Scott Hamilton ice show to celebrate life



Scott Hamilton ice show to celebrate life
Making miracles
Scott Hamilton ice show to celebrate life
By Shannon Carey
The fight against cancer is
personal for Scott Hamilton.
The Olympic figure skating
legend lost his mother to cancer,
has seen many friends struggle
with the disease, and is a cancer
survivor himself. After his
mother passed away in 1977, he
supported cancer research.
“I always thought that was as
far as I could take it,” he said.
But with the wisdom and
insight he gained as a cancer
survivor, Hamilton took his
efforts a step further and
created the Scott Hamilton
CARES Initiative through
Cleveland Clinic where he
was successfully treated. The
program supports clinical
research, the 4th Angel
Mentoring Program, and, which puts
chemotherapy information in
simple English and Spanish.
These efforts are funded
through a wildly successful
Cleveland, Ohio, figure skating
Now, through his
acquaintance with Provision
founder Terry Douglass,
Hamilton is expanding his
philanthropic mission to
Knoxville through the Scott
CARES Foundation. The
celebration kick-off will become
an annual ice skating and
musical event.
“Scott Hamilton and
Friends on Ice” will feature
a live concert by six-time
Grammy© winner Amy Grant,
coupled with live figure skating
performances by Olympic greats
like Katia Gordeeva, Nicole
Bobek, Paul Wylie and many
more. The event is scheduled
for 6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 6, at the
Knoxville Civic Coliseum.
This unique program will
never be performed again, and
the combination of great, live
music with professional skating
is not to be missed.
“It’s spectacular,” said
Hamilton. “The live music
brings the performance to a
whole other level. Everybody
brings their best self, and
the performances are full
of authenticity. Everyone is
sharing their love and joy of
skating, and their love and joy of
music. There is nothing like it.”
But, more than anything
else, the show is a celebration
of life, the lives of survivors and
the lives of those who are no
longer with us.
Olympic gold medalist
Scott Hamilton. Photo by
Scott Hamilton and Terry Douglass tour the Provision Center for Proton Therapy. They are standing in one of the treatment rooms in
front of a 360-degree gantry that will administer proton therapy to
cancer patients. Photo by Gretchen Crawley
Don Gerda/Cleveland Clinic
Olympic & World
Champion Skaters
“They’re not gone,”
said Hamilton. “They
live in me. They are
Performing on December 6
part of who I am. Mom
is with me every single
Katia Gordeeva
day. It means a lot to me
Ilia Kulik
that I’m doing what she
wants me to do.”
Paul Wylie
Funds raised by the
Jozef Sabovcik
ice show will support
Grammy© winner Amy Grant is the
the new Provision
Michael Weiss
musical guest for Scott Hamilton and
Healthcare Foundation
Friends on Ice.
Nicole Bobek
and Scott CARES
Caryn Kadavy
Foundation in their
humanity. He just loves people.
mission to fund cancer research,
Alissa Czisny
“I am totally engaged in
promote cancer awareness,
Ryan Bradley
proton therapy. I’m excited
provide assistance to patients
and families in need and the
Lindsay Davis &
here (at Provision). This is
new web site that
Rockne Brubaker
an incredible opportunity for
provides easy-to-understand
Kim Navarro &
people in Knoxville and the
information on radiation
region to have access to this
To purchase tickets, go to
level of technology in health
Hamilton is excited to be
part of Provision, where the
emerging science of proton
therapy is ready to help cancer
patients receive effective
treatment while protecting
healthy tissue as much as
The Provision Healthcare Foundation mission is:
■■ To provide educational forums and innovative wellness programs that
“This is a blessing and
promote healing, healthy lifestyles, disease prevention and awareness,
an honor,” said Hamilton.
To grow clinical and biomedical research that continues the advance“Terry Douglass is more than
ment of clinical care and innovative healthcare solutions,
a brilliant man and incredible
■■ To provide assistance for patients and family members to help alleviate
entrepreneur. Part of his
the financial burden of medical expenses for those in need.
identity is how he touches
people all over the world with
his service, faith and love of
An alliance with Provision Healthcare Foundation was developed to bring
the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation to Knoxville and East Tennessee.
Key initiatives of Scott
Hamilton CARES include:
4th Angel Mentoring Program
The 4th Angel Mentoring Program
is designed to offer one-on-one
mentoring services to patients and
caregivers who have been touched
by cancer. Our mentors are cancer
survivors or caregivers who are
specially trained to provide hope,
inspiration, and encouragement
via phone or email. Matches are
based on age, gender, and diagnosis. This is a free service offered
to anyone who has been touched
by cancer regardless of where they
live or are treated. is a unique
website designed to help patients
better understand the chemotherapy experience. As the first
website of its kind in the United
States, is written
in easy-to-understand language
and outlines everything patients
and their families need to know
about chemotherapy, side effects
and their management. is another unique
website to help patients better
understand the radiation therapy
experience. is also
written in easy-to-understand
language and outlines everything
patients and their families need to
know about radiation therapy, side
effects and their management.
Research Funding
Critical to its mission, CARES has
funded nearly $1.2 million in cancer
research in the past six years.
Share in the Gift of Caring
purchase tickets at