Fall Newsletter - Women`s Canadian Club of Hamilton



Fall Newsletter - Women`s Canadian Club of Hamilton
Fall Newsletter
President’s Message Fall 2012
President’s Message
Programme Report
Contact Us
100th Anniversary
Slate of Officers
Treasurer’s Report
Membership Report
Special Events Report
Greetings all members of the
Women’s Canadian Club of
Hamilton and happy remaining
days of summer. By the time
you read this Newsletter
summer will be more than
half over so enjoy what’s left
of it.
Your new Board of Directors
is preparing an interesting
schedule of events, some of
which are listed in this issue.
As your President I look
forward to meeting you as
you attend the meetings and
hearing from you by voice
and email if you have any
questions or concerns. After
a very frustrating experience
with having the telephone
transferred from Jan Olde,
the Past President, the phone
with the same telephone
number is now in my home.
Your calls would soothe my
frustrated nerves so please
call 905-538-6634 and I’ll
return the call as soon as
This issue of the Newsletter
will ‘kick off’ the 2012-2013
Term of Office for the new
Board of Directors and consists Directors as Councillors.
mostly of ‘thank you’.
Thank you for volunteering
your time. We look forward to
For starters let me begin with working with you.
Anne Ingram, Mary Whitfield,
Dorothy Elliott, Freda Crisp
And last, but not least, to those
and Willemina Nieberg, the
Board members who will be
Board members who have
returning for another term
retired. They served in various of office: Jan Olde, Past
positions for several years and President, Jo An Thomas, Vice
we owe them a debt of
President, Valerie Wilson,
gratitude for their faithful,
Treasurer, Ruth Pearson,
committed service. Thank
Secretary, Colleen Johnson,
you so much.
Membership, Donna
Hudzieczko, Special Events,
Then to Valerie Wilson and
Dina Sankey, Citizenship
her Committee for an
impressive gala event which
celebrated the 100th
Four vacancies: Encounters
Anniversary of the founding
with Canada, Excursions,
of the Women’s Canadian
Media Relations and
Club of Hamilton. While I
Publications still exist. If
was unable to attend the event you are interested please let us
myself, I did see the room
know; you would be
set-up and have heard nothing welcomed.
but accolades from those who
attended. Thank you, Valerie, I look forward to working with
for a job well done.
the Board as we enter our
101st year. What an
Next a ‘special thank you’ to
Doreen Dick, Marlene Gillan,
Barbara Knight-Woodward
Pat Saunders,
and Heather Thomson who
President, Women’s Canadian
will be joining the Board of
Club of Hamilton
Page 2
Fall Newsletter
Programme Report
2012 - 2013
Hello Everyone,
WCCH’s first 100 years culminated
in a wonderful Gala in May. As we
enter our second century, your
Programme Committee has been
working to continue to bring you a
variety of programmes. We offer the
following, based on suggestions and
requests from our members, in the
hope that you will find something of
interest to stimulate and entertain you.
September 12, 2012 - Ken Weber, a
highly acclaimed speaker, presents
“Stand by Your Man (More or Less)”
an intriguing often startling exposé
on the wide range of women who
have accompanied our prime ministers
to Ottawa since 1867 and who
certainly played a part in Canada’s
fascinating historical journey. Want to
know who married her man while
engaged to another? See you in
October 10 – Enjoy our own
celebration of the Queen’s Diamond
Jubilee and join us for traditional
Afternoon Tea at 2 p.m. (Yes, we
will serve coffee as well as tea).
Wear your best hat/fascinator/straw
boater, what-have-you. Nathan
Tidridge, local historian and high
school history teacher, will enthrall
us with “Canada’s Constitutional
Monarchy”. His recently published
book of this title will be available for
purchase. Nathan was presented with
a Diamond Jubilee Medal by Prince
Charles on the recent royal visit to
Toronto. The Medal was for his
achievement in history education and
his book.
November 14 – Brings Randy
Barber, Chair of the International
Churchill Society, who travels widely
across North America to enlighten
folks about the real Winston. Many
times misunderstood, oft times
perfectly understood, but always
Winnie had a magnificent sense of
humour. Mr. Barber will bring some
interesting objects that once belonged
to W.C. A short question ‘n answer
period will follow the presentation.
December 12 – ‘tis the Season for
Good Cheer – Good Food – Good
Music. Following our traditional
Christmas Luncheon, the Choir of
St.Paul’s United Church, Dundas,
will entertain with Christmas Music.
Exercise your vocal chords and join
in the carolling. A Merry Time to
February 13 – Described as
Entertainer/Speaker Extraordinaire
by those who have heard her, Elaine
Charal may be familiar to some of
you from her appearances on TV. A
certified Graphologist, Elaine’s
“Power of the Pen” presentation has
the power to make us laugh while we
discover the power of our own
handwriting. Come and volunteer to
have your handwriting decoded.
March 13 – Margaret Houghton,
author, avid historian and Archivist
for Hamilton’s Public Library, returns
to share more of her passion for history.
Margaret is also an unashamed
ailurophile, (to save you having to
check in a dictionary, as I had to, you’ll
find the word’s meaning printed
elsewhere in this Newsletter). Her topic
“Importance of Preserving History”
will be enhanced by to- use her term paraphernalia.
April 10 – waiting to be
May 08 – Jeff Mahoney, of the
Spectator, will deliver a talk on “well it
will be something amusing”. (I think it
is in the process of being invented).
Whatever it is, it has plenty of time to
develop and mature and I’m sure we
will enjoy it.
Keep your ideas coming – they are really appreciated.
Jo An Thomas
Vice-President/Programme Chair
All Luncheon meetings
start at 12:00 p.m. and
all regular meetings start
at 2:00 p.m.
An enjoyable evening at the 100th Anniversary Gala.
Contact Us
Call us at 905-538-6634
and leave a message, or
email us at
[email protected]
Fall Newsletter
Page 3
100th Anniversary Gala
On May 9th we celebrated a milestone in the history of our club in grand style with wine, food, entertainment and
friends-old and new at the Scottish Rite.
With a harpist playing as an introduction, the evening started at 5 p.m. with hors d’oeuvres and wine served in the
foyer and then within a half hour the doors to the Ball Room were opened to a chorus of ‘oohs and ahs’. It was a
beautifully decorated wonderland of white, blue and lights everywhere which served as a background to our
evening. Everyone commented on the gorgeous transformation of the room from its usual stately presence to that of
a venue suitable for an evening of celebration.
Guests roamed the artifacts and displays set up by the Hamilton Public Library, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Dundurn
Castle and Myles Wilson. There were framed letters of congratulations from the Governor General, David
Johnston; Prime Minister, Stephen Harper; Premier, Dalton McGuinty; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and
Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina.
During the delicious dinner we were treated to a power point presentation courtesy of Stephen Wilson, which
walked us through the history of the club’s speakers. The evening concluded with a trip down memory lane with the
talented lyrical singer Sarena Paton, world renowned Charles Cozens and the unexpected addition to the
programme of Sarena’s fiancé, Fernando Lima.
Thank you to the executive who supported our celebration. A special thanks to Freda Crisp, Anne Ingram, Donna
Hudzieczko, Pat Saunders, Ruth Pearson and members for keeping our club active for the last century.
Valerie Wilson
Women’s Canadian Club
Board of Directors for 2012-2013
Honorary President
Gene Wright
Past President
Vice President
Citizenship Court
Special Events
Jan Olde
Pat Saunders
Jo An Thomas
Ruth Pearson
Valerie Wilson
Colleen Johnson
Dina Sankey
Donna Hudzieczko
Doreen Dick
Marlene Gillan
Barbara Knight-Woodward
Heather Thomson
Vacant Positions
Media Relations
Encounters With Canada
The next Board Meeting for the
Women’s Canadian Club of
Hamilton will take place on
Wednesday, Sept. 19 at 11:45 a.m.
Sarena Paton
Treasurer’s Report
At the time of the printing of the newsletter, the report
from Moffat and Dunlop is not available. The
Treasurer’s report will be available at the meeting
September 12.
Valerie Wilson
Ailurophile refers to a person who loves cats.
Fall Newsletter
Special Events
Committee Report
To celebrate the Queen's Diamond
Jubilee, we will be hosting an
Afternoon Tea on Oct. 10 at 2:00
We will also be having luncheons
on Dec. 12, Feb. 13, and Apr. 10,
at the usual noon time.
I look forward to seeing you then.
Donna Hudzieczko
Page 4
Membership Report
I hope you are all enjoying the hot
It’s time to start thinking about September
and renewing your Women’s Canadian
Club of Hamilton membership.
This year I will not be mailing out a guest
pass to every member. If you need a guest
pass just pick it up at the membership table.
If you want to bring more than one guest to
a meeting more guest passes would be made
I’m looking forward to seeing you all in
Colleen Johnson
Our national anthem was
originally entitled “Chant
National” and was first
performed in 1880. The
Canadian Parliament approved
it as the unofficial anthem and
renamed it O Canada in 1967.
It became the official
anthem on July 1, 1980.
Members enjoyed the Hamilton Harbour Cruise in June.

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