Autumn Meeting Colchester 2015x - The Old Southendian Association


Autumn Meeting Colchester 2015x - The Old Southendian Association
Old Southendian Golf Circle - Autumn Meeting 2015 at Colchester Golf Club
The final event of the summer was less about swan songs and more about eagles, a double eagle to
be precise; no, not an American albatross, two eagles…that provided this report with its theme.
Colchester is a good venue. There is no spectacular scenery and little on the course is outstandingly
memorable but the course is mature at over 100 years old, always in excellent condition, flat and
comfortable walking for an aged group, plus the welcome and catering were splendid. It is the type
of course, to which we can return time and again and know that a good day will be had by all,
providing the weather holds and you don’t mind life in the fast lane roaring by just a few yards from
the 6th fairway. The Autumn Meeting was such an event.
This meeting is the climax of the year when numerous prizes for day and season are handed out to
all and sundry but after the thrill is gone there can only be one headline act. John Blackmore won
the main event with 38 pts., and dear old Ron Dudley would have a peaceful easy feeling knowing
that one of the good guys gets his name on his trophy. John modestly admitted that he just had one
of these nights.
John Milroy, Captain Elect 2016 presents John Blackmore with the Ron Dudley Memorial Trophy
Perhaps sharing the plaudits should be Paul Kreyling, who with 37 pts had the heartache tonight of
being twice runner-up to John and a victim of love to little brother Brian and his partner Nick Neale
in the Liberty Cup greensomes. While Paul was the winner of the 70’s Captains Trophy (0-14), this
meeting will always be remembered because Paul not only eagled the 9th hole, ably assisted by John
French’s fairway wood in the morning, but Paul eagled it again in the afternoon while going solo.
Two eagles at the same hole on the same day if that doesn’t take it to the limit I don’t know what
Paul’s eagle was also decisive in the Cock House Championship as Troy over turned a 9 pt deficit to
beat Tuscany by a single point. The Tuscans imploded for the second year running when holding a
significant lead, ‘there is always next year guys’, yeah and hell freezes over.
Paul Kreyling delighted with two eagles but had to watch brother Brian collect the prize through lyin’ eyes
Life’s been good…Brian Kreyling & Nick Neale receive the Liberty Cup (left) Hon Sec becomes golf’s latest millionaire with Three Tenners
The aforementioned 9th hole was also the scene of one of the day’s great injustices. Malcolm Price’s
drive only came to rest inches from the first cut, as a witness I can confirm the long run measured
approximately 310 yards so at first glance a worthy winner of the Longest Drive. However, see the
divot below, from here his second shot was ignominiously fatted into a bunker just 20 yds further
forward. A sand wedge found the green, only for Malcolm to hit the 60 ft putt 80 ft, de-green far
beyond the flag and produce a great up and down for the bogey. That type of play winning a prize is
the last resort. I didn’t see the nearest the pin shot but even Jerry Burrows is classier than that!
At 310 yds from the tee, from this…
…to this, Desperado
Malcolm was also responsible for a new award given for the first time in 2015 in memory of his dad.
Mac Price Man of the Year is to be awarded to the player with the best cumulative record over the
season. The inaugural winner is Dick Clarke. On acceptance, Dick gave a brief and moving tribute to
Mac, who was an Old Boys 1stXI hockey legend and at his peak when Dick started playing first team
hockey while still at school. Mac was also an irregular attendee with OSGC and is sadly missed by all
who knew him.
The final meeting of the year is always doubled up with the AGM, long known as a complete farce
and a procedural travesty, this year the formalities sank to new depths previously unfathomed, even
during the Meakin’s years.
Captain Kim Clarke was not present as he is attending a family wedding in Australia. He will be
greatly relieved to have missed what went on in his absence. Stepping boldly into the breach Captain
Elect John Milroy brusquely managed the ceremonial duties with efficiency and aplomb. Only to be
completely blind-sided by the Hon Sec when asked if he wanted to announce the new kid in town,
his Vice-Captain and Captain Elect for 2017. John, an accountant by profession, is presumably a
whizz with numbers but names and facial recognition, even of people he has known for forty years,
sometimes escape him. “Dave…” came the answer, “Dave…Evans is my vice-captain for next year”.
This came as something of a surprise to everyone not least of all Dave Evans, as Dave will freely
testify, he is something of an occasional, albeit very welcome occasional, member of the Circle and
by the look on his face clearly knew absolutely nothing about his unexpected elevation.
What happened next can hardly be done justice with a mere description. Suffice to say it was one of
those occasions when you really had to be there. The outcome was not only priceless but Precious.
With comedic timing not heard since the music hall exploits of a Marie Lloyd or a Max Miller, John
uttered the immortal words: “Wrong Dave”. Anything by way of explanation was a complete waste,
his audience had already gone, John will not get over it in a hurry.
It is a long winter, take it easy and next year in the true spirit of Dave, we will endlessly repeat this
tried and tested format, OSGC’s 2016 is not to be missed.
Dave Evans tactfully and gently tries to tell a red-faced John he’s probably had enough
In front of the 5th tee a traditional OSGC pose, saving Precious’ dignity
Captain Fantastic Precious (Elect 2017), Dave Webb sports Gok Wan, those shoes will not be easily filled
With sincere apologies to Glenn Frey and Don Henley, their work does not need to be abused like
Ian Catley (Tuscany 68-75)