June 2014 - Mental Health Programs


June 2014 - Mental Health Programs
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1108 Tamalpais Avenue
San Rafael, CA
Man of Mission City
I started painting in
2011. I enjoy painting
on canvas as well as
other materials, and
love to combine mixed
media with paint and
collage, often
experimenting with
various methods of
“distressing” my
pieces. My influences
are broad and many,
ranging from Pop Art
to Art Nouveau,
Decorative Arts, MidCentury Modern,
Victorian Era,
Abstract, Asian and
in between. I love to
try and inspire the
viewer to look at the
world and Life in a
different way as
opposed to just
painting an object. If
my art inspires people
to examine exhausted,
reaction, laughter,
and even controversy
at time.
The satisfaction for
me is in exercising my
personal creativity,
trying new things, and
the responses I
receive from the
finished product.
outdated, sometimes stereotypical
ways of thinking, or, just makes
them smile, then I am satisfied! I
find it incredibly rewarding when
my art provokes discussion,
ALL who have
encouraged me in the
local Bay Area art
community as well as
the extended
connections on Social
Media. This feedback
is what fuels me and
inspires me to
continually explore
new techniques,
styles, and mediums.
Thank you for sharing
my work!
- Jon
THE 1108 GALLERY…previously The Theller Gallery
HELP US KEEP THE GALLERY…THE 1108 GALLERY. It supports artists that are mental
health clients. You can give your financial support by calling me at 415-721-2232. So call and
give and help keep the gallery alive! Thanks!
- Barbara Coley
Thoughts by Larry Knietel
Science can be wisdom
personified. Ideally it is. What
counts is what works. That’s
what is important.
I love truth. That is real to me.
I accept what is already self
evident. That’s easiest to me.
It’s also more fun.
Science helps everyone. That
is a blessing. I want good
things. I feel science will
provide them. It takes some
thought though.
The quest of science deals in
concerted effort. Discoveries
aren’t always easy to come by.
Exercise the right to
concentration. It’s a valuable
tool for creative use.
Don’t lose sight of the now.
In science one must live in it
consciously. And listen to your
mind. It’s another valuable
secret of success in science.
The Answers dwell already
within you. You will make
known all things by this
Search your memory banks
like a computer. It will serve
you well.
Remember, knowledge comes
easier as you learn more
about yourself. Give a bit.
Nothing avails itself so well as
that. People tend to love open
minds. They are flypapers of
Forget problems. They only
make things worse.
Tell some one how you feel if
necessary. Ask God for help.
He’s your best friend. He will
help you. It just takes a little
faith. God will always meet
your needs.
See the desires of others as
sacred. Don’t take those you
love lightly. They need you as
much as you need them. Be
good to them. Be very
sensitive to them and not
flippant. They may want your
companionship more than you
Take mini breaks often. They
are soul food. Remain
reserved in nature. Also stay
relaxed as possible. Doing it
solves a lot of science needs.
Science demands love of
others in every way. May you
succeed in science.
In 2002 I had a major episode
which resulted in a job loss.
This is when I was diagnosed.
Two of my favorite things to
do are reading and walking. I
get as much training as I can
and stay active in many
Love all always. Be good. Be
kind. Share.
A Journey To Wellness
I have suffered from
symptoms of mental health
most of my life. I grew up with
fear and worry, thinking I was
a rotten person. This was due
to traumas starting at an early
I did get some therapy for
awhile in my teens and again
in my 30’s. They lasted a very
short time. I had a lot of ups
and downs during my life,
mostly downs.
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The next 2 years were very
bad. Then things turned
around. I started my road to
recovery. Therapy and
different groups helped. Then
I started to volunteer which
led to a paid position.
In recovery, I take care of
myself and stay active. I enjoy
time with family and friends.
- Leah F.
We are peers who come to the
Enterprise Resource Center to
attend the Linda Reed Activities
Club. We would like to tell you a
little about our program and
why we come here.
Coming to the Enterprise allows
us to express ourselves. We can
get out of our heads and
socialize. We get to see and
make friends. Often, while in
San Rafael, we can do other
errands. We have the
opportunity to learn and teach
each other. We get to share our
opinions, issues and problems
with others. We can share food
and compliments. We get to
learn more social skills and
coming to the ERC lets us get
out of our heads.
While here at the Enterprise we
can play games on the
computers and also use them to
learn different things. Many of
us enjoy it when other peers
make music. The meditation,
process and Smoke Busters
groups are fun.
For many of us, lunch is also a
fun time. It is nice to sit down
and enjoy our lunch with others.
We enjoy sharing food with our
We really enjoy all the groups
and the group leaders are
wonderful. The arts and crafts
projects are enjoyable and
challenging. We like the
movement exercises and the
walks we take. We get exercise,
fresh air and nice sunshine.
Often we go to the community
garden just down the street or
the fountain at the Welcome
Center. Sometimes we sit on our
chairs and wheel around the
table. It is a different sort of
activity that is comical for us to
Other groups we like include
reading/writing, watching movies,
and singing. In these groups we
can work on learning and
improving our skills. Not only that
but they also give us pleasure and
happiness. Maybe practicing
writing will one day let us write a
book or be able to interact with
and lead other groups.
We really enjoy coming here and
want to thank Barbara, Amber
and our teachers at Linda Reed.
The program allows us to enjoy
life more, stay healthy, and grow
into better people. It is really great
that our program exists. We are
extremely thankful.
Words and Ideas by:
Arthur Beallo
Michael Wren Jarvis
Lori Dodle
Florence Jordon
And Others
Organization by:
Terry Fierer
Susan B. Anthony was fined on June 18, 1873 for attempting to vote for president. How
much was she fined? $100.00. Anthony was fined one hundred dollars. However, she never paid and
instead did jail time. Susan B. Anthony was an American social reformer who played a pivotal role in the
women’s suffrage movement (getting the women’s right to vote!).
What state were all of the slaves freed on June 19 in 1865? Texas. These slaves were the very
last slaves to be freed after the Civil War had ended. On this date, “Juneteenth” is nationally celebrated
commemorating the end of slavery in the United States .
What cartoon was first released on June 9 in 1934? Donald Duck. Donald played a lazy duck on a
houseboat, which is how he got his famous sailor suit. The duck quickly became one of Disney’s most
famous and beloved characters.
The first attempt at a motion picture was made on June 15, 1878. Why was it done? To see if
all 4 of a horse’s hooves left the ground while it was running. Twelve cameras along a racetrack were set
up with strings attached to their shutters. When the horse ran by, he broke the strings and tripped the
shutters, taking twelve pictures. Showing, that, yes, all of a horse’s hooves are in the air at once when it
True or false?? The red pepper was proven nonpoisonous on June 28, 1820. Actually, it was the
tomato. Please don’t ask why they thought it was poisonous in the first place.
Who introduced the fork to Americans on June 25th, 1630? It was introduced by Governor
Winthropof the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Other people thought him strange and rude for using a fork.
The popular belief was that using a fork was an insult to God since He gave humans fingers to eat their
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I’ve been leading the drama group at the Enterprise Resource Center since December 2001.
Some of the things we do are warm up exercises, The Mirror Game, and role playing of talking on
the phone.
I bring bobblehead dolls to the group and we do scenes with these.
Some of the bobblehead dolls I have are Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Dennis the Menace, Eddie Munster,
Rock & Bullwinkle, Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, and others.
We do restaurant scenes, a newscast game, and play other games (password, Are You are Smarter
Than a 5th Grader and hangman for example). I also bring a Mad Lib booklet.
It’s been a very rewarding and fun experience I would love to have you join us!
- Steve Freschel
NAMI WALK 2014 - Kate Calvano
On Saturday. May 341st, NAMI had a walk to help
raise funds and awareness in the Bay Area, helping to
de-stigmatize mental illness. The walk was very
successful, thousands of walkers from all over the Bay
area attended. Our team from the ERC was called
“The Walking Warriors”.
Our day started out waiting for the tour bus to come
and give us a ride from Whistle Stop. We all piled on
and enjoyed the comfy seats as the bottled water was
handed out for the trip. We arrived to the fairgrounds
where there was music, booths galore and balloons.
Lots of people held signs out that proclaimed who
their group was. The walk started with thousands of
people. Cup, John, Marisa, Jim, Mark, Florence,
Charles, Marie and Steve, Lisa, Natalie and I all walked
for NAMI. It was a fun time where we all got to hang
out with each other as we did a good deed to help
awareness and de-stigmatize mental illness.
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Lisa, Kate, Maggie
In March 2014 I was elected to
take a training for the National
Alliance for Mental Illness
(NAMI) program “In Our Own
Voice” (IOOV) as a
representative for the Marin
County chapter of NAMI. I was
flown down to San Diego and
put up in a hotel free of charge
to take the one weekend IOOV
training. The training was
exciting and I met NAMI people
from all over the State of
California. I became a certified
IOOV presenter.
Since I got back from the
training I have done three
presentations with Harold
Grant, my partner on CAM’s
Careteam II. We presented at
the Marin County Jail, The
Marin General Hospital Psych
Ward, and at the Enterprise
Resource Center. All 3
presentations were a success.
The IOOV presentation goes as
First we show a NAMI film and
then Harold and I share in order
about the “Dark Days”,
“Acceptance”, “Treatment”,
“Coping Skills”, and then,
“Successes, Hopes and Dreams”.
To briefly sum up my story: Dark
Days began as a child born into
a very dysfunctional family. As a
way of coping with my trauma I
gravitated towards the drug
users. I drank and used drugs
on a daily basis from age 14
until 40 to self medicate from
my mental illness, schizophrenia
affective disorder, childhood
trauma and alcoholism. I
became homeless for a long
period of time, ended up in jails
and was 5150’d twice, as well
as being put in the psych ward.
Those were my dark days.
Then one day I woke up in jail
and the light bulb of
acceptance went on. I realized
my actions were not
appropriate for the general
public and that I was different
from most people due to my
mental illness, alcoholism, and
my circumstances. I accepted
that I was dually diagnosed
and that I was, indeed,
mentally ill and an alcoholic.
School of Art. I am on the
Board of Directors of the
Marin Chapter of NAMI, and I
do a lot of other volunteer
work. These are a few of my
My hopes are to grow, learn
and change more and move
forward. Some of my dreams
are to become an art teacher
at the University level, live in a
house with my loving
girlfriend, Maggie, and travel
When I got out of jail I went to to foreign countries. Also, to
a nine month live-in treatment continue to make art and
program in Cotati called A Step show in a prominent gallery.
Up. I learned about my mental One thing I must say that held
illness and alcoholism. I took
me through my illnesses and
medications for both. I still take dysfunctional family was my
psychotropics for my
ability to make art and by
schizophrenia. I also worked
going to school. I graduated
the 12 Steps of Alcoholics
with a Masters in Fine Arts
Anonymous and attended
from the University of
many AA meetings. I still do
California at Santa Barbara.
One of my greatest dreams is
My coping skills today are
hiking, swimming, making art,
bicycling, working a nine to
five job, reading and eating
good food.
My success, hopes and dreams
are that I am now 12 years
sober without a drink or a
drug. I am not homeless or in
jail but in an apartment where
I pay my own rent. I have an
art studio in Greenbrae where
I work a lot on my art.
to pass onto others the gifts
of recovery which I was so
freely given especially with
my talent in art. I have
received a lot of help in
Recovery and my desire
continues to pass it onto
others. I owe CAM and the
Enterprise Resource Center
much to my success.
Matt Tasley
I now have a 9-5 job working
on CAM’s CARETEAM II where
I help the homeless mentally ill
and addicted population of the
downtown San Rafael area. I
am currently the Artist in
Residence of the Town of
Fairfax and I teach art at my
studio in my own non-profit
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3270 Kerner Blvd., Bldg. A, Ste C
San Rafael, CA 94901
PHONE: 415-457-4554
WEBSITE: camentalhealth.net
HOURS: 9:00am-4:00pm
Sat-Sun 10:00am-4:00pm
[email protected]
Motivation is what
gets you started,
habit is what keeps
you going.
- Jim Ryuan
Forget what limits
you and focus on
what empowers
- Anonymous
Be Kind to One
- Ellen Degeneras