Colorado Council International Reading Association (CCIRA) Fall


Colorado Council International Reading Association (CCIRA) Fall
Colorado Council International
Reading Association (CCIRA)
Fall Membership Drive
Building Partnerships
Our theme this year is all
about collaboration.
And who are the most important teammates
in the work of building positive learning
communities where everyone--kids and
adults--can grow?
The professional learning of
teachers directly impacts students
in the classroom. By investing in
the growth of our teachers, we
invest in the growth of our
How can CCIRA help?
Teaching is a profession of
continuous learning. Teachers read,
take classes, attend conferences,
network with colleagues, and join
professional organizations.
If we want our teachers to stay current, it’s important
to encourage and support their professional growth.
As the largest literacy organization
in the state, CCIRA can support
teachers and students with
professional learning opportunities
and resources.
How might sponsoring CCIRA
memberships and/or conference
registration fees communicate to
teachers that parents value (and
expect) teachers’ professional
Link to vimeo of CCIRA Conference
We already know how much our parents care
about the learning experiences our students
have every day in the classroom.
We know our PTA works hard to make a
difference for our school.
Supporting the learning of the adults in the
building is a new and different way to have a
positive impact on student learning.
A membership to CCIRA is
$35 a year.
What are the benefits for members
(and by extension, our students)?
Local Councils (JCIRA)
Local councils meet throughout the year all
over the state to bring speakers and events to
members. Teachers continue to learn and
grow while finding other educators in their
area jazzed about literacy, collaboration, and
effective instruction.
CCIRA Annual Conference
Members receive a discount for our premiere,
annual conference in February ($185). This is
one of the best literacy conferences in the
nation, and it is right in our own backyard.
More details about featured speakers for the
2015 Conference are available here.
Colorado Reading Journal
Members receive CCIRA’s professional journal,
The Colorado Reading Journal, twice a year.
With articles from leaders in the field of
Reading and Writing, the Journal is a terrific
resource for teachers who want to stay on the
cutting edge.
DVD Library
Members have free access to CCIRA’s DVD
library--an amazing tool for professional
development. Teachers can request any video
for personal use or school-wide professional
learning. (These are typically resources that
retail for hundreds of dollars.)
Grants and Awards!
CCIRA awards $75,000 worth of grants and
awards to members every year! These dollars
directly impact Colorado teachers and
Family Literacy Night Grant
STAR Grant (for books and classroom materials)
Technology and New Literacies Grant
Teacher as Reader
Teacher as Writer
and more!
Possibilities for PTA support. . .
● PTA sponsors a CCIRA membership for every
teacher who joins PTA
● Perhaps sponsor some number of teachers
to attend the February conference
● Matching funds from the school and PTA for
conference registration and subs
● Some combination of the above
Turn and Talk
● What do you think?
● What questions do
you have?
● How might a partnership with CCIRA
and PTA look at your school?
Whether you opt as a PTA to
partner with CCIRA or not, please
know how much we value your
active involvement in the
education of your children.
Thank you for your time, and we hope you have a
fantastic year!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CCIRA’s Director of
Membership Development, Amy Ellerman, at [email protected]
Please fill out this Google form to let us know
if your PTA decides to partner with CCIRA. We
would like to thank you with a complementary
professional book to add to your school

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