an elementary school located in a lowincome area of South Bend. We volunteer there every
week to help tutor the students with their homework.
Many of the fundraising events we have run here on
campus go towards helping the school – such as our 24
-Hour Spikeball Tournament we ran last fall, and our
annual Fisher Regatta in the spring. Last year, our
dorm also took part in volunteering at Dismas House, a
home for formerly incarcerated men and women transitioning back into the community in South Bend.
Through activities like these, both off-campus and also
here at Notre Dame, we hold a great tradition of service
in Fisher Hall, and we are excited to welcome a new
wave of Fishermen into this tradition.
Fisher Hall, like the other residence halls, has many opportunities to compete in Interhall athletics, Over the last
few years, Fisher has held especially strong tradition of
excellence in its Lacrosse, Tennis, Hockey, and Baseball
teams. Besides interhall athletics, Fishermen are also free
to compete in CoRec (co-ed) and All-Campus (noninterhall single gender sports) sports through Notre
Dame’s RecSports system.
Above all, Fishermen love to play Spikeball on South
Quad, directly outside of Fisher. Spikeball is a little bit
like tiny volleyball on a trampoline. It garnered success
after appearing on the TV Show Shark Tank...but at Fisher, spikeball is more than a game: it’s a strong point of
community pride and bragging rights. Welcome Weekend Captain Brendan “Backer” Hallinan is arguably the
best spikeball player in Northwest Indiana.
Also, Fisher Hall will hold the occasional snow football
game after a fresh, heavy snowfall.
The Fisher Funk is an SYR (see jargon dictionary)
where Fishermen can travel back in time to the 70's
and embrace their inner hippie. Everyone dresses
up in miscellaneous apparel (usually from a thrift
store), and many people bring casual dates bowling. In the true spirit of the 70's, many people grow
out mustaches or bad sideburns, all for the sake of
the story.
The Fisher Regatta is an indescribable (studentbuilt) boat-racing event which takes place annually in the spring semester. It is Fisher Hall’s Christmas, and the pure hype it creates should carry you
through your first 6 months of school.
ND Jargon Dictionary
AcoustiCafé: Performances by student musicians held
every Thursday night in LaFortune Student Center
Archie: College of Architecture student, pronounced
Bengal Bouts: Student boxing tournament which occurs
in February. All proceeds go to the Holy Cross Missions in
Bookstore Basketball: Largest outdoor 5 on 5 basketball
tournament in the world, held in April
CSC: Center for Social Concerns; located by the library
(Geddes Hall), the CSC is the location for information regarding service projects. Also has free coffee.
CHEG: Chemical Engineering student
Stonehenge: Peace memorial fountain located on Fieldhouse Mall (North Quad area)
CoMo: Coleman-Morse Center; On South Quad across
from South Dining Hall, CoMo houses the First Year of
Studies offices, Campus Ministry, the Writing Center, and
a large study lounge.
DART: Old process of class registration. Replaced by
 DeBart: DeBartolo Hall; the main classroom building
and is next to the stadium and the Snite Museum of Art
 Dillon Hall Pep Rally: Dillon’s annual pep rally hosted
on the Thursday night before the first home football game
of the season and located in front of Dillon Hall on South
ND Jargon Dictionary
Dome Dance: Special formal given to Hall of the Year,
Men’s Hall of the Year, and Women’s Hall of the Year award
 Domer: Any Notre Dame student or graduate
 Domer Dollars: Real money that is converted to Notre
Dame-accessible funds
 DPAC: The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, located
at the end of DeBartolo Quad. This giant building houses
a concert hall, theater, organ hall, TV studio, and movie
theater and features performances throughout the year.
 DuLac: Document which lists the rules of life and conduct at Notre Dame
 D-2: Resident student parking lot near Mod Quad
 D-6: Resident student parking lot located by the Campus Security building
Fieldhouse Mall: Site of the former fieldhouse, near
LaFortune Student Center and North Quad, now contains
the Clarke Memorial Fountain (“Stonehenge”)
 Fisher Formal: Formal dance held traditionally (for the
past two years) in the Rock.
 Fisher Funk: Fisher’s fall “dance”. The entire dorm
dresses in 70s themed clothing and enjoys an evening of
bowling and music with their dates at Chippewa Bowl.
 Fisher Regatta: Hosted by Fisher Hall, the Regatta is
the annual boat race held on St. Mary’s Lake during the
spring semester. By far the best signature event on campus, and perhaps the world.
ND Jargon Dictionary
Flex Points: Monetary credit (1 Flex Point = $1.00) accepted at campus meal locations such as Subway and
 Grab ‘n Go: Campus meal option offered in both dining halls which provides a sack meal to students who
don’t have time to eat in the dining hall. Take note: North
and South Dining Hall actually offer different Grab ‘n Go
 Holy Cross College: Liberal arts college across the
street, also founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross
like Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame
 Huddle: Place to get food and meet friends. Located in
LaFortune Student Center
 insideND: Website that facilitates class registration
(NOVOing) and web enrollment, and allows students to
access final class grades and class schedules
 JACC: Joyce Athletic and Convocation Center, acronym
pronounced “Jack”. The JACC is the home to many varsity
athletics, concerts, and commencement ceremonies.
 John Jenkins: The President of the University, Fr. John
Jenkins, CSC.
 JPW: Junior Parents Weekend; weekend in February exclusively for juniors and their parents
 Keenan Revue: Comedy show performed by the residents of Keenan Hall and held during the spring semester
ND Jargon Dictionary
Keough Hall Chariot Race: Chariot race held during
the fall semester and sponsored by Keough Hall.
 LaFun: LaFortune Student Center which contains
SmashBurger, Subway, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, a
hair salon, florist shop, barber shop, copy shop, travel
agency, credit union, computer lab, and offices.
 Legends: Restaurant, Bar, and Dance Club located near
the stadium. Also a concert venue that has brought Aziz
Ansari, Twenty-One Pilots, Borns, Smallpools, and others.
 Monk: Nickname for Notre Dame’s former-president,
Father Edward A. Malloy, CSC
 NDH: North Dining Hall: the lesser of the two dining
 NDSP: Notre Dame Security Department
 NOVO: System students use to stressfully register for
classes at the end of each semester
 O’Shag: O’Shaughnessy Hall; Headquarters and main
classroom building for the College of Arts & Letters, includes Waddick’s Café
 The Observer: Daily campus newspaper published
Monday-Friday, famous for its Viewpoint section, which
features letters to the editor.
 OIT: Office of Information Technologies Central agency responsible for computing services on campus
 Parietals: Visitation hours for guests of the opposite
sex in student dorms
ND Jargon Dictionary
Quarter Dogs: Hotdogs sold for $0.25 at midnight every night
in LaFun
Reckers: 24-hour café located behind South Dining Hall
The Rock: Rockne Memorial; Student athletic facility located on
the west end of South Quad that includes an Olympic-size swimming pool, basketball, handball, and racquetball courts, and
aerobics and weight training rooms
Sakai: Website for professors and students for grades, homework, and feedback.
SMC: St. Mary’s College; Women’s college across the street
from Notre Dame, also started by the Congregation of Holy
Cross like Notre Dame and Holy Cross College, acronym pronounced “Smick”
Scholastic: Campus magazine
SDH: South Dining Hall, the greatest food serving establishment
at Notre Dame
The Shirt: Annual T-shirt that celebrates the football season and
is worn by the students to the football games. Buy it!
Stepan Center: Venue used for concerts and similar events on
the North end of campus
Stallnotes: Occasional publication found in Fisher Restrooms
that is half news, half attempted humor. Called the “Stall Street
SUB: Student Union Board; Student group responsible for bringing concerts, speakers, and movies to campus. They also organize AcoustiCafé.
SYR: Semi-formal dance held by every dorm. Stands for outdated term “Screw Your Roommate”
TA: Teaching Assistant
Nearby Stores/
• Bar Bici Italian Street Food- 1233 N Eddy St, South Bend
• Bonefish Grill - 620 W Edison Rd – Mishawaka 574-259-2663
• Carraba’s – 210 W Day Rd (off Grape Rd) – Mishawaka 574247-9460
• Chili’s Bar and Grill - 4810 Grape Rd. – Mishawaka 574-2711330
Chipotle – 1251 North Eddy Street (right across from campus) 574-251-0175
And 5445 N. Main St. – Mishawaka 574-271-3353
• Cold Stone Creamery - 620 W. Edison Rd. – Mishawaka 574257-7884
• Famous Dave’s – 6402 Grape Rd. – Mishawaka 574-277-1888
• Five Guys (burgers and fries) – 1233 North Eddy Street
(right across from campus) 574-234-1800
Nearby Stores/
• Hot Box Pizza – 1234 North Eddy Street (right across
campus) 574-246-9445
• Le Peep (breakfast and brunch) – 127
St. – Downtown South Bend 574-288-7337
• Max & Erma’s – 4340 N. Main St. – Mishawaka 574-243-5600
• Olive Garden - 6410 Grape Rd. – Mishawaka 574-277-6503
• Outback Steakhouse - 4611 Grape Rd – Mishawaka 574-2712333
• Panera – 4310
N. Main St. – Mishawaka 574-243-0001
• Papa Vino’s -5110 Edison Lakes Pkwy - Mishawaka,IN 574271-1692
• Ritter’s Frozen Custard (half price with a student ID!) – 3921 N.
Main St. – Mishawaka 574-255-8000
• Soho Japanese Bistro – 7225
Granger 574-272-2292
Heritage Square Drive-
Nearby Stores/
Super Target - 155 University Dr. Mishawaka (Across
from University Park Mall) 574-243-7442
Bed, Bath, and Beyond - 5802 N. Grape Rd. Mishawaka 574271-0709
University Park Mall- 6501 Grape Rd. Mishawaka 574-2772223
Martin’s (Grocery Store) – 2081 S. Bend Ave, South Bend
Meijer (Grocery Store) - 5020 Grape Rd, Mishawaka 574273-3500
Sam’s Club - 120 Indian Ridge (Off Grape Rd.) Mishawaka
Wal-Mart- 316 Indian Ridge (Off Grape Rd.) Mishawaka
For additional information, see
We look forward to seeing you in
the fall!