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20 channels
Measuring rate at 1 Hz
Get started without any additional costs
(including cabinet, lightning protection,
self-sufficient energy supply and climate
robust 32 MB memory card)
The Second Wind data logger “Nomad2” offers in addition to its reliable and accurate operation
method the following characteristics:
+ integrated solar management (just plug in the solar panels and get started)
+ statistical multi-evaluation on one channel; standard deviation can be accessed simultaneously
e.g. by the minute or hourly.
+ free management software providing an easy log-in access from your laptop and graphical
The Nomad2 comes with an extensive English manual, an environmentally-resistant memory card and
materials for installation on the mast.
A German and Russian manual is currently being developed by AbsolutWind and will soon be part of the
delivery. Previous buyers have the opportunity to receive the manual at no extra cost by mail or via
Technical Characteristics
Which usual German standards
correspond to the logger?
IEC 61400-12-1 (for power curve measurements and wind reports)
TR6 "Technical guidelines for the determination of wind potential and
energy yields" by the FGW (Fördergesellschaft Windenergie) for wind
MEASNET compliant for site evaluation and anemometer calibration
for wind assessment, site survey and power curve measurements
The STANDARD for the creation of wind assessements from the site
review committee BWE (Bundesverband Windenergie e.V.) for wind
AbsolutWind GmbH • Spremberger Str. 4 • 12047 Berlin • Tel.: +49 30 25 32 685-1 • Fax: +49 30 25 32 685-2 • [email protected]
Technical Characteristics
Which sensor inputs does our logger
12 digital impulse inputs (frequency scanning):
0…2000 Hz
Accuracy of 0.02%
8 analog inputs (frequency scanning):
0…2.5 V and 0…5 V
Optional 0…1 mA, 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA
(Service: [email protected])
Accuracy of 0.2%
At which time intervals writes and records
our logger?
Recording at 1 Hz; all sensor data are recorded and evaluated at
1 sec. intervals
The data rows are being recorded – depending on request - at
1 minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour or 1-day time series; the standard is
10 minutes for wind reports according to IEC 61400-12-1 and TR6
Which statistical variables calculates our
Average, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, time of maximum,
time of minimum
Which outputs does our logger have?
2,5 V (for sensors, e.g. wind vane)
12 V with up to 1 A current for connecting various devices
12 V modem connection
Controllable switching output in AC or DC, e.g. for de-icing of
Which kind of communication ports does
our logger have?
3 independant RS232c ports, up to 115 kBaud
Direct PC-connection, standard DB9, DCE
Remote: modem, auto-wakeup Rx input
Device: MODBUS RTU for SCADA-Connection
What physical and environmental
characteristics does the logger have?
Logger operating at - 40°C…+ 85°C
(operability display: - 20°C…+ 70°C)
Weight for logger and cabinet: 10,4 kg (22 lbs)
ESD protection: Yes, for all inputs and outputs and the serial ports, an
additional lightning protection is not required
What kind of power supply is given?
Connection of a solar panel for a self-sufficient energy supply
12 V (power supply range from 10 to 18 V)
Two parallel 9 V batteries for a redundant backup supply in case of
failure of the autarkic energy supply (depending on system
configuration: up to 6 months continued operation)
Who is the manufacturer?
Second Wind inc., USA;
German Customerservice and Sales: AbsolutWind
Subject to change
AbsolutWind GmbH • Spremberger Str. 4 • 12047 Berlin • Tel.: +49 30 25 32 685-1 • Fax: +49 30 25 32 685-2 • [email protected]