July 2013 Newsletter



July 2013 Newsletter
Mercer County Edition
Volume XXX, Number 7
Local Chapter Notes
 Thank You
Our thanks to all members that took part in last months
survey. We received (17) back which is less than 1% of
our chapter. Please take a moment and send your
completed survey back today. You can find it on our
website - http://tcfmercer.org/doc/JUN13_TCF_Newsletter.pdf
A year ago I announced my resignation from the group
effective December 2012. Unfortunately the position for
the Newsletter has not been filled. As of January 1st, if
there is no Newsletter Editor the monthly newsletter will
consist of a one page standardized form noting the
date and time of the next meeting. PLEASE consider
taking over this critical position.
Frank and Maryann Kopp lost their second child. Karen Kopp
Gregorovic died on June 6th. The chapter has made a donation in
their name to Stomp the Monster which assists people fighting
cancer. Sympathy cards can be sent to the Kopps at 100 Kino
Blvd, Hamilton, NJ 08619
Kathy Hunt and Rosemarie Domiano’s mom passed away.
Gelsomina "Minnie" Domiano died on 6/15. Sympathy
cards can be sent to The Hunt Family at 31 Sarnac Road,
Hamilton, NJ 08619
Steve and Carol (Turton) Meier on their nuptials.
Nick and Kathy (Kriegner) Barbato were also recently
Jim and Carla O’Brien welcomed a daughter on 6/16.
Reilly Ann O’Brien is the sister to Connor, Liam and Angel
It is always great to give good news especially to our
chapter. Best wishes to all of you!
Meeting information
July 1, 2013
The first Monday of each
Meeting Topic:
Breakout With and without surviving children
Toni and Shannon
Capitol Health Systems in
Newsletter Mailings
Thanks to Melinda Gallo for
mailing out the July
Angela Olta
Trish Carter (a former member)
Carol McGee and Ira Charles, Sr
Elana and Joseph Battiato
Donna Quigley
We thank you for welcoming us into
your lives during such a difficult time.
We look forward to seeing you at the
next meeting so we can get to know you
and your family. Please remember that
you are not alone!
Mercer County Edition
Volume XXX, Number 7
We are excited for another successful walk on July 21st, at 10am.
Please continue to collect pledges, as this is our only fundraising
event for the year. We can receive pledges directly through the
website at tcfmercer.org and you can print additional pledge forms.
At this time we have 38 families signed up for a total of 227 walkers.
We are excited to have Buzzetta’s cater our event. It is not too late to
attend. The deadline for the caterer is 7/10
T-shirts will be handed out at the 7/1 meeting
Coolers with ice are always appreciated
Mark your name on all belongings
This is a rain or shine event
The location of the walk is Veterans Park, Court and Games Pavilion – Kuser
Road – SOUTH entrance. Look for signs and balloons, which will guide you
to the starting point located on the left (across from the Albert Cowell soccer
field) past the Dog Park. For GPS or MapQuest: 2206 Kuser Road
Hamilton, NJ 08690
We want to thank and acknowledge the following
for their generous support of our chapter and especially, our newsletter:
Ellen and David Lewis, Jr.
in loving memory of our son David
3/1 – 7/19
Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you (King Ike),.
You are always in our hearts, our thoughts and always on our mind.
We will always love you and you will forever be our baby.
Love your family!
Marija DiViaio
in loving memory of our son Gregory A. Solomacha
passed away 7/19
You didn’t go alone for part of me went with you.
I miss you and think of you every day.
Love Forever,
Mercer County Edition
Volume XXX, Number 7
Mercer County Chapter
July 21st, 2013
Emily Carmen Aguirre
Ane Lisa Dillion
Richard W. Jauss, Jr.
Stella Rosina Paduano
Daniel Alig
Joseph Jayden Dismukes
Carleigh Marie Jones
Mason David Piccinetti
Ian Parker Allen
Matthias Raymond Dixon
Kenneth G. Keim, Jr.
Naren Raghuraman
Andrew Alston
Alexander Michael Dodson
Christopher George Kimble
Sebastian Ramirez-Breton
Anthony Alston
Michael James Doolan
Paul Austin Kirsch
Dennis Reed
Edward John Anderson
Donna Marie Dreher
Amy Kopka
Richard J. Riley Jr.
Andrew "Drew" Apai
Stephanie Marie Eak
Frank Kopp
Gary M. Riley
Robert A .Smith
Theodore Ellerbe
Tyler Donovan Kramer
Theresa Marie Rivera-Cruz
Glenn J. Archie
Joseph A. Ellman
Matthew Aaron Kraus
Craig Robinson
Michael Archie
Samuel Phillips Esposito
Thomas J. Kriegner
Alexis Antonio Rodriguez
Donna M. Archie
Justin Falkowski
Rhett Colin Krobatsch
Adam Lawrence Rosenfeld
Alexander Arcuri
Nicholas Federovitch
Craig Philip Krosnick
David Joshua Scholle
C. Jordan Babayan
Sarah Ashley Ferguson
Tristan Tyler Lancaster
Sergio A. Bunda Shevlyakov
David Jordan Bachner
Michael A. Festa
Douglas Edward Lane
Emily Rachel Silverstein
Aliscia Renae Ball
Chad James Flavin
Tre' Lane
Menina Smith
Spencer Barnett
Amber Marian Gardener
Elizabeth LaRosa
Gianni Sodaro
Brody Baxter
George Charles Garman
Aaron LeComte
Gregory A. Solomacha
Jill Sisenwine-Berger
Frank Geraci, III
Ernest S. Leves, Jr.
Sara Spingler
Kimberly Bernath
Cory Carleton Golis
David Lewis
Anthony Michael Stathis
Brittany Berrios
Andrew Gottfried
Robert A. Lewis
Stacie Stockton Petrone
Bill Bethke
Julie Greener
Audrey & Gracie Linkowsky
Troy Duane Syphax
Lisa Black-Sokolowski
Alicia Griffith
Devon Lucas
Dominic "DJ" Tallone
Matthew James Blanchard
Mark Grignon
Haskel Lunsford
Sarah Townsend
Cornelius Lloyd Yayah Boakai
Laurie Hackett
Thomas Joseph (TJ) Manoy
Francis William Chaney Turton
George Bogado
Jasper Bede Haggist
Anthony Michael Marchalewicz
Colin J. Turton
Philip "Pablo" Andrew Branham II
Bill Harkanson
Kevin Michael McCormick
Ian Valverde
Rachel Ann Bungarden
Philip D. Haun
Charles William & Sadie Ann McGowan Jennifer Van Hise
Michael T. Callighan
James W. Hegedus
Vincent Mecca
Megan Van Hise-Burgess
Tommy "Tomcat" Carroll
Thomas Beckett Hensley III
Brooke Ashley Meier
James L. Vandewater IV
Ira T. Charles Jr.
Jennifer Lynn Hentosh
Bobby Mickschutz
Carlos Sandra Villalobos
Brielle Childs
Marc Tristan Hobbs
Michael Minar
Anthony Vocolo
Peter Raymond Chiste
Scott Holcombe
Rachel Crane Mollis
Peter Bruce Warren
Iesha L. Clark
Patrick Honsinger
Patrick Ryan Mosner
Sara Elizabeth Weakly
Helene Cody
David A. Hunt
Kristopher Klaus Muench
Justin Paul Weckel
Russell Joseph Antonio Colon
Lovely M. James
Qasim M. Muzaffar
Michael E. Wheeler
Christine Connolly
Jarrett B. James
Ahad M. Muzaffar
James Whitehouse
Jack Daniel Cuoghi
Daryl Tariq Jamison
Kristen Narcini
Franklin W. Wilson, Jr.
Benjamin Davila
Carl Anthony Jamison
Eugene Anderson Newkirk
Laura Leigh Wilson
Adrian Davis
Robert J. Jancewicz
Sarah Nowalinski
Quantanette Wise
Robert "Bobby" DeLoach
Frank Jannotti
Owen Michael O'Brien
Henry Yang
Our chapter is growing every month. The t-shirts will list 160 names.
If you do not see your child(ren) listed it is due to the New Member
Form where you selected that you did not want them listed for
anniversaries/birthdays. To have that changed for future newsletters
and the Candle Vigil program please email us at [email protected]
Mercer County Edition
Volume XXX, Number 7
With loving remembrance of our children not here but always in our hearts
Daniel Alig
Son of Marcia & Roger
Gianni Sodaro
Son of Desiree and Albert
Alexander Arcuri
Grandson of Mary
Philip D. Haun
Son of Glenn and Darci
Tre' Lane
Son of Regina and John
Brielle Childs
Daughter of Gwendolyn / Stepdaughter of Arti
Thomas J. Kriegner
Son of Kathy and Stepson of Nick
Craig Philip Krosnick
Son of Marie and Tom
Marc Tristan Hobbs
Son of Ginny and Leon
Donna Marie Dreher
Daughter of Linda
Thomas Joseph (TJ) Manoy
Son of Patty and Thomas
Ira T. Charles Jr.
Son of Carol and Ira
Patrick Ryan Mosner
Son of Mary and Philip
Be sure to bring
in a photo or
special memento
each month so
that we can
celebrate the
memory of your
son or daughter
Please let us know if
you encounter an
error in your child’s
listing and a
correction will be
made immediately.
David Lewis
Son of Ellen and David
Jack Daniel Cuoghi
Son of Maria and Stephen
Ane Lisa Dillion
Daughter of Elizabeth Dillion-Stelling
Gregory A. Solomacha
Son of Marija
Samuel Phillips Esposito
Son of Kathleen and John
Sarah Ashley Ferguson
Daughter of Cathy and Charlie
Cory Carleton Golis
Son of Jim and Jerri
Daryl Tariq Jamison
Son of Bettina
Robert J. Jancewicz
Son of Bob and Joyce
Justin Paul Weckel
Grandson of Yvonne and Ted
Kristen Narcini
Daughter of Anne Marie and Rich
Owen Michael O'Brien
Son of Carla and Jim
Justin Paul Weckel
Son of Shannon and Leonard
Stacie Stockton Petrone
Daughter of Doris and Gene
Laura Leigh Wilson
Daughter of Kari & Tim
Mercer County Edition
Volume XXX, Number 7
A LOVE GIFT is a donation given in memory of a child who has died. It can also be in
honor of a happy event that you would like to acknowledge. Your contributions can be
in any amount, are tax deductible and are a source of income for our non-profit
chapter. Checks can be made out to
TCF Mercer and sent to: The Compassionate Friends, PO Box 3203, Mercerville, NJ
City________________________________________State______ Zip __________________
Child’s Name _____________________________ Relationship to child _______________
Birthdate ____________________________Anniversary Date _______________________
Amount $____________ Dedicate the newsletter in the month of ___________________
If you would like a picture of your child in the newsletter please email it to [email protected]
Please fill out the following for a two-line message that will be printed in the
Every effort will be made to include your dedication in the month that you specify – please be sure to
mail your information before the newsletter mailing. The newsletter is typically mailed one week prior
to the monthly meeting.
Chapter Leader:
Meeting Facilitators:
Remembrance CardCoordinator:
Correspondence Secretary
Newsletter Editor:
Event Coordinator
New Member Coordinator
Chapter Delegate:
SCM Minutes:
Web Master/Editor
Media Coordinator
Gwendolyn Karro
Toni Nowalinski
Shannon Pope
Shannon Pope
Michael Stathis
Linda Silverstein
Toni Nowalinski
Rich Narcini
Wil Hitchman
Toni Nowalinski
Since April 2013
Since April 2012
Since May 2013
Since February 2012
Since January 2013
Since October 2012
Since January 2013
Since February 2008
Since March 2009
Since December 2012
TCF Mercer Chapter Address:
PO Box 3203, Mercerville, NJ 08619 609-516-8047 [email protected] or visit us online at
Mercer County Edition
Volume XXX, Number 7
Capital Health System of Hamilton, 1445 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, Hamilton, NJ
From the North (New Brunswick and Princeton):
Follow Route 1 South to Quakerbridge Rd. Take the Quakerbridge Rd. Exit East. Go through approximately seven lights before you come to
Route 33. Go through the intersection of Route 33 (Applebee's Restaurant will be on left corner). Street name changes to WhitehorseMercerville Rd. Go through three lights. CHS in Hamilton is on the left, immediately following third light.
From South Jersey:
Take Route 295 North to Exit 61 (Arena Drive). At the third light, make a left onto Whitehorse Avenue. Whitehorse Avenue changes to
Whitehorse-Mercerville Road. Proceed on road for three lights. CHS in Hamilton is located on the right after the fourth light (#1445).
From the East (Freehold/Jackson):
Take Route 195 West towards Trenton. Exit at Hamilton Square. At the traffic light, make a left onto Kuser Rd. Follow Kuser Rd. for
approximately two miles. The K-Mart Shopping Center will be on your left. Make a right onto Whitehorse-Mercerville Road. Proceed on
Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd. through one more traffic light. CHS in Hamilton is on the right.
From the West (Ewing/Trenton):
Follow Olden Ave. East to Whitehorse Ave. Make a left onto Whitehorse Ave. Proceed on Whitehorse Ave. to Kuser Rd. (K-Mart Shopping
Center). Go through the intersection of Whitehorse Ave. and Kuser Rd. The name of the road will change to Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd.
Proceed on Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd. through one more traffic light. CHS in Hamilton is on the right.
From Pennsylvania (Route 95):
Take Route 95 North to Route 295 South to Route 33 East (Mercerville Exit). Follow to traffic light. Make a left onto Nottingham Way. You
will need to be in right lane on Nottingham Way Make a right onto Quakerbridge Rd. Go through traffic light at Route 33 (Applebee's
Restaurant will be on left corner). Street name changes to Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd. Go through three lights. CHS in Hamilton is on the left,
immediately following third light.
When a child dies, at any age, the family suffers intense pain and may feel hopeless and isolated.
The Compassionate Friends provides highly personal comfort, hope, and support to every family
experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps
others better assist the grieving family.
PO Box 3203 Mercerville, NJ 08619
2013 Meeting Dates
8/5 9/9 10/7
Meetings start at 7pm!