Kid$ Line Newsletter - Nashville Firemen`s Credit Union


Kid$ Line Newsletter - Nashville Firemen`s Credit Union
July 2015
Kid$ Line....
For Kids who $ave at Nashville Firemen’s Credit Union
Cool and creamy
sounds dreamy,
doesn’t it?
When the weather is hot, we
all enjoy a treat of ice cream
or frozen yogurt. Think
outside the cone! Make your
own ice cream sandwiches.
All you need is ice cream (or
frozen yogurt) and two
medium to large cookies.
(We like chocolate chip!)
Place a good spoonful of ice
cream on one cookie. Place
the second cookie on top.
Press together and place it in
the freezer until it becomes
cold and hard.
While you’re at it, why not
prepare one for every member of your family! Yum! ■
Enter our Coloring Contest!
On the back side of this
page, you’ll find a picture of
a family enjoying some
“underwater” fun!
Color the picture and enter
to win a $25.00 PRIZE!
We can’t wait to see who
wins this time!
(If YOU win, we will
deposit your prize into your
NFCU savings account.
Where’s the fun?
Hey Kids! Welcome to your Summer 2015
Kid$ Line! Now that it’s summertime
and you’re out of school, let’s look for
some simple ways to enjoy the best this
wonderful season has to offer! ■
Fresh fruits and veggies, anyone?
Fresh produce...right out of the
one of summer’s finest gifts! Do you have a
friend or relative with a garden? Why not
ask if you can help with the harvest? You
could learn a valuable skill. A juicy ripe
tomato or bowl of fresh strawberries could
be your reward! Enjoy!
Wherever you are...wherever you go...have fun!
Staying home this summer? You’re only limited by
your imagination. No tent? Create your own with
blankets or tarps! Creative kids always find something fun to do! Enjoy! (Don’t forget to leave
water outside for your pets!)
Beach Bound?
The lucky family below is ready to enjoy a day of fun in the sun!
We hope they remembered to bring their:
Good Luck! ■
Kid$ Line...
©January 2015 j LNDSHRK Communications
We can’t wait to see your picture!
Contest Entry Deadline -- August 3rd
Hey Kids! Color this picture and enter our
contest for a $25 prize! Make sure we
get your picture by August 3, 2015.
Age: _______ Phone: ________________
Congratulations to January Coloring Contest
Winner -- Rylee Warbritton, Age 7!
Mail to:
Nashville Firemen’s
Credit Union
P.O. Box 60567
Nashville, TN 37206
(Or come with your parent
to visit the Credit Union,
and deliver your page
in person!)
Good Luck!